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13 Android predictions for 2013


What will be the big Android stories of 2013? Read on to find out what Taylor sees in his crystal ball and be sure to join in the comments to share your predictions.

I didn’t do a full blow predictions post for 2012, but here were my trend predictions from last year: Mobile market continues to consolidate, Android tablets overtake iOS, Intel finally enters the mobile processor market and does poorly, Google expands voice input options, a focus on longer battery life, Quad-core processors, Google TV goes mainstream, Android-powered smartwatches that don’t suck, wireless charging gains popularity, new low-power display technologies like Qualcomm’s Mirasol, Chrome Browser comes to Android.

1. Google launches MVNO on T-Mobile

Google was already rumored to partner up with Dish Network to offer wireless service, but I believe they will sign a deal with T-Mobile to become a mobile virtual network operator. Look for this announcement to come around mid-2013 when T-Mobile launches their 4G LTE network.

2. Sony releases Gaikai for Android devices

Gaikai is the most amazing cloud gaming service I have ever tested and it’s a crime that Android version has not been publicly released. Sony acquired Gaikai for $380 million this year and I think they have big plans for them in 2013. Look for Sony to bring the greatest PS3 hits and future PS4 games to mobile devices with the public release of Gaikai for Android in 2013.

3. Google TV gains support for wireless display

I love my Google TV, but the platform has been a major disappointment since Google launched it a couple years ago. Look for Google TV to finally get the treatment it deserves when it’s finally updated to Android 5.0 next year. I expect we will see a major overhaul of the UI and new features like support for Miracast wireless display.

4. HTC One X2 comes to all US carriers

Samsung finally managed to get their Galaxy S III on all the major carriers, and I believe HTC will follow in their footsteps next year. Look for HTC to launch their flagship One X2 across all US carriers by summer 2013.

5. Nexus 4 sells 10 million units

The Nexus series of phones has generally been a retail flop, but the Nexus 4 will change that. We expect LG and Google to ramp up production and ship over 10 million units worldwide in 2013.

6. Motorola releases a Nexus RAZR

Google hadn’t owned Motorola long enough to produce a Nexus device in 2012, but they will have no excuses next year. Look for the Motorola Nexus RAZR to become the flagship Android smartphone for the 2013 holiday shopping season.

7. Huawei or ZTE releases a $99 Nexus smartphone

Speaking of Nexus devices, we expect Google to continue to expand the program to more OEMs next year. I predict we will see an entry-level Nexus smartphone from Huawei or ZTE that has a starting price of $99.

8. Sony Smartwatch 2 goes mainstream

Last year I predicted that 2012 would introduce several Android-powered smartwatches that didn’t suck, and I was mostly right. We saw the Sony Smartwatch, Pebble, and Metawatch Strata all achieve some level of success, but none of the products were an all out winner. I expect Sony will lead the pack in 2013 with a new smartwatch that features a slimmer design and lower price point.

9. Samsung opens retail stores in the US

The first Samsung Mobile store already opened in Paris, and it’s only a matter of time before we see retail locations in the US. This year Samsung had kiosks and pop-up stores across malls in the US, but next year I predict they will have fixed retail locations in the top 25 metro areas.

10. Intel inside Android phones in the US


It feels like every year I write some story about Intel that says this will be the year they break into Android. We finally saw a couple Intel-powered smartphones show up overseas, but none of them made there way to the US. Since the next version of Intel’s mobile chip should feature an integrated LTE modem, we expect to finally see some design wins in US carrier stores.

11. NVIDIA has record design wins with Tegra 4

Speaking of mobile chips, I predict NVIDIA will have a record year for the fourth generation of their Tegra processor. Each variation has topped the last in terms of design wins and I think we will see a record number of smartphones powered by Tegra 4 next year. Look for NVIDIA’s Tegra division to generate $1 billion in revenue for 2013.

12. Amazon finally releases an Android phone

The Amazon smartphone has been rumored for a long time and some predicted it would be announced back in September. It’s easy to guess that 2013 will finally be the year, but I would be shocked if there is not a Kindle phone on sale this time next year.

13. HTC Sense 5.0 gets a major overhaul

HTC once told me they “got a little too kung-fu with Sense [3.0]” and they really toned things down in Sense 4.0. We once considered Sense to be an amazing third-party UI when Android was still ugly, but now it just feels stale. I predict Drew Bamford will unveil Sense 5.0 at Mobile World Congress 2013 and it will be a radical departure from what we expect out of HTC.

What are your predictions?

Got any wild Android predictions for 2013? Share what things you think will happen next year in the comments below.

Taylor is the founder of Android and Me. He resides in Dallas and carries the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and HTC One as his daily devices. Ask him a question on Twitter or Google+ and he is likely to respond. | Ethics statement

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  • jaxidian

    Interesting thoughts on Google opening an MVNO via T-Mobile. I wonder if T-Mobile (well, T-Metro), Dish, and Google are on a path to a major partnership here. I think if the three partnered up, let the MetroPCS folks manage it while Google/Dish helped shape and guide it, then we’d have one major competitor to Verizon and AT&T!

    • Jeff Pan

      This would be the best thing to happen to mobile industry if it does actually happen.

      • Richard Yarrell

        I would love Samsung to open up stores all over the United States that would be great. Google/Tmobile/Metropcs/merge would be the greatest thing for many of us. Would love to see HTC deliver on a device that launches on all networks NO MORE EXCLUSIVE carrier stuff.

        • Max.Steel

          Guess you don’t have your mouth on Sprint’s d!ck anymore?

          • snowbdr89

            Dick moved onto having his mouth on many other dicks

      • awesomellamas57

        I hope all this stuff happens next year! Number 1 could be that boost android and google needs to leave iOS in the dust

    • Tony

      It’ll only be a major competitor if they seriously improve their coverage footprint for their amazing HSPA+ network.

      • jaxidian

        Mostly agreed, unless they are able to “merge” Dish, T-Mobile, and MetroPCS networks in a HSPA+/LTE-only way (i.e. have MetroPCS and Dish provide VoIP in areas that T-Mobile’s HSPA+/GSM networks don’t exist). If they can manage this, then HSPA+/LTE devices could work in all of these places. If they could do this, then they wouldn’t need HSAP+ everywhere since LTE can pick up the slack.

        • jaxidian

          (not saying I expect this)

    • WlfHart

      I’d support that combo! Would love to see T-Mo beat out AT&T someday.

      • aBax

        That day existed many years ago..hopefully T-Mobile makes a comeback with their LTE, iPhone, and great Android devices (GSIII, Nexus 4, etc).

      • scubabum

        Would like to see T-Mo give ATT a run for its money. We need competitions in the market.

    • donger


      • Paul Salvatore

        Yeah, would be sweet t-mobile does have some pretty nice speeds with their HSDPA + network in some locations

    • robd1893

      I would love to see this but I would hope then T-Mobile stops trying to build a LTE network and focuses on expanding and upgrading their HSPA+ network. HSPA+ is a beast when in a great coverage area. Where I live, my N4 on T-Mo is faster than my S3 on verizon by a good 21mbps (HSPA+ is 39mbps and 4GLTE is only 18mbps). But coverage is the only thing killing T-Mo. They have the potential for the best speeds, unlocked phones, their pre-paid plans for texting and data people are impossible to beat, but they are only in large city or small city areas. You need to get the rural people in towns that are 150k people or less.

      • jaxidian

        Keep in mind, though, that HSPA+ is “today’s technology” while LTE is “tomorrow’s technology”. If they invest too heavily in HSPA+ then they’re essentially deciding that they’re going to have a crappier network in a few years from now. And it’s not about the download speeds. It’s about bandwidth efficiency. GSM (the technology used for voice on T-Mobile’s network) is terribly inefficient and wastes a LOT of their spectrum. With LTE, then all GSM can (eventually) go away since it will use VoIP over the LTE network. The more they invest in HSPA+, the harder it is to make GSM go away since they have less LTE around to switch voice to.

        I get the desire for T-Mobile to blanket the country with HSPA+ but it would be better in the longer run if they could skip that and just blanket the country with LTE instead.

        • cb2000a

          Ahh yes, but Voip LTE signals can be easily jammed.

      • Josh

        HSPA+ is a joke. There are many reasons why, but the one I will mention is saturation. The more people that use a mobile network, the more said network slows down. And this is a valid point, cause tmobile has a fraction of the customers Verizon currently supports. And I won’t even get into the theoretical vs real world speeds of HSPA+, or the technology or is based on. HSPA+ is yesterday’s technology, and if Tmobile wants to compete at all, they need LTE.

        • Paul Salvatore

          Yeah LTE is the future, but they still have to provide connectivity for everyone. Verizon is pushing out LTE in as many places as they can but they also already have outstanding CDMA coverage. T mobile will be pushing out their LTE on band 4 hopefully soon cause the wireless carriers need to take some power away from Verizon and At&t

      • cb2000a

        I was more satisfied with T-Mobile than I am with ATT. I really liked their wifi calling, which I dearly miss as ATT’s coverage here on Maui really is awful in some areas (dead zones) such as where I live. Now that T-Mobil carries the Note 2 I will most likely switch back at end of contract with ATT. And yes…focus on HSPA+ and more towers!

    • SharadP123

      I think if they can partner up with Dish Network and T-Mobile/Metro PCS, something really good can result.

      • kozza3

        i picture it this way, very low monthly fee for unlimited everything but you would get personal ads to your device. ???

    • FranzVz

      That would be a force to recon with.

      Poor Sprint… at least they are trying to completely buy Clear.

    • arminla


    • Dr Samsung – CEO of betrayal and customer genocide

      My prediction is Apple continues to dominate and out-profits everything. The iPad mini is a megaseller.

      Guns in America, shooting at Newtown Ct.

      Boom, boom

    • iamXiV92a

      I had this thought (about T-Mobile being bought by Google) though I did say it wouldn’t happen. This is the next best thing by far! Would totally leave AT&T for unlimited 42Mbps HSPA+ (please subsidize this Google and make the 9.99/month happen)

    • DroidPower

      on an unrelated note, congrats on being the first one to be on the top commenters list from a thread that is not for ranking up!

    • killrgummibear

      i really wish this would happen

    • Omertron

      Why would they want to tie themselves into dealing with all the crap that being a mobile provider would entail?
      They can’t even get a website to work to sell the 3 things they do “make”

    • amin888

      Aggred… that will make Google stock skyrocket

  • titan13

    “8. Sony Smartwatch 2 goes mainstream” lol…

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Heh I love my Sony Smartwatch, but it is kind of bulky.

      • jeshep

        Haven’t worn a watch in over 10 years (except for my Garmin when running and biking). If they can get the bulk down and make them look elegant, I might reconsider. It would be nice to casually check emails and other notifications during meetings without having to pull the phone out attempt to discretely look at it under the table.

        • dino13

          Love wearing my binary watch. For me it’s a watch has to look good before anything else.

          • ibap

            Do you mean analog?

          • Dennis

            I love the look of binary watches too (ibap, it’s not an analog watch with a face. It has graduated dots representing a 1, 2, 4, 8 or 0 in double columns. It requires you to do a little bit of math to figure out what time it is, but people that can’t read it will never know what time it is).

      • decker

        I can’t bring myself to wear a watch, but to each their own. I did like the other Sony prediction.

      • GeorgeV

        Didn’t you say you bought a Pebble?

      • jhagerup

        I love mine too, but I do have to admit it has that bulk. And it might be nice to have a few more features on it.

      • dafi81

        Nevertheless I don’t see that coming before 2015 the UI isn’t there yet.

    • stenzor

      Yeah I don’t think that’s happening any time soon

    • donger

      It was more of a gimmick, had one and quickly sold it. There wasn’t much to use it for.

    • Nicko01

      Smart watches seem like they would be incredibly useful if done right.
      Though once Google Glass or something similar is available, that would work too.

      • chralex

        Agreed but don’t want to have the “bought too soon” situation.

    • Cebastian Rosing

      I really enjoy mine, I would recommend it to other people, but the screen is too dim and functions are limited, 3rd party apps makes it worth it, I loving having direction right on my arm, and the time too, and Endomondo, and a timer, text’s show up, any notification really, with the Watch it app, and so on. It has a lot of good use cases :) I for one hope it become more mainstream. But first it needs lower price, and a slimmer body, and a brighter screen. And then it’s a go! ;)

  • dpleus

    I see what you did there with the “13″. Well played Taylor.

  • honourbound68

    1) I hope Gaikai does get released. It’d be the best mobile gaming experience.
    2) if amazon releases a phone, i hope it’s not based on gingerbread LOL
    3) HTC Sense 5.0 overhaul should be vanilla android
    4) looking forward to a ZTE or Huawei cheap smartphone… provided they really aren’t spying for the Chinese govt and there aren’t some hidden programs in the hardware

    nice predictions though Taylor!

    • Varemenos

      Because the chinese government care so much about what you are saying…

    • GeorgeV

      I’ve been hoping for Google to release a low-end Nexus phone for a long time. Not for me – but for other family members who aren’t willing to pay $700 for an unlocked phone, or anywhere close to that. But it would be great if they can use Nexus phones, too. And that’s why I think Google should make a mass-market Nexus phone.

      Pair it with a dual core, or even a quad core Cortex A7 and a Mali 450 GPU, and it’s golden! And then sell it for $100-$150.

  • Vitti

    Sony will have to release Gaikai. With Ouya right around the corner and iOS dominating mobile gaming, this is their chance to jump in.

    • jeshep

      I would find Android gaming much better if it just had the native option to sync games settings and data from one device to another. I hate having to replay levels on my tablet after playing a game on my phone and vice-versa.

      • NasLAU

        Preach brother!

        How about not replaying games when I switch phones too.

        PS why does my phone slow down to a crawl when commenting via mobile. The comment box flashes each time I touch it.

    • jonstle

      I really hope they do. Talk about a game changer.

  • J3R3MY_H

    Nexus TV

    • yoaj

      …rooted :D

  • acidone

    First… Moto Nexus…. Yes please!

    Also, DirectTV + Google LTE network in the US….

    • remy7

      Yes. Moto or HTC. Either would work for me.

  • alexanderharri3

    I hope to see your Google TV part come through, it has the most potential of any product I’ve used. It makes it so much easier to navigate channels, find content, and just do things you’d like to do on the TV. Comcast’s guide is crap….and it shows all the channels you don’t get. I have a Revue and continue to use it despite it’s problems and need for reboots. It could be amazing with some touches from a Google team that actually tries to make it better.

    I’d also love to see the One X2 with Sense 5 come true….HTC needs to win me over bigtime to make me consider them again after Thunderbolt.

    I still see a Facebook phone coming in some way or another…..and Amazon to pre-paid carriers.

    • shadhussain

      i embrace most things android but no matter how much i’ve tried to convince myself, google tv, as it stands, kept feeling like a microsoft product (great on promise but kinda clunky and just not there). google tv shouldn’t feel like a less-capable tweaked version of android OS, rather a seamless user experience for anyone using android devices. let’s hope they flip this thing around.

      for now, i’ve chosen to get myself one of those g-boxes with android on it, which is a hackable toy that runs xbmc and pretty much does what my tablet does …

    • Guitaraholic

      I think the big kick for google TV will be when the Ouya appears with Plex, XBMC, Netflix and more running at 1080p for only $99 or £70 for me :)

      The Ouya is what I think we all expected gTV to become eventually – casual gaming, multiplayer, 1080p experience, streaming online and from local storage – add in the new additions in Google Music worldwide + Movie rentals and its practically there – 2013 is the year of the gTV!

  • heynomi4u

    Lol @ HTC Sense part!

  • sandy105

    yeah i m just waiting to see how powerful tegra 4 will be ..and if intel can pull the same off too..
    and yes a nexus razr would be cool…

    • GeorgeV

      Intel will keep sucking in the graphics department anyway, and Cortex A15 has shot way past Atom already. Plus, there’s no reason to want an Intel chip in an Android phone anyway, unless you’re an Intel fanboi who would rather have a compromised chip just to be able to say he has Intel in his phone. Which is dumb.

      • sandy105

        as desperate as intel seem trying to break into the mobile space ; i hope they make they chew your words :P
        i am no fanboy ,i just expect something from intel because it will obviously have to innovate .which i accept seems like a longshot now .but just hopeful.

  • dillonshepherd1991

    I think 2013 is the year Android beats out the iPad :D

  • WatcherJohn

    Google is sued by Apple for having infringed on Apple’s copyright for having double letters in it’s company logo.

  • worldcsb

    I think Android sees a major overhaul and becomes the most battery efficient platform in the world, giving iOS a serious run for it’s money. I also think 2013 is the year of quad core processors.

    • yoaj

      Several of my friends say that their iPhone5 battery life isn’t so great.. this is perfect timing for Android phones to push ahead with fantastic battery life.

  • jeshep

    Google glasses will be available on the Play Store by the holiday season next year.

    However they will sell out in 5 minutes with the Play Store going down in a fiery crash and only people who order after the system is brought back up will actually get the glasses by the end of the year ;-)

    • raovallab

      Google glasses in next year’s Android and me giveaway ? :)

  • AChackes

    nice list! interested to see if google comes out with an MVNO, and Google TV seems to have so much potential, can’t wait to see what happens

  • dcortright

    “Google TV gains support for wireless display”

    This makes me tingle inside!

  • bill Collier

    I believe 13 will be the year of the true phablet 6″, and could it be the year smones break the 32gig threshold? I also believe there will be some big surprises in the tech world too, such as the rise and fall of icons.

    • azswift

      With some sort of color E-ink display that can roll up to the size of an ipod nano when idle. Then they can run ads asking how it can be smaller and bigger…

  • Dezzy

    I really hope you’re right about HTC getting a flagship device on all carriers. But I hope its the Butterfly, not the One X. I’m actually confused about which one they consider the flagship device now. The DNA/Butterfly/Deluxe or the upcoming M7 whatever that is. But ending the carrier exclusives would definitely be a step in the right direction.

    • bstewart11

      I agree – and it certainly speaks to HTC’s recent troubles when they don’t even know which direction they are going with which product.

      • Guitaraholic

        and wasn’t the point they announced only 12 months ago that with the ONE series it would be a simplified product line?

  • Thomas Biard

    I predict MVNOs start offering LTE capabilities. Not only is that my 2013 prediction, it is also my 2013 wish :)

  • CaptainDoug

    Wow. So by this time next year, I may be on Google’s MVNO with a Motorola Nexus with Tegra 4 inside… I. Am. So. Freaking. Excited.

    • CaptainDoug

      Also, I bet that Tegra 4 will have LTE right off the bat and by then T-mobile will have some LTE going. Hopefully at least enough to cover where I am.

  • Ichigo

    Thats a pretty good 13 predictions list. I would add something like samsung Galaxy s IV to sell 2-3 million in its first week.

  • stenzor

    Prediction 14: Google finally offers some of its services in Canada

    • pjamies

      I totally Agree!! Google Voice, Google Walet, Google TV (is this available in Canada yet?)
      And updates on unlocked phones too! We have some GN phones that are still not getting
      updates from Google, even tho I hear that US customers are getting theirs…

  • Stephan Berry

    I see Google chrome OS starting to overtake Microsoft and Sony becomes a android only Company!

  • Himal Limbu

    I am looking forward for motorola stores in US…htc one x2 and new sense. I think HTC really need to work on their sense ui…they should go with the combination of sense feature with Holo UI…
    devices i am looking forward to in 2013 are htc one x2. galaxy s4 and nexus 5 till then, i am happy with my S2.

  • Kaustubh_Adhav

    Everyone is waiting for a Motorola Nexus! But will it be affordable as a Nexus 4? Keeping fingers crossed!

  • cjleines

    I predict that I will be tempted to fork out more money than I have for an upgrade I don’t need because I am obsessed with having the latest technology.

  • raovallab

    Apps being released first for Android then the iPhone !

    • bstewart11

      That would be nice, but even Google admits that they make better iOS apps. Apple gets the publicity, which is often more important.

    • Guitaraholic

      that already happens in some cases now – Foursquare releases updates to Android before iOS – but yea I’m hoping this becomes the norm

  • yurma415

    will samsung take a step closer to becoming apple? i’m slightly horrified by the thought.

    • CaptainDoug

      They already are way too much like Apple than I like. Regardless I would like some more balance. HTC, Moto, and Sony need to grow.

  • redraider133

    I hope moto releases a nexus and the one x is on every carrier. I would have bought it if it came to Verizon

  • gavinb

    Bold predictions! I’d love too see Sony opening the gaming platform for Android, a Motorola nexus and HTC redesigning sense. HTC really need to work on faster updates and helping developers create custom roms.

  • waltsobchak

    Nexus RAZR!
    I would love to get back to Motorola hardware. The build quality with the gnex isn’t a huge deal, but the radios suck compared to Motorola devices.

    • CaptainDoug

      And the speakers and the battery life(maxx battery). Build quality is huge for me. My 1 qualm is that I like LCD2/3 way more than Amoled. Here’s hoping.

    • phaet2112

      Why would they release another smartphone only 1 year after the Nexus 4? Wouldn’t it make more sense to release it in two years? The only real differentiator would be LTE between the handsets, since the new snapdragons aren’t going to be ready by Xmas of next year.

  • zolikaaa666

    I want to see a Sony Nexus!!!…That would be fantastic!

  • inviolable

    Most of these sound realistic actually. I’m looking forward to 1,2,4,6 and 13 myself.

  • Kaote

    I would love to see #4 happen, That could be a major turning point in HTC’s recovery.

  • shadhussain

    Google finally allows your Android phone/tablet to boot into desktop mode allowing for some real portable computing using Ubuntu/Chrome OS … no? 2014 then?

  • mario_1603

    I want to test Gaikai and a sony/motorola nexus

  • Moises Rivera

    I’m looking forward to either the HTC One X2 or the Nexus RAZR. Definitely gonna be a good year!

  • PHarik

    I hope Nokia adopts Android, and Google internet picks up world wide.

  • Meister_Li

    I hope (but I am doubtful) that Google will introduce two “Tiers” of Nexus devices. The “Everyone”-Devices and the “Enthusiast” ones. The Enthusiast Devices coming with all those “Consumer-Confusing” features like USB-OTG, Expandable storage and the like. I’d pay more for one of those, too. ;_;

  • aholland1

    I just want Nexus in my TV and Car no compromises syncing my stuff across all my devices. Is that so much to ask?

  • auronblue

    I think i would be most excited for a Motorola Nexus, but i hope it keeps the same design language as the Galaxy Nexus/Nexus 4. I am not a fan of the current Motorola squarish/clipped corners look. It better have a great display too.
    The Google/T-Mo team up could be just the thing that takes me away from Verizon, so I am very anxious to see what happens with that.

  • g

    Yeah OK the nexus will sell 10m units. Pretty sure they have to have them in stock for that to happen.

  • Wilson Lara

    Google MVNO would be dream come true. Please let it be so.

  • Steve Heinrich

    I hope Google starts providing service. That would be awesome. I get the feeling that it would be more than affordable.

  • Burzie

    All good ideas hope they get the ball rolling

  • Genjinaro

    All of that, minus the Sony Watch going mainstream & NVIDIA.

    And doesn’t Samsung already have some retail stores? I seen my 1st GS2s in Columbus Circle (New York, NY) a year or 2 ago. In that mall with the Whole Foods in the basement & the Budda lady with the butt.

  • Adam Jones

    I want to predict that Google will lay down some law and tell Verizon you can’t mess with my phone with bloatware and locked bootloaders anymore if you want to keep android devices on your lineup.

    • NasLAU

      It’s nice to dream.

    • BroMonty

      There’s no excuse for bloatware, but the beauty of android (as well as the curse) is that Verizon can do whatever it wants with android. It’s sad that they choose to use that freedom to take away ours, but I think it would go against android principles to lay down the law on them like that.

  • V6ser

    I think we will see a BIG UI change also on Android 5.0, not just on Sense 5.

    Also, Tegra 4 will probably be Cortex A15 based.

  • fechhelm

    If #1 comes true, I wouldn’t care about the other 12. Dream come true.

  • Kilgore Trout

    They have Hardware technology years before they release it and then they dribble it out to make the consumer upgrade more frequently!!!

  • dejay

    I keep saying this lol i would love to see a Nexus PADFone, it would be sweet to finally have a device that could control all my computer needs. A phone that turns into a tablet, into a notebook, a desktop or tv. Especially if they were able to merge Chrome Os with android and with Google Tv. Imagine a device that when you wanna watch tv you simply launch Google Tv, then when your in need of your laptop you pop you phone into the shell and bamm you got your laptop. It would be a great for Google to integrate basically ALL of there services into the next Nexus device that runs off the a GOOGLE / TMOBILE/ DIRECT TV service, with UNLIMITED data for $60- a month.. I would really like to see them use a Wacom digitizer and miracast support.

  • NT_

    As long as typical marketing and promotion for the Nexus 4 continues to occur, I think exceeding 2 million units would be an astounding and wonderful success.

    Even if Google surprises us with a Galaxy-style marketing frenzy, pigs will grow wings and fly before 10 million units sell in 2013. Even with LTE.

    The Nexus, “holographic” glass back aside (pun intended), is just not an exciting or flashy phone to the regular Joe. It’s a great Nexus experience, an incredible deal and just plain WORKS, but pragmatism and value don’t seem to be driving phone sales these days.

    • dcds

      My prediction is: the Nexus 4 will not sell well, and in the end someone will make a statistics saying that 99,9998% of the time the Nexus 4 was listed in the Play Store, it was backordered and you were advised to “please check back soon”.

      Then we will all come to Android And Me to discuss how many devices Google could have been sold by extrapolating 99,9998% from the amount of devices sold in the 0,0002% of the time it was actually available.

      Then we will endlessly discuss why it didn’t sell well. And the Nexus 5 will be the same thing, just like the N7 was comparing to the N4/N10.


  • A.Woodbury

    I’m interested to see the market for an Amazon smartphone. A tablet I can understand with it being e-reader friendly with the Kindle crowd, but a phone? We shall wait and see

  • Jorge Eslava

    The next Nexus phone turns into a bullet bike and comes from outer space.

  • raovallab

    I really hope the app and entertainment ecosystem recognize that numbers matter and start giving Android platform its due

  • NasLAU

    I predict a relaunch of the Nexus Q with Google TV in tow.

    • Guitaraholic

      the Nexus Q relaunch will only work if its priced right – it was too expensive, especially in light of the Nexus 7 and the Nexus 4 now

  • amysnice

    Great article!

  • dacevedo

    New nexus 7! :D

  • cliffy223

    I could see the Amazon phone following the same thought as Google and sell it at cost only

    Google TV would be nice, I really just want Google to throw a bone at us and at least tell us their focus and outlook for the device. Just give us something to let us know that they are still working on it.

    Nexus devices in 2013 will be what a lot of us thought it would in 2012. A Sony, Motorola, LG, Huawei, and ZTE version.

    For me personally I am looking forward to an Android based watch that syncs with my phone for texts, email, calendar, time (of course), and other notifications

  • buzz

    Android and Chrome to merge

  • whazzup969

    Samsung stores would be interesting….

  • bstewart11

    I think they all sound spot on, except the smart watch. Doesn’t sound like something that would ever be mainstream. I haven’t even worn a watch in almost a decade.

  • kzlife

    Hmm.. doubt sony will lead the pack for a smart watch >.o But we can only wait and see ^^

  • linkinmark5

    I like most of what your saying here….just not so sure Goog would opt for Tmob MVNO vs. The Dish deal with LTE-A. then again..I could be completely wrong as Dish is years away from a proper infrastructure and well Tmob is using its $4B well.

  • Donald

    Great article, but more than half of these predictions are really off course.
    Nothing about unified messaging? no nexus q?

  • dbuck

    Google Glass? Anyone?!? :D

  • BradleyRuiz

    gaikai sounds good

  • exilis

    Android and Chrome OS will start to converge.

    As my wildcard though, phones will start getting smaller!

  • CErikM

    Rumors floating around about the 6.3″ Galaxy Note 3 might be an interesting one to look out for in the near future.

    • nportelli

      Are you kidding? As a tablet maybe a phone? heck no. 5″ is too big.

    • jonstle

      6.3″ wow, that is huge – and not in the cool way in the I need bigger pockets way.

    • kzlife

      No thanks for a 6.3 inch screen :O
      Too big to be a phone, too small to be a tablet

  • DroidSamurai

    >>1. Google launches MVNO on T-Mobile

    Long overdue, and why should they wait for the LTE deployment. Launch it now!

    >> 3. Google TV gains support for wireless display

    I hate to say that — the more wireless display Android devices we have, the less we need a Google TV. Think about it, you need a remote to control a Google TV. With a wireless display capable Android device (phone or tablet), your device is your remote.

    >> 4. HTC One X2 comes to all US carriers

    Sound absolutely reasonable. But HTC had done so many dumb things (Droid DNA, anybody?) and I expect them continuing the trend.

    >> 6. Motorola releases a Nexus RAZR

    I would rather they ONLY makes Google Experience phones from now on and updates all their phones ASAP (closer to the Nexus release schedule.) Why do we need a Nexus RAZR when all Motorola phones are “Nexus-class”?

    >> 12. Amazon finally releases an Android phone

    I just hope Amazon and Google sits down and makes nice with each other. The biggest Android based tablet maker and the Android OS developer shouldn’t be at war. There are things they can do to benefit each other.

  • nportelli

    What’s the HTC One X2? The HTC One X+?

  • Shazam

    Nexus Razr HD Maxx 5…. hope for more / better android watches.

  • RonakG

    I hope the Nexus 4 sells like hot cakes around the world to be noticed by other manufacturers and encourage them to push out Android updates quickly and more frequently.

  • klcow92

    looking our for miracast tech on gadgets…just wondering, can it be added onto existing hardware via a software update??

  • robd1893

    HTC Nexus 5 with 32gb storage but no expandable (microSD’s can fragment), 1080p 440+ PPI, quad core 12 GPU, and …………. wait for it…….. still unlocked at $349

    Nexus 7^2 – same screen as the 10 but of course smaller. Not 16 or 32 with cellular.

    Lets hope that IF Motorola gets the Nexus line THEY UNLOCK THE FRIGGIN BOOTLOADER!

  • donger

    Could see the Samsung stores happening, Apple and Sony have their own stores.

  • Monsunami

    Future. Google Nexus will lead with innovations with Common UI and looks. Apple will start to play catch-up at holiday 2013 in overall sales and “coolness” factor.

  • mightynaf

    I think 2013 is going to be the year of Google TV. The android dongles get cheaper and cheaper.

  • homj

    They are more subjective hopes, than predictions if you ask me! (not even all of them are about android)

  • homj

    But if you ask me, i predict (or hope at least :D ) that:
    Google will finally bring Wallet to europe.
    close the gap between ChromeOS and Android (Atrix like compability for laptop / desktop-docks)
    there are going to be phones with 3GB of Ram, getting even closer to PC-like operating power.

  • ndub21

    Hmm, I’m very intrigued by the idea of Google operating a MVNO. I’m sure it would be a good deal and I’m hoping would have better terms and conditions than the current ones do. Having Google service would be sweet!
    Google TV dearly needs a boost, so On hoping they mix the Nexus Q with Google TV and make it awesome.
    A Moto Nexus would be very cool. I’m already looking forward to the next Nexus and the 4 just came out!
    Thanks for you predictions, they make me really excited for 2013!

    • homj

      but sadly they dropped the Nexus Q out of their Nexus line :(

  • charlesspivak1

    Would love to see HTC make a comeback. With how they’ve treated the Evo line flagship phone…it’s hard to stay confident.


    amazon and android connection would be great

  • jonstle

    My prediction is I will go completely broke. LOL

    I think something that they are already working toward is househoold integration, allowing various android devices to talk to each other. Better connectivity between Google TV, phones, tablets, and other appliances that will run android. Get a message on your phone when the drier is done, turn up the heat before you get home, etc…

    Lastly I would love an android based car stereo head unit. So far I have only seen one.

  • humidity

    I really hope Google will build their own mobile network! I would jump on that in a heartbeat!

    • Nicko01

      They could (and would) undercut every other carrier. That would be amazing.

  • hurracayne

    a $99 Nexus phone? Do I really want one.

  • BatFastard

    It would be great if the Nexus line became the “Android phone everyone wants”. I would love to see much wider adoption of vanilla AOSP. It would be great to see it officially offered on every carrier.

  • Nicko01

    My predictions:
    Almost all high end phones will have a 1080p display and a quad core processor.
    Phones will stop getting bigger. (No need to get larger than a Galaxy Note 2)
    Manufacturers will finally focus on battery life.

  • humanios

    Would love Google phone service

  • rr2009

    I really want to see some of the stuff mentioned too. I hope Google expands their fiber network and brings faster and affordable internet. I think cloud gaming is gong to gain more popular support and it will be nice to see Sony taking a lead on this area. With Apple expressing their interest in TV, I hope Google takes stronger steps and gets a strong foot in the TV market. I want to see more device supporting Miracast. After Samsung posing great challenges to Apple with their Galaxy devices, it will be really nice if other android manufacturers can add something to the race. I think HTC deserves a better recognition and hopefully their devices will show that in 2013. Nexus is gaining momentum with all new flagship device. I agree that it is almost time for a Nexus from Motorola. Although I want to see more affordable Nexus devices, I do not want them to be packed with low end hardware. I think Google is in a better position with the Nexus brand and they should not compromise it, especially after hurrying to release jelly bean 4.2. I’m very excited about 4th generation of Tegra. Hopefully, next year’s giveways will be for Tegra 4 devices! I hope that HTC gives some focus on Sense 5. Samsung is doing an amazing job with their Touch Wiz. I think android devices need to focus more on battery life in coming years. You can have top of the line specs but if it is not going to end for even half a day without charging, it’s a shame! I don’t think android devices will take over iOS next year. I think we might have to wait one more but if Google can strengthen their Play store, it will happen soon. I think a focus on Play store is going to be essential since android is going to be everywhere-mobile devices, tablets, TVs, watches and maybe cars too.

  • Ardrid

    As much as I love Solavei, I would jump ship to a Google MVNO in a heartbeat given how impressive Google Fiber has been.

  • JonJJon

    I would love for 2. and 6. to become a reality, would be awesome and very much future insights into how the future consoles can expand from the TV more than they are already today, however I see it maybe more likely being the Sony releases Gaikai for the PS3 and PS4 and Vita and then maybe further down the line perhaps open it up to PlayStation certified devices.

  • dino13

    HTC also needs to get there pricing right. Sense was great with Android 2.x, but as of ICS I can not see the sense of changing too much of the look and feel of Android.

  • bgssilva

    i waiting for all predictions comes thru

  • acuda27

    RZAR Nexus sounds awesome, but I’d rather get the RZAR Nexus MAXX much better battery life.

  • kwills88

    I would be sold on a Nexus Razr Maxx

  • qwertyman44

    I think Google will not expand nexus range to ZTE or Huawei next year. It will probably stay with top mobile manufacturers.

  • justineats

    I think if Samsung opens stores here in the US it would definitely ramp up the sales and have them competing better against Apple. that might be the only thing I like about Apple is the fact that they have a dedicated store for all their products.

  • hokiewv

    I would like to see Google move forward with merging Chrome OS and Android. Chrome OS alone is not compelling to me but if included touch screen interface and the ability to run Android apps, I’d be interested.

  • WeeJavaDude

    Seems all reasonable predictions. I think 2013 will be a interesting year for Android. Looking to purchase a new tablet end of 2013. Hopefully they will have one that rocks even more.

  • Nolan Meilinger

    I think all of these are very plausible, and if they come true that would be very cool! I specifically like the T-Mobile, Samsung, and Motorola claims. It is highly likely Motorola will make the next nexus.

    • fenlon

      Nexus or not, I am very excited to see any hardware that Motorola pumps out with google not giving them any “preferential treatment”.

  • JPB

    I’m hoping that 2013 will bring Amazon-Google detente. Here’s how it would work:

    Amazon welcomes a rebranded Nexus 7 (or followon) to the “Kindle Fire” family, releasing Amazon video and allowing the Nexus version of Kindle all the rights and privileges afforded to other Kindle devices (library lending, whispersync) , making the Kindle “skin” optional, and allowing the Google apps and store. Google sets aside a special “Amazon” library inside of Google Play for direct access to music, movie, television, and interactive magazines, effectiveless ceding those to Amazon while Google concentrates on apps and games.

    Win-win for both Amazon and Google.

  • Wost

    Really can’t see the watches ever taking off. Bound to suck just as much as the old casio calculator watch.

  • thymeless

    I think the Nexus 4 has some struggles ahead with the OTG issue. OTG was the only other way to use portable data/media since it has no uSD card slot. But even basic OTG uses for controllers, keyboards, mice is broken. Hopefully it’s just a software issue so it can be patched and not a hardware mistake. But this specific failure knocks the Nexus 4 off my list of interesting devices at this time. I’m just not in cloud coverage enough to rely on cloud services so I need other physical data support.

    I’m not sure what I think about Amazon with a Kindle phone. Right now I just see it as muddling their business model, not diversifying it usefully.

    Samsung stores would be cool.

  • jefflarkin

    My prediction is that Google will release some form of a new android device at Google IO. =)

  • melan26

    I’d be really intrigued if ever Google will/soon be part of the wireless service.

  • Gordon Wheeler

    Having the same phones across carriers leads to a better selection of accessories. It would be nice if the manufactures could also keep the ports in the same place and direction, if so we might get a few more options for docks, etc.

    I’ll be ready to change to a pre-paid plan after the first of the year and would love to see what Google would offer.

  • Marvles

    One can dream I suppose!

  • Nathan D.

    These are some good prediction for the new year. I product HTC will finally get some money back with their new devices next year

  • ArticulateFool

    A couple of the predictions are a bit over zealous IMO.

    I’m most excited if google becomes a tmobile mvno.

  • josha14025

    how about google coming up with a way to get manufacturers on the same page so there isn’t so much fragmentation? so the same phone can get a software update at the same time regardless of carrier or country?

  • amarcionek

    I predict that I will get either a Galaxy s3 or Droid DNA in March, because my contract is up!!!! The Droid Incredible 2 is just sooooooo oooolllddd now.

  • murali.ram

    Think android is going to acquire 10 % more market share next year….

  • jonneves

    I do think that Android will obliterate iOS in every possible way next year!

  • Pravas

    I agree with the prediction of Nexus 4 Sales…

  • sweet

    i am very excited for 2013

  • Vance

    How about the return of nexus Q?

  • smartvinu


  • Diabsoud

    Next year can’t come fast enough!!!

  • Jintomenachery

    Seems very silly

  • nipunmehta7

    Waiting for next year

  • misael

    iIlove the first rumor, I am an android fan and mostly use google services for everything and since I have a tmobile plan, ohh boy I hope it becomes a reality
    I will also love to see a motorola nexus, since google owns it why not make an premium affordable phone with LTE please!!!!!

  • dipsetdiplomat

    Can’t wait for the Motorola Nexus.

  • KingCrow02

    More Nexus devices please

  • Grave

    If my Pebble doesn’t show up before the Sony Smartwatch 2, I’ll be pretty disappointed.

  • jumbojet747

    I still wonder what Android 5.0 will be called…

  • arminla

    I Cannot wait for #1,2 and #6!!! Please be true!

  • lou2cool88

    These are all interesting predictions. Still waiting on the “year of the smartwatch.” Apple made a big mistake changing their nano iPods from the watch-size. Hopefully Pebble and Sony can capitalize.

  • MC_Android

    According to the interview with Larry Page, it doesn’t sound like Motorola will be making an Nexus until 2014 (two Nexus devices from now).

    Tying this together with the Sense, I agree with you Taylor, except instead of rehauling it HTC should really just release a stock android phone (or close to that like Asus does). With that being said, they should really try to bid to be the next Nexus manufacturers. HTC has some of the sexiest designs out there (HTC One S). I want a Nexus 1 V2.0

  • cypresscliff

    the s4 look nice but the two camera mess it all up

  • kaustubh10330

    Future of android is looking very bright!!!!
    haters (iOS) suck on this :P

  • Kern Clarke

    #1 is probably necessary too keep t-mobile afloat and in direct competition with other carriers, as of now their falling behind the bunch

  • Puck69

    Do we know you will be the manufacturer for the amazon phone?

  • naypalm

    A Kindle phone? It certainly is possible but I sure wouldn’t buy one. The Kindle App works fine TYVM :)

  • Orion78

    Lol Nexus 4 selling 10 million units. You’re out of your mind if you think that. Just stop it.

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to the S4, Note 3, and the next Nexus. I’ll admit I’m curious to see if HTC finally learn their lesson and launch a flagship for all carriers.

  • cuteandrew21

    The good news for consumer

  • Rene Rendon

    Samsung already has a kiosk in the mall in Frisco, TX. Would be interesting to see if they open a retail store.

  • Chuong Luong

    Google takes over Apple :D

  • TheVoodoo

    Google TV wireless display (probably Miracast) is long overdue, and as a daily user of Google TV, I really hope that this particular prediction comes true.

  • aby2aby

    Yes. Sense 5 should bring something radical to the table…
    Come soon CES and MWC…

    • aby2aby

      Oops… and a grand Nexus from HTC is long long waiting…

  • Jorge Vieira

    Im predicting live lock screen wallpapers! I absolutely love the Sony smart watch ay they have to do is add a mic and Support Voice text and commands.

  • Ruslan

    key lime Pie. The new Android will be released at Google I/O i thought that was obvious

  • gumbyshu

    I want HTC to make a comeback. I miss a good HTC OS. Also, let’s just have tablets that can make phone calls. I want a Galaxy Note II, but I kinda hate the term “phablet.”

  • GeorgeV

    I couldn’t care less about Intel being in more Android phones. In fact, I really hope Google doesn’t intend to put Atom inside that Motorola Nexus. That would kill it for me. It’s a deal breaker.

  • Aaron Ratner

    These are solid predictions. I’m excited about the thought of some of them, particularly MVNO and smart watches.

  • eliander mendoza

    I was hoping to hear something about Google glass but whatever i love innovation so shoot me with everything you got 2013.

  • nobile

    As Intel is looking for a new CEO, something surprising did happen recently: the company has hinted that it may bring in someone from the outside, which would be a first for Intel. Tech site BSN has started a new Internet buzz: according to them, Intel is looking at buying NVIDIA, and would name Jen-Hsun Huang (NVIDIA’s CEO) as Intel’s new CEO. Now, *that* would be something that we would like to observe. This rumors is backed by pretty much nothing, but it is fun to discuss: so, how likely is it to happen? Let’s look at the pro and cons for Intel.

    • phor11

      I agree.
      It’s probably just a wild rumor and from the terse responses Jen-Hsun has given to speculation about an acquisition of his company in the past it doesn’t seem very likely; but I think it would be VERY interesting.

      The way things are going; if Intel doesn’t jump on Nvidia very soon, we might be looking at Nvidia buying Intel a year from now instead of the other way around.

  • nobile

    As Intel is looking for a new CEO, something surprising did happen recently: the company has hinted that it may bring in someone from the outside, which would be a first for Intel. Tech site BSN has started a new Internet buzz: according to them, Intel is looking at buying NVIDIA, and would name Jen-Hsun Huang (NVIDIA’s CEO) as Intel’s new CEO. Now, ‘that’ would be something that we would like to observe. :)

  • nobile

    Google takes over Apple :D

  • BrotherBloat

    would be nice to see those come to fruition :)

  • GeorgeV

    By the way, you may be right that Tegra 4 will win more contracts – especially considering they haven’t won THAT many with Tegra 3, and for their sake they better win more next year.

    But pretty sure the most powerful SoC next year, and probably the most popular one, too, will be Samsung’s dual-cluster big.Little 4.4 chip, with a quad core Cortex A15 and a quad core Cortex A7, and either a Mali T624 or Mali T658 (or possibly even a Mali T628 if coming out in 2nd half of the year).

  • sbala

    Hoping that Tegra4 to be used in $99 Nexus

  • nipunmehta7


  • Daniel Hakimi

    Are these predictions, or a wish list?

    How many of these do you actually think will come true?

    How much money would you bet, and at what odds?

  • Snowman81

    Can’t wait to see how many of these predictions end up coming true.

  • BigCiX

    Looking forward for the One X 2

  • rbcameron1

    Nvidia is going to rock next year!

  • Danny Calderon

    i’d also like to see a Google mvno on Tmobile ,that would be awesome

  • Numbertwo

    Nokia adopts android and maybe we can get a Nokia nexus by 2014!

  • jibin_raju

    A nexus phone with a full HD screen,a 13 MP sensor and with a 8 core processor and of course it should be an affordable one like nexus 4

  • rashad360

    That moto nexus sounds the most plausible to me, I would love to see it personally

  • cb2000a

    The Get Smart Android shoe phone finally makes it’s appearance.

  • RRR

    1. 1080p phones will flatten the Earth

    2. Goog will suffocate US smartphone producer Motorola

    3. Amount of people realizing that Google becoing a monopoly will double every year.

    4. Apple (read – US) will lose lawsuits or not get anything for its stolen IP

    5. Apple will continue down spiral by leaving larger smartphones to competition

    6. Economists will finally calculate how much US loses due to Android. My estimation – 20 billion bucks per year. The only who prosper in US from Android are salespeople from their fat commissions and Gov from sales tax.

    • RRR

      7. NVIDIA stock will drop below $10
      8. T-mo will continue losing revenue and customers during first half of the year.

    • RRR

      9. HTC will with its One X2 still not get how much is Two X 2

    • RRR

      10. A&Moo will still run without Edit button

    • RRR

      11. Steve B will kill the competition with true Windows8 1080p phone and will dance on the Apple and Samsung presentations naked.

    • RRR

      12. This site will make new reputation rule to subtract the points from those who are posting first

  • calmness

    An inexpensive $99 phone would be great, but interested in seeing how such devices spec out.

    P.S. Want at least lego android for the holidays if a phone isn’t in the bag… Heh, heh.

  • Shawn Flanagan

    A Sense 5 UI overhaul would be a good step for HTC. I bought an HTC Evo LTE this year, and was disappointed with Sense 4. It felt like I was using an old UI on a brand new phone. I put CM10 on it as soon as they ported it to the device and haven’t looked back.

    I’m also tired of Samsung’s TouchWiz. Every time I use it, I am reminded of the old days of Windows XP, when the PC manufacturers would put their own dumbed-down UI with bright & colorful candy icons over the default XP style. Why do hardware manufacturers feel the need to ruin good OS’ with their own software modifications? They should stick to their main areas of focus (hardware).

    • janK

      They feel the need because they feel industrial design is not enough to differentiate themselves from their competitors in the long run.

  • ConfuciusTse

    I’m looking forward to all manufacturers offering at least one Nexus device each generation. Expanded memory is a must whether it’s via micro SD card or massive amounts of on-board RAM. All-day batteries would be great.

  • snowbdr89

    my 2013 prediction is dick yarrell still has no girlfriend or any type of social interaction with a female and he becomes an iclone!!

  • jenskristian

    I hope we will see faster updates from OEM’s and a solid Google TV Nexus device

  • Rix

    Meh, dont see much appeal in a kindle phone tbh

  • janK

    Good thoughts Taylor!

    Here are my opinions:
    1. Interesting to see Google expand in this area, since they also want to start offering fiber broadband beyond their currently running experiment. Synergy effects are to be expected.

    2. After OnLive doing so-so this could be a major hit. However, wireless disply support (3.) is essential to success.

    6. Never understood why a possible Nexus phone by Motorola is as hyped as it is. It’s not like Motorolas hardware design oder manufacturing processes are largely better than others. Also, software-hardware developement already stands intertwined as has been the case with every Nexus device so I doubt performance or stability would increase further with a Motorola Nexus.

    11. First batches of Tegra 3 in the Transformer Prime were quite faulty. Here is hoping this wont happen with Tegra 4. Also, does anybody know if Nvidia has managed to adopt its current GeForce technology for the mobile versions? As far as I remember Tegra 2 and 3 are based on different technology.

    13. I saw an interview with an HTC designer, him saying that the company is quite satisfied with the current state of Sense. Really eager to see in which direction they will develop.

  • rbcameron1

    Any HTC X lovers out there, holla!

  • eViLSt3ve

    Looking forward to 2013, Android will continue to be the best mobile OS and one day perhaps the best desktop OS.

  • Slith

    Intel has a ways to go to catch the Tegra 3. The Tegra 4 will set them back even more.

  • synergeticink


  • sasepatrupc

    I predict a drop in IOS maret share and a nice big bump for Android.

  • Jack Thakar

    I’m really excited for a Google cell network to launch by the time by VZW contract ends (next December) although it might be more than just an MVNO with their partnership with Dish.

  • myandroid99

    LTE for Google carrier

  • Ilyse Rose

    All of these sound pretty sweet, but 8 and 9 would be my favorites of all. I really want a smart watch but the one I played with in the Sony store near me did not impress me at all.
    And a Samsung store near me would be amazing.

  • Bill Sincavage

    Pretty solid predictions. Hopefully the Mayans don’t know sh*t.

  • Kilo720

    Htc need alot of work hopefully the next sense will be better

  • cuteandrew21

    Google launches MVNO on T-Mobile that can make more in pricing competition.
    Price drop for cellphone bill soon. Good luck for us.

  • breckdroid

    I would love a Nexus Razr or Htc One X2. Im ok either way. The new year is looking up!!! Android-wise that is.

  • revs

    there is already a samsung kiosk im my mall on longisland
    does great


    many possibilities. Next year should be really interesting for Android where I think it will even further gain marketshares. I can’t wait to see all phones that comes with 1080p

  • marko.sandalj69

    if they all realize it will be a great year

  • LadyDi

    I want to add mine – Even though I don’t own a HTC phone, I want to see the inside of

  • tokra

    God, I hope these will come true :D Can’t wait!

  • nosek7

    i’m really looking forward to see a motorola nexus :)

  • Chris Haun

    I’d love to see a RAZR Nexus. I think the the RAZR HD is a great phone and if we can get the extended battery on a Nexus with LTE, how great would that be.

  • Down with Guns!!!!!

    The Best Prediction for 2013

    #14 – The US bans Gun sales!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and saves 10,000 innocent lives they kill each year.

  • TheChez99

    #14 Android 4.3 or Android 5.0
    #15 Google Play TV coming to the UK

  • Dc99999969

    Definitely excited for that nexus razr

  • Fiasko

    Just like last year, I am really hopeful that they will finally come through with Google TV. It is so close but still so far……

  • Co1e

    Love the idea of multiple nexus devices. Wish it had happened this year but Im cool with the Nexus 4. If the Google MVNO is priced as well as the nexus line I would be all over it.

  • hachem28

    I hope the Nexus Razr becomes a reality :)

  • Stig03


  • darklord486

    Cant wait for the Gaikai! I wish it’s compatible with my xperia acro s. :D

    and I’m gettin a nexus 4 on the 25th

  • darklord486

    I hope all android users will get a jellybean update. (that would ruin the life of iOS users) LOL

  • dafi81

    I hope for 50%+ for the last two android versions – that would be a nice upgrade policy. Now it is around 7% and more than 50% still use 2.3.x!

  • TheyCallMeZ

    My fav would be the Android Wireless Display Tech. Would LOVE that!

  • stringdidj

    Looking forward to android gaming taking the lead forward with lots of competing services. I expect 2013 to be a year of Apple playing catch up with a UI change

  • T1392

    How about combining #6 & #10? Motorola nexus with an Intel processor? That would be hands down best nexus ever imo.

  • darkisss

    There’s a pretty good probability for all of the predictions. In fact, I’d say they were a little safe, for the most part, as with many, it is obvious Android is going there. I was surprised to not see a prediction that Chrome and Android would be coming closer together, with more dual boot devices etc.

  • jleone016

    Would love to see true mobile tv. Google and tmobile may do well from that release

  • Pravas

    I also the Sony smart watch gets an improvement. It would be nice to be like Bond..James Bond.

  • Can’t wait for the next Galaxy phone ;P

  • LwmHWK20

    Crazy predictions, some bound to be right?

  • cduran1983

    And Chromebooks will be the new home desktop PC! :D

  • jizzy6879

    padfone wont hit the US. and that bums me out

  • smeghead68

    can’t wait to see the android camera! I thought there was already one but can’t find any info on it.

  • murali.ram

    More number of Apple compitetors, guess…

  • atul0002

    Nobody cares about TouchWiz? LOL

  • Granna

    I believe the $99 Nexus smartphone would be the biggest win for android. I believe there are many poor countries on which a capable smartphone is not affordable (for majority) and so they would benefit from such a smart phone and in the same time android market share would increase drastically.

  • wgpeter

    The whole T-Mobile this is exactly what I posted back when the talks of Dish Network were flying all over the place. Google and T-Mobile have been in bed since the first Android phone and if they can bring the spectrum Dish has into the game, why wouldn’t they. Google has said “to get into the telco market would be a lot of red tape to start out” but they never said anything about partnership with someone already in the game. If every OEM were to bring out a Nexus phone and they kept the same $49 unlimited plan, it would be hard to turn it down for most people, it would seem. Who needs all you can eat mobile to mobile/ mobile to____ when you have VoIP. I’m really hoping they enter the telco space as an MVNO or something more than just Google Fiber. Oh, and let’s not forget the mass amounts of fiber they purchased from every carrier before carriers started catching on and stopped them from further sails of DF. Google is here to stay. Where they fail in one platform they will thrive in another, then bring out the next best thing, in Beta, so we all can help it become the next best thing by unknowingly being bug testers. Anyways, love your blog. Love Android & Me. Here’s to another great year! Keep it up.

  • Rahul Verma

    A Nexus Razr should be in the cards for Motorola. :)

  • russieb

    Motorola have to release a Nexus!

    My other prediction is that manufactures see sense, and drop the custom skins. Or at least tone them down!

  • sofian.rabbani

    Would love to see the Sense 5.o prediction come true. Personally I believe that there will be an HTC Nexus Phablet being launched somtime in 2013. HTC has done well with the Butterfly/Droid DNA and Google+HTC will up the ante with the Nexus Phablet! :)

  • SeanPG1983

    I would absolutely love to see multiple, high end, Nexus devices on the market. I think that alone would boost Android appeal by a lot.

  • Nicholas Fowler

    More smart phones start coming with batteries larger then 15000-1600 mAh and better battery management ending the constant need to be plugged into the wall.

  • rafaelrossi

    I want Nexus 4 in Brazil. Now.

  • Dorkstar

    Phew, a lot of these are awesome and some of these are a little, for lack of better terms, far fetched.

    I’m incredibly excited about Wireless displays becoming more popular. It’s a technology I feel we should of had 5 years ago. Not sure about it changing a whole lot, but I can see us controlling our TV’s, consoles, and media players all from a tablet or smart phone by late next year.

    The nexus 4 selling 10 million units? I think that number is sort of steep, but then again the demand has been insane.

    I’m not sure where Amazon could even go with a phone. I suppose they have the apps and media to make it a well established platform, but they’ll have to do some reinventing of their brand if they expect great success. I still don’t consider them a major player in the technology field, although they have been rather successful so far.

  • ijonb

    I see 3 trends starting to emerge in 2013…
    1. Embedded Devices (Android in your Toaster!)
    2. Wearable Devices (Smart watches, Glass, etc).
    3. “Connected” devices… ie, devices starting to communicate with each other. The beginnings are seen in the 2nd screen apps, but will carry through to smart-home, security, vehicles, etc.

  • nmoline

    I definitely think the Amazon phone will be coming. However, their skin is so far from Android I’m not sure it can be an Android prediction.

  • dwilson6

    HTC will never get rid of sense, but I wonder what it would look like to largely decouple it from the OS and make it a “premium” upgrade. That way you can have stock Android or Sense and it might create some demand by further marketing it as a premium thing. Plus they could monetize it if they wanted to. A problem with that will be a less consistent user experience for HTC devices.

  • gqkevyn

    It would be amazing to see Google have an MVNO!

  • Jschurter

    I’m really excited for the smart watches, I really want one!

  • KPeter0314

    The press will finally admit that Apple isn’t the market leader and is becoming a niche product.

    Wait, that will never happen!

  • khogali

    ohh i luv the Sony Smartwatch

  • loksv

    htc sense 5.0 sounds great….i love the htc one x.

  • dutrak

    I’ve been using htc sense since 2.0 and it really need a redesign. I don’t hate it or anything but its starting to feel like an iphone where the hardware seems more interesting than the software =/

  • HeadDoc

    I think I am salivating a bit…

  • logrish

    ‘m rooting for a RAZR Nexus… would love to see a pure google android phone in every sense.

  • securifirm

    HTC, Samsung, and all of the other mobile phone makers enable the option to turn off their “themed” android and allow you to run the stock look and feel. They also allow users the ability to uninstall the bloatware :)

    • securifirm

      WOW…with the new HTC EVO 4G LTE you can hide apps on an unrooted device…a step in the right direction. Now how about the ability to uninstall them

  • prime_optimus

    Tegra 4 will be the greatest event !

  • dukenilnil

    Hope you are right! Tegra 4 sounds nice so think that one is a go.

  • loksv

    google tv to other countries might gain momentum

  • mickjen

    Google Wireless= Nexus devices, unlimited voice & data, yes please!

  • RickyB

    As a HTC Amaze user I am excited about #13, and curious about #1…!

  • mickjen

    Including Google TV!

  • bhp

    I think that there will be a lot more tablet/phone convergence. Phablets will become just tablets, and the expectation will be that all tablets are capable of acting as a phone. With the bluetooth headsets/headphones already available, people will start to realize that the greater battery life and more usable screens of a tablet will trump the pocketability of the traditional phone form factor.

  • kenbr1960

    Hopefully by the time I need a new phone there will be something with the Tegra 4.

  • mydnightsorrow

    I’m really excited to see what happens in 2013. I’ve seen so many great phones in 2012. I know they can only build on that momentum. Glad to see apple is losing the war.

  • piyushb

    awesome list

  • marcus1518

    This is pretty sweet

  • hkz4lf

    I don’t get the Kindle Phone. I think it would be a mistake for Amazon to try to compete in the phone market for a few reasons.

    I’ve tried using the Kindle app on my S3 (big screen for a phone) but it just doesn’t seem practical for daily reading. Plus they were able to grab a chunk of the market by under pricing their tablets and they would have a harder time competing with reasonable priced phones.

    Just my opinion and I don’t make Bezos Bucks.

  • ibap

    The only way that Sony watch goes mainstream is if they can make it half as thick.

  • ibap

    What, no prediction for new Android figurines?

  • smwinn7

    I think that it will be either motorola or sony that get the next nexus/nexi

  • MrQuestion

    If google wants to sell 10 million Nexus 4 units, they should probably bring it to all countries *hint*.

  • g

    I used to be a big fan of this site – everything about it appealed to me: your clean, well thought out site aesthetics; the meaningful and current content (yes, sometimes–on the rare occasion, mind you–there was some B.S. speculation, lazy writing and just plain old rumor-mongering), and the healthy discussions… Now it’s like you all went on holiday and are phoning it in while the cat minds the store.

    Or perhaps you just couldn’t give a fuck anymore?! Have you lost your boners for Android?? Lately, there is little by way of new content on here – how the fuck do you expect to run a respectable tech blog when don’t actually post anything?! Your “25 Days of Tegra” is NOT a story!! Breaking it up into 25 different postings just makes it 25 non-stories. How is it the Android Authority and 9To5Google keep finding new stuff while you keep giving us tosh??

    I’ve stuck with you guys through all this out of loyalty but I think I’ll be the fool if I stick around any longer.

    • g

      That being said, this rare article on the Android predictions for 2013 is quite good!

  • friendlyfire

    This all sounds very promising for android!

  • unwiredmedic

    More wishes than predictions: Google develops a revolutionary new Android that doesn’t have to be tailored to a specific device. It loads like an O/S should, on any physical platform with the right series of processor, then sync’s to find device drivers, and the phones work. Then drivers are created to work with Android, and there’s no need for proprietary versions of Android (you don’t see mainstream proprietary versions of Windows or Linux built to run on a specifically configured PC or laptop – so why does this have to happen with phones and tablets?). This now means older or even just less popular devices don’t have to be manufacturer supported or hacked to support basic O/S upgrades and tweaking. There will also be a standard, simple process to replace manufacturer- and carrier-specific limitations on the platform. It’s up to the buyer to decide to change.

    This is my gripe (so if you disagree, rather than just downvoting me, try to educate me): I buy a Windows license, install the O/S on my computer (with minimum or better hardware specs), add at least generic drivers and voila, computer works. Now I can upgrade to specific device drivers and start adding programs (apps) until I meet capacity. I can then tweak and optimize the performance. Why can’t this work for Android too? It’s a Linux-based O/S for crying out loud! I don’t risk bricking my PC or laptop every time the O/S disagrees with something or I install a system enhancement program. If I want my Windows machine to look like a Mac or Linux machine, I skin the GUI rather than go get an entirely different version of Windows. If I want to kill some unneeded processes to free up memory, I do it. If I want to change memory allocations and paging files, I do it. If I want to run dual O/S’es, I do it. If I want to run virtuals, I do it, and have been able to for an extensive amount of time, on much less capable machines than current smartphones and tablets. These factors also have absolutely no bearing on the hardware warranty.

  • aryin

    love to see #11 and #12 coming true soon~

  • mrcrusha

    Curious how the Google MVNO will turn out if that does happen.

  • aufan1

    That sony smart watch looked neat.

  • altonwang

    Sense needs a overhaul. I got sick of it after the first day…

  • fingers26

    well I finally got my Note 2… I would like to see more samsung apps… the phone is ..really kewl…..!!!

  • rj7777

    Androids are just as good. So many changes with everything. It is hard to keep up. I like things to be reliable.

  • sachin_goral

    No doubt about the Tegra 4 rocking next years smartphones and tabs

    • amin888


  • bleeew

    What about an HTC Nexus?

  • theluck

    Hope Google does something big with Motorola.

  • Kevin

    Motorola releases a Nexus RAZR> I would love to see that or a nexus with a high quality camera and almost perfect battery life but im sticking with nexus devices on VZW saving now to keep unlimited data to!!

  • datiecher

    I’m most excited about a possible Gaikai support on Android and a totally revamped Google TV experience.

  • txbluesman

    These are some cool predictions. I would like to see some of these next year.

  • jazzman87

    Not really sure about the estimated sales of Nexus 4 but I’m quite sure that they’ve created huge buzz around this device! (Can’t wait to get my hands on it)

  • kenny1428

    Mann I love android/google, and oh yea this website, it’s one of my all time favorites. Android and mother truckin me!

  • thr970

    That rumor awhile about streamlne updates for devices. Set it up so that manufacturers have to only update there UI.

  • mlynch01

    Would love to see a Motorola Nexus and if the Nexus 4 sells that many devices it would be incredible. But the MNVO would be a game changer I would really like to see that come to fruition and what it would do to the market.

  • loksv

    There will be a revolution from other Android Manufacturers to hinder Samsung dominance. HTC are trying their best and am sure Sony, Motorola, ZTE will add fuel as well.
    That will be a good news to end consumer as more choices to choose from.

  • Anjie Cai

    For Christmas i want google fiber to come to my area and for the nexus 4 and 10 to get back on stock so people can get it for others :D And hoping the one x2 isn’t something like htc butterfly/one x + with better processor. I miss the old HTC back in the day of the Nexus one, still my favorite manufacture. If you add something like huge removable battery + microsd card slot, then i’m buying for sure. I know who i want for the next nexus device :)

  • dbcher

    As long as Huawei makes an affordable phone ($99 range US) that I can actually get here in Japan that has specs as good or better than the Nexus 4…. I would be happy

  • amin888

    Sony Smartwatch is my 2013 wish list…

  • Luke Haviland

    where is skynet?

  • Stig03


  • Deter

    i predict that apple will once again integrate features that we android users already enjoy into their next iphone, then claim that they originated the technology, maybe going so far as to yet another company in order to make it seem legitimate.

  • gregdv

    Amazon smartphone Im sure they we’ll partner with a current wireless provider

  • Shazam

    Dual screen phones, folds up to be small and compact = smartphone, big when you want / need a tablet. (patent pending) TM @

  • Eric Wilborn

    Sounds awesome. Let’s see it happen!

  • apologetickid

    I predict Verizon will still make it difficult to use your Android to its fullest capacity.

  • robd1893

    A tablet/phone like the ASUS Padfone 2 would kill in the US. I would love to see that as their newest creation (not innovation since ASUS did it first).

  • Hipstr63

    I don’t have a prediction per se…but I know what I’d like to see. It would be kewl if the new Samsung Galaxy IV would have the upcoming Tegra 4+1 processor inside!

  • rbcameron1

    Nexus all the way baby!

  • Denenatse


  • volax

    I expect cheap china LTE devices on Rockchip 3188 chipset!

  • azswift

    I want my augmented reality!

  • ankushsurana

    HTC got to do something about there UI. When they first released it Sense 2. It was a miracle. But with Android improved at a much faster rate and now Sense has become just a gimmick. There life saver would be HTC BUTTERFLY. i thing its an amazing phone.

  • RiteshArora28

    Android Community need to take Chinese Developers a bit more serious, These guys are making some awesome OS of JB 4.1 into Flyme, We might see more of these kinda OS around world

  • rsolomonjr1

    i’d like a smartwatch since i just broke mine . lol

  • rposenato1216

    the smart watch is pretty wild, i like where it could go as i hate taking the phone out all the time for calendar updates

  • Shizz

    HTC’s Sense interface was nice at times (I used to have an HTC Hero), but not worth the delay in upgrades. As far as Google starting a MVNO of their own I’d believe, especially after the Google ISP effort…which I’m really hoping they do end up expanding as there has been talk of happening

  • Mioshaman1

    Mira cast would be a major improvement for Android devices. I would be able to sell my apple tvs.

  • ReaL_MaD

    Sounds like an exciting year!

  • ekta

    i am confused between htc desire sv and htc windows 8s
    which phone is good nad trustworthy?
    please help me

    • Balaram Vineeth Venugopal .P

      The 8s seems to be a good device but the OS looks ridiculous and immature. SV it is

  • g1user

    I really hope the MOTO Nexus is true. That will for sure be my next phone this year then!

    • s_rob

      same here. I’m skipping nexus 4 and waiting for moto nexus w/ maxx battery!

  • kitster

    I would love to see a new Sense for 5.0 – it does need a little bit of an overhaul.

    And as for the HTC One X2 coming to call carriers? You know Sprint will still find a way to muck it up and name it something completely unnecessary (and give it a kickstand).

  • Adinaky

    Interesting predictions, I hope they will happen!

  • Balaram Vineeth Venugopal .P

    The nexus 4 can surely sell 10 million. Hope (against all odds) that google puts out one with an expandable storage.

  • murali.ram

    Hear about Next Nexus from HTC, will it be tru?

  • StEVO_M

    My Perdictions… 1) Google will purchase a Wireless Carrier. 2) Google will drop the Chrome OS and adopt the Android OS. 3) RIM will adopt the Android OS to again, try to stay alive.

  • Alexander Alvin

    Nice piece of information, very useful, may help lot of people including me.