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$99 Nexus tablet rumors reignite with appearance of ASUS ME172V benchmark


Despite being squashed directly by ASUS, rumors of a cheaper, lower spec’d $99 Nexus 7 continue to swirl. In the past, we’ve heard that a 1GHz processor and slightly lesser screen may be what helps bring the tablet down in price. If that’s true, we may now know just the device ASUS and Google plan on using for a cheaper Nexus 7.

GLBenchmarks for the ASUS ME172V have found their way into the hands of bloggers with some key specs attached, leading to speculation that it could very well be the cheaper Nexus 7 that’s been rumored for quite some time now. According to the benchmarks, the ASUS ME172V (the Nexus 7 was known as the ME370T; there was also a ME171) sports a 1GHz processor, a Mali-400 GPU, a 1,024×600 display and Android 4.1.1.

If Google and ASUS were teaming up to release a cheaper Nexus tablet, the ME172V would fit the bill. There are rumors that the ME172V will support microSD, which would mean it’s not going to be a Nexus device, but I wouldn’t count it out yet.

The most important thing to take away from the ME172V’s benchmarks is that, Nexus or not, there is a very affordable ASUS tablet in the works. ASUS is well known for timely updates and adding very little in the way of software customizations to their tablets. Even without the Nexus name, the ME172V may turn out to be a great buy.

Via: Engadget

Source: GLBenchmark

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  • jaxidian

    I think I’d rather have the $200 Nexus 7 than this. Just like when upgrading, you hit an area of diminishing returns, so too when downgrading to save money.

    • Thomas Biard

      Exactly. Tech already has a huge problem staying relevant with all the advancements every couple months. Why put yourself behind the curve by buying a new device with internals that are 1 year outdated?

      Save money by getting a nice device at a good price, not by getting a mediocre device at regular price!

      • zerosix

        Don’t think $99-Nexus as of a tablet. It’s a reader, mp3-player, facebook and twitter client. And, of course, a Google Play content (books and so on) machine. Kindle fire market share is about 14%. I suppose, Google wants to bring that 14% tablet users back to Google, not Amazon.

        • Jimmy_Jo

          I believe that the day of the e-reader, facebook and twitter client device that is not a full-fledged tablet is gone. Plenty of people have Kindle Fires but the original Kindle is a thing of the past. People want to be able to do a bunch of things on one device so they won’t need to carry more than that one device.

          I hope that these OEMs realize that making products with watered down specs is a waste of time and money. When you make a crappy device the early suckers that buy it will tell everyone it’s crap and there will be something slighter better out in 2 months. Tablets are usually not tied to a carrier so just make one good enough to last a year then come out with an upgrade. That’s the model.

          • zerosix

            No, no! First of all, don’t mix tablets and e-readers. Many people prefer reading from an e-ink screen and I can understand them. And many people want to hold their phones and other devices separately, because they know, that battery is the weakest part of modern phones (except Motorola MAXX devices… Never mind, I’m a Motorola fan).
            Secondly. A $100 device is a great… Toy. For example, you can give it to your 2 years old kid, put in the kitchen for recipes, put in your car as a navigator… That’s already 3 devices and it still costs LESS, than the cheapest iPad mini. It’s a great thing. And still it features quite good processor, GPU and (ta-dah) microSD slot.
            So, it’s incorrect to call this device a tablet. It’s everything you used to use in the past (mp3-player, notepad, etc), but in a single device.

          • scubabum

            Agree with zerosix comment. I would let the kids use this $100 Asus and keep them off my iPad.

        • Logan Edwards

          I was going to echo the same sentiment. Also, this would surely be aimed at a different market than the typical Android and Me reader.

      • R_Leslie

        I don’t think I would purchase it but it might still be better than my old Nook color running CM10

    • Jeff Pan

      Google missed a trick when they didnt offer 8GB Nexus 7 for $149. If they had $149,$199, $249 and $299 versions – it would have been a huge boost. They lost out on the $149 version. Potential $149 customers go for the poorly made Kindle Fire instead.

      • KojiroAK

        $149.- Would have been a pay on for google/Asus

        The Nexus 7 with 8 GB cost ~$180.- Dollar in production. (the 16 GB slightly more)
        With selling the 16 GB for $200.- they are slightly above point even.

        • Laurentiu V.

          You point is correct. I do not think N7 8GB at $149 is a feasible idea.
          Anyway, this computation was made months ago and the sum now should be lower than $180.

          • Laurentiu V.

            *your point :)

        • rbcameron1

          Didn’t someone at google say they’re loosing money on every nexus 7 tablet sold. they did it to eat into apple’s market share which “sort of” is like making a profit?

    • dcortright

      For me it’s so hard to justify a 7 inch tablet when my phone is only a couple inches smaller. So sad but still so tempting.

    • Virtue

      I understand where you’re coming from but this being Google, I’d expect the experience as a whole to run flawlessly just like it has for every other recent Nexus device they’ve released. With Project Butter and the such, hardware doesn’t really count as much as it used to.

    • DroidPower

      True, the companies cannot survive with this low of a price without compromising on quality. Tablets are still premium devices, I’d definitely invest more money in a better device.

  • Steve Heinrich

    I hope this happens. Well priced, decently spec’d tablets are a win for consumers.

    • erikiksaz

      Key word is decent. If this product gets so diltued in terms of hardware and it runs JB poorly, it will not help the image of android.

      • Trevor Cameron

        This is one of those you get what you pay for. I would love one for bus rides, camping trips, sitting in a waiting room, etc. I have an Asus transformer, and I bring it everywhere, but I did crack the screen. I would like to have one I didn’t worry about so much.

        • honourbound68

          nod. i’m pretty sure this would still be better than my HTC Evo View 4g. At 100 bucks i’d splurge on this and give my old one to my 3 yr old.

    • kazahani

      We’ve been selling cheap tablets for $99 or less at my store for a while now, and they are actually very popular. Digix and Nextbook and Trend Micro all make really bad tablets for 80 to a hundred bucks, and they sell. If Google puts out something that runs smoothly and has access to GApps, it will FLY OFF THE SHELVES. Hell, I’d buy 2 of them.

      • Erin, UCLA

        I bought the new iPad mini instead. I rather have something very decent, instead of buying cheap (tablets). With a $99 price tag its almost impossible to gain profits – and it shows. Thats why i support Apple.

      • jsfacade

        Cheap is great for kids, heck event the kid friendly tablets are only 129-149 bucks at R-Us…

      • Rick234

        Exactly how I feel. There will always be demand at the low end of the market.

    • celo175

      Curious to see it though

  • Ardrid

    This could be a great move on Google’s part if they ensure the device maintains a high level of quality. $99 is a snap purchase for many ppl. Getting more tablets into consumers hands is the fastest and easiest way to get developers to target your platform. This could go a long way towards improving the tablet app ecosystem.

    • shadhussain

      absolutely agree. none of us following this blog would buy a $100 tablet at these specs but there are plenty of cheap $100 tablets in the market that offer a severely compromised experience to people who want an entry-level device. the nexus7 is no longer seen as an entry-level device (which is mind-blowing given the power it packs for the price). the key here would be quality control and standardization that a nexus device could bring to the bottom end of the market.

  • sunrise

    This is great. A Nexus device at every price point. Allowing everyone to get their hands on tech.
    Only thing, hopefully the 1ghz processor will be dual core and not single core.

    • Rahul Verma

      I doubt it will be single core.. cause the newer version of Android might not run with a single core processor. Moreover they are adding the Mali400 GPU…. they got to complement it with a good CPU

  • renyo

    What if it were a Nexus 5? Just saying…

    • jonathan3579

      I think that’s just a little too redundant.

  • alexanderharri3

    Once you get too far below the $199 price point (ie below the refreshed OMAP Kindle Fire), you’re seriously sacrificing so many of the benefits to having a tablet. The extra coin is worth it to get to N7 level.

    • Hom0ncruse

      final nail in the coffin for ASUS

    • Monk

      You are forgetting the other 4 billon people in this world that lives with less than 100 bucks a month. For the third world it could be huge. Now all 99 dollar tablets are almost unusable.

    • julee

      I wouldn’t mind getting one for traveling, something cheap in case i smash it.

  • Hershell Tidwell

    I would buy a few just a gifts to nieces and nephews. The kids don’t care about dual core or even the operating system. If they can play Angry Birds and Google Chat they are happy.

    • R.S

      That’s exactly what I was thinking.

      I had looked at getting my nephew a mobi tablet but I’d go with a $99 Nexus without hesitation.

    • professandobey

      I would tend to disagree. While they may not care about the spec sheet, when they try to play their Angry Birds and it keeps lagging and crashing, while their friend’s iPad doesn’t, they probably wouldn’t ever use an Android device again.

      This isn’t anything new, I’ve used the 99 dollar tablets that you can find at Big Lots (formerly Pick N Save): just say no. Picture what it would be like to have every app you try to use crash at least once every few minutes, and add in that to register a touch you have to apply force on the resistive screen. While I hope I’m wrong, I don’t see how I could be with without somebody loosing a lot of money.

    • jsfacade


  • professandobey

    I really hope this doesn’t get the Nexus name. While I appreciate the freedom afforded to manufacturers by Android to make cheap hardware, I like how the Nexus brand strives to offer a premium experience. I don’t think a 99 dollar tablet can achieve that premium standard, and especially not with those specs. Diluting the brand cannot pay off in the long term.

    • Jimmy_Jo

      A nexus device should also be slightly future proof. This tablet will be outdated by March, regardless of when it’s released.

      (Even if it’s released IN March)

  • RonWeez

    I understand that majority of people would prefer the better 200 dollar tablet there are people out there like my mother who wants a really good tablet for less than 200 and this definitely would qualify as so

  • redraider133

    I hope if they do do this, that the sacrifices they made for lower price don’t affect the performance and if it is nexus branded tarnish the nexus name.

  • Heetskore

    I so want this to be true.The more people go for the economic model, the more likely I’ll be able to find a higher spec version.

  • Rahul Verma

    Woooo. 99$.. I guess I can gift one each to my entire extended family. :D

  • Bryan Stoner

    I hope this has room to compete with the Kindle/Nook budget line. Single core seems pretty darn obsolete at this point. Surprise me Asus like you always do!

    • Johnb380

      There is no way this will be single core it HAS to be at least double core to run JB 4.2 proper… No way Google will certify a tablet as Nexus that’s already 2yrs outdated… The Nexus stamp alone gives u at least a 2 OS version upgrade…
      It will at least be dual core 1ghz maybe they’ll make it 6inch or 6.5 to shave that extra few dollars to make $99

  • jefflarkin

    I don’t know, this just seems like it’s crossing the diminishing returns line. At some point this starts getting lumped in with the velocity micro and other ridiculously cheap devices.

  • Fiasko

    Just have to remember Google isnt selling Android, it is selling it’s ecosystem and search. A 99$ tablet to get out to the masses easily is a win for them as long as its still strong enough to not get horrible reviews.

  • thechad

    sounds cool. I would buy one

  • Vitti

    I’m torn. On one hand a $99 tablet would be great. On the other I feel like why not pony up another $100 for a better tablet? Or why not make the $199 tablet more powerful? I could go both ways on this.

  • MC_Android

    I was actually really upset when Asus announced that they were scrapping the MeMo 370 (or whatever the model number was) and changing it into the Nexus 7 when Google hijacked the project. The thing that confused me, why do manufacturers not model the “Nexus” design (use stock android) but keep on the expandable memory/battery. I’m sure by now, the industry figured out that many people appreciate prudent software updates, which is why the Nexus brand is so strong. Why use skins to slow down stock android?

    As far as the MeMo 370/Nexus 7 goes, for $250, I would’ve taken the MeMo 100% of the time. Same specs, with expandable memory, no Nexus branding – not a big concern if Asus is running the updates. Asus should have released the MeMo 370 Version 2.

  • 1nd

    Android flooding the market with lots of cheap trash tablets me thinks. You get what you pay for….a sad day for android reputation

    • Trevor Cameron

      Have you seen the numbers? Android market share greatly increasing, iPad market share decreasing? Just like the smartphone ecosystem affordable tablets with a variety of choices will always win out in the long run. I would welcome a new $99 tablet, have some faith in ASUS!

  • Moises Rivera

    I think i would definitely just rather take the $200 Nexus 7. Pay a little more money for a better device will probably be more beneficial in the long run.

  • zolikaaa666

    I dont think that it will blend like the 199$ Version…But who knows…I’m not Astrodamus!

  • arminla

    Ive been waiting to jump in the android tablet fray. this is not it. Looking at the nexus 10.

  • bdub

    As a Transformer Pad owner, Asus is one of the only companies I would trust trying to go this road. Hardware is solid, updates have been quite timely compared to any other manufacturer.

  • mikef3j

    Hopefully the Play Store can handle the load on the release date by then!!!!

  • addicuss

    I never win these things but maybe I’ll get a christmas miracle

  • HumbertoH

    It is good to have options, nexus for everyone!

  • rashad360

    A $99 tablet would be great for a use as a control panel or something. I hope the rumors are true.

  • stephen45003

    If Google can’t start keeping up with the demand/ their play store problems it won’t matter how much they cost…

  • WlfHart

    I just can’t wait for the day they start flooding the market with stylus integrated tablets… Samsung has a great thing going, but no one else seems to be up to join in. HTC stepped back from their Flyer.

    • CErikM

      Actually, if this thing came with a stylus that worked half decent for taking notes and stuff… I wouldn’t mind having a lower tech tablet to use as a digital notepad.

  • burdy81


  • whitakjc

    Ooga booga

  • rockstargfx5

    Been reading androidandme for a long time, fliipboard has made it easy to keep up with you guys on the go, couldn’t miss out on this! Happy holidays everyone.

  • woodstarr

    Can’s i have this? ;’3

  • tylerfoy

    Nice article. I can think of many people who would be interested in a 99$ tablet. Sounds like its all rumors right now though!

  • MisterLee

    My mom would love it… If there’s a market for a tablet like this then why not?

  • alexleonard

    More subsidies? It certainly sounds like the Nexus 4 is being subsidised given the prices that stores are charging for it outside of Google Play.

  • scottm48

    What!?! $100 Tablet? Count me in. No questions asked…

  • Sarge

    It’ll be interesting to see the tablet prices when the Indian tablet Ubislate hits the market globally & can meet demands..

  • acidone

    I’d still get one. $99 count me in.

  • BrotherBloat

    99 bucks, winning! : )

  • nath5

    I think I would certainly be willing to shell out a 100$ even if the tablet is a little less capable than the top of the line. Once some custom roms are build for it I am sure it would fly!

  • Fede Montemurri

    Actually people around the world want a tablet, low prices will make them buy one and be happy with the android experience.

  • linkinmark5

    Im sure this is a great move on Googles part to further extend their market share lead. However I most of us following would only appreciate the highest quality pure Google experience. Although this could be great as a intro to tablets for parents or younger children, before investing in the very best, Nexus.

  • meatinamug

    I don’t know if I could commit to this knowing that there are better made products that will last much longer in terms of my needs and usage.

  • teamwoot

    This could really change the landscape of the tablet market. Nexus brand at $99 would be hard to beat. It would force Apple to make serious changes.

  • mistacab

    Is it going to be called the Nexus note, lol? This will be a big seller for sure.

  • ndorrough

    They could strip out NFC to save a few dollars on the overall cost, but these devices are lean and mean enough as it is. Then again for $99, I could see myself buying it for my kids…

  • V6ser

    Hope the 1Ghz Processor is quad-core :D

  • mackdaddy22

    It’s amazing to how how cheap tablets are getting. Not even a year ago I dropped $300 plus on the Viewsonic G-tablet. Now the top of line tablets can be had for well under that. I like the direction they are going.
    I only hope that the Nexus line stays strong and not diluted with a bunch a cheap, inferior products to make a few extra bucks.

  • FranzVz

    I’m all for introducing people to Android with reasonably priced products.

    But I’m sure with the limitation on the specs, this will never see updates. I doubt it will be a Nexus devices.

    But it might be just an ASUS device.

  • dacevedo

    I think this tablet going to be a ereader like the Kindle Fire. I see myself buying one of these

  • mares927

    Sounds like a really good price for always up-to-date operating system…

  • titanium man

    When you lower the price the quality goes with it too. hopefully they don’t tarnish the Nexus name. people should just save an extra $100 and buy the regular one to get the full experience. Well hopefully it runs well, but i’d rather get the 32 gb N7

  • mario_1603

    its a really good price,..

  • Jehu

    At that price, I could get one for my wife and myself, since she’s not entirely sold on tablets. The Nexus line has never been the super top-of-the-line type. Just well-made devices that stand up to the competition. An entry-level Nexus device can help sales, with first time buyers becoming more interested in other Nexus products… It’s either gonna broaden the Nexus base of tarnish the reputation. I’m betting it’s the former.

  • kayvas

    need moar info, very interesting

  • squib

    Awesome, this will definitely encourage more people to try out the android ecosystem.

  • yocubed

    I just can’t see how a $99 Nexus is feasible. To get to that price point they’d have to downgrade several components and for just $100 more you can get the 16GB Nex 7 already. Just doesn’t make sense unless it’s not a Nexus tablet at all. I just don’t see where the market is for this tablet.

  • auronblue

    I feel that something at this price range would be better aimed at parents looking to get young children their first tablet. It think it could definitely be competition for LeapFrog’s LeapPads and the like. With the increasing amount of children’s books and apps in the Play Store, this would be a great way to introduce them to the Android ecosystem early on and give parents (like me) some relief in knowing those apps will transfer later on to other devices. I hate that so many kids toys become throwaways after a relatively short period of time because of the inability to be upscaled.

  • rivera618

    what’s with the ranking nonsense on the daily giveaways?

  • bstewart11

    Didn’t read all of the comments, but this is perfect for a host of uses – kids, car, spare tablet, dedicated media, photo frame. Not bad at all. Wish it had come out in time for Christmas – my parents bought Galaxy Tabs for our 3 children.

  • spidremann

    That would be great! Anything to build Android!

  • jeshep

    Google has to be careful not to tarnish the Nexus brand. Hope the tablet does come out at $99, but only Asus branded.

  • Dorkstar

    At a $99 price point, and the performance it’s putting out, this may be the new tablet to give your 8 year old for christmas. Or if you want a tablet around the house and don’t want to spend too much, this again is a good choice. While the screen resolution isn’t the best, I wouldn’t expect anything too fancy out of a $99 tablet, but this seems to meet the price range that consumers desire, while delivering a solid performance.

  • marcus1518

    I would love this for $99….hope it happens

  • ccn_cristi

    I could be a decent tablet and surely a great Christmas gift for someone who hasn’t experienced a tablet before.

  • janK

    If the specs are not good enough, it might be more damaging for Android as a whole than good. Many people which aren’t into the tech world don’t immediately see the difference between the “Android” on a cheap, and the “Android” on a new and expensive device.

  • jamontoast1291

    I agree with other commenters in that I don’t see a huge advantage of something like this over the Nexus 7

  • CErikM

    This sort of strikes me a decent entry level… not tablet, but just Android device that’s bigger than a smartphone that may end up doing less things but gives you a taste.

    So my excuse for not completely shunting aside other products like the iPhone or iPad and more recently the iPad Mini is their simplicity and usability for first time owners. Of course the lower cost ASUS device realistically wouldn’t compare to those based on the specs, but if I can offer someone like my mom an Android device that’s trimmed down a bit AND on top of that use its $99 price tag as an added excuse. Then by all means, I’ll finally be able to do away with iOS in my family all together.

    Point is, I’d rather have a $99 Android device from a company I trust like ASUS rather than some middle of the road tiny factory I’ve never even heard of. Of course for a power user like myself, this wouldn’t be a viable option. Personally I’d rather spend more if I could for the HD screens and faster processors, but I’d have no problem trusting this in the hands of the newbies in my life that I’m trying to convert over.

  • Brickerhaus

    I think Apple could have beaten Android into submission with a 199 Dollar iPad Mini. But I will take the misstep and use it to accelerate Android. I really think this is like the dark days of Apple when Apple had a lead over Windows and choose to rest instead of innovate and let Microsoft take over the market. I really think that Android will be unstoppable after this misstep. And now they are talking about 99 Dollar tablets. They are going to be everywhere in a several years. I find I recommend Android tablets more than the iPad now. I just wish more of them had at least 8MP camera for taking notes or scanning notes with PDF making apps. Those are amazing for school.

    • overclockthesun

      the only reason I would need an Ipad is for Logic pro. However I am now trying out audio evolution on android and hence I agree with almost everything you have said

    • tanman888

      I do hope the experience and build quality remains acceptable.

      If people do have a favorable experience, they’ll latch on to the next forthcoming product. This is what Google should aim for otherwise, unhappy customers will jump ship to a more proven/reliable/quality product.

  • rhoslug

    One has to wonder what the market for a tablet like this would be. As far as an ereader, there’s already cheaper ones on the market, Nook, Kindle, etc. As far as an entertainment tablet, sure, but you can only do so much with 1Ghz. I suppose the target market for something like this would be the budget entertainment tablet crowd. College students and the like. Thoughts?

  • Repinphilly247

    I wouldn’t get this for me (using ipad3, trying to convince the wife to let me get nexus 7 as well), but it would be perfect for kids.

  • paladaxar

    Dad of a family of 5: “Hmm…one iPad for the whole family to share….oooorrrr, one $99 Android tablet for every member of the family” I don’t think this dad’s going to have a hard time deciding :)

  • overclockthesun

    lol, with our rotten luck here in India, this will cost us $200 when it reaches here….if ata all

  • kookeetree

    … “ASUS is well known for timely updates”… I knew I should’ve went with Asus intead of my current Toshiba Excite 10….

  • brendapenton

    Probably something I’d buy for my kids. I’d rather have the Nexus 7 which already has a decent price tag.

  • ChrisM0678

    This would be AWESOME!

  • bquach87

    If this could beat my NC running on CM10, I would buy it.

  • BigJJ4455

    the 200-250$ nexuses are way better why buy the 99$?

  • justin Poirier

    I kind of feel like this could be their answer to the iPod touch, an entry level device that a younger demographic could gravitate towards

  • YodaDaCoda

    I’d get one. A cheap tablet for development would be great.

  • gumbyshu

    I understand the idea behind this, and since Google can’t out-Apple Apple, they feel the need to put out something $200+ cheaper than their competing 7-incher. That being said, I’d rather spend a hundred or so more for a better-specced product than my HTC Flyer. But I do agree that it’d be a good tablet for kids. Especially since that’s what I’m using my Flyer for…

  • smwinn7

    i think if they bring a lower cost nexus 7 it’s going to have either a lot less storage or something is going to give on the other specs the UX will not be quite the same

  • mightynaf

    I wonder how many short cuts they are going to have to take to get this to $99

  • aryin

    sweet thing =)

  • dbcher

    Right now, it looks like the best prices we can really get for a decent tablet is around $160 US. for the Ainol 7 Fire. It only has a dual core CPU and 16gb internal storage, but it does support a 64gb microSD, has a decent screen and HDMI out. Bad part about it is some OS issues (stability) but at least the manufacturer seems to be ironing most of them out.
    Other than that, you have the Nexus 7 16GB for about $200 (which is a slightly better product OS stability wise, but lacks the expandable memory etc..).

    If Asus can run out a $99 tablet with a good screen and expandable storage, then I would be all over it (assuming they also keep the OS up to date…. tired of products stuck on some custom gingerbread version that is proprietary to that company and no way to go stock android and update).

  • EpicEduard

    I believe that having such a price friendly tablet would increase the Nexus line’s range in customers they would want to target. We look at this as power users and quickly deem this as unworthy whilst the average consumer wouldn’t think twice about the “Dual-core”/”Quad-core” tech jargon salespeople throw at them.

  • melan26

    Will it be any good? Really hope so.

  • TheStig

    Google I/O 2013?

  • kozmo960

    Glad to see ASUS getting more into the main stream and providing some consistent products that are not overly priced like that fruity outfit.

  • ChVs

    Here we go again! I prefer the $200 Nexus 7

  • acuda27

    Tat picture is hilarious!

  • bigserve

    Currently own 2 Asus products and am intrigued with a lowered priced option. At the very least, it can be a gift for my tech hungry little cousins.

  • VerticalCobra

    Google trying to get market share from the Fire?

  • sbala

    Expecting some good specs for this budget

  • Stig03

    thats really awesome!

  • hueson24

    I’m feeling this. Low cost option for the not so tech savvy? Thumbs up over here

    • DjMeas

      Agreed! Could be something for my parents who recently found a lot of khmer-language news on YouTube.

  • Luv_android

    If this rumor/tablet is for real than it would really awesome for a college student like me.. who need cheap tablet that can open up pdf and able to edit google docs on a decent screen size :)) #excited

  • gp126904

    I feel that the Nexus 7 is a perfect balance of cost and specs so this new tablet would not interest me but with how popular the kindle fire became because it was so cheap at a time in which all tablets were so expensive, I could see this tablet really taking off.

  • regandsilva

    i hope its 99 $ globally. coz the price is always double in india .

  • rr2009

    I think $99 price tag will be fine for parents with kids. With such price, Google can attract the educational industry.

  • sctrait

    Might be decent, but i can’t help wondering what would be sacrificed in terms of hardware. I guess we’ll have to wait and see

  • kelltrash14

    No real interest in a $99 tablet, I can’t imagine any scenario where I’d trade off any more specs on the Nexus 7 to get to that point. And even if it matched the Nexus 7 stats, I think I’d be annoyed that they undercut everyone on price so violently. Seems unsportsmanlike!

  • TheyCallMeZ

    I think a $99 Tablet would be good, people who don’t want to take their expensive ones on a trip only to get smashed by the TSA or maybe something for someone who is just getting started. There are two reasons right there why a $99 Tablet would be a great idea.

  • DroidPower

    This would be really awesome! you can really push into the education market with these!!!

  • fradster

    sounds great for the education market, but I’m not sure about budget Android devices for mass market

  • Icgill

    No doubt that soon there will be a time when google gona give us a tablet for free and also a gift card for 50$ to spend on Google play store :D

  • ArticulateFool

    A $99 tablet world severely disrupt the market if it was if halfway decent quality.

  • humidity

    Too bad they didn’t announce this before the holidays. (assuming it’s true) This would’ve made perfect gifts for the kids!

  • dutrak

    We already have way too many cheap android tablets that no one buys… can’t go wrong with the n7

  • radaan

    good news!

  • TheStig

    pretty cool

  • Ezy03


  • GrissleBees

    A $100 device is exactly what I have been waiting for.

    E-readers are a joke at what they cost. I want this exactly to be an e-reader with the ability to do more, but very affordable so that if it gets busted or stolen, it does not hurt so much.

    $200 for a Kindle???? NUTS! iPads are overpriced (plus I do not like Apple products anyway) and we do not need a tablet for anything advanced. But to have an Android tablet with 4.1.1 on it for ebooks and maybe a few other fun uses like music and some small fun games or videos….for $100….perfect!