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A closer look at the rumored HTC M7


Since today was the first time we had heard of the HTC M7, we decided to do a little digging and see if we could uncover any additional information about HTC’s next flagship device. Surprisingly, details about the HTC M7 have been floating around for about a week. The reason we (and most other English language tech blogs) missed them was because references to the device have mainly been on Chinese language news sites.

Piecing together details from a handful of sites reveals that the HTC M7 will be equipped with a 5-inch HD display, Qualcomm APQ8064 quad-core processor and a 13 megapixel camera — all wrapped up in an aluminum unibody frame. As we mentioned earlier today, HTC plans to bring the HTC M7 to market in Q1. But, things may be moving a bit quicker than we originally expected. Sources claim that HTC wants the HTC M7 to  launch in mid-Q1, which would allow the phone to be on the market for 1-2 months without direct competition from Samsung’s Galaxy S IV (expected to launch in Q2 of 2013).

There are still a lot of details missing, but it looks like the M7 will be in the same class as the HTC Droid DNA and HTC J Butterfly – with a few extra refinements. Hopefully, HTC will consider equipping the M7 with a larger battery and at least 32GB of storage, or offer a removable battery and a microSD card slot to let users expand their battery and storage as needed.

If the HTC M7 launch timeline holds up, you’ll be seeing a lot more news stories on the device in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

Source: HTC Source

Nick is a tech enthusiast who has a soft spot for HTC and its devices. Nick joined the Android and Me family in the summer of 2010.

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  • CaptainDoug

    My only changes from the DNA, on screen keys, more storage and larger(or removable) battery. It’d be perfect.

    • honourbound68

      I’d love for HTC to have a runaway winner in its hands. Samsung could use some competition.

      • CaptainDoug

        Agreed. Samsung needs to be taken down a notch or two and HTC could definitely use the boost. I really hope they do well with this. Especially with the new marketing guy they hired. I’ll have my fingers crossed for the next 4 or 5 months.

        • zerosix

          New marketing guy? Well, I believe, he has a lot of work to do. HTC can make great products, but for me it looks like they are shaking on an electric chair.
          They have lots of problems, and one of them is names. Look: in 2011 they had Desire series, in 2012 One, in 2013 M. And suddenly 7. Why 7? Like WP7 or what do they want to say?
          Another problem is dramatically increasing screen size. Samsung and HTC love it. A flagship? Oookay, let’s make the screen 5″! Come on, 10″ phone in 2 years, that what we will love! (Samsung already has one).
          I just think, that some companies don’t want to improve expirience, they just put more cores, RAM and inches and sell it.

          • tanman888

            zerosix, I agree in my post below, pretty much parroting your main points.

            Being innovative and having bleed edge specs is will keep enthusiast and power users happy but for everyday users, it’s great solid customer experience that will keep them loyal.

          • Hom0ncruse

            final nail in the coffin for HTC

          • luckykrrish

            @Hom0ncruse, wtf?

          • zerosix

            Get acquainted with our local freak:)

        • tanman888

          Both HTC and Samsung should be allies on the same side fighting some fruit labelled corporation. ;)

          Especially in the high-end of the market, Apple still has a large dominant market share and loyalist snap up every single product they roll off the factory belt (at least in the part of the world I live in).

          If all bodes well for HTC in the future, it might eat into Samsung’s market share but more importantly they collectively need to convince Apple loyalist HTC products are that much better (especially from a more intuitive & polished user experience AND better design & build quality).

      • Richard Yarrell

        I wish HTC well in it’s future endeavors. They are so far behind Samsung today that it’s not even a practical competition. 2013 won’t be too much of a difference trust that while HTC focuses on trying to get battery and storage locked down for future devices. Samsung will be rolling out it’s Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3 with the ability to have 2 sd card slots capable of 64gb each as well as 32 gb of internal storage. Samsung rules android that will always be you can bank on that.

        • swazedahustla

          blah blah blah……….dont you have some train tracks to play on?

          • damambt

            Hey @Hom0ncruse @swazedahustla,

        • Dezzy

          Behind them how? Sales of devices? Sure, advertisement sure. But you’re only saying these things because you’re so gungho about the Note2. HTC isnt behind Samsung. They’re just smaller. They are making a comeback. And will retake their place among the top four Andoroid oems eventually.Samsung doesn’t “rule” anything. They’re just louder and bigger than the other oems.

          • yankeesusa

            Actually samsung is miles away from htc when it comes to sales. Yes they may be louder but thats because of apple which I don’t blame samsung for. Ive been an htc fan for many years and a couple weeks ago was the first time I actually signed a contract for a samsung phone. Let me put it this way, I was so fed up with my evo 3d that temporarily I switched to a rooted nexus s4g. HTC has a long way to climb and so far they started of well except for coming out with exclusives like the dna with verizon. Exclusives don’t help anyone.
            Just look what happened to apple after they allowed others to sell iphone.

        • snowbdr89

          Yes dick yarrell please do explain how htc is so far behind samsung? Not to ling ago you yourself hated samsung as far as the note being the best well if you go off benchmarks the dna is a better phone i for one could careless about tons of storage it is only a phone!!

        • squiddy20

          “Samsung rules android that will always be you can bank on that.” A year ago you were claiming how “shitty” “Samsuck” was and were praising and “applauding” everything HTC did. In fact, your Android and Me profile page to this day still says the same crap about your Evo 4G and 3D. You have no clue what Android really is. Even if I explained it to you, you still wouldn’t get it because you’re too stupid and blind to see past your own bullshit. I mean, only idiots like you would go around screaming their heads off about “the devil” that is Verizon, but then sign up with them to just to get a phone, only to bitch and complain about it less than 6 months later.

          “Galaxy Note 3 with the ability to have 2 sd card slots capable of 64gb each as well as 32 gb of internal storage.” Yeahhhh, that’s never going to happen. As data networks become more robust, the need for on-device storage will decrease since we’ll be able to stream just about everything. Why do you need all that storage anyway? Aren’t you the idiot who won’t shut up about T-Mobile’s “bitch slapping”, “BOSS”, “HSPA PLUS 42 MPS” network? Surely with such a “great” and speedy network such as T-Mobile’s, you won’t need to store everything on your phone?

        • Burnd

          Not all, but some Samsung fanboys (like you) are even worse than iSheep. If you don’t see HTC as competition, you’re probably just another blinded hipster. Makes me wonder, did you even notice the specs of the upcoming HTC J Butterfly? Not only in specs, especially in design HTC is way more innovative than Samsung’s plastic phones. And most importantly, you should take a look at the colors of the screens. When I compared the One X and GSIII in real life, the first thing I noticed is the overly fake colorful colors on the GSIII, whereas the One X has one beautiful and realistic screen. The J Butterfly even has an improved version of that screen: S-LCD 3, Full HD and a ppi of 441, much higher than the latest iPad. Some say it’s overkill, but I’m just thrilled to see such high quality in a phone. Samsung made name among Android users .. and I guess that’s the main reason they’re ahead of HTC.

      • damambt

        All i know is that if this is a WINNER, my HOX is going to be replaced. Im constantly swapping phones between my SGS3 and HOX, because they are both awesome and jelly bean just makes them sweeter (get it? because its candy and the OS is phenomenal)

    • datiecher

      I’m not really into virtual keys, but I’m sure that i’d buy one of this suckers if they add a larger or removable battery as well as 32 GB of storage.

      • tanman888

        The battery life is the biggest complaint I hear amongst those who’ve recently moved to an Android based phone. If this can be improved (regardless of removable battery or not), HTC could have a winner.

        • sbala

          Not only battery, add some lag to that

          • Rahul Verma

            The quad S4 should take care of that

          • ihatefanboys

            Unless you have a low end cheap bastard HTC phone from boost, metro POS, or any of the other low end systems there is no LAG, none , especially not with the ONE series.

        • yankeesusa

          The reviews are already showing that the dna competes very well in battery life with the note 2 do the standby feature that conserves battery while not in use so in this sense htc is already improving. If this new phone uses same battery saving technology and gets bigger then it will surely be a great phone.

    • Tangent

      And no carrier exclusivity…

      • arminla


        and no sense UI !

        • tao.lviv

          than why HTC, that makes no sense? :)

        • Burnd

          Do you even know Sense? Without doubt is the current Sense the best user interface for unrooted phones.

    • nimslake

      I agree, more storage would be great. I don’t like the fact that the battery is not changeable on my HTC One X. It was such a great change from the HTC ARIA in size, storage capacity and access to internet to be connected.

    • Galen20K

      also a Power button on the right side of the phone rather than on top, should be standard these days now for smart phones this size.

      • nimslake

        I agree! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve powered off or powered on the screen after it goes dark.

      • Tangent

        I happen to like having the power button on top… As often as I accidentally move the volume up or down with the rocker on the right side I’d get really irritated if I was accidentally turning the screen off that often.

    • gp126904

      This exactly sums up my thoughts on how HTC could rock, I would also add ether a removal of Sense or an overhaul as it is too bloated and honestly a little outdated to me.

    • Zech

      The bigger problem for HTC is that it’s breaking its promise from early 2012 to focus on a narrow brand with clear flagships. Now we have the HTC Desire C, One X, One V, One S, One X+, One XL, Droid DNA, Evo 4G LTE, Droid Incredible 4G LTE, and now the m7. HTC has no clear strategy and has reverted to throwing new phones out every month that all seem to be the flagship and have one killer feature. The problem is with all these phones, there’s no one phone that nails everything. The GS3 got everything right and it sold like crazy. If HTC is going for m7, it better prepare to go all in and not forget about it the next month.

      • jay555

        The bigger problem with HTC is the fact that no matter how great this new phone might be, it’ll only come to one carrier, maybe two. All the marketing and bleeding edge specs won’t help if the phone itself is only available to a fraction of the population. Until HTC gets that thru their thick skulls they’ll continue to be in the crapper. Can’t say I feel sorry for them though, it’s what they deserve for having such a dumb strategy that’s 5 years behind the times.

        • ihatefanboys

          What the heck are you talking about. The ONE series is on 3 different carriers, just slightly different from each other. And im only counting major carriers…i think boost or metro pos has a version of the ONE as well.

          • jay555

            Yes you’re right, the entire One Series is on 3 carriers but not one single phone is on EVERY carrier. You can argue with me all you want but this is the single biggest reason for why they are so behind Samsung. No one is going to switch carriers at this point for a phone, doesn’t matter how great it is or how much they advertise it.

            And as you pointed out, every carrier’s version looks different and is named differently – how can you build a successful brand by doing that?

            HTC needs to grow a spine and start demanding that every carrier accept one phone that looks the same and has the same name as everyone else – the same way Samsung has done with the Galaxy S.

        • ihatefanboys

          it may look different, but its the same phone, technically. Samsung is only beginning to catch up with HTC in build quality. Samsung still cant get past the glitches though, even in their most recent phones. Samsung is probably paying for the right to keep the name on all carriers…its not SPINE, its WALLET.

    • donmarca

      Make a Nexus Device out of it and I am in!

    • orphamiel

      On screen keys are actually a hindrance while gaming. Wish google would do something like making a handle to show the butttons so we get the full space for gaming or at least set it to double tap to go home so i don’t accidentally click on it.

    • Jeff Pan

      Thats works dude! I am thinking this camera is gonna be the best phone camera surpassing iphone 5.

      • ihatefanboys

        Android cams have been better than iphones for years now, literally.

        • Jeff Pan

          Really? Which ones other than HTC One X?

    • Trevor Cameron

      Is it just me or are we kind of reaching a glass ceiling on mobile phone technology? Things moved so fast over the last 2 years, but there is only so much you need. Quad-core, 4-5 inch screen, 720-1080, 8-13 mp, 2gb ram, LTE or 42mbps+ speeds, etc has become the standard for high end phones, and I don’t see us making a major jump past that in the foreseeable.

      I think it’s time to stop focusing so much on increasing those specs and time to focus on power/batter consumption. If HTC was to really work on producing a phone with those caliber specs, but could go 16 hours with heavy use they would have my business in a heartbeat!

  • zacks2art

    Agreed /\/\/\/\/\/\

    • Trevor Cameron

      Nice, I just realized that but by adding my comment to that thread you now agree with me! LOL ;0) Thanks!

  • shyam299

    Man… If it were to have 13MP camera along with Larger battery & more storage it would be the Best Smartphone HTC would come out with……

    • epps720

      I’m excited about this camera. HTC already has really good camera on their handsets add in 13 MP and I might be able to leave my DSLR at home.

  • rcotrina


  • linkinmark5

    Sounds good if the rumours pan out. Gorilla Glass2 would be preferred.

    • CaptainDoug


    • nimslake

      Love my gorilla glass. but still not an exception to diamond earrings. :-(. I put a cover on the glass to keep it from scratches.

  • jlnoell

    Might have to wait for this one to see if it’s an improvment over the DNA. But then again there is always something out there coming soon…

    • datiecher

      Always having something out there coming soon is both our bless and our curse!

    • doublin

      That’s the best part imo.
      At the pace producers make new models this fays I change my phone every 6-8 months.
      Sell the old one(witch isn’t that old anyway) and add some extre euros.

  • StEVO_M

    A removable battery would be nice. As for the an SDCard… I feel they are a must. One real BIG question… Is it going to come with Android?

  • MyMilan

    If this has a larger battery and at least 32GB of storage, and a microSD card then it will be my next phone. I hope they use some COMMON SENSE and design this phone with the right features.

  • breckdroid

    This could be a phone worth looking into. Definitely a rival to the upcoming S IV as mentioned. Cant wait to see how they stack up.

  • Jorge Eslava

    A larger battery would be enough for me, but expandable storage is also nice.

  • Thomas Biard

    This sounds like the non-Verizon version of the DNA.
    I do like the direction of going from “Galaxy SII Skyrocket 4G LTE” to “M7″, soon we’ll just have guttural sounds as phone names :)

    • CaptainDoug

      I was thinking it’d be cool to go alphabetically. Like A2 and A8, then B3 and so one. It’d be way easier. Or even like the One X. Next do the Two X and so forth. I’m sure there are better names but the system needs to change.

    • rc213


  • tomnokoe

    s4 pro is outdated now. dual core a15 chips handily wipe floor with s4. imagine what tegra 4 will do. silly manufacturers.

    • CaptainDoug

      The only A15 out is the Exynos 5250. HTC and Exynos? not words I’ve heard in the same sentence. It’d be nice, but it won’t happen. I agree that A15′s should come out now though. A9′s have had more than enough time. Even the Krait architecture has been around for a long time. At least since April or May of this year.

  • Moises Rivera

    Definitely looking forward to getting some pictures of this device, I want to upgrade from my Galaxy S II and this looks like a good device for that.

  • aryn

    For my purposes it would be sufficient If it’d really come with 32gb storage, but I think they should or even must go back to removable battery… anyways, I don’t see why they even do have fixed batteries

  • almostfrench

    My first and only one HTC phone was the Nexus One. Loved it. But for a long time HTC didn’t change their design. Most of there phones look alike. Only the One X looks beautiful and caught my eyes, but not good enough for me to pick it over the Galaxy SIII.

    Another negative thing about HTC phones is their Sense UI. I just hate the look of it. Boring. So boring and ugly. They should make something that catches your eyes. The arc at the bottom of the screen looks just like the sad smiley (same as the back of Ford cars). Looks sad and boring. I would sack the person who approved that design if I could. And they’re still keeping it. It looks so down. No wonder why HTC is heading south.

    Hopefully this new handset will offer some freshness in HTC design physically and internally.

    • tanman888

      Yeah that version of Sense does look a little outdated for today’s standards.

      Another issue is manufacturer support to update OS or fix minor bugs. With so many models around, it does make it tough to do a common rollout to products.

  • Ryan Gails

    Yeah, I’m most interested in what kind of battery life is coming to the market with devices like this. A powerhouse with a beautiful (not necessarily huge) screen, great camera, and solid battery would be awesome.

    Then again, battery life is really up to the user

  • friendlyfire

    As long as the battery is big, they seem to be on the right path so far

  • squib

    Whenever a new phone rumours come out I decide to wait for it to be released, then some more awesome rumours start. At this rate I’m not going to get a new phone :/

    • CaptainDoug

      It’s hard being a techie.

  • paladaxar

    Man, drop Sense and this could be a dream device!

    • sbala

      But some people like sense too

    • Futureboy

      That’s the beauty of android… don’t like Sense? Simply pick a different launcher!

      • caser

        Sense isn’t just the launcher. It encompasses the apps, system ui, animations, sounds, etc.

  • w9jds

    What really needs to happen is HTC needs to make another Nexus device. The n1 was gorgeous!

    • CaptainDoug

      I have dreams about that happening. I’m getting all giddy thinking about it.

  • Jeff

    Maybe move the power key to the side instead of the top. Maybe…

  • sylvan

    I usually keep a phone for about two years, the batteries seem to last about 1 year. (~500 charge cycles) Therefore, removable/replaceable battery is a must for me. I don’t care about the SIM card, as long as there is enough storage on board.

  • klcow92

    let’s see what htc comes out with this time. hope its a good flagship phone

  • E1

    Really hope to see HTC take the spot light there phones feel way better quality and the radios are way better than any Samsung I have experienced even tho the S3 is an amazing device and I own a Gnex which I’m highly disappointed in I wanna go back to HTC and looking forward to something way more amazing than the one x

  • rashad360

    Specs sound predictable, but I’m really excited about that aluminum unibody! There are far too many android phones that feel cheap in hand nowadays

  • Himal Limbu

    I think…the part where HTC went wrong is…HTC sud have brought HTC J or HTC DNA ( after improving some parts ) as a next flagship in 2013 instead of releasing now…I cant see any sort of major media overwhelming as for like S3 or note 2.
    I think releasing now was too early and then would be like stale device.

  • techvudu

    im hoping to see HTC back in the game. Some nice phones out but overall just not cutting it. (One X+ and DNA are beasts though) Put the screen down to 4.5-4.85 and im game. Love the build quality of HTC.

  • arminla

    I hope they can market it correctly so that they get out of their current funk!

    A few tinkerings with the DNA, and THIS could be the phone to get!

  • sdtrinity3

    Hopefully it’ll be a DNA-like phone for the TMo crowd.

  • Deeds

    HTC needs a flagship phone to help their sales, because lately they haven’t been that great

  • Virtue

    I’d love to see HTC release something great. I will say though that if they insist on a non-removable battery, it’d better be really big for that 5 inch screen.

  • Beeve

    Any chance this might actually be a Windows phone? HTC’s hay day centered around it.
    I haven’t been all that impressed with HTC phones personally. I’ve seen the Eris and Thunderbolt for example. Turds.

  • dbcher

    A 13MP camera is overkill on a phone (think of trying to cram so many MP on such a small sensor chip to fit on a phone) so HTC is going to really need a good camera app to clean up the noise that is inherent from this.

    But, that being said…. I am a fan of HTC and if they can get the battery life on this sucker better than the current one I have I will probably upgrade.

    • tanman888

      13 MP might wins the numbers war & for some people that’s enough.

      From another perspective, if that 13MP shower coupled with low storage or no micro sd slot, it will definitely chew up space in no time. Hopefully the folks at HTC have considered that one.

  • stephen45003

    Sounds great! I’m not quite a fan of the bigger is better screen trend but overall the hardware sounds good!

  • kelltrash14

    First, HTC: Make a phone with battery life that matches the likes of a Maxx or Note II if you want to be taken seriously in 2013

    Second, HTC: More storage, I don’t care if it’s an SD card or multiple internal storage options, there must be a way to get to 64 gb.

    Sides that, just do what you’re doing and you could be a winner again.

    • ihatefanboys

      Battery life agreed, but there is no need for 64gb storage on a phone. None at all.

      • caser

        I’d like to have enough space for music, games, backups, videos etc. It doesn’t hurt anyone to have more storage space, unless it brings the price out of reach for most people.

  • Darknight42020

    With a few tweaks and mentioned alterations, I believe I could put forth some serious consideration. They need (HTC) a “backbone” device to pull them back up to where they were. I think that would truly help out competition in the market by leveling the “spec” focus on the software instead.

  • melan26

    Been waiting for HTC. I really think they can.

  • RRR

    Expect this new phone sooner then March of last year, everything is ready for that:

    - super res screen,
    - faster processors,
    - new OS

    And yep, since HTC sells only before new Sammy arrives, and Sammy sells before new iPhone arrives expect HTC in February

  • mattcoz

    Another 5″ screen? Sigh…

    • ╦5├B┌○◘0

      I agree, 4.-4.6 inches are way better. 5inches screens are for fa66s!

      • caser

        They can make it as big as they want so long as the phone doesn’t look bad and its comfortable to use.

  • Franklin

    I use to like htc….cos they make high end products….but for at least 2 years now, they are declining and its going to get worse if they don’t change their marketing strategy….first and foremost, they need to quit the exclusivity s**t with Verizon…look at the htc dna phone…that phone is perfect except for better battery life and expandable storage…if that phone was available on all 4 national carries and maybe a couple of the regional ones…that phone will have a huge success like the galaxy 3 and note 2….And to me, that was the smartest thing Samsung did….and we all know the results of that….even apple has stop exclusivity…..except for the iphone on tmobile USA, but the reason for that….is because tmobile gave birth to android with htc G1…..One company that also do the exclusivity thing I hate is Motorola….Because most customers won’t switch carries just to get a phone they like….I feel like if they make their phones available on most carries they will give mighty Samsung competition…till then…?

    • Dezzy

      But the DNA isnt just exclusive to Verizon. Its a global device with a gsm radio inside.

      • minty2g

        I meant in US….u can only get on Verizon….

        • caser

          You can only get it subsidized on Verizon. It’s still usable on att.

  • david_willems13

    This could be my next.

  • josha14025

    looks sick

  • mario_1603

    how much will it cost?

  • titanium man

    seems nicee.. nowadays phone manufacturers should focus more on 16 or 32 gb internal memories. 8 gb just seem pointless now.

    • caser

      Googles the only that offers 8gb on a high end device. Understandable if you consider their aim. But yeah, not good enough. The standard minimum should be at least 32gb by now. Or any size with expandable storage.

  • renyo

    I know that I would probably get a lot of flak for this but I believe HTC will continue on the road of no memory card n removable battery… On one end it seems to make sense as they are trying to keep the uni body feel for the phone… And while I do sympathize with the non removable battery option, I think they should allow for expansion using Memory cards… I am somewhat a power user but have never had to swap batteries… I usually carry an extra rechargeable pack or just the cable to my workplace… I think they should really increase the battery capacity though… I dunno y they go high end without going all the way…

    • caser

      The perfect phone is so obvious and yet they still produce almost-there products… It has to be some business tactic to save money or get us wanting the next one which will be even closer to perfect. The good thing about their failure is that they’ll be forced to make the perfect phone, one that everyone will want based on the phones merits alone, or they die.

  • Paulstraker

    good one

  • Ilyse Rose

    I used to really love HTC but they really haven’t been able to impress me recently. Every awesome thing they come out with is plagued by a terrible battery, it seems.

  • colino17

    it will come out just after i finally get an s3 and it will be awesome #sadface

    • gp126904

      Exactly how I felt once I finally jumped on the Droid Razr Maxx and months later the HD Maxx was released. But that is the course of technology these days, you have to by a new product every few months to keep up with the curve.

      • caser

        Or buy a flagship from the leading manufactures when it comes out. Gsiii and one x are pretty good phones still.

  • worldcsb

    About time HTC gets back on track…It’s been all samsung lately!

  • Pravas

    Seems like we are about to witness HTC’s new flagship soon..:D

    • caser

      As well as their economic standing for the rest of the year. One more underwhelming flagship and they’re never going to come back

  • acuda27

    Love HTC but they have been making some really head scratching……..they started with the built in battery with not enough Juice and proceeded to make Android Beam suck on the HTC Evo 4G LTE, and I’m assuming its the same on the One X where you try and send a Picture via NFC and it says, “large file transfers not supported” yet it works perfectly on the S3 and Galaxy Nexus.

    Please step up your game HTC!

    • dino13

      Well you shouldn’t worry about NFC on the M7. I doubt that it will have NFC, as aluminum blocks all signals send to or from the NFC chip.

  • jolysh52

    Honestly for me alteast. i Want a capable phone that GETS UPDATES. i cannot stress this enough i would rather a galaxy nexus with 4.2 than a S3 with 4.0.4. i love the hardware. but the software is what gets me

  • Nathan D.

    If htc can steal some market shares, that would be awesome.

  • thechad

    Man i hope this will help HTC

  • cuteandrew21


  • KOBesucker

    My goodness, it seems like there’s a “mine’s bigger” competition going on between phone manufacturers. At 5″, it better have the smallest bezel ever…I just don’t get it.

  • sweet

    HTC build quality is awesome but they need to move back to removable battery. Sammy build quality cant compare to HTC but i do like some one Sammy other features.

  • gumbyshu

    I’m intrigued. I hope this thing is full of win!

  • Stig03

    Hope htc can go back up there

  • njcoutinho

    Lets wait and see .

  • Luv_android

    Damn I’m getting really excitedd :)) It’s either this or S IV for me..depending on which one has removable battery and micro sd slot (MUST’VE)

  • avijaunty

    Specs Sound nice..
    Apple needs to learn something…….. :)

    • caser

      Apple has specs down fairly well, all they need to do is revamp the ui on iOS. Hopefully the iTunes update is a sign.

  • MagikalTrev

    Mmm HTC I miss you.

  • Rahul Verma

    “Hopefully, HTC will consider equipping the M7 with a larger battery and at least 32GB of storage, or offer a removable battery and a microSD card slot to let users expand their battery and storage as needed.”

    Sums up everything which can help this phone become a hit (when compared to their previous releases)

  • WlfHart

    Already salivating…

  • Chris Lewis

    cant wait for the next generation of phones. They just keep getting better!

  • tehCylex

    Loved the older HTC phones. I miss the removable Battery and the external strorage in the newer once :( Still stuck with my HTC Desire HD

  • dacevedo

    I would love to see microSD slot on this M7 but i dont think HTC is going that way

    • asanee

      Both Butterfly and J Butterfly have expandable microSD slot, but Droid Dna.
      So, I think M7 will have expandable microSD slot unless carriers like Verizon request not including the slot.

  • kash521

    Well crap, I had my heart set on upgrading to the DNA.

  • gautam_nexus

    HTC is trying so much..earlier it was flooding the market with desire,incredible, etc series, 2012 they said that they will stream line it to One series, but they never stuck to it released some low end Desire C, Desire V, series….

    2013- M series…the build quality of HTC devices are damn good…but the HW and sense UI sucks

  • scaarg

    HTC, please give this phone a good marketing campaign. Thank you.

  • kraigs

    HTC makes a nice phone.

  • Oskar Wismierski

    For me, a 5 inch screen is way too much. I got an s3 and I think that this is huge!

    • sudhank

      5 inch is more comfortable than a 5.5 inch note 2.

      • caser

        But that still doesnt make 5 inches comfortable

  • fc3s

    If it was a little smaller it would be perfect.

  • Auzo

    Hopefully this phone just ends up being what the Droid DNA should have been and its more widely available in the US

  • sudhank

    Waiting for htc to comeback .. I love my one x

  • thr970

    Htc has the ability to put out good phones, would be exciting to see another good hit like the Evo was.

  • Republican master and commander

    htc is done done done done. Chinkie crap. Buy american, buy Motorola.

  • gavinb

    I still don’t understand why HTC are struggling. They make fantastic phones and the HTC One X should be one the biggest selling phone of the year!

    • David Mushok

      Me either, it must be a marketing issue as everything else about HTC rocks!

  • gul.nik.03

    HTC doesn’t need to do all this…its already awesome !!

  • Jonathan Hagberg

    Anybody else exited about the unibody frame? My nexus one’s build quality is still very good after almost three years of use!

  • Samar

    Looks like 5 incher screen and 13 MP camera seem to be going around a lot now a days. Kinda nicee..I guess. More options for the consumers.

    HTC – Please lose the hard keys on your devices. Soft keys work much better giving a more screen real estate without increasing the size.

  • HardNoks

    Personally, I think I’d like to see what HTC could do if given the opportunity to provide the hardware for another Nexus device.

    • caser

      Something I’d imagine, but with Google forcing budget and cloud services the phone won’t be good enough for enthusiasts

  • Guitaraholic

    I don’t understand why they seems to be continually making its ‘flagship’ phone defunct within about 6 months ( if that ) for little / no change apart from a change of name and a different case….

    I agree with the above – just upping the screen size + RAM should not be seen as innovation … thats simply iteration!

  • sasepatrupc

    I’ve had my Evo for a while now, and I think I’m ready to pass it to my brother when this one comes out. Come on M7!

  • MrQuestion

    I personally would like to see a flagship iPhone with a screen smaller than 5″. 4.5″ is enough and then I can still use it with one hand.

    • Tina B

      Yes, iphone is the best. I have an iphone 4 with at&t

    • caser

      I just want a revamp ui, they’ve pretty much nailed everything else.

  • tonyy_247

    with a battery more than 2500mah that can handle a full day and LTE support..this might be a killer device

  • Murphious

    It feels like everything with HTC is falling. When I compare the hardware and software it currently looks visually bleak and bland. The flimsy volume rockers and ease of screen cracks make it one of the competitors that just dont want to shape up

    At least with their new Windows range (Lumia bros and sis) the HTC might be forced to confirm to build quality rivalling nokia lumia and the Windows style shape and looks.

  • Fede Montemurri


  • kinkate18nic

    they need to come back to rise their falling reputation

  • mitchk44

    Will be interesting to see how this phone turns out. My friend has the HTC One X. And I must admit it is a very nice looking phone. I just can never get away from my urge to own a stock android phone though…. Would love if Android allowed skins to be optional at some point in the future…

    • caser

      Xda, cm10

  • ibap

    I currently have an HTC EVO 3D. My main gripe about it is the lack of a physical keyboard, and once you’ve ditched Sense for another launcher, you can do almost anything you want with the interface. It will be interesting to see how this turns out. As well as how accurate all the buzz is.

  • ReaL_MaD

    Finally something mildly exciting from HTC !

  • lou2cool88

    Here’s hoping HTC gets it right this time! The One series is really great-looking! Maybe this will give the unannounced S4 some much needed competition!

    Sense isn’t for me but it’s gotten a lot better with Sense 4.0+

    • caser

      Sense is pretty great aside from some hideous stock apps like the phone app or keyboard

      • lou2cool88

        Yeah, I agree. Not crazy about the icons, either. Love their lockscreen, though.

  • tylerfoy

    Nice to see HTC turning it up. With new tech and a sturdier built, I might consider one.

  • viljarsalu

    good luck :)

  • acidone

    I haven’t really been an HTC fan because of battery thing and LTE but if it has a decent battery, I’d give it a try.

  • Paul Salvatore

    Sounds like the DNA for other carriers.

  • dino13

    Wel, that means no NFC for the M7, or am I missing something?

  • Derek

    HTC M7, sounds like a 7″ tablet device to compete with the Nexus 7.

  • zacks2art

    HTC needs to keep Samsung on their toes. If Sams runs out the competition, then whats to stop them from making subpar devices… nothing, because that will be the only thing…

  • Blaatschaap

    Still looking for a replacement for my Desire HD

  • Jintomenachery

    HTC really needs something in thier sleeves, otherwise its RIP for them

  • t_rich45

    I don’t know why but I really want to see HTC succeed next year. I’m getting tired of android being equated with Samsung and it’s galaxy line.

  • zolikaaa666

    I want them to be one of the most succesfsul smartphone company!!!

    • Wimpy Burger

      lol, they are almost bankrupt by now….Apple is the most successful!!!!

    • tao.lviv

      They claimed to have only few devices to improve support – look on them now! Is it so hard to not produce million of models per month?

  • imdiane

    Looking forward to hearing more new about this new device!! Crossing my fingers that 2013 will be an awesome year for HTC! I know it!!

  • redraider133

    I think htc needs to focus on one true flagship rather than coming out with a minor improvement on their phone every few months. Have this be their flagship, put it on every carrier and work to support it rather than come out with a slightly bumped up spec wise phone right after it. Plus stop with the carrier exclusives, that is what is killing you htc.

    • Rockstar323

      Agree 100%, they need one flagship that is the same across all carriers if they want to really compete. I really wanted a One X when they were released but Verizon didn’t get one. Would have given up my Galaxy Nexus in a heart beat.

  • Shazam

    I’m glad cameras on smartphones are starting to really get better.

  • Co1e

    If i could get it unlocked at nexus-like prices I’d probably be sold. Their build quality is top notch. I really wish the Nexus 5 rumors had panned out.

  • dino13

    It seems to me that someone is on a roll to downgrade comments without any real reason.

  • bdub

    A big battery would really make this a hot device in my eyes.

  • Paul Atreides

    I was excited about the One X/EVO LTE on paper, not this time HTC. I’ll hold my applause until it’s released.

  • auronblue

    While the specs are impressive, I can’t get excited about this device if it doesn’t come to Verizon. Since they currently have the Droid DNA, I think I will be out of luck. I really do like the current crop of HTC hardware designs, but i think it’s about time to consider scaling back the Sense UI,

  • aarontam

    I like what I am hearing, but I would only buy it if it 32GB of storage and/or a micro sd slot, better battery life, and if it became next years Nexus 5 :), just not a Sense fan.

  • Jeffdwisc

    Motorola, Samsung, and HTC all comming out with what look to be high quality phones in 2013. Time to sell the Apple stock. ;)

    • Jeffdwisc

      My bad on the typo.

    • yankeesusa

      I second that. Unless your rich and it wont hurt this is the time to sell at least some of the stocks.

    • American traitor idol Lance Armstrong

      No fvcking way. Ill keep my AAPL stocks, i dont want to be a poor meandroid loser, i wanna be rich. Im selling at 1,000 bucks per share morons. Enjoy your lame bumphones….

  • yankeesusa

    The thing is that I would have given htc another chance if the dna would have come out for sprint but I chose note 2 and at this point no phone out right now will make me change. I learn something new on this phone all the time and for any phone to replace it would have to have all those amazing features.

  • rr2009

    Hopefully, there won’t any problem with the battery this time.

    • ozbreaker

      Agreed. The biggest turn-off for the Onex for me. No point in having a beautiful phone that you can’t use for more than 3 hours.

  • Wayne Winkler

    It’d be nice to see HTC become competitive again in the Android market. Was a time when HTC was the phone you wanted. Same could be said for Motorola but you know how that went down.

  • Xallies

    Believe it or not HTC makes the best builds.

  • cainneach

    Can we all agree to stop at 4.7″?

    • camelman

      It’ll get bigger to the point that a flip/slide/non-bar touch phone is a must to make,

      Smartphones future design gonna be interesting in that area.

  • jefflarkin

    HTC needs a comeback phone. I thought the DNA would be it, but maybe it’s this one? The timing seems odd though. I understand wanting to beat Samsung out of the gate, but so many phones are sold during the holidays that I’d guess that Q1 is a slow quarter for phone sales.

  • Dorkstar

    It’s about time HTC made some effort to put out some quality phones!

  • jaimevazquez

    i totally agree!!!

  • Crandit

    Still them making so many different phones, which are simmilar in specs is odd. why make 3 of 4 phones. Why not just 1 that beats the rest.

  • mehta nisha

    You must give this to me today.

  • nisha

    Please let me win this today……………………..

    • dino13

      Wrong article?

  • loveandroid

    Please……………………..make me the winner.

  • chakli

    Luck be with me today………………….

  • ndub21

    This makes me wonder if I should hold off on getting the One X+ on AT&T…

  • smwinn7

    i miss my HTC Inspire 4G it had such a nice solid feel to it, don’t get me wrong there I hate Sense but i loved how that phone never felt cheap and flimsy, like my gnex does

  • Nolerltw

    That sounds pretty good, though I’m not sure how I feel about aluminum “unibodys”…

  • nikhilverma

    I do believe that HTC has the potential to someday maybe become the frontrunner in the Android market ( Again).

  • nikhilverma

    Whoa , Some Crazy dude is on a voting down spree.

  • Dnar56

    I just want hTc to produce a 5″ phone with 2000p resolution, 5000mAh battery in a smaller form than the DNA, dual sim, quad Band every major LTE(andvance) frequency, 20mp camera at least 1080p recording, 40x optical zoom, 5 mp 1080p front camera solar charging screen technology, magnesium outer frame silver back (my fantasy gorilla glass) glass front and back guaranteed for life not to chip, crack or scratch. Element proof. 4gb ram dual quad core exynos processor 10nm. 100 gb internal storage, and external storage too. Vanilla key lime, oh And tupac hologram voice mail. And sold unlocked so carriers can f**k themselves with their upgrade fees and I can keep my grandfathered data all for a low price of $299.99 usd. Sigh……….

  • jonstle

    Looks like a nice one. HTC needs a winner.

  • cuteandrew21

    I wanna get one but at that time Samsung might have the new one coming in just wait and see.

  • ifightforuser312

    removable battery and microsd! +1 for that …that is what I want to see.

  • humidity

    Super stoked about this phone!

  • bgssilva

    HTC come back to Brazil!!!!

  • dutrak

    Please let this phone come to the UK