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Android 4.0 update for HTC Thunderbolt “will be here soon”


The wait for the HTC Thunderbolt Android 4.0 update may soon come to an end! A recent tweet from HTC claims that Ice Cream Sandwich for the Thunderbolt “will be here soon.” No further details about the update are given, but we now have confirmation that Verizon and HTC didn’t scrap the update after they missed the promised August release date.

It’s impossible to know why the Android 4.0 update for the HTC Thunderbolt is currently four months late, but we suspect Verizon and HTC were not satisfied with performance during testing. On the inside, the HTC Thunderbolt is closely related to the HTC Desire HD – a handset which did not make the Android 4.0 update cut. The update for the Thunderbolt could still be 3-4 weeks out, but we think it would be a nice touch if HTC released it on January 6 – exactly two years after the phone was unveiled at CES.

Via: HTC Source

Source: HTC (Twitter)

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  • raovallab

    How ‘soon’ is ‘soon’ ?

    • arminla

      Not soon enough!! I want it now.

      • FranzVz

        I think they are waiting until after the 21st… just in case.

        • Trevor Cameron

          LMAO… I think that most people are up for their upgrade on that phone by now!

        • ibap

          So the ones holding it up, they’ll be doing all their holiday shopping at the last minute?

    • breckdroid

      That is the question.

    • Froojr

      Better late than never. Late isn’t very filled with holiday cheer, though.

    • sbala

      Why not a Jellybean update

  • TheyCallMeZ

    Whereas it’s great to see ICS for this device, everyone I know that had one moved on to their next phone already.

    • dharr18

      All but one person I know has moved on… This is good news for him.

    • jaxidian

      I moved on from the TBolt to a GNex to a GS3 to a N4. I stopped caring a LONG time ago about the Thunderbolt.

      That said, not everybody is as fortunate as me or have stuck around for other reasons. This is GREAT news for those! it’s just unfortunate this didn’t happen a year ago. :-(

    • Jeff Pan

      Hope there will be a Jelly ean update for HTC Sensation.

      • Jeff Pan

        Why did people dislike my comment?

        Do you guys not want Jelly Bean on Sensation ;)

    • epps720

      Thurnderbolt getting 4.0?!?!?….maybe the world won’t end afterall!

    • LukeT32

      Same… Didn’t know anyone still had it. Wonder much it helps battery life.

  • koorsr

    A little surprised that they are still supporting the phone, but I applaud HTC in their efforts update it. Not the latest and greatest, but still a step in the right direction.

    • arminla

      Definitely a step in the right direction. I applaud them!!

    • dacatalyst41

      That is how you get back in the game. Cater to your faithful customer base and those who didn’t abandon you when your updates were slow and you released the same phone over and over and called it new.

  • zolikaaa666

    I Want update for my HTC….It’s so old fashioned….it won’t be updated :(

    • Richard Yarrell

      I can’t help but laugh. The HTC Thunderdud was the Worst wannabe Evo android device ever made. On the WORST CARRIER EVER. My buddy still has that dreadful device he won’t change. Piss on the Htc Thunderdud and Verizon.

      • matt smith

        The thunderbolt is alot faster than the Evo, and Verizon was just rated the #1 carrier. I have never seen someone be so wrong in such a short comment. thanks for your fail of a post.

        • Richard Yarrell

          Your just a Verizon fan boy that’s like being a iphone fan boy in my book. Your thoughts and expressions don’t override mines. So carry on my friend your only fooling yourself. The Htc Thunderbolt was a failure on Verizon and nothing more than a battery sucking 3hr battery life device. Yeah that’s so great.

          • squiddy20

            “Your thoughts and expressions don’t override mines.” And yours do? Good god what a self-centered f*cktard you are. It’s a FACT that Verizon was just rated as the #1 carrier. It’s a FACT that the Thunderbolt is better than the Evo. It has more RAM, more internal storage, better Wifi support (b/g/n as opposed to Evo’s b/g), slightly better GPU, and a supposedly longer talk/standby time even with a slightly smaller battery. You have no clue what you’re talking about.
            Additionally, you think whatever carrier you’re signed up with and whatever phone you currently have is “the best”. Evo 4G and Sprint? You said it was “the best” and all through your time with Sprint, referred to Verizon as “the devil” and how crappy they were. Evo 3D and Sprint? You went so far as to say it was “legendary” and how it would be “Sprint’s flagship device well into 2012″, even though it barely made it 3 months into the year before it was pulled. Galaxy Nexus and Verizon? For the first couple of months you were “applauding” and saying how “boss” stock Android was, but then you (again) started talking about how “crappy” Verizon was, even while you were still on their network. Now you’re on T-Mobile first with the SGSIII, and then now the Note 2, and you still won’t shut up about how they’re the “greatest thing since sliced bread. You’re a hypocritical, moronic fanboy through and though.

          • matt smith

            I couldn’t understand most of that, something about you being an iphone fan… Any ways, yes I have Verizon only because I have a job and need to have service anywhere I go. Now if I was like you and trolled the internet all day instead of working I would have Sprint and an Evo. You sound so ignorant in your comments, because you over exaggerate everything… Do you really think the Thunderbolt only lasted 3 hrs? I cant tell from how poorly written the comment is if you are joking or not, if you are being serious its amazing you have made yourself believe that. I think I speak for everyone when I say “I am so jealous of your non existent LTE on the shittiest phone still around, I wish we could all be like you”. Congrats on being grown up enough on taking my advice and not being a dick around the holidays to everyone, maybe try and get along with someone but at the end of the day you must really love being such a hated person to keep this stuff up. I feel sorry for you, I really do because you must be a very lonely and depressed person if the best thing in your life is to get online and make obnoxious comments to everyone. I hope you find some peace and have a nice holiday. Good luck to you

          • snowbdr89

            After rooting my tbolt i was getting up to 16 hours if battery life, dick reminds me of a couple who breaks up with one being all bitter and cant get over it (dick being the bitter one) but the only girlfriend dicks ever had is his right hand and a box of jelly donuts!! Im pretty sure dick couldnt afford verizon so they disconnnected his sorry ass for non payment and im sure hes using a public library computer to troll sites!! So i for one dont feel sorry for the douchebag.

          • squiddy20

            @matt smith,
            It’s nearly impossible for him to not be a dick. The shorthand version of his first name (Richard) is literally “Dick”.

      • matt smith

        I took a look at your previous comments, you really seem to be a negative person. Not sure why you hate Verizon (#1) over Sprint (#4). Take a good look at yourself, why are you so angry? Its honestly sad that people like you exist, because you bring nothing of value to anything you touch and you seem to be a drain on anyone you come into contact with. It’s the holidays, why not trying to get along with people and grow up. I hope you take a good look at yourself, and I hope you get some help with your issues. Good luck to you

        • Richard Yarrell

          Please my friend get a grip on yourself. You sound like a total clown what makes you think you know anything. Clearly your misguided with all this Verizon garbage. Yes i amangry and everyone knows why after that ppitiful conclusion of the Galaxy Nexus which is still pitiful as of this writting. I suggest you take a good look at yourself Mr. Smith you have plenty to learn here in this space. Carry on my brother i am doing very well and could care less about your opinion or thoughts hinestly. I speak based on my overall experiences they are not yours so simply get lost.

          • squiddy20

            “You sound like a total clown what makes you think you know anything” This coming from the idiot who said rooting was for “2plus year old devices”, that the processor in the Sensation was inferior to the *same exact one* found in your “legendary” Evo 3D, that Verizon’s *low* frequency LTE doesn’t penetrate buildings well (when it’s *high* frequencies that exhibit that quality), and that you “love all things Android” but then go on about the “Thunderdud” and how “crappy” devices other than the one you’ve currently got, are. Yeah, like you “know anything”… -.-

          • matt smith

            You misspelled so many words I really couldn’t find the point in that post. How did you get on the Galaxy Nexus, no one mentioned it? Keep in mind the Galaxy nexus destroys your EVO. What do I need to learn about this space? To avoid people like you that come here only to bash on others, or put people down? At the end of the day you are an asshole, I hate to use the word online but you are, you clearly are angry or jealous from others people happiness. These people in this HTC Thunderbolt (not nexus) thread were expressing joy for others finally getting an update to ICS and you come in a make nasty comments and put down things that aren’t even discussed in the post. So Richard since Sprint and The Evo are the superior choice you must be running ICS from an official OTA from HTC and Sprint right? When did an official OTA for ics hit your evo anyways?

      • RockinEvo

        lol no matter what you say Richard Yarrell will always have multiple votes down… *MOST HATED!!!! rep that with pride

        • Richard Yarrell

          Being hated means nothing to me my expressions and experiences are mines and mines only. I don’t come to this site for friends or looking to be voted up or down. I could care less who likes what i say because i express my overall experiences based on the topic at hand. If those are not your experiences then good for you. Otherwise i come here to express myself and will always do exactly that REGARDLESS of who likes it or if i am voted down. Those votes don’t mean anything in the real world anyway. I am doing very well otherwise and get all the things i want when i want them. I’m not standing on the sidelines like so many people on this site i get new devices 2 every year and always will.

          • squiddy20

            Your expressions and experiences are mines? As in, they blow up? And you insulted me about being a “useless college boy”? Jeez, at least I know how to formulate coherent sentences. You can’t even manage that much. Pitiful.

            “and get all the things i want when i want them” And yet, for the months before the Note 2 came out, you said you would get it “day one”. That day came and passed right on by and still no Note 2. Instead you changed your mantra to “on the 15th of November”. So much for your earlier statement being true.

            “i get new devices 2 every year and always will” And I won’t be surprised when I read about you being homeless again. You got off Verizon for a reason, and it certainly wasn’t because of how “crappy” the carrier is when it was rated #1 not even a month ago and has THE largest network with generally the fastest speeds. You go on and on about how high the costs on Verizon are. It’s not hard to connect the dots that the real reason you left is because you couldn’t afford it.

          • snowbdr89

            Mines and mines only? I take it third grade was very challenging for you dick.. im glad you dont care what people say but lets set the record straight, your not only the dumbest i have ever seen but you are a total embarressment to android or whatever but you and your walnut sized brain would fit perfect as an iclone!!

          • matt smith

            ” I could care less who likes what i say because i express my overall experiences based on the topic at hand” is your comment, but that confuses me and you seem to be bitching about the Nexus and Verizon in a thread about your devices big brother the HTC Thunderbolt. Not really on topic, clearly trolling. If squiddy20 is right about the homelessness and money issues, it may be a better use of your time to get a job instead of sitting online all day pissing people off. I hope you find some relief for your troubles, I always hate to hear someone has lost their home and possessions. Its ok to say you left Verizon because of the cost, bash them for being to expensive for you to afford, but not for bad coverage which they clearly don’t any issues. Merry Christmas to you Richard.

          • squiddy20

            @matt smith
            He was indeed homeless. Check out the bottom right of page 2:
            For what it’s worth, he does have a job… at the Bowery Mission, the same place that took him in and taught him how to use a computer…

      • Sargon

        You can’t help but troll Android forums and comment boards because you’re a friendless, pathetic, mentally retarded cum-gargler who misses getting fucked in the ass and shit and pissed on by his father in The Dark Basement.
        You see, retard, you can’t even keep your lies, trolling, and bullshit straight. Here are direct quotes from you when Phandroid reviewed the Thunderbolt:
        “There’s no doubt this is an exceptional device. I owed thunderbolt owners an apology cause I downed this device in many posts on various sites as well as here. The other day at best buy i had a chance to hold a thunderbolt and play around with one for 30mins and i was truly amazed. This device was STUPID FAST and very snappy and i was truly amazed at the time and effort htc put into this device. The sense ui was snappy the dnla feature was refreshing to see and all the personalized features for lock screens and various scenes were much new. I had the chance to compare it to an htc inspire 4g and it was amazing how close these devices both resembled eachother and the Desire Z. The only thing missing from the Thunderbolt that the Inspire 4g had was htc likes and and I can’t figure out why that was missing. I was very impressed with the thunderbolt and i can say that yes it is better than the granddaddy of 4g my beloved Htc Evo 4g 11months worth of better. Customers on Verizon should be proud they have a great device to support android. My fellow Evo owners on sprint we had our day June 2010 to March 2011 being on top now that belongs to the Thunderbolt on Verizon. Our new member to the Evo family on sprint will be born soon then we will see who’s best again. Hats off to the thunderbolt.”

        “This device is a GIANT LEAP OVER THE HD2 don’t fool yourself. The Htc Evo 4g is a big leap over your HD2. Yes Htc makes these devices but they are all not the same when it comes to hardware and software. The HD2 is crazy old, The Evo 4g is 11months old, And the Thunderbolt is the new kid on the block not even 2months old yet. This device is remarkable.”

        All quotes copy-pasted from you, scat boy. Your words next to your grubby face (or is that shit on your face? it’s hard to tell, since we know that you have a sick fetish with getting pissed and shit on, which likely goes back to your father ramming you and pissing and shitting on your face while calling you a useless bum while your mother looked on and laughed then made you eat her used tampons).

  • jeshep

    4.0 in a few weeks; better than never but a reminder as to why the Nexus line is preferable.

    Hopefully the move from subsidized phone plans to pre-paid and unsubsidized (T-mobile Value Plan) will reduce the control of the carriers and allow updated to non-Nexus phones to be pushed out more quickly.

    • troysyx

      Thats the exact route i went. Cancelled verizon when i got my N4 and couldn’t be happier on T-mobiles value plan. Unlimited data???? Oh yeah!

      • Richard Yarrell

        Tmobile and it’s value plan as well as it’s unlimited data simply pisses all over Verizon and it’s bogus shared data plans. I kicked Verizon to the curb in June of this year and haven’t looked back. My Galaxy Note 2 enjoys the unlimited data on tmobile. It’s Hspa plus 42mpbs network is much better than Verizon and it’s Lte network especially here in New York. Verizon is extremely overrated and overpriced to say the least. I won’t even mention the piss poor update ability of Verizon. They can’t even update a stock Nexus device which is why they will never see another Nexus again. I applaud Google for taking control of their brand Verizon has gotten to big for it’s britches. The disgrace they are making their customers purchase their version of the Galaxy Note 2 is a perfect example of how bad Verizon has become. It’s a sad cconclusion when carriers start cosmetically changing devices outside and inside. I hope Samsung NEVER PLACES another Galaxy Note on Verizon’s network. If they like cosmetic changes open up shop and sell cosmetics leave devices alone that come from manufacturers.

        • squiddy20

          “The disgrace they are making their customers purchase their version of the Galaxy Note 2 is a perfect example of how bad Verizon has become.” As opposed to T-Mobile “making” you buy “their version of the Note 2″? Do you know how hypocritical and stupid you just sounded?
          “If they like cosmetic changes open up shop and sell cosmetics” Yeahhhh… that makes total sense. As if your beloved T-Mobile doesn’t also do “cosmetic changes” to their phones. Hmmm do I see a T-Mobile branding on the back of the Note 2? Idiot.

        • kev p

          I totally agree with you on this one. I was on T Mobile when T Mobile sucked I went to verizon when it was good. Now Verizon sucks T Mobile rules

        • kev p

          I totally agree with you on this 1

        • matt smith

          I have nothing left to say to other than “wow”. Not too many people could keep up with that thought process. I won’t waste anymore of my time on your, but my gosh you are extremely uneducated and you should read up some more, look at facts and not make your own personal belief out to be everyone best choice. Its great you like T-mobile, but T-mobile where I live is almost non-existant… So is it the right choice for me? Or is Verizon the right choice with a blanket of LTE anywhere I go. Stop assuming you know whats best for everyone, you sound so foolish. I am wondering if thats your real picture, as it indicates you are older gentleman but your comments screams 10 year old. I was just curious… no reason really, just confusing.

        • cb2000a

          For some people T-Mobile pre-paid works quite well, I was on it for about a year (until my wife wanted a Note on ATT). I liked the concept of wifi calling and it worked very well for me). There are some areas of Maui that I work that have NO cell coverage (but do have wifi via satellite).

        • redraider133

          Because sprint, att, and tmo, don’t add their own bloat to phones? You are so clueless Richard its hilarious to listen to you spew ignorance when you said the same thing months ago except how you were all about Verizon and before that sprint…

    • Mark

      amen brother

  • ArticulateFool

    Good to see HTC backing some dated hardware.

    • thechad


    • Hom0ncruse

      final nail in the coffin for HTC

  • redraider133

    I hope this does happen for those with a thunderbolt. Would definitely bring new life to this phone that began the lte era in the US.

    • dacatalyst41

      It does kind of feel like honors ceremony doesn’t it. LTE began with some bugs and battery drain, but nonetheless the Tbolt changed the way we viewed data speeds.

  • fletchtb

    surprising, but nice for those who still own one.

  • alexanderharri3

    This would be great! Still haven’t moved on from the TB….although I am so close considering all the connectivity issues I’ve been having. HTC may have been too eager to promise ICS….but I was starting to think it would never happen as promised.

    • dacatalyst41

      You have GREAT patience, my friend.

      • Keith.Swiader

        With great patience comes great OS updates.

  • heat361

    If they get rod of their heavy skin it would be easier to update don’t you think?

  • humidity

    Glad to see it’s still supported. My friend will love the new update!

  • linkinmark5

    I didn’t expect to ever see this happen this is good news for some people I knowThanks

  • jonstle

    Good News for owners of this phone! Good on HTC for continued support of older phones.

  • aBax

    Wow, props to HTC for supporting a few year old phone!

    • Thomas Biard

      Not quite a few years old, it just seems that way in the phone world.

      Came out Feb 2011, so we’re a couple months short of 2 years, but its about 4 “flagship” generations old now if you consider the new benchmark phone every 6 months.

      Well done HTC, your Thunderbolt customer (singular on purpose) will appreciate it.

      • dacatalyst41

        Well said.

      • alexanderharri3

        It was supposed to come out Feb, but slipped to March 23rd, 2011 because of the usual Verizon delays. It was good until the first Froyo update…..then it was a reboot monster and got worse from there on out.

  • uknowme

    Wow I wasn’t expecting that.

  • nmil86

    That’s awesome but I definitely moved on about 6 months ago. If anyone has half the problems I had, the phone is completely unusable. Hopefully this fixes those issues for those who still have it.

  • Himal Limbu

    thats really “fast”.

  • romy134

    At this point why even bother. 4 months late..

  • lou2cool88

    Wow… I left my Thunderbolt in August and back then the update was rumored to come in late summer or early fall. I really couldn’t stand waiting anymore. Good news for those who stuck it out.

    • dacatalyst41

      I ditched mine the day the Gnex dropped.

  • wgpeter

    Honestly shocked. I liked that phone and HTC but when they couldn’t uphold their promise or at least say what was up, I moved on to the GS3. Super happy for those that still have the phone though. It will be nice when it is action & not words.

    • Vance

      I point a heavier finger at Verizon than htc…but a fail on both parts for sure.

  • Wayne Winkler

    Wow even my wifes LG Lucid has 4.0.4, fail HTC.

    • Nick Gray

      Not quite. The LG Lucid is a 2012 phone which launched with Android 2.3 – six months after Android 4.0 was introduced. The Lucid should have had Android 4.0 from day one.

  • dacatalyst41

    How sad is it that this conversation is still going?…..I once owned the Tbolt myself. Glad I took matters into my own hands.

  • inviolable

    Man they really abused Thunderbolt owners

  • Adryan maldonado

    Well at least they are trying. Hopefully it will help with battery :/

  • sunrise

    Why not just Jelly Bean at this point?!?!

  •!/profile.php?id=583695634&ref=profile Rahul Singh

    Why 4.0 why not 4.1?\

  • Oscar Ortega

    seems like forever that this phone came out :0

  • jenskristian

    Happy for those poor Thunderbolt users still waiting, but Ice Cream Sandwich? Are they seriously rolling out ICS more than a year after launch?

  • jamal adam

    As they say, better late than never. Though it’s still disappointing considering that it will be two updates behind. Why not just make it Jelly bean instead.

    • phaet2112

      too much time to spend on it as it is, probably, considering how few people are still using it.

    • Nick Gray

      Doing from Android 4.0 to 4.1 may not seem like a huge leap, but it would require a lot more work and add more development time.

  • KennyL

    Ummm…ok…*confused and boggled*

  • Ryan Clayton

    As a TB owner I’ll be happy when they release the source so the ICS ROM I use can work out some of the bugs. As for HTC, this is still the last HTC phone I’d buy because of their horrible updating process. Releasing ICS for a phone AFTER JB is released is a joke.

  • Vance

    How about JB for my One S please?!

  • dafi81

    At least the do a little bit :D

  • renyo

    Any news about the Sensation?

  • ndub21

    While I do appreciate any phone updates, an Android 4.0 update at this point is a little sad. I really hope the Android update process gets easier for manufacturers and operators both.

  • nivekkev

    Heard the TBolt had some issues, maybe this will clear some of those up. For those that are still using that fone (like my daughter) and can’t get another at the moment, this keeps them happy and may even keep them as a customer when the contract is up…

  • mlynch01

    Now this is great news for those of you who still have TBolts. It had a rocky ride early on and I thought Verizon gave up on the update. Glad HTC and Verizon stuck with it because the people who bought that device were the beta testers for Verizon and the LTE project early on and they dealt with alot and deserve to not be forgotten.

  • romy134

    Verizon seems all proud about it..

  • rr2009

    Good news. At least they didn’t forget this phone.

  • aryin

    good to know. finally !!

  • Jorge Eslava

    I don’t know any Thunderbolt users, but good for them.

  • Nathan D.

    They are about 6 months or a year late about this update, this is almost down right disgraceful.

  • troysyx

    as slow as it is to be updated, its good to know that HTC is still updating its phone thats almost two years old. WAY TO GO HTC!

  • klcow92

    GOSH, its ancient!!! HTC does have the weirdest update schemes, no jb for desire c which is a new phone????


    I’m guessing most people who still use this phone don’t care or know what they are missing. If they did, they wouldn’t own a non nexus device or have already rooted.

    And again I am referring to most users, not the relatively small number who hang out on this site.

  • tylerfoy

    Good to see HTC keeping some of these devices up to date. (not 4.1 though..)

  • VS

    Better late than never… But man, really makes me think twice about getting another HTC phone like the M7

    HTC + Nexus…different story.

    Pre grats for the TBolt owners that dredged through the trenches of forgotten desserts to finally get a tasty reward. Dig in!

  • kelltrash14

    I trust nothing said about the thunderbolt anymore.

  • Pravas

    Good News bring it on HTC..

  • Bolt

    Verizon is a bunch of a-holes for what they did to TBolt customers. I can’t see any reason why a Thunderbolt customer would stay when his/her contract is up if they can’t still cling onto their unlimited data

  • Luke Haviland

    I cant believe this phone is getting an update.
    It feels so old.
    I had the Fascinate for ages and it never got updates
    I have a love/hate relationship with Samsung

  • KingCrow02

    Such a tease

  • Shawn Flanagan

    Do people still have the Thunderbolt? Everyone I know who had one has since upgraded.

  • Derek

    Too little, way too late. I already moved on to the Galaxy S3 and will never look back!

  • Shazam

    Nice that a carrier is still upgrading older phones, not just abandoning the line like many do. Wish my Droid X would get an update…. although it’s now just my GPS device, but still, have to love my first droid.

  • Shazam

    More importantly, when will my droid razr maxx get jelly bean?

  • Moises Rivera

    I don’t have a thunderbolt, but I know if I did, I would have rooted and put 4.0 or 4.1 on a long time ago lol.

  • ibap

    WHY do all these updates take so long? Oh, it’s the carriers. Never mind.

  • george h

    Waiting so long just means all 10 of us surviving T’Bolt owners will get to update to ICS. 6 months ago there were a lot more active owners to satisfy, like maybe 300-400!!!

  • Mark

    Maybe they scapped the ICS project in August in favor of picking up JB to release next week!

  • Hipstr63

    We’ve all heard this several times already. I’ll blieve it when I see it.

  • veracu

    i used to own the thunderbolt and liked it very much. if i’m correct it had two radios which, when in 3g, you could talk and surf the web at the same time. 4g lte, obviously, allowed it to do that too, but only the iphone could do both in 3g, even now. anyway, for my first phone it was dope. never a problem with lte signal and i tethered it’s 4g lte all the time. as far as roms go, blacksourc3 was awesome for that aosp flavor and infected eternity was dope on that sense 3.5 tip. anyway…

  • veracu

    …and may i just say that i thought this was a place to express our opinions. i don’t know. if you’re intelligent then that’s great. if you’re gifted, then that’s simply amazing. but, how can an individual, that may be privileged, knock another person in an uphill battle? even if we get ourselves in a tough spot, it’s all part of the human struggle, baby, and we all gonna git a taste of it. believe it. and, really, we’re just consumers. s’all.

  • scubabum

    sounds like another empty promise… I will believe it when I see it then.

  • Indragar

    Excited about this update since I was late on the Thunderbolt train. Not available for upgrade till August 2013.

  • Linda Williams

    Has the update arrived yet?

  • Linda Williams

    Can’t wait!

  • Pswatch

    Be careful what you wish for. Update is awful. AWFUL. Did anyone test this? Thunderbolt had crap battery life before with Gingerbread, but at least it worked. Now, it takes between 15-30 seconds just to change screens. It takes 10-15 seconds just to reactivate the screen after it times out. Sooooo unbelievably bad. Anyone know if you can revert to Gingerbread?

  • Liz