Dec 11 AT 12:00 PM Clark Wimberly 1,131 Comments (CLOSED)

With 11 days on file, it’s time we introduced a challenge with a little style. To enter to win today’s 25 Days of Tegra device, you’ll need to submit an original haiku (you know, the Japanese poetry that follows a 5-7-5 pattern?). You’ll also need to be logged in, but I figured you guys have figured that part out by now.

The Prize: 

The Fujitsu STYLISTIC M532 is powered by the NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processor and features a 10.1 inch display, 1GB of RAM, an 8MP rear camera- all the bells and whistles you’ve come to expect from these tablets.

Contest Rules

It’s a holiday miracle! This year we’ve expanded our eligible countries to include the following: US (excluding Puerto Rico and its other territories and possessions), Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Norway, Finland, Czech Republic, Australia, China (excluding Hong Kong and Macau), Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, India (excluding the State of Tamil Nadu), and Brazil. If you’re keeping track, that’s like quadruple the locales we normally ship to, so huzzah!

How to Enter

Not that I’m any good at it, but astute readers might have noticed that I’ve been starting each day of the 25 Days of Tegra with a rhyme. Holidays just feel like the time to rhyme. To enter to win today, you’ll need to write a short poem.

It can be about anything you want, the holidays, the tablet, the internet- just make sure it confines to the traditional practices of haiku (most notably: three lines, with 5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables each, respectively). Multiple comments are allowed on this post, but each user will only be counted once. The winner will be chosen at random (as long as the haiku is valid), so don’t bother downvoting each other. To get things rolling, I’ve written a few myself:

A month of prizes
like some new age nerd Santas
Will he visit me?

The weather changes
People opening their hearts
Holiday traffic

Holidays approach
Families start to gather
Please spike the eggnog

I know these are terrible. I already admitted to being terrible at this. Which is why we’re asking you guys to submit some. Anyone got some clever words to get in the holiday spirit?

Winner: boro09

Clark is a developer living in Austin, Texas. He runs ClarkLab, a small web firm with his wife, Angie. He's a big fan of usability, standards, and clean design.

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  • elijahblake

    first i win

    • elijahblake

      Let me try this once
      more, to win or not is up
      to you, pick me now!

    • FranzVz

      You’re doing it wrong!

      Here’s mine:

      Want Tegra so bad
      Will take candy from baby
      Don’t want jail time please

    • wahtogd

      I went to the zoo
      To see what monkey do
      Monkey threw dodo

  • nebelriss

    good luck to all….!

  • iSpanish

    Holidays just arrived
    In Dubai alone

    Waiting for my next flight
    which is really long

  • redraider133

    Happy Holidays
    another great prize for all
    Android all the way

  • zippyioa

    Its time that I won
    A Fujitsu STYLISTIC
    Would be great

    • zippyioa

      Its time that I won
      A Fujitsu Stylistic
      Would be great for me

      I hit “post comment” above by accident on my phone before I added “for me” at the end – no way to edit it so I hope this is OK!? :(

  • Eric Wilborn

    Haven’t heard of this
    But I must leave a haiku
    Perhaps this will do?

  • skugern

    Oh, Android and Me
    offering crazy prizes
    I hope I win one!

  • glcraven

    Toshiba tablet
    Unto the lucky winner,
    Happy Holiday!

    • shadhussain

      holidays are here!
      android and me delivers …
      a tablet, to me.

  • ranwanimator

    This brand, Fujitsu
    I have never heard of them
    I say Who-jitsu?

  • myndmayze

    Wanting to win here
    Lots of prizes going round
    Does my effort count?

  • jojojox2

    Pandas are awesome,
    you can’t say the opposite.
    You know you love them.

  • bryanizmir

    Fujitsu I win
    will play games all day all night
    Else I will be sad

  • Torisen

    Technology great
    so many things you can do
    fun is had by all

  • stenzor

    Android for Christmas..
    What could be better? I know!
    If I won one now.

  • chralex

    Yesterday I wrote
    a Limerick just for you
    Today a Haiku

  • lou2cool88

    I hope I will win
    The amazing prize today
    A Fujitsu tab.

  • Repinphilly247

    Fujitsu Tablet,
    Can it be good as I have
    never heard of it?

  • Rockstar323

    Custom ROMS are Great
    Android Open Kang Project
    Makes your phone better

  • mortodestructo

    Neat looking tablet
    Never heard of it before
    No publicity?

  • Shay D. Life

    Strange moon
    resting against the snow
    Winter is coming

  • waltsobchak

    I am not greedy
    But this tablets so speedy
    Want one indeedy

  • Osby Bigos78

    I love A & M
    Enter every contest
    Could this be for me?

  • eon69nc

    I need to win in order
    to have a gift for my kin.
    This tablet will put a smile on face
    unlike a criminal sprayed with mace.

  • Doozins

    Hello fellow nerds
    Merry Christmas to you all
    This prize is quite strange

  • chralex

    Fun – Limericks tomorrow????

  • b2squared

    One M – 5 – 3 – 2
    Haiku for a Fujitsu
    All I need to do

  • delesh

    a warm glow beckons
    my life pours from the display
    machine and I are one

  • AChackes

    A Haiku you want?
    A Haiku I will give you
    You give me tablet

    Thanks for the prizes
    They are appreciated
    I hope I win one

    Thats two great Haikus
    That I made for you today
    oops thats three can’t stop….

  • azswift

    Five syllables here
    Seven more syllables there
    will you pick me now?

  • ktrajbar1

    Thanks for the prizes
    I hope I win this today
    Haikus can be hard

  • spazby

    I hope I win
    This crazy prize
    Can’t wait for Fujitsu

  • gavinb

    This is my tablet
    there may be others like it
    but this one is mine

  • Kaustubh_Adhav

    There was an Apple first
    then came a green bot with thirst
    pulled it hard and made it rust

  • kookeetree

    Cool. I never Fujitsu made tablets.

    • kookeetree

      never knew*

  • Quinny898

    Christmas is near
    And under the tree
    From androidandme
    A tablet addressed to me?

    Cheap rhyming FTW ;)

  • android112608

    When May flowers blossom
    Blooms new season of Android
    Sure to bring delight

  • codya321

    Today is the day
    I may replace my old Xoom
    I sure do hope so

  • jaysun420

    Ho ho ho you know
    Its time I win a tablet
    Thank you, gotta go!

  • oddball

    Good luck everyone
    Thank you to Android and me
    and Nvidia

  • GUI_Center

    With Holidays Near
    Gifts shared both near and far
    Hope tablet is mine

  • friendlyfire

    Tablets are awesome
    This one looks pretty sweet to me
    Can I take it home?

  • alxrock

    Another haiku
    Droid life did this yesterday
    Here we go again.

  • uknowme

    You guys rock
    Tablet for me possibly
    Thanks in advance

  • DrewJaeger

    for holiday fun
    android tablet for apps games
    special gift for me

  • Gordon Wheeler

    Tablet Tablet oh
    what must i do to win you
    how i long for you.

  • geiko

    A haiku a day
    May help keep the doctor away
    Take the Apples away

  • ont

    this is amusing
    i almost submitted a
    haiku yesterday

  • YMS123

    Never saw this tab
    But it rocks a Tegra 3
    Good enough for me

  • duckian

    It is time to win
    A spectacular tablet
    Happy holidays!!

  • marcus1518

    I walk on sand

    And find myself blistering

    In the hot, hot heat

  • Steve Heinrich

    I do obsess yes
    Hope this contest never ends
    To Christmas my friends

  • tobinandandroid

    Tablet in the snow
    would not end in the best way.
    Keep it safe and dry!

  • rbk4life

    I want a tablet
    A seven inch or a ten inch
    It doesn’t matter

  • Manroth

    A brand new tablet
    I will soon be in need of
    I hope I win one

  • misael

    catching my feelings
    gingerbread poinsettias
    stylistic season

  • bimmerboii

    time of the year
    to win a new tab
    cheers to androidandme

  • jaxidian

    most notably: three lines, with 5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables each, respectively

    I’ll take a free tab
    If you really want me to.
    Thank you guys! French Toast.

    • jaxidian

      Oops, forgot to remove that helper text. Sorry! :-P

  • prime_optimus

    Tegra 3, Tegra 3
    I need you here with me
    Roses are red
    Skies are blue
    But nothing compares to you !

  • abhay_adhav

    You want a Haiku
    But I have a much higher IQ
    Soon I’ll be holding a Fujitsu

  • Mix

    I like to win stuff
    you never know your chances
    can I beat the odds?

  • komeilkarimi

    Wanna win Tegra?
    Android and me is the place
    Let’s spread the geek love

    I’m so shit at this
    I am not even gonna try!
    Let my friends all win

    The first line has hope
    The second line is real dope
    The third line has holiday spirit and a merry merry Christmas to everyone! [did I fuck that one up?]

  • shadlek

    Waiting for winter
    Watching the days pass me by
    No snow to be seen

  • MrQuestion

    I’m writing this here
    Because I want to win a
    Tablet for myself

  • teamwoot

    Fujitsu Tablet
    Wonderful for me could be
    Please select this rhyme

  • srshin11


  • 619MattyIce

    Ho Ho Ho and a bottle of Eggnogy
    And when I hopefully win the M532
    I am gonna get funky

  • mmiloli

    Can but just hope for

    a Fujitsu Stylistic

    brought to my front door

  • Charlong666

    Happy Holidays
    I want this a lot
    Please pick me right now

  • Varemenos

    Didn’t even know Fujitsu joined the tablet legion

  • crazyninjah1992

    I hope I win this

    My girlfriend wouldn’t use this

    Mine mine mine all mine!

  • herbivore83

    I know Fujitsu
    My father used to work there
    But now he does not

  • YellowDucati

    I want a tablet
    but I am not poetic
    win Nvidia?

  • mackdaddy22

    Oh Android and me
    Just give me the darn tablet
    thank you very much.

  • paladaxar

    Chosen at random?
    Why try to make a good one?
    Should be based on skill!

  • Nicholas Vettese

    A New Year is Here
    A Bugdroid Under the Tree
    Forward me Some Cheer

  • Procyon

    Tablets are so cool,
    New Tegra would make my year,
    I can haz one, yes?

  • r_al_sim

    Tegra enhanced games
    Nvidia dominate
    No other compares

  • yurma415

    i love free contests
    it drives my fiance mad
    a win here would help

  • siddharthmani

    Trusting the Buddha, good and bad,

    I bid farewell

    To the departing year.

  • Chris Clark

    Fujitsu tablet
    I want to win it today
    Good haiku’s are hard

  • Greg117

    I want a tablet
    give me new technology
    I would enjoy it

  • Danny Calderon

    One year ago I
    signed up at android and me
    I still haven’t won

  • TheDave

    Im not good at this
    But this tablet is nice
    i sure hope i win

  • nault89

    Please pick me for this
    How awesome that would be
    I do like tablets

  • juno23

    Shops full of people,
    Christmas is near,
    Money is tight,
    Is that a free prize I hear?

    I enter with a smile,
    I enter with hope,
    But I never get picked,
    I just can’t cope!

    Merry christmas guys!

  • jeshep

    Tablets of Tegra
    a splendid sight to behold
    are fastest for games!

  • Scott Eppler

    Christmas giveaway?
    A tablet a day, you say?
    I would like to play!

  • Shane

    All I ask for is
    a monkey that can sing
    and play the piano

  • TheDave

    Im not good at this
    but that tablet is sure nice
    i hope i can win

  • Lee Swanson

    Hey Fujitsu Style
    Way Better Than Gangnam Style
    No Silly Horse Dance

  • abdulp

    Tegra twenty five
    I want to win a tablet
    Android rocks my world

  • frpst9

    is losing contests always
    finally I win?

  • Triplanetary

    The Android partakes
    of open-source confections.
    But not Apple pie.

  • mattplaybass

    I love winning, see
    My Dearest Android and Me
    Give me something free

  • RogerSpruce

    Winter is nearing
    handle packages with care
    pick me, oh pick me

  • cj100570

    I wish I may
    I wish I might
    Win this tablet
    To help my plight
    I have no tech to call my own
    I lost my job
    And then my home
    Now hear I am
    This holiday season
    Looking for a sign
    Looking for a reason
    Not to be filled
    With hate and despise
    And I’d feel much better
    If I won this prize….

  • mickjen

    Poetry contest?
    I fear I won’t be clever,
    Android FOREVER!!!!

  • melloburger

    This year, filled with cheer
    Android and Me free contests
    give out Android gear!

  • hkz4lf

    Unlike a fruit from a tree,
    Always in season.

  • rsanchez1

    I did not know that
    Fujitsu makes tablets, but
    I still want this one.

  • idosew

    need my shipping info?

  • auronblue

    Android and Me rocks
    Holiday spirit abounds
    Pick me for the win!

  • theluck

    oh, look at what
    i have to do
    to make you mine!

  • kkshimab

    O tis the season
    Of androidandme presents
    This tablet, yes please :)

  • gh0st665

    For new gear I jump

    Android tablets I so want

    Haiku makes me sad

  • masterpfa

    Another day
    Another Prize
    Hopefully Christmas will bring new joys

  • Ismael Rodriguez

    Apple tech is weak
    Android provides more than style
    Never buy Apple

  • kookeetree

    Tablet to win here
    What could it be but one thing
    Fujitsu that’s right

  • taketheleap

    Hick dickory docking,
    A tablet for my stocking,
    My task is completed,
    My wit is depleted,
    Hick dickory docking.

  • unwiredmedic

    Android, I love you,
    You make my job easier,
    Tablets and smartphones.

  • kyrok7

    The cake is a lie?
    I really wanted some cake.
    Give me frickin’ cake!

  • Turkey and stuffing
    Nice, tasty meat and gravy
    Roasting in the oven

  • janK

    Count me in =)

  • af13

    Just like yesterday
    Haiku wins Android Tablet
    But not on Droid-Life

  • hurric

    why announce winners late
    I am waiting to hear them
    please can’t wait anymore

  • da9el

    a tablet or phone
    from a brand that is well known
    i do call my own

    a free giveaway
    i can use for work and play
    i just cant say nay

    may i win the price
    that would be way more than nice
    can’t you hear my cries

    in patience i wait
    because it is not to late
    so no worries, mate:)

  • NamelessTed

    stuff about android
    something about tablets too
    Tegra Days, woo hoo

  • buckeyedroid

    Getting a divorce
    Really sucks for me this year
    Bah humbug to all

  • Jeff Pan

    droid my love
    how sweet are thou
    leave me never

  • Jhall222

    Family together for the holidays
    They come so far and near.
    To see if Saint Nick soon will appear.

    They gather together with Cocoa in hand and listen in silence
    To what they may hear.
    Soon to hear jingle bells in their ears and Santa say:
    On Dasher, On Donner On Comet and Blitzen. Up, Up and Away.

    We jumped up to gaze out the window in hopes of a glimpse
    of Santa and his reindeer. With a blink of an eye they flew in the night.
    We all sat around telling our stories of cheer as we listened
    to the real Christmas story as to why we are here.

    Thank you baby Jesus for coming to this world
    and being the best gift to appear

    With tons of cheer I do hope to win this tablet this year ;)

    Merry Christmas, All!!!

    • Beachik7

      What a nice poem! Definitely gets me in the Christmas mood! Good Luck! I hope you win, your poem is by far the best!

  • McLovin

    This site has prizes.

    We comment through our noses.

    Good luck you luckies!

  • Xallies

    The season of gifts
    technological content
    put up to raffle

    gifted as presents.
    In the spirit of Christmas
    wish you all a good luck

  • juno23

    So androidandme
    It’s christmas time and I’m skint,
    To win would be mint!

  • KOBesucker

    In quite a hurry
    I have just now awaken
    Now I must go pee

  • srshin11

    I need a tablet
    For fun and work, all day long
    Hope I get lucky

  • ibap

    Phone beeps softly now.
    May be no one I know at all.
    May be one I love.

  • brunnen153

    What is going on?
    Oh, I can win something here.
    Just a Haiku, YEAH!

  • Marvles

    The Android and Me
    Sweet Design and giveaways
    Maybe lucky me

  • Chris Lewis

    I put quit a bit of time into this one:

    First in the line, so cold
    OG Droid was new and bold
    It’s Google’s Android

    With widgets and apps
    And OS names that were snacks
    Not much it had lacked

    The green bot was here
    The apple trembled in fear
    While others, they cheered

  • darksyde

    Eleven days have past
    I would like to win something
    Fujitsu maybe?

  • Andrew Ensley

    Fujitsu tablet
    With Tegra quad-core I want
    How can I win it?

  • bertberlic1

    Just look at me now
    Eating cookies all night long
    These are not my pants

  • thetransformer

    I am the winner
    who will be very happy
    and make a party

  • sachin_goral

    Come Fujitsu lets b friends,
    Although I never heard about your trends,
    Android and I forever friends.

  • Krusty

    I want a prize now
    How come I don’t win often
    Give it to me please

  • razzie33

    I hope i win now
    today should be my day please
    who am i kidding?

  • rposenato1216

    can’t i just win this
    silly little contest
    its easy like pie

  • r1ch

    We are all in debt
    To your generosity
    Thanks Android and Me

    • r1ch

      Look! I made it rhyme too! :D

  • rejthy

    Hard to make haiku
    When I hear outside bark lajku
    Maybe I’m in space

  • HumbertoH

    Christmas gift i want
    Now Something with style i see
    Will i win this time?

  • poosh2010

    I want to win this
    please pick me androidandme
    I’ll make it worthwhile

  • sastover17

    Christmas full of thought,
    thoughtfulness in the giving,
    rather than the gift.

  • Adam Jones

    Sweet little Android
    Oh how you make me happy
    Let’s play, Tegra 3

  • sunrise

    Christmas is coming
    The new year is upon us
    Happy holidays

  • aarontam

    I’ve never even heard of this, but i’ll take it!

  • Blake Britton

    Object of Desire
    a Fujitsu Stylistic
    is tablet supreme

  • doublin

    Never thought that
    The first poem I’ll write
    It’ll be Android

  • ndorrough

    Arguing my claim
    For this particularly
    Shiny tech starts now!

  • Jeffdwisc

    Tablets for the win
    It’s the season for giving
    Thanks Android and me

  • decker

    Terrible waiting
    atleast not in Target line
    hoping for tablet.

  • tayoonja

    Contests I’ve entered
    How many no one may know
    God I hope this works

  • mrkymrks

    She wraps herself with
    The fabric of space and time;
    Unending beauty.

  • Mado

    here again

  • Julian Rafael1

    This is weird

  • mm14

    Merry Christmas y’all
    Droid nerd, with a Southern drawl
    My name please do call

  • Mustin

    Gifts come and they go.
    Will today bring some good news?
    Forever alone.

  • qwertyman44

    Christmas is here,
    But my gifts are where?
    oh they’re here.

  • Lwinckles

    I try once again
    to win a Tegra tablet.
    Perhaps Fujitsu?

  • captainjman2

    Oh I want to win
    Tablet please show me the way
    Got this in the bag

  • TommyTuTone

    Santa is jolly.
    Santa is fabulous, too.
    I would like to win!

  • dylantep

    Tablet giveaway
    Tablets are freaking awesome
    I hope I win it

  • zolikaaa666

    It’s Christmas again
    I have to go to the shops
    but you should help me.

  • soohoonyu

    Damn these finals
    When will the horror be done?
    Going to go study

  • boro09

    Can’t wait for Santa
    to visit us Christmas Eve
    and bring us presents

  • Laurel laurel25

    Email message – YES!
    I’ve won a tablet today!
    This is what I hope.

  • breckdroid

    I love great tablets,
    There is not a better gift,
    So give it to me.

  • eviljrn

    Sitting at work
    Surfing android and me
    Hoping to win this tablet for free

  • slyder0244

    Beautiful screen
    Been longing to touch and see
    My eyes filled with glee

  • Kevin Amundson

    I just need to say
    This Android and me contest
    Is certainly best.

  • Jmburks42

    I never seen this one will have to do some reading.

  • Highlandrz12

    Over the Mountains,
    And through the dales we go on,
    for a free tablet.

  • Burzie

    Want This yes today

    Pick me to win this please

    I am on my knees

  • JohnnieB

    oh, happy day, boy
    a tablet awaits you now
    please please please please please

  • Fede Montemurri

    it is time to win
    now i am sure of this
    it is time for gifts

  • troysyx

    Tech guru i’m not

  • lapak_zapak

    AndroidandMe and Fujitsu Haiku contest
    So many comments to win this tablet
    Would I be the winner

  • canuckgiant111

    An apple a day
    On Android and Me no way
    Jelly Bean tastes best

  • spintrex

    Tech style sleek and slim

    Arsenic fruit tries fit in

    Green robot takes win

  • GreenGriffin

    An Android tablet
    And for free, you say? Hooray!
    Android and me rules

  • bgssilva

    In this blessed month
    nothing more just to have
    friends to share
    we present to receive

    thinking in this way
    I can do nothing more
    than cross your fingers and hope

    with android and me
    it can happen
    win a new tablet
    and enjoy for real power

  • WlfHart

    Best wishes to all,
    Tegra tablets are awesome!
    I hope I win one.

  • troysyx

    Tech guru i’m not
    No matter how hard i try
    Fujitsu will help
    :-) :-) :-)

  • snownebula

    Calm sunday morning
    Toddler playing Angry Birds
    Thanks Gorilla Glass

  • dbuck

    Here ya go!

    Android is the bomb
    Tegra cores make it better
    I want to win, please.

  • Dradien

    Of all the contests
    I never win a damn thing
    Androidandme, help!

  • gvsriks

    Already past bedtime
    trying rhymes for sometime
    wish me luck thistime
    else will wait for nexttime

  • ags29

    Happy holidays
    Fujitsu’s Android tablet
    Would cap these off great

  • insert_funny

    Not enough tablets
    For the many who enter
    May I please win one?

  • theviper21

    With Android & Me
    The gifts keep getting better
    Thanks nVidia.

  • keyl10

    I do not write much
    I hate poems very much
    I am finished now

  • raovallab

    Holidays coming

    The nice part is yet to come

    Giving is precious

  • dark_funk

    Missed deadline Monday
    For some other blog’s haiku

  • jonneves

    i hope i win this
    i hope to win the tablet
    i got to win now

  • fletchtb

    I have never heard
    of Fujitsu STYLISTIC
    would love to try one!

  • ohsirus

    i want to win this
    fujitsu stylistic tab
    everlasting droid


    I wish that i would
    to learn what a syllable
    stay in SCHOOL!

  • KujiRA

    Reading everyday
    Never assuming to win
    But I still enter

  • querty

    it is a tegra 3
    people want one of this now
    but i will win this

    • querty

      it is a tablet
      people want one of this now
      but i will win this

  • nath5

    Eleventh day here
    A tablet in my hand soon
    My face a big smile

  • virexed

    Tegra 3 tablet
    No money in my pocket
    Thanks! Android and Me

  • neo4uo

    I <3 free tablets,
    Fijitsu sounds great.
    If not I will just cry.

  • titan13

    I like to bake cakes
    but I plead make no mistake
    they taste really bad

  • tlengster

    Love Android and Me
    Winning one of these tablets
    Will make my day GREAT!

  • kizer

    I wish to win now
    Probably I will not win
    Still I hope and pray

  • crossbred900

    New Andwoid tabwet
    I can haz a free one nao?
    I’m a cute kitty.

  • honourbound68

    Apples fall from tree
    From the sweetness poison pools
    Follower sheeps bleat

    I am superior
    Falsely, blindly they believe
    Android smiles sangroid

    • honourbound68


      Android smiles sangfroid

  • sam_evans7

    Android addiction?
    Need more customization
    Flash another ROM

  • TheyCallMeZ

    Does anyone else think when you sneeze it sounds like you are saying “Fujitsu”?

  • sasepatrupc

    Long live the caveman.
    He may not be around now
    But he will again.

  • brazimus

    Jumping through the hoops
    Twenty-Five Days of Tegra
    Sure would love to win!

    • brazimus

      Good luck everyone, and Happy Holidays!

  • suicidalsnowman

    Marx had wished for
    the proletariat to
    be free, united.

  • byronius

    Tablet no tablet
    I don’t have a single one
    This could be the win

  • Gumboman

    Trying to be a winner

  • titan13

    I like to bake cakes
    but I beg make no mistake
    they taste really bad

  • orangestrat


  • xray49er

    This I need
    your giving it away free
    so pick me

  • ellory

    Eight days of presents
    The candles still burn brightly
    Never forget them

  • Logan Edwards

    My non-haiku:

    The 25 days of tegra
    seem to get better and better.

    With each passing day
    you give more away.

    Thanks for the freebies,
    especially with this economy.
    Merry Christmas to you,
    and you and you.

  • BikerBob1789

    my phone is quite old
    android and me makes me sad
    new ones i can’t have

  • mabooa

    Tegra powered fun
    lets me bide the time away
    Happy Holidays

  • RonWeez

    Never heard of it
    Won’t stop my desire tho
    Fujitsu ! Weez out

  • XS

    I’m pretty excited
    To write a small poem
    For Android And Me

    I’m not a good poet
    But doing my best
    For a one to be

    If you find it proper,
    I’m kindly asking
    Give this prize to me

  • CErikM

    Android leads the way
    Can’t get lost with Google Maps
    Tegra makes it so!

  • kittybite

    Nothing needs to change
    Perfection within my hand
    Vanilla Android

  • sbri7

    Expectation high
    Even chance winning low
    Nothing to lose

  • dacatalyst41

    I have to have it
    Call it a tablet habit
    For android magic

  • Jonathan Hagberg

    Christmas is here now
    We have all been waiting so
    Please Santa bring snow

  • dpleus

    An Android tablet
    Up for grabs in this contest
    Maybe I can win

  • jsmilie

    An Android Christmas

    Bringing Joy and Happiness

    To Many This Year

  • rivera618

    i’ve never heard of this tablet
    every day they get more obscure
    it’s free so here’s my ballot

  • fugmulch

    Phone in my pocket
    Tegra Three Google Goodness
    Tablet on my desk

  • Nicko01

    Tablet SoC
    nVidia Tegra 3
    This, I will enjoy

  • Mioshaman1

    Sleigh bells were ringing
    A Santa Claus was singing
    Merry Christmas All

  • jbcooley

    Haiku, I don’t do
    Just one for this tablet
    Hope I win today

  • thekaz

    please let me win this
    so I can show the fanboys
    a real nice tablet

  • gwapnitsky

    No windows in here.
    Ambiguity prevails.
    Ode, Schrodinger’s Cat.

  • mtlgtrst

    The world is ending,
    Humanity fades away,
    But the droid lives on!

  • aholland1

    Android my nerd love
    My gift I hope to bestow
    If this blog permits…

  • rkumarfun

    Fujitsu STYLISTIC
    They Make Tablest Too
    I Never Knew.

  • Mountain

    I wish to win a
    fujitstu stylistic pad
    or else I’ll be sad.

  • nportelli

    I need a Haiku?
    Well crap I suck at poems
    Let me try this one

  • r90a22

    Who will win this one?
    Maybe me the christmas grouch.
    Would make me happy again

  • ezc

    What is a haiku?
    I don’t care. Just want to win.
    Give me that tablet!

  • gnu.linux.droid

    It is a prize
    with Tegra 3 inside
    Shines outside!

  • douglaslin

    tablet winner please

  • treyb3

    Please pick me this I need
    Because my n7 has a cracked screen
    Grateful I would be

  • jenskristian

    Hoping to win this pad
    all the way from the cold north
    ’cause I need it bad

  • gnu.linux.droid

    I deserve it
    This tablet will be mine
    Please now ship it


    Apples are Red
    Androids are Green
    I wanna win so gimmie the Damn Thing!!

  • eViLSt3ve

    Christmas is here!
    Android and Me, gives.
    A tablet, to me :D

  • Marc_Bob

    Do I develop
    or do I not develop?
    It is the first one!

  • stephen45003

    Honestly I try
    An attempt at a haiku
    To win Fujitsu

  • remy7

    I haiku for a prize
    Oh what a surprise
    Please let it be me.

  • yocubed

    if i am to win
    then happy i will become
    new droid i will have

  • avijaunty

    I don’t need to know jujitsu
    others can burn down with envy
    if i have Fujitsu

  • _AjD

    Like a Pokemon
    GO Fujitsu I Choose You
    We will show them all

  • R.S

    Winning would be nice
    I’d be happy all year long
    With this cool device

  • kusic

    Year with no tablet
    was very sad and lonely
    Am I gonna get one?

    Next one will then get
    same or so different only
    if I win nice one!

    that is what I would do now
    so make it happen!

  • exilis

    Christmas is here now
    Tegra devices to win
    Good luck one and all

  • alexanderharri3

    Snowmen guarding home

    While silent night covers sky

    Joyful songs play on

  • halamsjah

    I tried so many times
    But luck has not been with me
    Hoping this time would got me the best xmas presents

  • Patrick Mahoney

    Haikus aren’t that fun,
    But I freaking love Android,
    So I sacrifice.

  • vinfletcham07

    I can count to five
    I can count to seven too
    This tablet is mine!

  • A.Woodbury

    One word we all love
    Android lovers everywhere

  • Nicholas Rynjah

    The Fujitsu Stylistic M532 tablet
    That thing is just what I need
    So here I’m all set

    Taking part in this giveaway
    Right from day one to day eleven
    Hoping luck go my way

  • GRAW

    Hello, here I am
    Hoping I can win today
    You will pick me, yes?

  • A.Woodbury

    One word we all love
    Android lovers everywhere..

  • JammingEcono

    Me Me Me Me Me!
    I want Fujitsu tablet!
    Me Me Me Me Me!

  • andyrichter11

    I want this tablet
    Pick me to win, if you please
    I will be joyous

  • _AjD

    Can’t make a Haiku
    Then down vote I must give you
    Follow rules up vote

  • fratch73

    It’s that time of year
    festivus for rest of us
    oh thank you jebus

  • m22

    I want fu jits ewe
    I want it so bad that I
    will bake you a pie

  • clauprim

    Android and me
    Is giving us for free
    A awesome tablet

  • Matthew Reynolds

    With these holidays
    Come lots of gifts for giving
    Celebrate with joy

  • kendartra

    Anxiously awaiting news
    from Android and Me
    winner is Darlene Trader

  • zerosix

    Rotten apples lie
    In a basket of patents
    Android is sun.

  • gif83

    Dear Android and Me,
    A Fujitsu is for free?
    Yours Sincerely, me.

  • tervijawn

    Order still pending
    Google Wallet update
    Yellow box of death


  • David Cook

    Locked out of house
    Coldest morning yet this year
    Jeans, T, very cold

  • northend999

    Twenty-five Tegras
    So many, wish they were mine
    Will give them good home

  • Vitti

    Here is to the site
    That makes Android look alright
    Cheers to all of you

  • Austin Tompkins

    It is quite silly,
    what we readers are willing,
    to do for android.


  • Huggie87

    I love android
    And I need a tablet
    Oh please let me have it : )

  • cliffy223

    I wake, reluctant;
    To cold to get out of bed
    But I need to pee

  • nicotinemind

    Christmas is coming
    Share the happiness around
    Good fortune to all

  • Cactacae

    Jellybeans are sweet
    Tastier than apple pie
    Better yet Key Lime!

  • Alan Reboli

    I’m needing to win
    Christmas shopping is too hard
    Please let me win this.

  • mydnightsorrow

    I’m not creative.
    I like getting things for free.
    Give me a tablet.

  • GE918

    I see a Red bird,

    Sitting in the snow.

    Adding color to the cold.

  • Monk3y

    Christmas is the time,
    For a Tegra in my hand,
    Would be most divine!

  • Debbie K

    Inner geek filled the
    void that is a gap at heart
    gives the geek the Tabs

  • Michael Rogers

    Christmas music starts
    November the first now, when
    Sexy nurses shame-walk home.

  • StabMasterArson

    Like snow in winter
    A blizzard of tablets come
    Maybe one for me?

  • Madel

    Let´s give it a shot,
    to win this super tablet,
    giveaway is hot.

  • Jahatch

    “Makes android oak alright”?

  • Y2Dre

    Every day I try
    to win a new piece of tech.
    Will this be the day?

  • Donald Williams

    I am horrible at this rhyming thing so i had to look to the net! Did find one and adjusted the words a bit. Hope this still works!

    Gifts under the tree
    Stockings hang over the fire
    Hoping to win a STYLISTIC fills the air

    Regardless if its good or not! Good luck to players out there!

  • kendartra

    Awaiting the news
    Darlene is the grand winner
    Tegra 3 quad core

  • surg3d

    Best Android news source?
    And prizes galore to boot?
    Sure, have a haiku!

  • edmeme

    Holidays are sweet
    Cooking yummy treats to eat
    Sharing memories…

    • dnguyen1988

      I want to win this
      Choose me to win this tablet
      Too broke to buy one