Dec 11 AT 12:00 PM Clark Wimberly 1,131 Comments (CLOSED)

With 11 days on file, it’s time we introduced a challenge with a little style. To enter to win today’s 25 Days of Tegra device, you’ll need to submit an original haiku (you know, the Japanese poetry that follows a 5-7-5 pattern?). You’ll also need to be logged in, but I figured you guys have figured that part out by now.

The Prize: 

The Fujitsu STYLISTIC M532 is powered by the NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processor and features a 10.1 inch display, 1GB of RAM, an 8MP rear camera- all the bells and whistles you’ve come to expect from these tablets.

Contest Rules

It’s a holiday miracle! This year we’ve expanded our eligible countries to include the following: US (excluding Puerto Rico and its other territories and possessions), Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Norway, Finland, Czech Republic, Australia, China (excluding Hong Kong and Macau), Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, India (excluding the State of Tamil Nadu), and Brazil. If you’re keeping track, that’s like quadruple the locales we normally ship to, so huzzah!

How to Enter

Not that I’m any good at it, but astute readers might have noticed that I’ve been starting each day of the 25 Days of Tegra with a rhyme. Holidays just feel like the time to rhyme. To enter to win today, you’ll need to write a short poem.

It can be about anything you want, the holidays, the tablet, the internet- just make sure it confines to the traditional practices of haiku (most notably: three lines, with 5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables each, respectively). Multiple comments are allowed on this post, but each user will only be counted once. The winner will be chosen at random (as long as the haiku is valid), so don’t bother downvoting each other. To get things rolling, I’ve written a few myself:

A month of prizes
like some new age nerd Santas
Will he visit me?

The weather changes
People opening their hearts
Holiday traffic

Holidays approach
Families start to gather
Please spike the eggnog

I know these are terrible. I already admitted to being terrible at this. Which is why we’re asking you guys to submit some. Anyone got some clever words to get in the holiday spirit?

Winner: boro09

Clark is a developer living in Austin, Texas. He runs ClarkLab, a small web firm with his wife, Angie. He's a big fan of usability, standards, and clean design.

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  • Ezy03

    Let me tell you this
    Holidays will be awesome
    with a Fujitsu

  • Nathan D.

    Leaves falling from trees / Snow drifting onto the ground / Life leaving your corpse

    Zero from boarder lands 2 is so awesome with his cool/funny haiku.

  • lexleningrad

    Gazing longingly
    At it’s tegra processor
    I wish to receive

  • Stig03

    In order to win
    I have to write this haiku
    Good luck to you all

  • wmax

    Who will win this droid?
    Something that stands from the crowd.
    WHO will win this droid?

  • ArticulateFool

    I will win this prize
    On android and me dot com
    Do not interfere

  • Dan13

    I sit here drooling
    Over this Tegra 3 slate
    Wish good luck to all

  • TheStig

    i want it because
    its not the end of the world
    and i like android

  • bugwan

    As luck would have it
    The droid and I are well matched
    Deliver with haste

  • SGB101

    Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom…. Boom book boom boom..

    Blackadder ;o)

  • Anthony Massingham

    I doubt I’ll win this
    I haven’t had much luck yet
    But you have to try.

  • charlesspivak1

    I want to win this
    Please make it happen today
    I will be grateful

  • ddnnoo

    You think yours are bad
    Well then check out my haiku
    Horror strikes all

  • ddnnoo

    You think yours are bad
    Well then check out my haiku
    Horror strikes all you

    I’m an idiot.

  • death1601

    Win, or not to win?
    The question is now!

    Hohoho! Merry Christmas to everyone.

  • chralex


  • ndub21

    Amazing new phones
    Crazy technology there
    I must have them all

  • mightynaf

    I want to win this,
    I hope it is my turn now
    Winning would fab

  • Ferry B.

    This is difficult
    But I want it so badly
    Please let me win this

  • viljarsalu

    oooo my god’en,
    that device
    is very nice :)

  • J Arcane

    I am very broke
    I sold my Touchpad online
    Need new one for school

  • slowspud

    Flew Home From Warm Blue Beach
    Woke Up In Wet Clouds
    Back To The Computer Screens

  • Kilgore Trout

    I do not like Xmas
    I am a Grinch you will see
    I will take your presents

  • kli

    The wheel of fortune
    Spins direct to the wish
    Will it work for now?

  • heynomi4u

    I am trying to win
    1 out of 25 days of Tegra
    So here it goes

  • mickaelsource

    I will win this prize
    I sold my Ipad online
    Winning would fab

  • EddieB

    December is here
    Shopping almost done
    Now it’s time for the big show

  • slowspud

    Oops That Was Seven
    And Then Five And Then Seven
    Still Want A Tablet

  • emaciscool

    I thought that haikus
    Were related to nature
    Not electronics?

    Perhaps, I concede
    An exception can be made
    Don’t let me stop you

    For this is quite fun
    I’m enjoying this a lot
    Give me that tablet

  • stri26

    I’d love a tablet
    Technology is tres rad
    Android is raddest

  • jak2rocks

    Hello how are you
    I would like this tablet now
    My birthday is soon.

  • Moises Rivera

    It’s Christmas time now
    All I want is an Android
    Just grant my wishes

  • Kilgore Trout

    A tablet for you
    A tablet will be for me
    From Tegra Fujitsu

  • Mehta23

    I want that tablet
    Give the tablet to me man
    You know you want to.

  • Wost

    Time for a Tegra
    Tablets of pure distinction
    True agility

  • Hawaiian

    It’s my Fujitsu?
    Look how it sits in my hands
    Tablet perfection

  • Slith

    Fujitsu is good
    Life is grand when tablets run
    Haiku is not hard

  • Anthony E

    I would love to win
    I would really love to win
    Here’s hoping I win

  • Entupoto



















  • E-man

    I need a tablet
    It is for school and pleasure
    But mostly pleasure

  • MikeTop

    This is not easy!!

    Won’t you let me win for once?

    Win would be awesome!!! :)

  • en em

    Fujitsu tablet
    You are very beautiful
    I dream about you

  • Roger Rabbi

    Another tablet

    What use do I have for it

    Sell it on ebay?

  • Aquintus Seal

    Oooh I smell a rat
    My competition is stiff
    I will win my prize

  • eggwolio

    wonderful tablet
    sometimes you fizz in water
    when i’m hungover.

    delightful tablet
    last night i had no drinks so,
    today you’re a toy.

    frustrating tablet
    today you failed to fizz, but
    at least you’re no phone.

    i hate you tablet
    large screen real estate helps those
    drunken emails flow free.

    wow, i’m bad at this.
    but if I win, I’ll have drinks
    and live this haiku.

    i hope not.

  • Tariqali

    I’m no 668 hope it’s not a que

  • Motospark

    Need more Gadgets Now
    I need to wait for Christmas
    Patients a Virtue?

  • devildirk

    Is this really true
    a contest for me and you
    my new Fujitsu

  • Nodigo

    Haiku from Japan
    Tablet may come to me
    I wish it so much

  • pmrich

    Interactive fun
    Technology unsurpassed
    Fujitsu, Tegra

  • jhagerup

    Android rocks and rolls
    Twenty-five days of prizes
    Am I in Heaven?

  • Kelly Schrock

    It’s not my birthday
    Still I would like to receive
    This Fujitsu thing

  • sctrait

    You better watch out
    I’m gonna win this tablet
    You better not cry

  • techvudu

    powered by tegra core
    zombie remains feed the fertile soil
    whoville sleeps again

  • ordio

    Would love to win this,
    This tablet looks great to use!
    Draw my name maybe?

  • talktech

    This is really fun
    People racking up their heads
    Making up a rhyme.

  • Ryan McDonald

    It is Christmas time,
    I want an Android tablet
    It’s the perfect gift

  • sabrhawk

    to win this contest
    my inner yoda channel
    i must for the win

  • mario_1603

    Memory was something that you lost with age.
    A CD was a bank account.
    And if you had a 3 1/2″ floppy
    You hoped nobody found out.

    • Bpear96

      its suppose to be 3 lines, 5 syllabubs 7 then 5 again

    • Bpear96

      its suppose to be 3 lines. 5 syllables 7 then 5 again

  • DeKernul

    I will take one free
    Who does not like free items
    Thank you in advance

  • justineats

    New tablet for me
    New tablet for you who knew
    One for me and you

  • yellowlabdoggy

    Inhale the winter air, fresh mountain snow, Sierra dust for the soul

  • melan26

    Fujitsu, say what?
    I have rarely heard of them
    But it is all good

  • maarch

    I need a tablet
    I cannot wait for christmas
    So please pick me

  • oozer27

    I really want this
    That is why I am rhyming
    Please give it to me

  • robd1893

    I like free tablets
    Winning makes me so happy
    Android and me yeah

  • gorwin

    Android is Awesome
    Jelly Bean is the Shiznit
    Give tablet to me!

  • jvictorc

    Magical Tegra
    The envy of all my friends,
    or at least the geeks.

  • Aslan123

    I want to win this
    Tablet so bright and shiny
    Hopefully I do.

  • XanLoves

    Haikus are easy.
    But sometimes they don’t make sense.

  • greyrog

    Terrific tablets.
    Will soon be given away.
    Please one be mine

  • Jack Thakar

    Verizon Nexus
    Where is Android 4.2?
    Thank you custom roms!

  • Bozz019

    Awesome! Hook me up!

  • RhynosAndroid

    Error 404: (four-oh-four)
    Your haiku could not be found.
    Try again later.

  • Meister_Li

    Fujitsu makes Tablets?
    How did I not know this?
    Questions like this are useless.

  • BrotherBloat

    Require this gift
    it’s shiny and splendidly

  • Josiah Fulton

    oh how i would love
    a new fu jit su tablet
    from android and me

  • Thomas Biard

    A month of Tegra
    Oh the flagships as they come
    I come up empty

  • orangemage

    What is this tablet?
    Android on a Fujitsu?
    This must be mine.

  • Anjie Cai

    I like pi. I I like.
    I like pi. Pi I like. Yes.
    I really like pi.

    • MagikalTrev

      key lime you mean? : P

      • Anjie Cai

        exactly :D

  • indizzle

    Boyfriend sent me here
    To win an android tablet
    I’d surely love to

  • RhynosAndroid

    Spam in my inbox.
    Can I really help this guy?
    From Nigeria?

  • johna9999

    Android is my friend
    Tablets make me very happy
    Please send me one now

  • kipperkahn

    I’d love to win this
    oh but who am I kidding
    my kids would nab it

  • CactusCat

    Poetry here is crummy
    As I read all the posts here
    So is mine

  • kelltrash14

    This tablet I don’t know
    Did they invent it just for this?
    When did Fujitsu make tabs?

  • logsend

    Old tablet one day
    Gone, hoping a new will come
    From Android and me

  • Sarge

    My Name is Toby
    I suck at making this thing
    Android is so great

  • jibin_raju

    I’ll give a try
    Please Don’t make me cry
    Then I’ll make you fry
    Happy Holidays Folks :-)

  • omegadoom13

    Autumn Wind.
    All I see
    is haiku…

  • jhenrysweeps

    Holidays are here
    Time for family antics
    Hope there is eggnog

  • Luv_android

    Gifts under the tree
    Stockings hang over the fire
    Hope fills the air

  • kire13162

    a new tablet yes
    friends and family impress
    holiday greatness

  • firsta90

    Simple Christmas wish
    A Fujitsu Tegra Tab
    Great gift for sharing.

  • Goonie

    In the world of Android,
    Wild tabs appear anywhere.
    Gotta catch ‘em all.

  • nassiball

    Fujitsu tablet
    Give me Fujitsu tablet
    Haiku God of DROID!

  • charlie3

    Hey Android and me
    I so love your prize contests
    They make me happy

  • thymeless

    Northern Hemisphere
    ’tis between equinoxes
    A Solstice tablet

  • captainkirkw

    Dreams of new gadgets
    flowing through my head all day
    Waiting patiently

  • Wyoung

    In the spirit now
    If the prize does come my way
    I will not regift

  • myredtwo

    The stars and the moon
    Shining brightly in the sky
    What a pretty sight

  • Jorge Vieira

    I have about three phones
    And this tablet will make four
    O how I adore and me!

  • wRggltibl

    haiku for tablet
    written with hopeful letter
    fujitsu please?

  • bcskelly

    Finally Christmas
    I have to get a tablet
    Winning would be great

  • mof1452

    Christmas is very near
    Stockings stuffed with Tegra gear
    Wait, I love toodles

  • craigtut

    Dear Android and Me
    You see, I’d like to win this
    Android Fanboy here

  • Dr.Carpy

    Christmas time celebration
    people gathering together
    anticipating Tegra delights

  • bleh_zero

    Nvidia core

    December a time frozen

    Android forever

  • robertlwalters

    Loading my device
    With power and performance
    Simply put, Droid Does

  • Gibberish

    Internet is down
    Cannot sign up for tablet
    Going insane now

  • dcortright

    Books are so heavy
    Put them all on one device
    Now my back loves me

  • RhynosAndroid

    Developer Zen:
    “Ignore this error message.”
    What do I do now?

  • smnitro555

    I want to win now
    For me make this come true now
    Please Please Please Please Please

  • s_rob

    would love a tablet
    ill be a tegra monster
    let me win this prize

  • Revalence

    iPhone 5 was September 12,
    Lil’ iPad Mini was on October 23,
    Nexus was best, October 29.

    • Revalence

      Scratch that.

      iPhone 5 was bland,
      iPad Mini was too small,
      But Nexus was best.

  • Oscar Ortega

    i am so hungry
    please let me eat so much food
    yum yum yum yum yum

  • Covert

    i want this tablet
    for no really good reason
    just having some fun

  • Gibberish

    I eat my dinner.
    My potatoes are not great,
    Feed them to the cat?

  • siddharthmani

    I hear crackling

    Crunch, of today’s new found day

    And know it won’t last

  • ben steel

    once upon a time
    a Fujitsu came my way
    to have fun and play

  • Willard Potter

    AndroidAndMe rocks
    Nvidia does also
    I hope I win this

  • rj7777

    Wonderful tablet
    It could and should be for me!
    I would love it so!!!

  • pliu.2014

    Roses are red and violets are blue and i want tablet too

  • Ilyse Rose

    You need to pick me
    The Android and Me judges
    So I can win this

  • WayneBurman

    I’d love a Tegra
    A shiny new Tegra tablet
    Yes, I live in hope!

  • Droid XXX

    Happy Holidays!
    I really want a tablet
    Okay thank you bai

  • sadie

    i want this tablet
    enough to write a haiku
    but not more than that

  • rickneworleansla

    I’m in. Merry Christmas.

  • juandroid88

    The World is Ending
    or so the ancient legend says
    So I must win Fujitsu

  • cflo

    In order to win this,
    I must write you a haiku,
    how did I do this?

  • glenton

    Here I go again
    Another contest entry
    When will I win one

  • rickneworleansla

    I’d like a tablet.
    To go with my phablet.
    Merry Christmas to all.

  • Keith.Swiader

    Fujitsu is cool
    For the eleventh day prize
    I sure hope I win.

    Thanks again for another opp!

  • aculver


  • taasadi

    it’s the time for me

    to win a device!!

    Yaaaaabeeeeeeee I won???

  • Paulstraker

    I tried to win in No.1

    I tried to win in No.5

    Now hope to win No.8

  • WeeJavaDude

    Christmas time for joy
    Androids and Apples embrace
    Dreams I hope come true

  • cobra4014

    Dark like the monolithic slate of the tab

    Bright like each pixel when it’s touched

    Cold like the metal of the fab

    Dry like the metal on the back of the touch

    Ho Ho Ho :)

  • Another change. Hope I get lucky this time =)

    • aranea

      You know you have to write a haiku

  • chance**

  • zeepzorp

    You tunnel en masse,
    seventeen year cicada.
    Rise and swarm, my friends.

  • wRggltibl

    cat says with anti like
    you dudes put up a tree?
    sad weird humans

  • Puck69

    Thanks Android and Me
    For this Fujitsu tablet
    Merry christmas all

  • wickedme

    Tis the season for

    merry wishes to all who

    wish for a tablet

  • aranea

    Old tablet of mine
    Needed to be upgraded
    Then came Fujitsu

  • pikahatonjon

    Can I win one please?
    I have been awesome this year
    Santa please help me

  • HowlPendragon


  • mattmdh

    Smartphones are cool in the fast, complicated, big world. They make us so high !

  • sandwich

    So many Haikus
    Ruin my chances to win
    DDOS time!

  • swight

    Tablet for Christmas
    If only it could be true
    happy days could be here

  • homi.92

    rain is pouring
    internet is dying
    my brain is frying

  • mernen

    Counting those syllables
    Is harder than you might think
    For a foreigner


  • fingers26

    I will win on the last stand
    The crow will try to wish with the wand
    then the tablet will appear
    And I would say oh my dear
    I just won a Table Fujitsu STYLISTIC
    and this is realistic…!!!!!

  • SCJaredJ

    AndroidAndMe Is
    The Greatest Site Ever! Now
    Please Gimme Gimme

  • mrvander

    I never win these
    Yet I continue to try
    why bother? Oh why?

  • bluesbreaker

    the moon so pure
    a wandering monk carries it
    across the sand

  • Kent Burton

    I hate to write this
    haiku make me want to poo
    but what you to do?

  • jrp1305

    A sunday tablet being crossed

    how pleasing

    with sundays in my hands!

  • StevenZoz

    Never seen these before
    Though might as well try to win
    Perhaps it is cool

  • iceparrot

    Will eggnog bring luck? I will be ok either way. I just like bourbon

  • myvoiceinthewind

    Christmas is coming
    Holiday cheer for us all
    Tablet is for me?

  • Snoogans

    I want a tablet
    Can I have this one pretty please?
    It looks kind of cool

  • HardNoks

    Christmas is so near
    I really need a new tab
    I hate my in-laws.

  • renyo

    My exams over
    Its time to not be sober
    Till time is over

  • Boding

    Knife and fork to eat
    Oven I forgot to heat
    Uncooked salmon meat

  • dandroid4g

    I love eating fruit
    Pomegranates are the best
    I eat them a lot

  • jcbobea

    The Fujitsu Tab
    With Android and from Japan
    This winter will love

  • Allan Tribe

    I like to eat cake
    cake not like me eat cake
    i eat it anyway

  • pudgypanda3

    wishing wanting prize
    Hoping for a surprise now
    Android and me please

  • purgatory

    tablets are awesome
    My kids would really love one
    Please make it happen

  • torooo

    A Christmas tablet
    It is much bigger than yours
    Santa help me please

  • MagikalTrev

    Get it on, right now
    Bang a gong, like my android
    Get it on, Tegra

  • XeonMatrix

    Chosen at random
    So says the host of this post
    Random is my name

  • svensjo

    Android and Tegra
    A Lenovo Tablet prize
    Make me a winner

  • Calisto1224

    I want to win please
    So please pick me this time around
    I’ll be very happy yup!

  • JC005

    Happy holidays
    Loving all the give aways
    Pleas pick me this time

  • XeonMatrix

    Life can be great see?
    With android and jelly bean
    It’s buttery smooth.

  • mandream

    I want to win this
    Haven’t been lucky so far
    Would be so happy

  • traviswjones

    I want a tablet
    I hope you give me one please
    Make it Fujitsu

  • Diego Leon

    Root, boot loader, hack
    Jellybeans are delicious
    Android tablets rock

  • smwinn7

    Tech is just great fun
    It brings me lots tons of joy
    Android makes tech fun

  • Bryan Stoner

    This is a huge rush.
    Just typing on this black mush.
    A lovely tab awaits.

  • tjsdroid

    This fujitsu tab
    Will make a very good gift
    For my great girlfriend

  • classic_hero

    winner coming soon
    hope that I can be the one
    tablets are most fun

  • almostfrench

    Wow! I am always a fan of Fujitsu. Please let me win this.

  • sncrmck

    so this is christmas
    twenty-five of days tegra
    where is my lovin’?

  • almostfrench

    Oops! Missed the condition. Here’s my short poem:

    Fujitsu, Fujitsu
    I’m always a fan of you.
    Fujitsu, Fujitsu
    Let me win this one, can you?

  • cuteandrew21

    Love Android And Me
    Give great advice to us all
    That’s why we call friends

  • androgue

    Android is perfect
    I hope to win the tablet
    Please don’t make me sad.

  • psipher

    From the beginning
    G1 to Droid to Nexus
    Android delivered

  • callabean

    Fujitsu tablet
    It would be a dream to own
    Pick me pick me please!

  • Illryion

    somebody told me
    on a new website, unknown
    free things could be mine

  • HeadDoc

    Tablets are awesome,
    Much more than giant cell phones
    or electric books

  • Shazam

    christmas in the south
    leaves on trees, no snow on ground
    feels more like summer

  • LittleGreenDude

    You guys are the best
    giving away all this stuff
    holidays are boss.

  • calmness

    Code Monkey want win
    AndroidAndMe give-away
    wonderful Tablet

  • bquach87

    with android and me,
    infinity and beyond
    together as fated

  • mattkelly

    Now I stay up late
    I love Making comic books
    Read them on tablets

  • Lanieekat

    Years they come and go/
    Winter snow is great for some/
    Technology rocks

  • awundrin

    Snow is fallin’ here now

    Don’t wanna go out and plow

    Cause I don’t know how

  • epps720

    Never win these contests
    hope that this will be the first
    crossing my fingers

  • cartoonman

    Enter contest now

    So I type and press submit.

    Did I win or is it Hype?

  • bquach87

    in order to win
    I must write lyrical poem
    or choose a haiku

  • esman

    Hey hey what you say
    Play Fujitsu giveaway
    Tegra on the way

  • chelap

    Christmas around us
    Just one gift from Santa Claus
    All Cheers upon us

  • deadpenguins

    Android is for me
    I don’t like rotten apples
    Deaf geese in a tree

  • alexandreoliveira

    Uhu… it’s coming.

  • ElSteverino

    give me the tech loot
    a fujitsu tab for me
    we scream for jelly bean

  • RocketDroid

    An Android Tablet
    Fujitsu Stylistic
    M Five ThirtyTwo

  • TheVoodoo

    Devices Plenty
    Bitten Fruit Green with Envy
    The Android Story

  • RRR

    My gods are smart
    And they need tablets
    Nothing’s to chew

  • fasteddie8

    Snow with many lights.
    Fat man with rosy red cheeks.
    Cold and colorful.

  • jayanth1107

    i want it because
    its the end of the world
    and want it before we END

  • penguins

    I need to eat fruit.
    Clean out the pipes, if you will.
    I need veggies too.

  • saeedb3r

    Awesome date 12-12-12 !!!

  • doho

    I want this tablet
    I’m too poor to buy for me
    please send my way

  • jackogie

    Fujitsu with style
    make you with personal style
    style make life better

  • Bulletcollector

    If I could have one
    A Fujitsu Stylistic
    The world would be mine

  • iamin

    Give this crappy tablet
    Or do not entice me posting everyday a new pamphlet
    This Christmas will be fun
    If you only give me this one

  • markallen1988

    I would love to win
    twenty-five days of Tegra
    NVIDIA, man!

  • iamdroid

    pick me!

  • kie

    This is how we roll;
    Over the hills and through snow.
    Holiday a go!

  • Deon Davis

    Given away Tegra tablets?
    I need it! Giveth me!

  • sebastianyuke

    After a lot of hard work and stress that accumulate
    Finally the Joyful time has arrived
    Happier than ever if tablet is come along as gift!

  • murali.ram

    Fujitsu you are the one
    I love you with all my heart
    Have a great Year!

  • cljyuan

    A month of prizes
    like some new age nerd Santas
    Will he visit me?

    The weather changes
    People opening their hearts
    Holiday traffic

    Holidays approach
    Families start to gather
    Please spike the eggnog

  • cljyuan

    Holidays approach
    Families start to gather
    Please spike the eggnog

  • nmil86

    I want a new toy.
    Like the one up above, please.
    It would be awesome.

  • mercado79

    LG’s Nexus 4,
    Arrived at my door last week,
    Christmas come early.

  • KingCrow02

    Fujitsu tablet
    Will be excellent to win
    Crossing my fingers

  • Sameer

    This is my third day consecutively but still no luck

  • dharr18

    I would like a tab
    Please give me a tablet now
    What a wonderful grab

    • dharr18

      What a fool am I
      I messed up a haiku
      The last line too long

  • Toughmn

    One white snow hardens.
    Flowering water soars.
    The death across the wind.

  • Jennie Tran

    Android tablet with
    NVIDIA Tegra 3
    made by Fujitsu

  • peho

    fujitu tablet
    i want to win this for free
    tablet computing

  • wjptam

    Gingerbread cookies,
    Ice cream sandwiches before
    Christmas jelly beans

  • ryan003

    to win the contest
    to be declared the victor
    triumph wins beauty

  • WarrickWilson

    Another Android
    Release leaves my current phone
    Further in the past

  • jamesgp

    Haiku’s are easy
    but sometimes they don’t make sense

  • rags_2489

    This is one good looking tablet. Would look awesome in my girlfriend’s hands..:-)

  • NegativeOne13

    Thank you to Tegra
    And Can’t Forget And and Me
    For Really Great Gifts

  • ConfuciusTse

    No experience
    But I’ll still try my best(est)
    Did I win one yet?

  • reyame

    Physics enemy
    Why must you torture me so
    return days of old

  • thel0nerang3r

    A must have tablet
    so many choices to have now
    Fujitsu for me

  • theha9

    The winner is me,
    The tablet is mine of course,
    Well wishes to all.

  • yusef.abouremeleh

    I would love to win,
    to have and experience,
    a new android toy.

  • digvijaya07

    Its Great Opportunity Given by You ….
    All Tegra Devices are Just Awesome n Extremely impressive..
    Feels Fortunate to Participate In Great Contest…
    Fingers Crossed …!!

  • Tapper8605

    I’ll win this tablet
    Then browse Reddit like a pro
    Kitty pics for you

  • adrianap

    pick me please! this would be the best Christmas present ever…


    Android is so good.
    Christmas is coming so soon.
    Gift me a tablet.

  • danetran93

    I would like to have,
    A very special christmas,
    give the prize to me.

  • ninjandroid

    gonna comment here

  • Futureboy

    Tablets are like girls
    Their allure is powerful
    Best haiku ever

  • ninjandroid

    gonna comment here
    writin’ poetry so bad
    gimme tablet NAOW

  • nikhilverma

    Going to college
    How pleasing it sounds
    with an Android in hand

  • eliander mendoza

    12-12-12- my luky day! :)

  • eliander mendoza

    BlackBerry is the big boy
    Apple kills BB
    Android eats apple

  • Rohan23

    The world of tablets,
    the world of gadgets,
    the world of gizmos,
    and the world of wonders

    Tabs,laptops,cellphones you desire,
    They cost so much you cant afford,
    Then Gods like Tegra come,
    And give one the golden Tab!!

  • Kyle_Man

    would love to win this
    tablet of joy in winter
    to keep my butt warm

  • dcds

    Can I haz tabby?
    Ur tabby is my tabby
    tabby is miiiiiine.

  • tijean

    The time has arrived
    to be kind to all mankind
    live a life of love

  • Yash Jethmalani

    Its a great contest
    Just a contest for thine
    But the Tablet’s mine

  • roamin

    Fujitsu tablet
    Tegra and Android and Me
    Day eleven prize

  • schmoove

    win win win

  • Yash Jethmalani

    Tablet is today
    Not just a square piece of tech
    Its Awesome dude

  • avpradee

    Let it be me
    Waited for so long for hands on the tablet
    long live fujitsu

  • humidity

    Android is the best!
    There is no competition.
    Go Android and Me!

  • Blaatschaap

    just pick my haiku
    I spent ten minutes on it
    I really want one

  • thr970

    Tablet for internet
    or for my needy family
    Fujtsu Stylistic oh

  • nstickney

    Day seven comes now
    Today I could win the prize
    Merry Christmas me?

  • jizzy6879

    i so need this tablet

    the look on this thing is amazing

    please let me win this

  • MC_Android

    I want this tablet

    I have 3 finals this week

    Should be studying.

  • dapronti

    Am I too late
    Or do I have to wait
    please call me kate

  • hubersan

    Sensuous Android
    Bringing your obnoxious
    playtime over tablets

  • Rohan23

    desperate times!!

  • Joshua Barta

    Google play has apps
    Movies, books, magazines too
    What else will they add?

  • Joshua Barta

    Google Play has apps
    Movies, books, magazines too
    What else will they add???

  • nenerdene

    hope i win this

  • lui.kohl

    Give me this tablet
    Fujitsu Baby!
    I’ll be happy

  • robopixie

    Christmas tree is here…
    Brand new tablet underneath,
    It makes me happy!

  • alabit

    Tegra Stuff for free?
    I’m all about processors
    High Speed Awesomeness

  • sdtrinity3

    Android and me here
    With NVIDIA Tegra
    STYLISTIC is key

  • rajendra11

    wish you all peace and happiness
    at Christmas and throughout
    the New Year.

  • sly

    Look into your past
    For clues about the future
    Think well unto that

  • judeabreo

    from 2.3 to 4.xx
    how android has transformed
    fujitsu come upgrade me

  • Kern Clarke

    these tablets are cool
    powered by nividia
    there very good tools

  • downsouthtigger

    Not that I will win
    But everyday I try
    Thank you for the chance

  • kmichaeld

    From A to Z Android and Me may set me free

  • cullenmq

    I love my tegra
    fast speeds and awesome graphics
    i hope that i win!

  • Gumboman

    A different tablet would be nice

  • HolidayNC

    Who WOULDN’T want this?
    I mean after all, COME ON…
    It’s a FUJITSU!

  • lament

    Oh snap a new prize
    Did I miss a day at all?
    It appears I did not.

  • r_greatlove

    I want all this for me
    Style,games and movie
    Having fun with androidandme

  • Xerxes-major

    Mmm Japanese hardware. Nom.

  • isa007

    really wanna win
    a tablet awesome as hell
    it would be no sin

  • Granna

    This time it is gonna be me :)

  • Ely

    How funny it is
    I almost cannot believe
    It’s mine to win

  • Larde

    We’re trying to win
    Android is why we are here
    This site is great fun

  • orophin15

    Could it be so true
    That just by typing Haiku
    I win Fujitsu?

  • volcombrandon

    A great contest here
    I would love to really win
    Thank you for the chance