Dec 16 AT 12:45 PM Clark Wimberly 623 Comments (CLOSED)

Day 16 is here and that means another chance to win an awesome device in the 25 Days of Tegra. We’ve paired with our friends over at @NVIDIATegra to bring you a full month of giveaways and challenges, and things are starting to heat up. To enter to win today, your And Me Account will need a rank of at least 15 or higher.

The Prize: HTC One X

Contest Rules

It’s a holiday miracle! This year we’ve expanded our eligible countries to include the following: US (excluding Puerto Rico and its other territories and possessions), Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Norway, Finland, Czech Republic, Australia, China (excluding Hong Kong and Macau), Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, India (excluding the State of Tamil Nadu), and Brazil. If you’re keeping track, that’s like quadruple the locales we normally ship to, so huzzah!

How to Enter

For today’s challenge, your And Me Account will need a rank of 15 or higher. Our user system runs on reputation, which you can score from leaving comments, starting threads, getting upvotes, etc. As we move along, some challenges will be specifically for folks with high ranks. If you want to keep up, try to build some reputation around the site. If your rank is high enough, you’ll see a comment form below. Use it. Multiple comments are allowed on this post, but each user will only be counted once. The winner will be chosen at random, so don’t bother downvoting each other.

Winner (coming soon)

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  • OpenIntro

    dear android and me, i love you. happy holidays!

    • LukeT32

      No I love them! :P

      • Dan13

        No, I love them more!

        • ranwanimator

          You hate them compared to how much I love them!

          • crunchybutternut

            I love them as much as you, times infinity! (feel like middle school anyone?)

          • GUI_Center

            Lets agree to love them together ;) lol

          • raovallab

            Sounds like an Android orgy !!! :)

    • intel8140

      We love winning new toys. O:-)

  • Varemenos

    Not announcing winners get me kinda annoyed…

    • OpenIntro

      patience is a virtue :)

      • damambt

        It makes things exciting. Plus, you might just experience a Christmas miracle.

    • WlfHart

      Anticipation builds excitement!

    • amosque57

      I was somewhat interested in the other prizes but this one I seriously hope I win this in my opinion is the best phone of the year

    • jeshep

      They are being announced, albeit slowly. Just go to the “25 Days of Tegra” landing page,, and look at the icons for each day of the contest. The icons with avatars indicate which winners have been selected. Looks like only the first two have been announced so far.

      • tanman888

        Awesome! Thanks for the tip jeshep. :)

    • Alan Reboli

      Lol mad because of a free giveaway?

  • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

    Please let me win I’ve been trying to own an HTC one X since it came out

    • christiaangombert

      You never considered buying one?

    • Glenbot3000

      I’m writing this on one right now, and it’s awesome! :p

  • Laurel laurel25

    Very cool gift!

  • RocketDroid

    Count me in!

  • jckeyes

    Third comment is the charm?

  • mickjen

    Randomly pick me, please!!!!

  • 4n1m4l

    Maybe now we will have a chance?

  • Sean the Electrofreak

    Wouldn’t mind having that sweet phone!

  • AChackes

    Thanks, I will take one

  • J3R3MY_H

    Feliz Navidad

  • Meister_Li

    Now THAT’s a phone I’d really love having. I was seriously considering getting this when it first came out and people where just amazed by it’s screen and performance. :D

  • redraider133

    Good luck!!

  • uknowme

    Oh this would be freaking sweet! Please!?! You guys rock!

  • sandy105

    one X is the best phone period.
    after one x+ that is :)

  • _AjD

    This may save my wife’s one X from being stolen (by me)

  • breckdroid

    Please and Thank you! This phone would be a sweet pick up!

  • WallaceD

    Wow, this is a good one.

  • mustybooks

    Great phone

  • christiaangombert

    This is the Tegra devices I’ve been waiting for! If the 25 days of Tegra are all ready this crazy than how will this end? Great prices, thanks to Androidandme!

  • stephen45003

    This phone is beautiful, I’d really love to win it!

  • waltsobchak

    Still eligible!
    The suspense is killing me.

  • keridel

    Awesome phone

  • azswift

    I was soo disappointed when this didn’t come to T-mobile. This looks fantastic!

  • Adryan maldonado

    Love androidandme and of course we got love nvidia for being so amazingly generous. Thanks both of yall

  • yankeesusa

    Awesome. Bring it on. Thanks androidandme!

  • MrQuestion

    I want this to be my next phone.

  • techvudu

    One X + TMO 1900MHz = Win. Love this phone.

    Unfortunately it never hit my carrier (TMO)….but the new spectrum should make it a total win. Only 9 days until the big man drops the good down the chimney. Hope you all are having a Happy Holiday Season. Thanks again AAM and Nvidia for this amazing month long contest.

  • sandy105

    one X is the best phone ,period.
    after one x+ that is :)

  • kookeetree

    Happy Holiday!

  • 94wolfpack

    Buon Natale!

  • pickledgator

    In it to win it!

  • KOBesucker

    Now we’re talking!

  • koorsr

    Awesome phone. Couldn’t ask for a better gift.

  • YellowDucati


  • oddball

    Good luck everyone. Thank you android and me and nvidia for another great contest

  • Sil Claeys

    Happy holidays!

  • alee

    Thanks for yet another great giveaway!

  • Alec Waddelow

    What a great looking phone. Cheers everyone!

  • srshin11

    Good luck!

  • nebelriss

    great phone…

  • ordio

    Wow I’ve made it over the score!

  • ezc

    “X” cellent !!! :P

    count me in.

  • ndorrough

    Oh my!

  • JC005

    Count me in

  • zippyioa

    HTC One X? Don’t mind if I do! :)

  • zerosix


    • zerosix

      I wanted to say that I’m in.

  • Jack Thakar

    Thank you!

  • Rob Banks


  • heeros

    I have to agree with a previous comment, I’d love to at least know IF someone already won any of the past prizes. But either way these are great opportunities, thank you for running these giveaways Android and Me!

  • E-man

    One X for my 4G

  • MC_Android

    Even though my odds aren’t in my favour, I like how A&Me gave all the new people who were active a chance to enter. It’s completely possible to go from rank 1 to 15 in a week or so. Good luck everyone :)

  • da9el

    pretty cool phone!

  • R.S

    Oooh, an HTC one would work great on T-Mobile now that they refarmed their 1900 MHz in my area.

  • ndub21

    Drool… I love the look of the HTC One X phones, they are dead sexy. I would love to win this!

  • A.Woodbury

    One X to rule them all!

  • Anjie Cai

    Thank you for giving us such a good holiday. We know we won’t be lost with Google maps

  • damambt

    Yessss! Odds are getting better for all of us! Cant wait for the winners to be announces.

  • myandroid99

    Count me in… Even though they gave this away last year :P

  • Ilyse Rose

    Yes, please!

  • Revalence

    Can I haz Tegra 3?

  • Vyrlokar

    I love HTC design. I wish I win this one!

  • Dragonithe

    This is by far the best phone at the moment :)

  • Dave Kratter


  • Moises Rivera

    I’ve wanted this phone since it came out, I would LOVE to own it.

  • janK

    Thank you very much for giving active people some exclusive chances!

  • kusic

    Statistic is statistic but it has to happen this year!

  • sm.komo

    15 or Higher? I’m still in it!

  • smwinn7

    What a sweet upgrade this would be from my Inspire

  • digvijaya07

    I m in Love with this High Performance Device …!!
    Just Amazing :D . Best Luck to all :))

  • staryoshi

    In like an analogy! Thanks, AndroidandMe!

  • geiko

    I’m in it to win it.

  • bryanizmir

    You guys and gals rock!!

  • Qrkchrm


  • Kaustubh_Adhav

    Been crying over my slow Wildfire! This would wipe the tears off my face :’)

  • jenskristian

    Gimme gimme :-)

  • Mustin

    This would be great for my switch to Verizon!

  • alexanderharri3


  • asmodeus5

    HTC has some pretty good phones…hopefully they can stay afloat…

  • ArticulateFool

    Wow! Been waiting for this one to pop up!

  • Nwemo

    Ah it’d be nice to look at a HTC One X without a cracked screen…surely this ones for me?!

  • Deeds

    I have more than 15!

  • juno23

    Omg omg omg this would be amazing!! :O

  • JayB95

    I would love to win a One X. Thanks for the contest.

  • Inquizitor

    Wonderful phone. Always loved it over the GSIII.

  • Eric Ortiz

    I’ll join in on the fun xD

  • masterpfa

    Here we go again, good luck all

  • beneyc

    The one we’ve been waiting for!

  • Fede Montemurri

    WOW!! Good luck, i want it!

  • nportelli

    I like these.

  • Charlong666

    Would love one please.

  • overclockthesun

    Oh please save me from my Motorola with their swollen batteries….. This is really a good phone. Woot, this is the first time I am seeing a HTC oneX unlocked anywhere on the web!

  • mlynch01

    Yes I would love this! Hopefully this is my lucky comment!

  • skugern

    Unlocked HTC One x? Am I dreaming?

    • breckdroid

      What he said!

  • Nicko01


  • Himal Limbu

    really…One X…one of the kind.

  • thymeless

    Awesome sauce! Great phone, would love to have one of these.

  • pol biswas

    Awesome giveaway. Would like to have one.thanks android and me.

  • Krynn

    There can be only One(X)!

  • GRAW


  • Dylan

    Maybe I can get to level 25 before this challenge requires it.

  • JonJJon

    Would LOVE to have this phone in my pocket, or better yet give it to my sister to have in hers, she’s had the Desire long enough :)

  • stenzor

    Oh nice

  • thekaz

    thanks for rewarding dedicated users!

  • Kern Clarke

    being unlocked is like the cherry on top of a sunday

  • NamelessTed

    I am totally calling dibs on this one.

  • Y2Dre

    Woot! I’m still in the game!

  • spintrex

    This is still such a great Android, unfortunately didn’t get the same limelight as the S III and sales weren’t as great cause of shipment patent conflicts.

  • vforvortex

    Its time to replace my htc sensation 4g. Before that i owned HTC g1. It feels like this is meant to be. :)

  • bellken

    I am in, thanks,

  • acidone

    Day 16 thanks yet again!

  • Nicholas Rynjah

    This phone is SE”X”Y. I’m actually drooling looking at this phone. ……hoping I’m the random guy at the end of this giveaway.

  • naypalm

    Wow I made the cut this time around! Thanks again!

  • Vance

    This is by far the most I’ve ever wanted to win any giveaway you’ve ever offered! Every finger and ever toe is crossed!

  • SGB101

    I’m in, gimi gimi gimi….

    I mean pleeeeaaaasssssseeeeee gimi!

  • Matthew Reynolds

    Sweet gl everyone

  • rbcameron1

    Now that’s what I’m talking about! X

  • chestont

    This is a great prize, thanks guys!

  • rbcameron1

    I’d love to listen to some chevelle on this thing with the beats audio!

  • XanLoves

    Unlocked, yeeah!

  • serivolk

    Good luck to all of those dedicated enough to make the cut!

  • rmjdees

    Just enough to try again…

  • Logan Edwards

    Pretty sweet how you have certain giveaways for long time readers. Good luck!

  • dharr18

    This is one I would love to have.

  • omprsingh

    yeah baby bring it on baby one x :) time for big stakes :)

  • WlfHart

    Good luck all!

  • SliestDragon

    Such a stunning device. One of the best looking phone’s still.

  • kenny1428

    When am I going to win a contest? My cell is filled with pages and pages of bookmarks, that are different sweepstakes/contest. I enter everyday, oh it would be so nice to WIN.

  • Chris Lewis

    Thanks for the great giveaways!

  • auronblue

    I’m in. Thanks Android and Me.

  • rsanchez1

    One of the best devices this year, and I want it!

  • Techrocket9


  • NGagen

    I’m in this

  • honourbound68

    Hoping for 1 of 25 hehehe

  • dukenilnil


  • Futureboy

    Splendid! Thanks A&Me!

  • paladaxar

    oooh, I’ve been wanting one of these for Solavei :)

  • cxandroid

    Would love one of these!

  • dandroid4g

    Need a new phone!

  • Kaote

    This a really nice prize today

  • Monkeyman364

    This would be nice to get for Christmas! :D

  • V6ser

    Love u android and me _*_

    That`s was a really close one =P

  • tkarel

    ^ ^ ^ A special tip of the hat to Chris, if it wasn’t for his helpful thread I wouldn’t have seen a Comments box below.
    And, I like HTC. Glad to see so many strong players on this platform. I see the Apple crowd and think “For a group that celebrates diversity, these folks have a real prejudice against any technology that doesn’t come out of Cupertino.”

  • rvetsch

    ingenious device

  • pilot1

    nice phone!

  • erimin

    I love this smartphone. I wish everyone merry Christmas and best luck. Android and me I love you

  • raovallab

    Good luck !

  • ldouglas64

    Merry Christmas to everyone.

  • OutofPlace

    Still in the hunt!

  • miked

    I hear this is a really nice device

  • mattcoz

    Why I’d love an HTC One X, thank you.

  • muffnman

    Woohoo! I qualify! Here’s hoping!

  • scottryan78

    A guy I work with has one and it’s a sharp looking phone. Thanks Androidandme and good luck to everyone.

  • robertlwalters

    Love HTC build quality.

  • mario_1603

    I would like to win this great phone

  • DrFaust

    I would totally give this as a gift, in the christmas spirit and all.

  • dcds

    C’mon, I’m serious. My little sister is using a Galaxy Ace! A Galaxy Ace… and since I’m not in US, I can’t just buy a Nexus 4 and be done with it… :-P

    Help spread the butterness of Android across the world!

  • Thomas MacDougall


  • mydnightsorrow

    Are you sure this site isn’t ran by Santa himself? I’d like any of your presents! :)

  • MJM128

    Awesome device!

  • fartyarty

    HTC One Xmas!!

  • cj100570

    I have it on very good authority that I could win this thing. Awesome!

  • lancaster09

    I’m impatient! Can I win now?

  • Blake Britton

    I’ve never heard anything with Beats Audio… This would be AWESOME to have!

    • kzlife

      You don’t need to listen to anything with beats audio.. I’ve owned both in-ear and on-ear and the sound isn’t that great (Not for the price).
      And the beats audio on HTC-phones are mostly just an equalizer.. :P

  • alxrock

    Ooooooh. I’d love to win one of these. So pretty.

  • kzlife

    Hope I win! Need a great phone :D

  • AvatarZ

    still here!

  • gavinb

    HTC, HTC, One x all the way. Oh what fun it is to have a one x on the way!

  • golfpedaler

    Free is Awesome…Unlocked makes it that much better!!! Thanks Again!!!

  • arminla

    19 barely have it, but glad I do. wooohooo

  • Steve Heinrich

    Great prize! Good luck folks!

  • ben steel

    All right….so ready to leave CDMA for GSM and jump on the Solavei bandwagon.

  • sunrise

    Thanks for the contest!

  • Jeff Pan

    Wow Wow HTC One X

  • golcarcol

    I can haz new phone?

  • ags29

    I just screeched.

  • junebugg

    Beats Audio

    • junebugg

      Dr dre

  • robwhittaker

    loved my desire and one s, so obviously needed to get my hands on a one x.


    I really want this phone more than any device offered during this giveaway!

  • aj34


  • Bpear96

    Merry tegra

  • HoLfElDeR


  • Ardrid

    Count me in.

  • kenbr1960

    I want one.

  • Dan13

    I’ve been wanting to go pre paid for a while now. This might be my chance!

  • McLovin


  • Keith.Swiader

    WOW! Definitely one of the best prizes so far.

  • CaptainDoug

    My Dinc2 really does need to be retired. One X with Tegra 3 goodness? Sign me up!

  • inviolable

    I wouldn’t mind this.

  • Elliot Powell

    I really would like this phone. I wish HTC would do what Samsung does and come out with their flagship phone on all carriers

  • fletchtb

    this is a great phone! I would love to win this prize!

    good luck to all who qualify!

  • GrendelJapan

    This would be nice to have for the holidays. Good luck everyone.

  • BlkSquad


  • YMS123

    Unlocked the best, way to go

  • jamontoast1291

    Happy holidays :)

  • RhynosAndroid

    Almost there…

  • fenlon

    I am still in it!

  • shadhussain

    ooooh best gift ever!

  • cwjones4

    very nice!

  • cutiyar neriman

    i need to test one of the best android phone in 2012.

  • MoSDeeb

    I’ve always wanted this phone. Great looks and specs.

  • Danny Calderon

    still in it …..and I do need a new phone (my screen is cracked ) ….thx Android and me

  • tris_r

    Waiting for the Nexus 4 but this would fill that void nicely. Very nicely!

  • nobara

    Nice one, thanks, good luck.

  • lou2cool88

    Wow! Thanks, Android and Me! Good luck everyone!

  • jeshep

    I would love to have a HTC One X to go along with my wife’s HTC One S.

  • boro09

    pick me, pick meee!

  • nicotinemind

    Good luck to all!

  • Zak Lambert

    This is something I could use.

  • newmexican

    One X, even better than a tablet :::)

  • Darknight42020

    Here’s hoping for the best! Once again a device that will make someone happy! GL all!

  • humidity

    One of the best phones of the year!

  • Shay D. Life

    This is one device that I haven’t heard a single bad thing about. Would be awesome to own one. Good luck everyone. Thanks Androidandme.

  • cinhills123

    what a great replacement for my 2 year old phone

  • azulpiscina

    This one is mine :D

  • NegativeOne13

    The lovely Sunday hangover.

  • Deter

    woot for ratings

  • freddiefan

    Fantastic device!!!

  • cherrytree

    Once more thanks for this giveaway!

  • Silver

    One X?! Hope!

  • droid tider


  • LucenNox

    Nearly 2/3 of the way there!

  • beatrixasdfghjk.


  • theha9

    sweet device, sure beats my old phone by a longshot

  • Steve Nutt

    Nice prize. :-)

  • Samar

    HTC has been a clear underdog this past android cycle. In-spite of some great hardware releases like the One series (all models are top-notch if not less), HTC had to live in the shadow of Samsung. However, they seem to be coming back into the market with more determination now which is a great thing for consumers who get more great hardware+software combination to choose from. I feel like we’re definately gonna see HTC bump back into the Top of the line smartphone manufactures (in Android and Windows).

    Any HTC fans here..Upvoting ??

  • gmaninvan

    I think that HTC has the unfortunate trend of falling under the radar. They don’t have a massive marketing budget and as a result the S3 gets most of the coverage. This device, in my opinion, is actually a better device than the S3. Not only is the quality of materials higher (polycarbonate vs. plastic), it has better optics and comes with a much better UI (touchwhiz vs. sense). On top of this, you get 50Gb of drop box storage.

    I would love one of these!

    • amIT29

      well not taking a thing away from htc guys i love senseui totally…but gs 3 gives u 25 gb dropbox account as well add To that expandable sd card upto 64Gb keeps u ahead of curve with best of both world cloud and local storage.

  • amIT29

    Wow this surely head turner …and making it unlocked is so thotful ….now onlyif i can lay hands on this premium phone

  • rbcameron1

    Hey Napoleon, wanna bet I can throw this HTC one X over that mountain from here?
    ~Uncle Rico

  • SuperAndroid

    That’s One awesome phone! Good luck everyone! :-)

  • Yash Jethmalani

    My dream phone.. come to Papa!! :P

  • spidremann

    Happy Holidays to you all! The winner is going to be one happy camper.

  • Christopher St. John


  • tylerfoy

    In for the contest!

    Thanks again!\

  • ranwanimator

    Now imagine you are floating weightless in the ocean surrounded by sea horses.

  • classic_hero

    Good luck everyone

  • mrcrusha

    Love HTC devices!!

  • Eric Weiss

    Unlocked? Count me in

  • smisa27

    I’m down for the one X! What a powerful beast!

  • dino13

    The X is for seXy!

  • TheVoodoo

    That is a truly amazing phone. Even though I really like my Nexus 4, every time I hold the One X, its much more ergonomically designed shape and beautiful design dazzles–not to mention the unbelievable camera and screen.

  • Mix


  • Adam Jones

    I heard this is an awesome phone. Would loveto find out myself.

  • erikiksaz

    Couny me in!

  • tlengster


  • Jedediah Sweetser

    consider me entered

  • alexaac14


  • cliffy223

    This would be Great gift especially since my phone contact goes out really soon. This phone is the best phone that gets no love

  • zacks2art

    Oh baby another great giveaway I want this bad to replace my piece of junk iphone on att

  • death1601

    this will be really nice to win. good luck to everyone.

  • revwillie

    I’ll take it

  • NT_


  • teacheronthego

    Nice, device. Santa, please, I’ve been good this year :)

  • Willy Morgan

    The most aesthetically pleasing phone on the market today. I hope I win

  • phssthpok

    I’m due a win.

  • Manroth

    Ooh sweet!

  • MagikalTrev

    I am so christmas right now I want thisss

  • pikahatonjon

    i really really really hope i win this :o

  • mdcykkk9

    Good luck to all

  • gh0st665

    O.0 Oh that’s nice.

  • scaarg

    Aghhh, PLEASE! >.<

  • buckeyedroid

    Time sure flies

  • tequilya

    Pick me!

  • antartis13


  • B2L

    I’ve always wanted one to play around with.

  • nikhilverma

    Now now, need all my luck to smile on me today.Please.

  • Madel

    Will be HTC One X my next phone?

  • aranea

    A nice for for me to get over holidays :)

  • GUI_Center

    Just made it.. awesome ;) Good luck all!

  • Kent Burton

    Would love to get this so i can test drive some prepaid options.

  • Said Tahsin Dane

    These are the last ones that I am capable to enter I guess.

  • Dan13

    I’ve been wanting to go pre-paid for a while now. Here’s my chance!

  • Schmidty850

    Nice, want..

  • Randy White

    This is an awesome contest!

  • isa007

    this Christmas challenge with all those wonderful things is so awesome. i check your page eagerly every day! thank you, Android and me!

  • Guitaraholic

    I was so close to getting this phone when I got my SG3 on contract – I’d actually LOVE to have one of these now though :D

  • VerticalCobra

    Last 10 or so days…hopefully lucky one day…till then try on!!!

  • tanman888

    A few friends have this. It is certainly one good looking device.

  • rr2009

    Unbelievable, HTC One X is such a gem. Thank you Android and Me and Tegra.

  • zolikaaa666

    I love all the Tegra based smartphones but this one is my favourite!!!!

  • eggwolio

    Everybody wants somethin’, they’ll never give up.
    They take your money, and never give up.

  • nikhilverma

    I know i am not winning this. But I do dream of holding this phone in my hand and boy does it feel good ? Orgasmic.

  • Gordon Wheeler

    I’m in, rating of 18.

  • Patrick Mahoney

    This is a dangerous amount of giveaways, I’m scared!

  • Virtue

    Just made it!!!!

  • fratch73


  • Daniel Hakimi


    My account mysteriously jumped 8 ranks.

    I can comment now.


  • blaseb


  • emaciscool

    Eep! Is it just me, or do the stakes just keep getting higher and higher? From what I’ve heard about this phone, this would be a perfect segway into testing the waters in the world of off-contract phones!

    • emaciscool


  • Greg117


  • awesomellamas57

    You guys are the best! :D

  • Donald Williams

    I’m in. let’s keep it rolling! good luck to you all

  • DroidPower

    let’s do this!

  • jaxidian

    Keep the great contests a coming!! :-)

  • Co1e

    Yay for build quality!

  • da9el

    i’m so excited!

  • heynomi4u

    9 more days to go!

  • scubabum

    HTC One X, yay!

    • GUI_Center

      Exactly! Now if only we could all win one ;) GL

    • mickjen

      When do they announce winners?

  • bstewart11

    Pools are great for holding water.

  • eioous

    water is great for filling pools.