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It’s now Day 4 of the 25 Days of Tegra, and a little bird told me we’re about to slang a pretty dope tablet out our Tegra-embroidered sack. For today’s challenge, you’ll need to connect a Twitter account with your And Me Account. To do so, simply visit the Edit Profile page, look for the Connect with Twitter button and you’re off! If you’ve done this before, you’re already set.

The Prize: ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity TF700 + Dock

The ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity TF700 features the NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processor, a 10.1-inch Super IPS+ display (with Gorilla Glass), an 8MP rear camera, and we’re throwing in the matching QWERTY dock (for a full 14 hours of battery life).

Contest Rules

It’s a holiday miracle! This year we’ve expanded our eligible countries to include the following: US (excluding Puerto Rico and its other territories and possessions), Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Norway, Finland, Czech Republic, Australia, China (excluding Hong Kong and Macau), Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, India (excluding the State of Tamil Nadu), and Brazil. If you’re keeping track, that’s like quadruple the locales we normally ship to, so huzzah!

How to Enter

To enter today, you’ll need to have a Twitter account connected with your profile. Head on over to the Edit Profile page and mash on the Connect with Twitter button. Once you’re done, come back here and leave a comment. The winner will be chosen at random, so don’t bother downvoting each other.

PS: If you’r new or wondering, NO, we won’t ever post anything to your Twitter account. The auth just lets us know that you are who you say you are.

Winner (coming soon)

Clark is a developer living in Austin, Texas. He runs ClarkLab, a small web firm with his wife, Angie. He's a big fan of usability, standards, and clean design.

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