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Google I/O 2013 will take place from May 15 through the 17


Google has taken to Twitter today to announce the dates on which Google I/O 2013 will be held. This year’s developer conference will take place starting on May 15, and run until the 17th.

Much like Android itself, Google has turned Google I/O into something rather amazing in a very short amount of time. Not only is I/O the number one gathering spot for all things Google, it also covers the latest mobile software and hardware. Google has used the event as a launchpad for new products and services. If you’re an Android enthusiast, that alone should pique your interest in attending. Never mind the free tablets and phones handed out every year.

Last year’s I/O was huge. There were over the top presentations with skydivers and the Nexus 7, Nexus Q and Google Glass were all on display. We also got our first taste of Jelly Bean. Who knows what Google has in store for I/O 2013.

If you have any interest in attending, be sure to follow Google I/O on Twitter. Registration info is expected to be made available in early 2013. Tickets have a tendency to sell out in a matter of minutes.

Source: Google I/O Twitter

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  • zolikaaa666

    GREAT! :DD

    • Jeff Pan

      Yay! dude.

      I would assume the following

      1. New Version of Android
      2. An upgraded version of Nexus 7

      and may be

      3. An Xperia Nexus phone

      • zolikaaa666

        That would be GREAT! :DDD
        Sony Nexus!…It would have the best design…elegant…and simple!
        The Nex(t)us!

        • datiecher

          Sony doesn’t always hit the design target for me. But when they do, oh boy it is SEXY!

          • zolikaaa666

            Yes…But simplicity of a Nexus and the elegance of an Xperia can’t be a bad result! :)
            And we know Hardware will be the best…and Android Key Lime Pie is only Cherry on a Pie! ;)

          • CaptainDoug

            Exactly. Android hasn’t been picking very good hardware partners. Asus was ok. I think they need to revisit HTC and pick up Motorola. Sony is another great hardware OEM. Would love to see a Nexus with astounding build quality.

          • emraan

            I wanna see Moto Nexus.. the build quality of Motorola phones are outstanding. :)

          • Rahul Verma

            I got the Xperia X10 way back in 2010. It still work fine though I moved to a Note 2. The looks of the phone was not that great when compared to phones in the market at that time.

            However, they have improved with the upcoming models. If they can releases phones with more recent hardware specs… they can definitely get more market share.

          • gavinb

            I don’t think Sony would be able to make the phone as cheaply as ASUS. Google is trying to make the Nexus a mass market device (as seen by the price of the Nexus 4) and Sony’s devices aren’t cheap.

        • DroidPower

          YES, and keep the same pricing scheme!

      • LukeT32

        Better be an LTE phone too!

      • Beeve

        That sounds interesting. Or maybe a Nokia Nexus?

        • Rahul Verma

          LOL. Nokia is never going the Android way.. If they wanted.. they could have done a long time back.

          Many people actually believe that Android can save Nokia from the depths of Hell. Lets see if they can ditch MS and get along with Google.

          • gavinb

            I really like the look of Nokia’s Windows phones, it would be great to see them producing some Android handsets. I bet their current deal with Microsoft will prevent it though. The job ad that had been widely publicised offers some hope, but I suspect it is to do with Nokia’s mapping software.

      • Virtue

        Honestly, I’d prefer for there not to be a newer version of Android. You’ve got to let the other manufacturers catch up you know? This won’t apply to me anymore since I’m getting a Nexus 4 but my Sensation is still stuck on CM9 (officially) which hurts. And if anything, Google can always implement new features through their G-Apps like what they do with Google Now.

        • calmness

          Maybe a new version would help push some of the vendors to allocate more devs (or less crufted overlays) so the Android ecosystem would be less fragmented.

          Glad you mentioned CM; definite kudos to those devs for updating some of the older devices. Have seen CM10 on two year old hardware run zippier than the original setup.

        • EH

          You should try the unofficial cm10 on xda, I’m sending this message from it :p

          • Virtue

            That’s what I’m using right now but with the way I use my phone, it gets extremely unstable and really annoying at times. That’s why I’m currently contemplating the switch back to CM9.

      • sbala

        Xperia Nexus would be really bad
        As Sony phones are attractive at the start
        And gradually lose their cuteness in a year time

  • ndorrough

    I would love to see an update on Project Glass.

    • Charlong666


    • Rahul Verma

      I would love it more if they give one out free to the attendees. :D

      • amin888

        no way… google is not charity

  • jcsugrue

    I would love to see a new Nexus phone, something more durable, to replace LG’s Project Broken Glass.

    • yoaj

      Was this a burn at Google’s Project Glass, or do you just have a tendency to drop your phone? :D

    • zolikaaa666

      Nexus 4 is the best Nexus now…and it’s going to be very hard to make a better one…it’s perfect in every way!

      • epps720

        It’s an amazing phone yes but certainly not a perfect phone. There’s tons of people who want more than 16 GB and plenty of people who aren’t enjoying the cracked and/or scratched glass back.

      • Trevor Cameron

        It is truly the best Nexus now, no one is going to argue that. But to say that it is going to be hard to make a better one? Really? How about adding a full LTE chip and 16 more gigs of storage?

        Don’t get me wrong, I am a fan, I love the Nexus line and I still brag almost daily about my Gnex, but let’s be realistic here.

      • Rahul Verma

        No LTE and No microSD. Far from perfect for me. Personal opinion.

  • tylerfoy

    I’m sure google has many updates an innovations in store this year! I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on one of those tickets either!

    • epps720

      Being a big sports fan my goal has always been to go to a Superbowl, this has now been overtaken by I/O!

      • calmness

        At google IO, everybody wins!

    • celo175


    • rocketjockey

      Worth it just for the developers samples

  • doublin

    I might be there if everything goes well until then !

  • acidone

    Always a great time with awesome people! Can’t wait!

  • Pravas

    Wow nice to know that..I’ll download the entire IO episode and watch in my leisure.

  • chiu0nthls

    hopefully a new Nexus will be coming next year!

    • SGB101

      I don’t think you need to hope, they are on a 12 month cycle.

      Hopefully by then they sort their distribution out.

  • BrotherBloat

    nice, wish I could go..

  • rejthy

    I am looking forward what new features they bring to us. 3D maps, google now improvements or new Nexus with 5,000 mAh battery finally? Can’t wait.

    • SGB101

      5000mAh would be great, but with out a jump in tech the phone would be 6″plus. The note2s battery is 3200mAh and is hard to empty in a day.

      The average user would get 2 days out of it. The drawback of a good battery is I sometimes forget to charge it. Now I’d of never forgot before hand and my devices was on charge topping up whenever possible.

      • redraider133

        I would be happy with the battery in the razr hd maxx became the norm. With a battery that large it is very hard to drain in one day

    • Trevor Cameron

      I would really love to slightly larger mAh on the batter, but also screen technology that really reduces the amount of power it drains. It’s not all about the size of the battery, it’s how you use it! ;0)

  • nebelriss

    I wish I could be there, but I think I have to watch the livestream again….

  • jerrbomb

    Ill definitely make sure I find my way there…

  • ArticulateFool

    I wish I could make it this year.
    Instead, I’ll eagerly wait for the streams and live-blogs.

  • yoaj

    I wish there was a contest giving away tickets to this event! Nonetheless, I am very excited to see what comes out of here!

    • WlfHart

      It would be amazing to score some tickets to this through a contest!

  • mario_1603

    nice, I want to go :(

  • viljarsalu


  • luckykrrish

    I’d love to go, but I’m from outside US and it’s going to be very costly :(

  • norsedakotan

    Now if I could only convince my company that this is directly related to my job and I should go…

  • parthpatels007

    i wanna go, but it’s too costly :\

  • teamwoot

    Willy Wonka’s golden ticket can’t compare to a ticket to this event

    • kayvas

      true story key lime pie>chocolate

  • redraider133

    I would love to be able to attend this one time. Maybe they will bring out another nexus 4 for the carriers.

  • kayvas

    what about a giveaway for google I/O tickets, what a dream

  • uknowme

    Would love to go! Where is it this year?

  • cfogrady

    Can I get in anyways… You know because I am awesome?

  • squib

    I wonder if they’ll release any new devices so soon after this release.

  • Greg117

    Now we gotta figure out when registration opens. Then I can buy a faster internet connection for the occasion.

  • Sarge

    Would be awesome to go to an event like this, unfortunately it’s reserved for people living in the US & people with the right contacts..

  • microsurgery

    Cant wait! I this will replace all the OS!

  • cfogrady

    Test Comment.

  • iamXiV92a

    I would love to go to one of these events… that and CES!! My face would definitely melt!

  • grajasekar

    I can imagine trying to get tickets for this haha.

  • Greg117

    I’m sure they’ll take another stab at the Q again. Hopefully they’ll have a better solution worked out.

  • michaeln124

    I would love to go to this.

  • Kaustubh_Adhav

    Project Glass Update might be unveiled! Or a Nexus 4 with more memory?

  • bstewart11

    I could see the focus being on TV integration (along the linges of Wii U with your Nexus device) and an updated Nexus 4, as well as the budget Nexus 7.

  • yocubed

    It will be interesting to see what comes out of this one. Like most I’m expecting more on Project Glass, but there’s something else Google is probably saving up for this.

  • paladaxar

    I love that Google streams this live…it’s like getting into a $500 show for free :) Go Google!

  • eckischeich

    Any information about where it will take place?

    • Greg117

      I’m pretty sure it’ll continue to be in San Francisco. It was at the Moscone center this last year. I don’t think there is any motivation to move it out of that area.

  • sasepatrupc

    Can’t wait!

  • hansdouma

    Can we expect more information on which manufacturers will support Google TV?

  • cfaulkingham

    I attended one of the first Google I/O’s before they made it into a giveaway fest which makes it almost impossible to register.

  • Spiff52

    Wish I could go!

  • mydnightsorrow

    I would LOVE to attend… I just have to convince my husband of letting me go with a 1 month old.

  • poler166

    Hopefully no Hurricane comes and ruins this one ….

  • JackSilverburgh

    Oh I can’t wait. Too bad it’s almost..well it is 6 months away…

  • dacevedo

    I would love to go! Maybe they are going to realese a new Nexus 7

  • Kaustubh_Adhav

    Google should probably keep a counter at the refreshments serving all Google Android Deserts :P
    Ice Cream Sandwich or Key Lime anyone?

    • KOBesucker

      Can they get away with naming it Koconut Pie? That’d be better…mmmm coconut.

      • Rahul Verma

        How a bout “Kaju Katli”? :))

    • Keith.Swiader

      That’s actually an amazing idea; hearing about it now has me surprised that not one of the thousand Google employees pitched that.

  • KOBesucker

    They’re going to announce that they’re going to buy T-Mobile and offer unlimited data and text for $9.99.

    • zigfreid5

      I would LOVE to see Google snatch up T-mo. I don’t think they’d go that low with pricing, but I would assume they’d go a bit lower than T-mobile’s current pricing. The thing that excites me though, is that Google would expand it to be the best coverage, fastest data, with the lowest plan pricing. With T-mobile going non-subsidy next year, next stop: Google.

      Then — multiple Nexus phones with multiple form factors will be available, G-mobile will replace T-mobile, and all T-mobile stores across the US will become Google Stores – selling G-mobile plans, phones, tablets and chromebooks as well as accessories for all of them. Phone manufacturers that want phones sold to G-mobile users will have to pay Google to include them in stores.

      And if you mention any apple product in-store you will be kicked out immediately.

  • WarRabbit16

    It would be nice to go! But at least the’re streaming! Right?

    • KOBesucker

      As always!

  • Abhishek 7865

    nicee :)

  • Keith.Swiader

    Definitely looking forward to seeing where they will bring the Chromebooks next.

  • benrashley

    maybe an update to the nexus tablets?

  • jeshep

    Could be an opportunity to announce Android 5.0 and Nexus 5? If a Nexus 5, seems it would need to have around a 5.5″ screen to differentiate it from the Nexus 4. Or perhaps the next Nexus 4 will be downsized a bit with the Nexus 5 coming in at around 5″.

  • Doozins

    Anyone have any specific ideas on costs?

  • bdub

    so going to stalk the page when tickets go on sale….

  • dustingraves

    I could go to this and visit my family at the same time.

  • stephen45003

    Wonder how many of the people going are just hoping for some free devices :P

  • imdiane

    Can’t wait to see next year’s t-shirt as well as all their new products! New Android in the works already.. Will it be announced??

    Would be such a dream to attend to Google I/O though! :D

  • mm14

    Looks like I just figured out when to take my vacation time next year!

  • rantmo

    My birthday is smack-dab in the middle of it, maybe they’ll announce something nice for me!

  • worldcsb

    Can’t wait!! Really hope my company takes me a long this year. If not i’ll be doing the live stream agian.

  • arminla

    I would love to go this year. I have been meaning to go every year. Just have not been able to.

  • StEVO_M

    I would love to go to Google I/O

  • Yash Jethmalani

    I hope the new processor is based on Cortex A15!!! =)
    i Guess Key Lime Pie will be announced.. cant wait for 5.0.. JB 4.2 has a lot of bugs..

  • LwmHWK20

    Can’t wait, Google FTW

  • wunderwaffle90

    Would love to go. :D

  • Dan13

    These events are always fun to watch.I don’t think this year will be any different.

  • dino13

    I guess this year there will be a lot of Nexus 10 given away?

  • kylebrodeur

    I’d like to see what the Android team releases!

  • Greg117

    So last year when Google was talking about a multi-device nexus program, I thought they would release multiple vendor nexus devices simultaneously. However, with the launch of the N4, N7, N10, it seems that we still may be stuck with the 1 flagship nexus per device category. I just wish more vendors would use vanilla android. Moto Nexus, Sammy Nexus, HTC Nexus, etc…

  • bertberlic1

    Now I just need to find a way to get the graduate school to pay for me to go!

  • ccn_cristi

    Nexus 5 with Android 5 Announcement ? :)

    • TheStig

      Would be awesome, i doubt they would introduce nexus 5. Although i’d still buy it :D

    • Rahul Verma

      I doubt. They usually release before the holiday season.

  • friendlyfire

    Would love to be able to go one day. I hear it is amazing!

  • sudhank

    waiting for wonders

  • marcus1518

    I would love to go to this….one day

  • los

    what gives with the rank requirement nonsense on the daily giveaways? i check this blog out daily and just because i don’t clutter the comment sections with pointless dribble shouldn’t mean that i should be excluded. now i know this is how you treat your readers.

  • Nicholas Rynjah

    Wish I could attend. But I would assume the following
    1. New version of android (key lime pie)
    2. $99 Nexus 7
    3. Asus Qube
    4. Nexus 4 with LTE

    • gossipninja

      I would imagine the Qube might be announced much sooner than that. It is already on the FCC and the associated apps are already on google play.

      It might not be out for the holiday season, but since it is a TV device, the next best idea is to shoehorn it in with the tv buying spree that comes pre-superbowl.

  • jefflarkin

    So, mark May 15 on the calendar for the next Nexus device.

  • squidfizzy

    I love the fact that I can fit the nexus 7 in my pocket. That and the preformance, make this one awesome machine. I bought it at launch, The only change I would make to it would be a microSD slot to expand the memory. 16gb is good, but with games like NOVA3 great game, but was taking almost 3gb with the update. That’s just too much space for one app no matter how good it is. But my wife and kids who are NOT techies, are on it more often than I am. Anyone can pick this up and run with a it. Although I do prefer Go Launcher HD to the stock launcher. It’s a great machine.

  • Brickerhaus

    I really want to go to this. All that swag needs a home. Anyone interested in paying my way or just giving out a ticket. I’m your man. Right here. I’ll take one for the team and go to this conference for you. ;)

    • GT500_Grad

      I second that offer!!

  • yourtravelboy

    I expect to be blown away by I/O this year.

  • GT500_Grad

    Awesome!! I can’t wait!! Christmas in May!!

  • juno23

    This will be good!

  • juno23

    Like this if you hate Justin beiber

  • nosklo

    I think I won’t be able to make it this year :(

  • mares927

    Great! Though it’s unlikely, I’d love to see more Nexus devices (and new android of course). Sadly, I don’t have chance I could participate. What about some Google I/O tickets giveaway? :D

  • GreenGriffin

    KLP seems a given, but with a new version we generally get new hardware too, and that is only 6 month from the recent all new Nexus devices (other than the 7). It would be interesting if they did bring out a new nexus phone, as rumours have pointed too in the past, but I think it would be more likely they release multiple nexus at the same time than 6 months apart (wouldn’t LG feel a bit ripped off?)

    What I would really love is even further rollout of the Play store. I know dealing with the music/movie/publishing industry is hard, but a viable alternative to iTunes would be welcomed in any country (speaking as someone who has spent a lot of time in New Zealand where currently it is iTunes or physical media with no in between… And I’m not willing to use iTunes)

  • sunrise

    It would be so fun to attend

  • tehCylex

    Ohh I would love to go there :)

  • overclockthesun

    this will be fun. Too bad I live in India. I would surely love to go there.

  • me245

    who wouldn’t want to go?

  • Martjn2

    I’m graduating senior high school the 16th. Would it be weird if I went to I/O inatead? If you guys are going just look for an awesome dude with a graduation hat

  • juno23

    Sounds interesting!

  • CaptainDoug

    wish I was going…

  • Trevor Cameron

    We’ve talked all about the tech, what could Google possibly do to top the skydiving/ bike riding, rappelling Google Glass intro last year?

    • jcommaroto

      I wasn’t a fan of all the skydiving etc. Seemed gimmicky and not a great display of what you would actually do with Google Glass. Oh well.

  • LwmHWK20

    This is going to rock

  • kookeetree

    I love watching Google I/O.

  • raovallab

    Let’s see what they announce this year, I hope they also hold these events in Asia

  • breckdroid

    Cant wait to see what they reveal!

  • Danny Calderon

    Can’t wait to see what Google has in store

  • darkgreen

    hopefully 5.0

  • darkgreen

    hopefully 5.0.

  • ifightforuser312

    I want to attend

  • jojojox2

    Can’t wait to see what they got this year to show…

  • Orion78

    It would be great if they announce some new Nexus phones… a phablet of some sort.

  • javila12

    Hopefully they release a successor to the Nexus 7

  • Ryan McDonald

    Wonder what kind of OS updates they will come up with… they already have almost everything covered, so it’ll be interesting to see if they can come up with something innovative.

  • ChrisM0678

    Get your wallets ready!

  • Moises Rivera

    I would love to be there, they always give away free devices to people in the audience at conferences like this, but the likelihood of me actually being able to go is slim to none. :(

    • Manroth

      I was psyched to go this year – my boss was aware of the pace at which the tickets sell out at and was prepared. However more strict travel guidelines have been passed and the likelihood of my going are also slim to none, so I feel your pain.

  • Manroth

    I’d love for there to be some kind of Nexus Transformer – tablet/laptop combo…

  • jamontoast1291

    Very interested to see what happens with the Nexus 7 (successor perhaps?) and the next version of Android. It would be nice if they got back to a somewhat normal release schedule for updates and even one for devices. I wish that the Nexus line could all be refreshed at once on an annual basis coinciding with a major OS update, rather than this past years’ one sort of significant update and one minimal, almost meaningless update. I’m hesitant to buy a Nexus 7 or 10 at this point.

  • Thomas MacDougall

    I’m kind of hoping for another HTC nexus, sort of an improved model of the droid DNA

  • FranzVz

    Let’s take some bets.

    IO Tickets sell faster then the N4 in USA? (Which was around 20min supposedly).

    • breckinshire

      Stole my comment.

  • Luv_android

    By the way what are the chances that we see Android 5.0 during this I/O ?

  • fbrubbo

    It is coming

  • YodaDaCoda

    I wish I could actually attend in person. YouTube will have to suffice.

  • Dorkstar

    I don’t know about the rest of you, I’m just here for the glowing orb on a pivot arm.

  • Fstiff

    Definitely going!

  • malayaleeremo

    waiting on Key Lime Pie to release

  • Rhett

    Would definitely love to have another Nexus device to be released.

    And here’s to the snowball chance in hell that Google will partner with Dish and become a new player as a wireless carrier…I need a GSM carrier that has a decent footprint where I live…

  • Fede Montemurri

    New version of Android :D

  • smwinn7

    we can all just keep crossing our fingers for Sony to have a big roll next I/O

  • StevenZoz

    can someone refresh my memory.. do you need any special credentials to be able to buy tickets?

  • Jorge Eslava

    It is never too early to announce I/O

  • Beeve

    That would be an excellent birthday present; to get tix to go Google it up!

  • Froojr

    I need to attend one of these years. Maybe ’13 is for me.

  • jlnoell

    Got to get me some Key Lime Pie.

  • lejia

    A new N7 with Lime Pie?

  • tomnokoe

    nexus 7.7 would be lovely.

  • Kyle_Man

    Sweet as a monkey with a disco ball.

  • klcow92

    I guess tickets will soon be sold out in like 10 minutes again???

  • saurinmehta25


  • melan26

    Good news!

  • TheStig

    Awesome! Cant wait for new version of android!!

  • josha14025

    I still don’t have jelly bean on my one x, please no new version of android at least until I get jelly bean!

  • spacyzuma

    I’ve never attended any Google function before. Perhaps I could win a prize trip to visit this one? :)

  • Ilyse Rose

    It’s my dream to go to this one day.

    Oh well, I can’t wait to read the liveblogs, at least.

  • drejohnson

    I want to see how more refined project glass has become.

  • thechad

    So excited

  • hueson24

    I’ve never been to any of these awesome tech conferences. I don’t know how to get in unless you have some insider.

  • EpicEduard

    I’m glad Google is doing events like this, but I wish it was in June, a time I’m not in school. One can only dreaam, but you shouldn’t postpone greatness

  • acuda27

    I expect something mind blowing this year!

  • kandarp

    I getting surprised by google…. Still how many new products it has… in very short time great products… It seems that very soon technology of communication will take new form… waiting for this event…

  • Diabsoud

    Just waiting for Google IO with bated breath…!!

  • Nathan D.

    One of these days in the following years ill go to I/O and ill be so stoke when I go :-)

  • gp126904

    One big slice of Key Lime Pie please!!!!!!

  • sweet

    Another year of Google I/O hopefully another great one like the rest

  • Stig03

    android 5.0

  • VerticalCobra

    Key Lime finally?

  • VerticalCobra

    Maybe a better email stock application from Google too? Or is that asking for too much?

  • godnikeboy

    Oh I wish I can attend google i/o :|

  • reyame

    I gotta get back to learning programming for android so i go to one of these I/O events. and yes its all about the free stuff. logic be damned !

  • Rahul Verma

    I hope they give out the Google glass during the event. :D

    • amin888

      i don’t think so bro….

  • kraigs

    What do you think the chances are I’ll be able to register in time? Based on the issues with google play and the order in of a nexus this one sounds pretty much like they better figure out how to scale.

  • JeroenCorsius

    I’m hoping for an announcement for the Nexus 4 coming to the Netherlands.

  • gul.nik.03

    YAY !! waited long for this !

  • Jonathan Hagberg

    If I only could go…

  • fbrubbo

    Google just started to sell books and movies here down in Brazil. Music, not yet. \o/

    They are being nice with us. Go Google Go.

  • da9el

    a motorola nexus phone would be awesome… motorola and nexus, now kiss! …maybe i have to wait until Q4 of 2013 for new devices.

  • xliquidaznx

    Super excited. One of these days I plan on attending one of these, but alas, another year streaming videos with my bar-code scanner ready just in case they announce some sort of Chromebook-esque type deal.

  • kinkate18nic

    wow!!!…another iteration coming soon

  • mory

    nice from google

  • mitchk44

    Can’t wait… Love watching these product announcements live on youtube… How geeky is that….

  • SnipesYan

    Hopefully there will be an update for google glass, perhaps some specs?

  • dejay

    Im still praying and wait for the day when Google wakes up and sees that great potential from there recent partnership from Asus. If Google truly wants to harmonize there products they should make the next Nexus program the best ever by working on a Padfone type design with Asus. By making the super powerful phone equipped with the ability to plug into different “docks” to create different experiences. The phone plugs into the tablet which launches tablet mode, then the tablet plugs into the laptop dock or desktop dock and launches a version of chrome OS (kinda like Motorola tried but failed horribly on the software side) and then plug into a media dock and it launches a version of Google TV. Google has unlimited potential to grow the platform based on the building blocks they have formed. Now just imagine if they where able to partner with Dish and launch there own cell network now that would be truly amazing..All i can do for now though is sit back and hope that there are thinking of these things to or at least reading this at some point lol..

  • cuteandrew21


  • Felkis

    hmmm now if I can just get work to send me on a conference there for the same time, I could get tickets and skip work’s to go to something that is actually important :)

    New N7 & N10 versions to be announced? Maybe with mem card or external storage supprt?

  • aarontam

    Hello, Android 5, new Nexus 7, and new Nexus phone. I’m stoked.

  • Wayne Winkler

    Maybe at this I/O we’ll hear more about Google Glasses and the Wireless network they purchased.

  • titanium man

    Anyone else pumped for I/O?

  • Steve Heinrich

    I wish I could afford to make it to I/O. I would seriously consider making this my vacation.

  • MC_Android

    I think Google should really reconsider HTC as their hardware partner for the upcoming Nexus phone. HTC needs a jumpstart and launching a Nexus device would really help with brand recognition. HTC needs to stay relevant for the sake of competition

  • jaimevazquez

    waiting for the next version of the nexus 7

  • JeroenCorsius

    New Google-products always seem to interest me. Again something to look forward to.

  • nikhilverma

    Will someone actually vote me up , so that I get my off my duck .

  • kayvannj

    Does anyone have any experience of getting IO tickets past years? How should we get prepared for that 20 min “Race”? and what about Student Tickets?

    any help will be appreciated :)

  • humidity

    I want to go so badly!

  • smwinn7

    i wish i could come up with an excuse to go

  • misael

    i would love to hear a new nexus smarthphone on the way, google needs to take control of their android platform.

  • radaan

    CANĀ“T wait!

  • TheStig

    man its going to be awesome!

  • nobile

    Google will take over Apple :)

  • breckdroid

    I cannot wait!!! I’m due for an upgrade in August so bring on the new toys! Fingers crossed that HTC comes roaring back to the from with a killer device.

  • melan26

    Cannot wait for what they’ve got.

  • Stig03

    Cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!