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Google teases potential Nexus 4 customers with new ad


“All I want for Christmas is the Nexus 4.” Too bad it’s perpetually sold out. Google blames LG for the shortages, yet that hasn’t stopped both companies from promoting the product with new ads. Check out this new Nexus 4 ad called “Holiday Photo Sphere” and let us know what you think.

Out of curiosity, how many of you have been trying to purchase the Nexus 4 but have been unable to get your order?

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  • zolikaaa666

    So Cute! :D *.*

    • Jeff Pan

      Maybe releasing ads now will lead to huge demand again when the phone is back in stock.

      • sbala

        A beast in action
        Will surely buy.

    • mr 1338

      now if only we could buy it … :S

      • damambt

        There’s about a dozen of Nexus 4′s on

    • Trevor Cameron

      I LOVE the style of that second commericial, it reminds me a lot of that awesome Project Glass promo video that they put out awhile ago where he ends up on the rooftop!

      Side note, has AAM done a review yet?

      • Anthony E

        I didn’t get to see the second one; “this video is private.”

  • skugern

    I think they’re promoting a great feature that will result in quite a bit of demand, even when the holidays are over.

    • Rockstar323

      I agree. I don’t think the limited availability will hurt that bad. Non tech people will see it being sold out as a good thing and it should increase demand also.

      • datiecher

        Agreed. I’m yet to come across a Nexus 4 here in Brazil but will try to snatch one to myself next month. This is really the best Android phone out there ATM. You are not only getting great specs, but also great hardware and a wonderful phone experience that only a Nexus can deliver!

      • r1ch

        It seriously hurts Google’s bottom line though. All the added support costs of fielding stock queries, replying to delivery requests, refunding postage on those who aren’t getting their phones in the specified delivery timescale…

        And not just that, it doesn’t look good! They need to be taken seriously and to do that, they need to demonstrate they can provide stock. My parents are considering a Nexus 10 but are quite put off by the fact they can’t order one!

    • epps720

      I agree love this feature. I wonder how social media site like FB would show this photo, or would if just not be possible to post?

      • BigRedd

        Google+ handles them in sphere mode (just like using Street View) as well as regular-picture mode (like if you used a fisheye lens).
        I’m guessing facebook won’t support sphere mode at least until Instagram starts having them.
        Some examples:

    • Thomas Biard

      I def agree. Improving software features is the biggest perk I’m looking for in phones as they keep getting released. For me, the hardware has gotten to a point where the speed is fast enough, and now the functionality in the software is what is holding up the next wave of awesome!

      I would have a ball learning to use the photosphere.

    • LukeT32

      Using photo sphere on my gnex it would take at least 5 minutes to take a full 360° photo.

      And in the LG video they sure are proud if the back finish…..

    • Joel

      Oh yea, that’s undeniable. I didn’t care much for it when it launched…and then I held one with my own two hands…my god, what a premium device! It feels so well crafted and so smooth. I would have a hard time putting a case on it..but I’ve seen what can happen on drop it is.

    • raovallab

      but the holidays are when many people change their phones. buy gifts , by promoting a product of which there is no stock I am not sure they are using the right strategy

  • acidone

    Can’t wait to try this with my family.. only everyone will be passed out and I’ll end focus on the empty bottles of wine scattered across the counter …lol

  • KennyL

    Yup. Wife and I decided to switch from Verizon to straight talk and go with two Nex4 16gb. Well alas, it’s sold out. I’m checking it every morning, lunch and before I got to bed to see if it has changed.

    • redraider133

      I’m considering doing the same thing. Would love me some untouched nexus love.

    • Dimitri

      Grr. I’ve been waiting since I ordered on Dec 2nd. Google says I probably won’t get it until the middle of January!!! This is absurd. If you’re planning on ordering one once they’re back in stock, be ready to wait til summer for your phone. The whole thing leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

      • janK

        In which country did you order?

      • Tiuri

        Agree completely

  • Darknight42020

    I’ve been trying to purchase 2 more to gift some friends, but I’m sure if they knew they would understand. Even if the device is sold out, never once thought they wouldn’t continue to build the “hype” up. Still happy with the 1 I did manage to get.

  • Taylor

    The Nexus 4 window is closing for me. The botched roll-out, the blame game, and lack of apology are essentially deal killers. So disappointed.

    • Silver

      I still want the Nexus 4 very much but I do have to agree a bit that so far Google have been a bit disappointing with how they deal with the situations as of late. They are no starting to become more and more similar to those “evil” companies that we hear all of the time. It’s good that they’re becoming very successful but at the same time, they seem to be changing not in the best ways.

      Eitherway, my friend let me play with his Nexus 4 for quite a while and damn it’s awesome. It just feels great in your hands.

    • shadhussain

      i just received my nex4 yesterday and as disappointed as i was before getting the device, i am not sure there are many phones out there that can beat this in terms of the bang for buck it provides.

      even if u aren’t an android fan (which you presumably are), the long term personal benefit (unlocked, unshackled cost savings, superior pure android experience, surprisingly premium feel) of having this phone probably far outweighs the emotional distress you quite rightly feel.

      • Mix

        Didn’t Google write on an apology for what is happening and say that LG has had a sporadic inventory and shipping issues?

        Sure Google’s site has been crashing and what not but that is from crazy demand, LG is having issues building and gathering resources.

        Not the article that I read but I just found this :

        Nexus 4 Issues

        • Mix


          I hit reply to the wrong person, the comment above was for Taylor.

      • stenzor

        Dude I would have paid $700 for this phone.. it’s just the best phone on the market right now

    • stenzor

      Well there’s no other Nexus phones coming out for a year.. so you’re still good. Unless you want to buy a non-nexus phone.. which is a terrible idea imo

      • Anthony E

        Lol, but at the rate things are going, people won’t be getting one till the announcement date for the Nexus 4 two.

  • Froojr

    More Christmas rush, more demand for the N4… more N4s for the Play Store would be great, too. :-)

    Good stuff, Google!

  • Steve Heinrich

    Hopefully they can supply the demand these ads will create. Photosphere is pretty cool. If I could afford to get a Nexus 4 I would be obsessing over when they came back in stock.

  • janK

    Google makes great ads!

    After Apple upped the panorama feature from ICS with their larger picture resolution, Google stepped it up again with PhotoSphere. If the technology improves further, I see this being a deciding advantage for all Android phones.

    About the Nexus 4, luckily I got mine a few days ago.

  • mlynch01

    I am really happy with my Nexus 4, I hope they get some in stock and put a larger marketing push behind it because is a pretty awesome device. If your a stock Android fan and don’t mind being without LTE this is unquestionably a great buy, that’s if it ever becomes available again lol.

  • jbcooley

    I like the approach of both videos since they are about functionality of the phone (or android in general). Though I can relate to the first one more since I’m more likely to be taking family photos than beaming movies to my TV or travelling the world.

    I haven’t run into any purchase issues since I haven’t tried yet. I’m waiting until after Christmas when all the gift giving is done and hopefully there is more stock. I’d really like to get my hands on a demo device in a T-Mobile store.

  • Dimitri

    Oh, by the way. If you’re stuck with an older Android phone while waiting for your N4, you can root and get the cool new camera and apps. I’ve got the camera from 4.2 with photosphere and all running fine on my GS2 Skyrocket. It helps take the sting out of waiting so long.

  • kenny1428

    Why release them when there isnt enough to sell?

    • janK

      Yeah, I dont really buy their statement about not expecting such a high demand. There are likely other reasons.

    • raovallab

      Exactly , did the brand not think people would want it ?

  • Taylor

    Unfortunately I think The Verge nailed it….

    “For the holidays, Google advertises a phone that’s hard to buy, and a photo that’s hard to take”

    I really do mean unfortunately, too.

    • ifightforuser312

      agree, I just can’t buy it in my country. there are rumours that LG may launch it own its own but for a hefty price! I doubt that will happen

    • hurracayne

      ugh the verge, because only an iPhone can take a photo like that and if it can’t no other phone can

  • jaxidian

    I got mine and I love it! Just got a new Meifeng case off of eBay that’s a lot like the Rock Quicksand cases and, aside from the logo, I LOVE it even more than the Rock Quicksand I had for my Galaxy S III!!! :-)

  • alexanderharri3

    They’re releasing ads to raise awareness of the phone and it’s great price……but fail to make it available for these people to buy….and the fickle consumer will forget come January when stock may return….

  • piyushb

    why so late?

  • TheVoodoo

    I have NOT had great luck with the Photo Sphere feature, since in most indoor settings (office and home) as I turn about, the amount of back light changes which leads to differently exposed tiles to a point that the same wall color can appear anywhere from dark brown to beige. This then prevents the stitching process from creating a smooth transition between the tiles.

    • raovallab

      Sounds like its easier to make a video instead :)

  • piyushb

    watching this ad makes me want one.

  • smwinn7

    They need to get their acts together if they are going be promoting like this

  • j_d_

    Nice ad for a great phone!
    The only problem is, it only has 16GB storage. I want 32GB!!

    • arpitgohil1995

      i think they might launch it with LTE and 32gig model in future

  • Rockstar323

    I want one so bad. Work pays my phone bill so I have to have a Verizon phone. I’m seriously considering just getting one and just getting a straight talk plan. That way I can retire the Gnex and get a RAZR for work.

  • jayant25

    Trying everywhere in the UK to get this phone but every one says one line “Sorry its not available right now” :’(

    Why why LG ?! Fasten up ur production !

    • Silver

      The thing is you cannot just fast up the production. Google made an error in judgement of how popular the phone will be (excellent specs and excellent prices) and as a result, the amount of phones that are prepared are much less than the demand. Instead of admitting that they were wrong and how they could have fixed the problem, they’re just blaming it on LG.

      If I remembered correctly, didn’t a similar situation happened last year with the Galaxy Nexus? If it is, seems like Google still haven’t learned from that mistake.

  • Nate B.

    They really need to market the heck out of this thing and so Android can do better as a whole. That Photo Sphere one can smash the annoying iPhone Panorama commercial they keep showing.

  • JD

    Google: trolling like a boss, LOL.

  • rr2009

    Photo Sphere is cute but the product ad is too long.

  • Marcus

    They make it look so easy to take a photosphere picture, haha. But seriously, I wish this whole sold out situation was handled better. The commercials are great, but it would be even greater if we could try those features out…

  • JD

    Also, I see zero reasons for any advertising right now, unless Google decided to make a good face in a bad game. Demand is obviously many times higher that Google can satisfy.

  • misael

    without a doubt the nexus 4 is one of the best smartphones outhere

    • stenzor


  • yusef.abouremeleh

    I’m glad Google is focusing on the features the phone has to offer. It really serves to separate the nexus from the other devices on the market. Hopefully it’ll be back in stock soon so that everyone can experience pure stock goodness :)

  • breckdroid

    I think there is too much buzz about potential Quad-core(4plus1-type) phones coming out in the new year. I’m gonna take the Nexus 4 being sold out as a sign to wait. Patience is a virtue, or at least that’s what my Great Aunt Isabel always tried to instill in me. I have to say it has only taken 30+ years to finally begin to stick to me, and I don’t think she was referring to cell phone purchases. Or was she……

  • aranea

    Only if the images turned out that good :)

    • aranea

      Hmmm. I wonder who gave the -1. Have you tried using the sphere indoors? I did and the corners are usually broken. Sometimes the pictures on the walls are cut in half too. It’s a great idea and it works great under certain conditions. Not so much in others. Maybe it would be better if it kept the single images and let us mark matching points for stitching.

  • Deeds

    Let’s make you go buy our phone, then have you wait 6-8 weeks for it!
    This is what they are doing. It would be great if they could keep these in stock.

  • Monsunami

    Google probably is greatly underestimating the demand. It doesn’t matter if it is LG’s fault for not keeping up, they should have learned that nexus products sells like the end of the world is coming. Google needs to know that LG and Asus are going to come out with phones of their own to sell to compete against Nexus line (get all of the profits instead of Google getting a share).

  • Hedley Thorne

    Just had an email to say mine has arrived at my office- I get to unbox tomorrow. Hang in there people, these things DO actually exist!

  • Viequense

    Nexus 4 ROCKS!!!!!!!!

  • tokra

    I’ve never thought of using it that way…That’s kind of awesome actually :D

  • A.Woodbury

    I’m definitely glad the Nexus name is being put out there even more. One of the best phones is unfortunately one of the best kept secret. Keep it up!

  • sylvan

    Of course they are still hyping it, but at this rate, the thing will be obsolete by the time everyone that wants one gets one!

  • rvirga

    All I wanted on November 13th was a Nexus 4. After the ordeal LG and Google put me through, all I want now is a HTC M7.
    I’ll never, ever buy a phone from LG again. And after experiencing serious stability (at least one random reboot a day) and speed (project butter has turned into project molasses) problems with 4.2 on both my Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7, I’m reevaluating the idea of buying Nexus devices altogether.

  • ifightforuser312

    how will they meet new demand when they are overwhelmed already?

  • Nathan D.

    Nexus 4 is awesome, going to see if they might be in stock before Christmas.

  • Jorge Eslava

    Noooooo!!! This is going to make it harder to get when it’s avaialbel again =(

  • Lallo

    Got mine last week

  • cwjones4

    these are the kinds of ads that google needs to show on TV! ones that show all the functionality of the phone and not just over stylized robots

  • jamal adam

    Great feature showcasing. I like the ads. Now, they just need to get the Nexus 4 in stock and then everyone will be happy. I think it would be a smashing success for the holidays if it was in stock. LG and Google need to work on keeping their supply of Nexus 4s from running out when it comes back in stock.

    I guess this should be an eye opener for Google, for next time when they release the Nexus by making sure to have it locked down in terms of supply and have pre-orders and everything else to run smoothly.

  • jonstle

    I think Google is getting it with this add. They need to highlight a feature that makes the phone special. Often times they focused on too much and people would get lost with their ads.

  • miked

    So nice to see adverts for a device that has been plagued by short supply and shopping cart issues. I just want to get my hands on one!

  • Mix

    OMG, a phone commercial that shows you what the phone can do rather than people’s snooty lifestyle choices while bashing other phones.

    Great commercials!

    My Nexus 4 was ordered on Dec 3 (Canada) and it is on a UPS truck for tomorrow delivery! I am PUMPED!

  • dbareis

    In Australia it sold out in 22 minutes on 13 NOV and hasn’t been seen again. Like many others I had one in my basket and it just up and disappeared. I’ve been “checking back soon” just like the play store has been telling me to do for the past month and a bit. Its very annoying to see adverts being made for a phone that its not possible to buy.

  • ndub21

    Just a thought, but it’s probably not a great idea for Google to release a commercial for a product that won’t ship to any potential new customers for at least 4 weeks due to a shortage. Maybe they won’t show it much until it’s back in stock. I’m waiting to order mine until it’s back in stock.

  • Co1e

    I need a new phone really bad. Make this available and I will buy it immediately. Until then stop teasing me!

  • klcow92

    everybody is waiting to get one!!! Google definitely has to produce more phones to cope with the demand!!

  • dwilson6

    Very well done. I wonder what the demand would be if the Nexus 4 didn’t have a shortage. Would it increase because of more availability or decrease because of less excitement over it being a hard to get device?

  • DroidPower

    those are some nice looking ads!!!!

  • masterpfa

    I am glad to see Google finally pushing their products via ads, but having checked the Google Play store recently I believe they have missed an opportunity this holiday season, especially as in the UK at least, everything bar the 32GB WiFi Nexus 7 is sold out.

    In answer to your question I have finally received my Nexus 4 after ordering on 4th December

    • bender

      Aus is the same

    • ArticulateFool

      I agree. It only took them a couple years to see the benefits.

  • bender

    I check the play store every day, just hoping. This just turns the knife.

  • ambrosia


    Sent from my Nexus 4

  • Anjie Cai

    Why the hold up D: come on santa, make google and lg produce these faster

    • af13

      You would think he could throw an few elves LG’s way.

      • af13

        *a few*. I swear, I think comment boxes add typos after you hit submit, just to mess with you.

  • TheStig

    Nice ads! BUT STOP MAKING ADS MAKE PHONES! People want to order!

  • jibin_raju

    In my country purchasing through Google Play is not available…
    I hope it come soon here… Purchasing from a retail store is not that affordable…..

  • Max.Steel

    Too bad the phone isn’t AVAILABLE!!!

  • mario_1603

    when there will be a normal stock ?

  • arminla

    Love the new AD! Wish it wasn’t sold out. :/

  • dbcher

    These are not even available to be bought in the country I am currently living in.
    Maybe sometime next year when the next model comes out google will let us buy the old version……blah

  • WlfHart

    Awesome picture feature! One would need a digital picture frame to present that picture though :P

  • mihavit

    i was able to get my order in im just not satisfied with the shipping dates. some might argue that at least i got my order in and that sll i have to do is wait. 6-7 weeks is a long wait for something that should have been in stock from the start. LG needs to make these devices faster and i mean fast. these long waits for devices is crazy. Google i hope have something in store for there customers who have been waiting forever for there devices. i dont know whats going on with the production of this product LG needs to fix the problem asap and google needs to force the hand becuz the customers are getting beyond angrywith the lack of communication and lack of actual product. what a real disaster. next device i dont know google u have to step it up to much mistakes being made and next year is a few days away. by the time these devices get in the hands of the waiting paying customers the next device will be out already.

  • Trean

    Is this a feature of the phone or OS? Like if Verizon ever gets it head out of you know where will my Galaxy Nexus receive this feature with an OS update!?

  • Pravas

    Google has some of the best ads on their Youtube channel.

  • dillonshepherd1991

    I want a Nexus 4 so bad… Once shipping times drop to less than a week, I’m selling my phone and buying one!

  • murali.ram

    Google wants more number of Android device to be activated this year….

    Google is just awesome…

  • killrgummibear

    gotta say the features on this phone are making me want it more n more :-)

  • tylerfoy

    good marketting for sure

  • uknowme

    That second ad is spot on. I just hope the 32g model pops up in a reasonable amount of time.

  • raovallab

    Is the photo sphere that great a feature ? You can do that with a short video :)

    • Luke Haviland

      what format is the picture saved?
      I am not a fan of the way it looks
      distorted on the sides
      gives me a headache

  • jcbobea

    I think the add is for those that are getting tired of waiting and Google is telling us ” Please wait for us and don’t buy another phone or you will miss all these great features”…

  • donger

    Got mine but haven’t use it yet.

  • KingCrow02

    Just got my phone today.

    • pradhan

      when did you order?

  • raovallab

    Google would use LG over than its own Motorola ?

  • ZRod

    *sniff* I’ve been telling myself “I don’t need this, I don’t need this” since I have the Galaxy Nexus but… *drool*

  • thr970

    sure would be nice to have a Nexus phone!

  • Gibberish

    One of the panoramic photos in the examples has “phantom pants”.

    • calmness

      … and a phantom shadow, too. The wormhole effect (black circles at picture foci) was funny.

      Seriously, though, this is cool to be able to do a 360 picture like people really see things. Next, 3D panoramic shots?

  • melan26

    Well, taking photos of anything and everything and posting it online is one of the things that many of us do these days. It’s teasing me, that’s for sure.

  • Hipstr63

    I’m torn between this phone and the Samsung Galaxy S4 that will be released soon…also want to wait and see what comes out in January at the electronics conference.

  • Fiasko

    They keep talking about how great and amazing this display is for outdoor use, but when I use it outside all I can see is a bunch of dots arranged in a grid. Anyone else experience this?

  • sachin_goral

    Well I can only bake a Nexus 4 cake and have mouthful but needless to say that won’t meet my desire to own a nexus 4 :-(

  • eliander mendoza

    I love how lg desing the back cover of the phone looks amazing.

  • rpras

    That is an impressive ad!

  • celo175


  • Paulstraker

    WoW….. that is one hell of an ad!!!!

  • dafi81

    nicely done!

  • Calisto1224

    Mine is still back order……wish they start making them because I’m tired of waiting! Aaagggghhhhhh

  • ibap

    These adds were scheduled who knows when. And they figure you’ll buy it yourself when it becomes available.

  • rafaelrossi

    terrible LG product video. too much LG.

  • amIT29

    Shout out from india …lg showrooms dont have it….croma the shop which just started stocking nexus 7 has no clue ….only option is ebay and pay huge shippingfrm us to india..but im not too sure abt ebay deals..if it was amazon orbestbuy …….

  • arpitgohil1995

    a nice ad for a nice phone

  • digvijaya07

    Well Done ..!! :)) :D

  • Kaustubh_Adhav

    I want this phone so bad! It’s still not available in India plus it’s sold out everywhere else! Why oh why? !

  • jenskristian

    I like the commercials. A lot of focus on the photo sphere feature, but I guess it’s a good sales argument.

  • Shazam

    It seems like the buzz for the previous nexus was crazy, and this one is barely a mention. ICS was a much bigger release and much more anticipated.

  • Eben1277

    Would love this phone, but just etf’d my droid x for a gnex in Oct., and its such a step up from what I had that I can wait to see what next years nexus is about. I got my fingers crossed for Sony or Moto!

  • JayB95

    Must…leave… Verizon

  • BellissiMatt

    WTF funny :{] advertising !!!

  • Tal

    Its probably very pathetic. As at least with me it only emphasizes the epic failure that is the N4.
    It doesn’t matter if the device is good, as long as its constantly sold-out.
    Google failed. Off with their … cells.

  • Oscar Rivas

    Ahhh! I want this so bad! But my sensation is still good enough for me! But then again I can always keep the sensation around as a back up…..

  • Nostril

    The car dock in the second video at 0:34 looks a lot like the wireless Nexus charger. Looks like an official accessory. I’m guessing it is also a wireless Qi charger?

  • piyushb

    can i buy one?

  • ccn_cristi

    They’re just taunting us!
    They should be ashamed with the disaster of the so called launch of Nexus 4.

  • Ilyse Rose

    These commercials recently have been getting better and better. And cuter.

    Though anything is better than those horrible anti Apple ads. They just made everyone sound so smug

  • Amit

    I really want nexus 4 but Google dont launch their products in India despite huge demand.

  • kschauhan

    happy holidays

  • klcow92

    hmmmmmmm its all sold out in the UK an they dare advertise this…they should at least have taken pre orders. :(

  • ronan

    I ordered a Nexus 4 16gb and they sent me a damn Nexus 10 instead !

  • ronan

    I ordered a Nexus 4 16gb and they sent me a damn Nexus 10 instead ! Plus it was later than the 2 weeks quoted.

  • quicky

    it’s been like 2-3 weeks that it’s sold out in Canada… can’t wait to have one!!! but by the time that they have stock I think I’ll fall in love with an other phone