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How to setup the Nexus 4 and Google Voice for Solavei


Since Google sells the Nexus 4 unlocked and without a contract, it makes the perfect smartphone for pre-paid wireless service. We already covered the best pre-paid plans for the Nexus 4, but I wanted to take a moment and explain my personal setup. After carefully reviewing all the options, I decided to go with Solavei since they have a clearly defined data policy and they offer bonuses for referring friends and family.

It appears that hundreds of you also came to the same conclusion because I am getting questions almost every day about using the Nexus 4 on Solavei. I’m glad to answer questions for anyone that needs help, but I thought it would be nice to document everything in a single post that we can refer to.

Getting a micro SIM from Solavei

The first step to enrolling with Solavei includes checking your phone’s IMEI number to make sure it is compatible. Solavei operates on T-Mobile’s network and the Nexus 4 works great on it, but Solavei has not updated their database with all of the latest IMEI numbers. If you try to enter the IMEI number from your Nexus 4, you will see a message that says your phone is not usable.

In order to “trick” the IMEI check, you can use the IMEI number from any supported phone that also uses a micro SIM card. I used the IMEI number from a Galaxy S III and Solavei shipped me a micro SIM that works with the Nexus 4.

Use this IMEI number to get a micro SIM: 353721053628149

If you accidentally ordered a normal sized SIM card from Solavei, you can get a Micro SIM Cutter from Amazon and trim your card down to size.

Access Point Names (APN) Settings

After you receive your Nexus 4 and Solavei SIM card, you might need to update your APN settings. I have heard several people say that they activated their Solavei SIM card, popped it in the Nexus 4, and they had internet working with the default T-Mobile US APN settings. I went ahead and used the APN settings suggested for the Nexus 4 on the Solavei support site:

  1. On the device, tap the Menu icon.
  2. Select Settings > Wireless & networks > Mobile networks > Access Point Names.
  3. Press the Menu key and tap New APN.
  4. Select Name, enter solavei and tap OK. -
  5. Select APN, enter solavei and tap OK.
  6. Enter the user name and password listed below. If no value is listed, leave the field blank.
    • User name: <leave blank>
    • Password: <leave blank>
  7. Select MMSC, enter and tap OK.
  8. Select MMS proxy: <leave blank>
  9. Select MMS port: <leave blank>
  10. Select MMS protocol: WAP 2.0
  11. MCC: 310
  12. MNC: 260
  13. Select : Authentication type: Not set
  14. Select APN type:default,supl,admin,mms,hipri (no spaces in here)
  15. APN enable/disable: APN enabled.
  16. Press the Menu key and select Save
  17. Press the radio button next to Solavei to set the profile as default.
  18. At this time, turn the phone Off and then back On again.
  19. Test the settings by sending a picture message to yourself.
  20. Tap the Menu icon.
  21. Tap Browser.
  22. Enter a non-Google web site to test.


Google Voice Settings

I switch pre-paid services all the time, so I went ahead and ported my main number to Google Voice. This allows me to enroll with any pre-paid service and take whatever new number they give me. Then I just login to my Google Voice phone settings and forward my Google Voice number to the new number I receive. Then I install the Google Voice Android app and set it to handle all outgoing calls.


The Google Voice app will walk you through the setup, but you can change your call settings at any time.

  • Open the Google Voice app
  • Go to Settings
  • Go to Making calls
  • Select Google Voice to make all calls

I also use the Google Voice app to send and receive text messages (SMS).

  • Open the Google Voice app
  • Go to Settings
  • Go to Sync and notifications
  • Go to Receive text messages
  • Select receive via the Google Voice app

Call Forwarding Settings for Google Voicemail

Finally, I also use Google Voice to handle all my voicemail. Solavei supports call forwarding, so you just need to forward to your Google Voice number when busy, unreachable, or unanswered.

Open the Phone app, enter these MMI codes one at a time, and hit send:

  • **61*PHONENUMBER#   Forward when busy
  • **62*PHONENUMBER#   Forward when unreachable
  • **67*PHONENUMBER#   Forward when unanswered

Make sure to enter the country code before your phone number. Example: 1-333-333-3333 would be **61*13333333333#

After entering the MMI codes, you can check the Phone app to make sure they are set.

  • Open the Phone app
  • Go to Settings
  • Go to Call forwarding
  • Review settings

If you run into problems, you might need to call customer support (866-SOLAVEI) and ask them to remove the “Call Forwarding Block Feature”. See this support thread for additional help.

Need additional help?

If you run into any other problems, you have several options. Leave a comment below, visit the official Solavei support site, or call customer support. I’ve only called customer support once, but they were friendly and took care of my issue right away.

Overall, I am extremely pleased with using the Nexus 4 on Solavei. The data speeds are fast (10-15 Mbps down, 1-2 Mbps up), coverage is what you would expect from T-Mobile, and my service is now free since I referred enough people.

Full disclosure: I am a Solavei member, but I’m not going to share my referral link unless someone asks me for it. There are plenty of other members on this site that have enrolled and I’m sure they would be happy to share their link if you are interested in joining.

Taylor is the founder of Android and Me. He resides in Dallas and carries the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and HTC One as his daily devices. Ask him a question on Twitter or Google+ and he is likely to respond. | Ethics statement

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  • mr 1338

    hmm Paid articles on AndroidAndMe? Not sure if i like this :l
    Ads are totally fine but sponsored articles?

    • Taylor Wimberly

      I wrote this article to help others. It’s not a “paid article” and I’m not sure why you think it’s a sponsored post.

      • mr 1338

        after reading all the comments i have to apologize.
        I am from Europe and it is basically standart that you go buy a Phone and pop in the SD card of which ever provider you like best, if you like you can also get a 2 year contract with a free Phone. Whichever you chose, insert your SIM and you’re good to go.
        For me this seemed like a cheap and intrusive way to advertise a provider, but this seems to be kind of a novelty to the US, sorry for my misinterpretation.

        • cheapskate88

          Don’t apologize. It was a valid point, even if a little misinformed.

          • mr 1338

            thanks, this seemed even more staged because for european standart it is very expensive. i Pay 10€ for Data, Text + Voice without minimum contract runtime

            Thumbs pressed that you might get cheaper plans, too :D

          • Thomas Biard

            “Thumbs pressed”…that is an awesome phrase I’ve never heard. I’m suspecting it is the same as our “Fingers crossed” phrase. Mind if I borrow it?

          • mr 1338

            haha yes, thats what i wanted to say :D you can use it!
            It was a bad translation :l

        • jonneves

          It’s kinda like that here in brazil.
          Just the price that is different, like a HOLE LOT of more cash is nedded!

      • Jorge Eslava

        Thanks for the useful information, I’ll be switching from my Galaxy Nexus to a Nexus 4 soon and this will come in handy when I do.

      • Marvles

        Yeaa I do have to agree with his general sentiment, its odd the disproportionate amount of attention that Solavei gets on this website. This article could be written about setting up a generic prepaid plan and google voice, and yet it happens to be about Solavei. I don’t understand why an article like this is written, especially considering past criticisms involving potential conflicts of interest. This definitely has the potential to come across as a thinly veiled attempt to promote this company, and I don’t understand why android and me even tries to walk this line.

    • damambt

      I personally don’t mind this because in a way AndroidAndMe is providing readers Alternatives to the 2 year commitment that most wireless carriers offer, and like most customers, we go for it because of the devices they carry. Now that the Nexus line of phones is thriving and is always unlocked, it’s something to consider. I had never ever heard of this pre-pay company, but their service sounds tempting.

      • cheapskate88

        you have a 96 rating but you had never heard of the most promoted prepaid service on this site? Interesting… At this point, Taylor’s post on Solavei just make me chuckle.

  • damambt

    How I wish I could break away from these AT&T chains

    • blah

      Get straight talk with at and t…it will be like your still in chains except a whole lot cheaper.

  • jonstle

    Seems like a cool option. I love google voice! I am sure there are many people who will appreciate the work it took to figuring all of that stuff out.

    I am pretty sure I will be staying with sprint for the foreseeable future. Thanks to a family member I am on the Advantage Plus plan. Hard to beat those prices anywhere else.

    • John Zwiers

      What do you love about Google Voice and what don’t you like? I’m considering switching to Google voice, but am not sure.

  • jaxidian

    Thanks for this! Sometimes it’s tricky to get devices working on the smaller no-contact carriers.

  • justgable

    Thank you for this walkthrough as this is the route I’m planning to go. I do have a question regarding porting your number over to Google Voice. Does it require that you have a data connection at all times to work?

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Right now Google Voice just operates as a call forwarding service and voicemail service. You still make calls over whatever network you have service with.

      • TheVoodoo

        That is true with the default setup; however, using GrooVe IP available for free as well as a small fee on Google Play, one can make calls over data (VoIP) directly with one’s Google Voice account.

        I’ve used the app when traveling overseas to maintain seamless connectivity (i.e. same phone number) without paying for international roaming costs.

        The main difference extra feature in the paid version is the ability to make calls over non-WiFi data connections, while the free version is limited to WiFi only.

        Play Store link for free version:

        Play Store link for paid version:

        • Thomas Biard

          Great advice. I don’t travel abroad often, but if I start traveling for work more, this may come in handy big time. I am also going to look into Google Voice like Taylor suggested so I can feel free to bounce around prepaid companies til I find a good GSM MVNO

        • sbala

          Thank you

  • Logan Edwards

    I had a similar issue with AT&T. My Nexus 4 showed that I had coverage, but could not connect to the network (3g/4g). I called and gave them my EMEI number and now I’m good to go. Not sure if many others had this issue.

    Seems like there was an issue between Google/LG and the carriers for not supporting this phone at launch. Heck, I got my phone almost a month after launch and it was only resolved today!

    • lolo

      “Was an issue”? Unfortunately it’s still an issue. Ordered the n4 on launch from play store, took 2 weeks to get. Then after only having the phone two days the speaker blew. Maybe even the microphone too as it doesn’t hear my voice searches. Been waiting on a RMA since 12/2. They are out of RMA stock, estimated time to wait for RMA was quoted as 3-7 weeks. Never again will I buy from Google.

  • 335i

    I also switched to Solavei and ported my number to Google Voice. I will not recommend porting your number to Google Voice unless you don’t mind not receiving MMS’s.

    • nahun

      MMS is the only reason I haven’t ported to Google Voice. I would note that in the article just in case. I wish I could though, this is the exact setup I want. But I’ll settle for porting number to Solavei

      • Supra98

        What kinda mms do you get?

  • Uzume

    So my N4 is working great with the default T-Mobile US APN settings, is there any particular reason I should switch to the Solavie’s?

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Only reason to switch would be if you experience any problems. As long as everything is working, there is no reason to mess with the APN settings.

    • Andromedo

      I found that although the Internet worked fine with the default APN settings, MMS did not, and required the Solavei APN to be set up to function.

      • Ardrid

        I had a similar experience.

        As an aside, has anyone experienced longer text messages being broken up into separate disjointed pieces? In other words, some of the longer text messages I’ve received, say about 500 characters, will be broken up into 3-4 separate, out of of order, messages, requiring me to effectively piece them back together to figure out what the sender was trying to say. I’m not sure if this is a stock Android 4.2 issue or the way Solavei is piping the message.

        • Ardrid

          Did some quick research. Turns out it’s not Android 4.2. It’s not, technically, Solavei either. It’s a symptom of the SMS character limit and inter-carrier routing. Should be alleviated once I get the wife on Solavei. For now, I’ll just blame it on the fact that she has an iPhone ;)

  • ArticulateFool

    Great write up. Hopefully they update their IMEI database soon to avoid confusion.

  • TheVoodoo

    Per your recommendation in reviewed, I have been trying Solavei on my Nexus 4 and it is good.

    The lack of an account portal where minutes and data usage could be monitored is a bit disappointing, but not important.

    • bluesky

      You can monitor your data usage (Mobile vs WiFi) on the Nexus 4!

      Settings–> Data Usage–> separate Mobile and WiFi tabs

  • OpenIntro

    Thanks for this rundown! I’m currently on the $30 T-Mobile prepaid plan, and have been making most of my calls over data. The quality is pretty hit or miss. I may give it one more month and then switch to Solavei.

  • Hector Bribiesca

    Does any of you guys have issues with double dialing with the N4 and Solavei? Every call that I make hangs up instantly and dials again creating a duplicate call in my call history. Tried SIMs from T-Mo and ATT and I don’t have that problem with those. Just with my solavei sim. Their tech support cant figure it out and said my phone isn’t probably compatible. Anyone else seeing this issue?

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Never heard of that problem. Are you running stock Android or some custom ROM?

      • Hector Bribiesca

        stock android!! i was wondering if i uninstall my SIP account it might fix the problem?

    • Pascal

      I’m having the same exact issue. Called, they couldn’t figure it out, said it might be the SIM but I ordered a new one and still having the same issue. No other SIM does that. It’s pretty annoying. The weird thing is that it won’t do it in other phones. I’m running stock 4.2.1. Anyone knows how to fix that?

    • Mojo

      I have the Nexus 4, stock 4.2.1 (not yet rooted) and I am having the same issue with Solavei. The call log has the number I was dialing (that hangs up as soon as it is dials) then the Google Voice number it dials in it’s place.

    • sebastian

      Hector, I am on the same boat! Can’t find the fix so far

  • Daniel Hakimi

    You guys sure give a lot of attention to Solavei.

    Have you checked out Ting? It looks interesting:

    And I’m sure you’re aware of Republic Wireless, and how nowhere that went.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Ting and Republic run on Sprint which does not support unlocked GSM phones.

  • Nathan D.

    Cool article, and solavei sounds like a decent carrier to with good speed. Might have to convince the my parent to go to this and not go with the contract since this is cheaper.

  • Ardrid

    The APN settings are technically incorrect. You don’t need two separate APNs in order to ensure MMS is working correctly. This is what you should really have going forward, typed exactly as is:

    Name: Solavei
    APN: solavei
    MMS proxy:
    MMS port:
    MCC: 310
    MNC: 260
    Authentication type:
    APN type: default,supl,mms
    APN protocal: IPv4
    APN roaming protocal: IPv4
    APN enable/disable: APN enabled

    As to using Google Voice with the Nexus 4, I didn’t have to go through the additional forwarding steps, but that’s likely because I never ported my number to GV. I simply have a GV number for the purpose of getting visual voicemail, a remnant of my time with the Samsung Captivate. Here’s an interesting trick that will integrate your voicemail directly into the call log: check off “Voicemail display” in GV’s settings. Any voicemail can now be directly played from the notification tray or the call log. If you need transcription, you simply load up GV like normal.

    • AndyB

      Actually I also am not quite sure about those additional forwarding steps. I’ve been using GV for visual voicemail (and occasional SMS’s) for years now and I just tell GV to handle all of my voicemails. I don’t even remember how I set that up but it didn’t involve entering MMI codes. Granted my GV number isn’t one that was ported there, as Ardrid notes, but should that matter? Isn’t porting your number to GV essentially just selecting your old number as your GV number at the expense of $20, a few days of f’d up SMS’s, and jumping through a few other hoops?

      • Ardrid

        Essentially, yes. The only real reason to port your number to GV, in my opinion, is to make switching providers easier. You no longer have to worry about porting numbers to different providers or risk losing your number if a provider tries to screw you over.

        As for setting up GV, it was automatic for me with my Nexus 4. Ran the app and selected that I only intended on using my GV number for voicemail. GV took care of the rest. All busy and unanswered calls go straight to voicemail as intended.

        I suspect that GV will attempt to use the number attached to your SIM card, in this case the number provided by Solavei, if you let it proceed automatically. My guess is the conditional call forwarding MMI codes are needed to ensure that your new Solavei number gets forwarded to your GV number and voicemail box correctly.

        • Supra98

          i read on google that if you dont port your number you dont get the full 100% features that google voice has to offer

        • AndyB

          But what’s different about a number provided by Solavei associated with a SIM card vs. the number I have from T-mobile associated with my SIM card (or yours)? I don’t understand why GV setup with porting + Solavei should be different from our experiences with GV so far.

          • Ardrid

            In my case, and I suspect yours as well, we’re using the number associated with our SIM card as our primary number to make and receive calls. Our GV number exists for nothing more than voicemail management. In Taylor’s case, he wants nothing to do with the number associated with his SIM card and uses his GV number to make and receive calls, as well as manage his voicemail. I think that’s why he has to setup his conditional call forwarding options manually. Because he’s not giving out his Solavei number, I think he has to have GV forward calls made to his GV number to his Solavei number so his phone actually gets calls. At the same time, because he doesn’t want to use Solavei’s voicemail system, he has to have GV forward unanswered, unreachable, and busy calls to his Solavei number back to his GV number.

            I could be completely wrong and Taylor could simply be doing things the hard way, but that’s the only rational explanation I can come up with for using MMI codes, as convoluted as it sounds. Taylor, of course, could shine more light on this.

  • Joel

    Good god Taylor, your timing is so awesome. Thank you so much for the article, The Nexus 4 on Solavei is where my wife and I are heading.
    Question – I live in Ft. Lauderdale FL and I just finished reading the article where the new Tmo 1900 bands are uphnm ,i0pl9hgk8i,knjyhbt gfrdw

  • Joel

    Good god Taylor, your timing is so awesome! Thank you so much for the article, The Nexus 4 on Solavei is where my wife and I are heading.


    1. I live in Ft. Lauderdale FL and I just finished reading the article where the new Tmo 1900 bands are up, will Solavei be able to take advantage of the speeds?

    2. How long does the Solavei Sim take to arrive?

    3. Ive never used Google Voice and hadn’t planned on it until I read the article – How necessary is it really?

    4. How many people did you have to refer to get your monthly bill down to 0?

    • Taylor Wimberly

      1. The Nexus 4 is penta-band 850/900/1700/1900/2100 so yes you should see faster speeds.

      2. Normally takes 3-5 business days for the SIM to arrive.

      3. Google Voice is not required. I just use it for the visual voicemail and other extra features.

      4. You need 3 “Trios” or 9 people to earn $60 per month which is enough to pay for the monthly service.

  • ndub21

    This is a good write up. I’m on AT&T with my wife who just signed a new contract to get the iPhone 5. I don’t think it makes much sense for me to go prepaid while she is still on AT&T. I would like to though.

  • thechad

    Thanks for the info and the help to get this setup.

  • aeronaut

    More like an ad than a proper article? I dont like – you can do better, Androidandme!

  • DroidPower

    Thanks for the info. This is probably the only blog out there that gives solid info on the new service

  • txbluesman

    That is great info. Thanks Taylor!

  • Steve Heinrich

    If i was going this route, this would be a great article to have on hand. Well done!

  • ezc

    This is great. I saved this article. I have my N4 now, but just waiting for my old school NS 2-year T-mob contract to finish next month. Then, I will switch to solavei.

  • Dennis

    2 questions: Will Solavei or any T-Mobile MVNO be able to take advantage of the reframing?
    Why Solavei over Simple Mobile? Same price

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Simple Mobile does not define their data policy, but users report being throttled around 2GB. Solavei gives you 4GB of data usage a month before they throttle. And yes, Solavei gets the benefits of T-Mobile upgrading their network.

  • Robbie

    I’m getting ready to switch to prepaid and have been really considering porting my number to Google Voice. I have a question I noticed that you made changes to the MMS, does it work using Google Voice? I thought it wasn’t available, only SMS. Any feedback would be really appreciated. It’s been the only reason I haven’t ported yet. Thanks!

    • Ardrid

      MMS isn’t supported on GV, one of the downsides to porting your main number to GV. Personally, if you don’t plan on switching MVNOs constantly, you should just port your number to the MVNO of your choice. Less headache.

  • bluesky

    I am a total newb and I didnt have to do any of this :-/

    I literally just put the SIM card in my phone, activated/transferred my number online, and literally less than 5 minutes later I was up and running. The only ‘odd’ thing was that even though I could use my phone for outgoing calls, incoming calls went to my old phone for about an hour.

    I was worried I would have to do lots of crazy stuff to get everything to work, and I totally didnt.

    /newb experience

    • Ardrid

      The incoming calls “issue” is normal. There’s a lag time from when your previous provider completely kills your old SIM card. It’s to allow you to continue to receive calls during the porting process.

  • nobile

    This is cool :) Thank you!

  • linkinmark5

    I agree, I went ahead and ported my main number to Google Voice. Then once I go prepaid I can adjust my phone settings to forward my Google Voice number to the new number. I did have problems with GV & duplicate sms messages but after the previous updates its all good. Once my Sprint contract is up im headed for Nexus4 and Solavei

  • Monsunami

    The Solavei service sounds great. Unfortunately just 2G with them in my area.

  • jonbze

    Not sure if this is the best place to ask this, but I was looking to sign up as a social without service. I swear I have looked all over the solavei website and have not found it. Did they drop the ability to do this? If not could someone post a link to it for me, thanks?

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Yes, there are 3 member types.

      1. service only ($49 per month)
      2. service + social member ($49 per month)
      3. social member only ($149 per year)

      • jonbze

        Thank you for the response! I kept forgetting to go back and check if anyone replied. I actually found it a few minutes after posting the reply, but I only found that I could get to it by putting in a random zip code, since my zip code has the service available. I’m thinking about claiming to be in another zip code to claim social only and then later when I finally give up on T-Mobile join the service plus social. Wish they offered all three for serviceable zips.

  • rr2009

    Thanks for the article. It’s really helpful.

  • Blair

    Great times. Just did all this this week. A little late for me, but pretty standard for what needs to be done.

  • KingCrow02

    Nice guide

  • mightynaf

    It looks so complicated compared to how we do t here

  • nipunmehta7

    it helps

  • ConfuciusTse

    I’m still looking for a US pre-paid plan that only charges me for my use. If I don’t connect, then don’t charge me. I see that around the world, but not in the US.

  • Max.Steel

    Stop shilling for Solavei.

  • sasepatrupc

    Nice. Maybe something like that could happen in Europe as well.

  • Snowman81

    Now if only people could actually buy a Nexus 4. lol

  • cuteandrew21

    Solavei can use google voicemail but Straighttalk cannot, I want to know WHY???????

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Not all of the pre-paid services support conditional call forwarding, but Solavei does.

  • naypalm

    Hey this is a great article! Many times before I have had to search the net looking for settings and tips on setting up a phone and this seems to be the best one yet! Everyone needs to +1 this on Google!

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    I love how the article is very detail-oriented

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    wish I could do this in Japan….I am tired of my choices here and being unable to just purchase a Sim card to pop into my phone

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  • Stig03


  • Ezy03

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  • McLovin

    Does tethering and mobile hotspot still work with this service?

    • Taylor Wimberly


  • luckykrrish

    Nexus 4. The best android phone yet.

  • Max.Steel

    Notice the number of new accounts “rank 7 or lower” posting great job, thanks, blah..blah..blah?

  • Viequense

    i would love to have this phone it looks awesome.

  • dcdttu

    I’ve tried many times to figure out if Solavei allows data roaming, something T-Mobile themselves don’t on monthly 4G plans. If they did, I would be very interested in switching. Anyone know the answer to this?

    • runfast1986

      Yes, they do but they have stated they will cancel you very quickly if you use more than a tiny bit of data roaming.

  • dutrak

    I think you guys should change the article to: How to setup Google Voice for Solavei IF you managed to buy a N4

  • runfast1986

    I have a Nexus 4, and I tried entering the MMI Codes that you suggested, but I get an MMI Code error. When you say enter “**61*PHONENUMBER# ” where it says “PHONENUMBER” do I enter my google voice number of my cell phone number?

  • melan26

    Wow, that is interesting.

  • smwinn7

    thanks for the how to on this, Google Voice is going to be a big part of android’s future i have a feeling

  • BellissiMatt

    Thank you “android and me”

  • Bolt

    If I had a Nexus I’d definitely do Solvanei

  • captainkirkw

    Thanks for the timely and thorough article Taylor as well as all who have replied. I had just started looking at other carriers since I am tired of paying over $160 a month for our two iPhones. My wife recently upgraded to a 4s when her 3 died, so when I do switch, I will have to pay the ETF but I will still save quite a bit compared to another 2 year contract.

    My AT&T contract for my iPhone 4 just ended in August and I recently got a Nexus 7, my first Android device, so I could check out the Android OS and see if I wanted to make the switch. I am having a blast with the Nexus 7, and did set up a separate GV# to use with GrooveIP on it just for fun. So now I just have to decide between the Note II and the Nexus 4 as well as which carrier. I have read a lot of reviews about Simple Mobile and Straight Talk and I don’t like hearing about people getting notifications of using too much data after a little bit of music streaming or watching some YouTube videos.

    I don’t stream movies to my phones or tablets but do stream DI.FM and Pandora while driving around town as well as between Austin and Dallas. I have never gone over 2GB per month but sure don’t want to be cut off or throttled without warning for using around that much. Solavei looks like a good service to try and if I don’t like it then I can try a T-Moblie no contract 4G plans. Hell, even their 2 line value plans are a lot cheaper than what I am paying now.

    So this article plus some of the other recent ones relating to no contract services, the Nexus 4 and a few others have been a lot of help and I enjoy all of the extra info in the comments. This is fast becoming my favorite Android site. I am new here and have not posted a lot but probably will be soon. Also great to see that this site is run by some fellow Texans. I hope to get to meet some of you sometime since i live in Austin and travel to Dallas a few times each month.

  • Jess

    If you would like more information on solavei visit my site, i can help you get started today.

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    One more sign up for you Taylor. Keep the good work.

  • David Miller

    Do NOT go with Solavei unless you are a masochist. Their support desk can take a month to answer, even this far after launch. Their pay plan is a joke if you really analyze it. The founder has an iffy background. They cut services out of their network like short codes, which you may need for many things like online banking. They delete any comments on their member areas that are anything but cult like fawning fake praise. After I left the same T-Mobile carrier network is much better than I got under their SIM card. Lord knows what chintzy stuff they pulled to lessen their costs. The issue was insider trading with the founder, true or false, according to Google searches. I noticed his personal marketing buddies got the scoop way ahead of others during the months long drawing out of the launch process. Pro spammy marketers got to swoop in and do advertising activities their user manuals say you can’t. VERY restrictive crap in there.

    Those circles will collapse soon under their own incestuous weight since most social site pages they have are folks posting their own affiliate links to each other. The serious marketing world did not blink at this mess, much less hop on board. I saw that too late. Waste of time and money for me. Your mileage may vary.

    • David Miller

      I am actually paying almost ten dollars less on T-Mobile’s network on a month to month plan for true unlimited 4g and text than I was with Solavei. And with better reception and short codes and such. Their business opp is just not one, so I do not consider that income aspect as having any value at all. I cancelled Solavei and they were still barking at me months later warning me my service was going to be cut if I didn’t pay them close to $50 per month again. Their emails still come into my mailbox. They can’t even let go of you correctly.

      • David Miller

        No wait…it’s just under $33 including tax with T-Mobile. I think it was $48 and change under Solavei with all the crap they tacked on. Shipping for the SIM card alone was close to $28 with Solavei for founding members.

  • JJ

    SOLAVEI TOTALLY BLOWS!!!!!!!!!! THE WORST SERVICE IN FLORIDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    NO DOUBT!!!!!!!!!!!I