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HTC unleashes Android 4.1 on HTC EVO 4G LTE


Jelly Bean for the HTC EVO 4G LTE has arrived! While we’ve been expecting the Android 4.1 update for the EVO 4G LTE for some time, none of us really expected Sprint and HTC to roll it out this soon. The HTC EVO 4G LTE was the last HTC One variant to hit the US market, but it seems they managed to make it through the development and testing process without too many delays. The software update weighs in at 396.78 MB and delivers all the usual Android 4.1.1 features (Project Butter, Google Now, advanced notifications and embedded Voice Typing). The update also includes HTC Sense 4+, bringing an enhanced UI with better performance in the camera, new landing page with even/map view in the gallery and power management improvements.

If you have not already received the OTA update notification, you can try to manually ping HTC’s update servers by going to Settings > System updates > HTC software updates > Check now. The download and install process takes roughly 10 minutes over WiFI or LTE. We would not recommend downloading the update over Sprint’s 3G network.

If you’re a proud owner of the Sprint HTC EVO 4G LTE, let us know how you like your new Jelly Bean flavored Android update.

Nick is a tech enthusiast who has a soft spot for HTC and its devices. Nick joined the Android and Me family in the summer of 2010.

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  • jaxidian

    Glad to see more devices getting Jelly Bean!

    • Nate B.

      Me to! Just makes Android look better as a whole.

      • mr 1338

        Not only that. It is is a really great update.
        I updated my moms Phone and even she can tell this is great :D

      • FranzVz

        I couldn’t agree more. Android just keeps getting smoother and smoother.

        I get very happy when I see people using the Nexus 7 and it’s their first Android experience, and they simply just love it!

    • Jeff Pan

      It took me solid 2 months for JB to hit my S3 on Sprint after the update started rolling out officially.

    • Richard Yarrell

      Welcome the Htc Evo 4g Lte to the jellybean party. I will always love the Evo family of devices. I am now rolling my my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 on tmobile and i am finally happy. I fondly remember those Evo 4g days back in June 2010 those were kool times.

  • Madhouse master

    Richard Yarrell will be delighted

    • herbivore83

      And we’ll all have to hear about it. In the most long-winded and nonsensical way possible.

      • Jake H

        I applaud sprint and all my friends on there network.

      • damambt


    • Richard Yarrell

      Yes I am delighted for the Htc Evo 4g Lte devices.

  • ndub21

    I don’t have an Evo 4G, but I am pumped to see HTC updating their phones. Obviously Google is the ultimate at updating their phones to the newest version of Android, but props to HTC on this. Hopefully they will continue to do so for their other phones as well.

    I dream of a day when the manufacturers will have as easy a time updating all of their phones as Google does. Not that it will ever happen, but I can dream right? Until then I will probably stick with Nexus phones, even if it does mean I have to live without LTE…

    • WlfHart

      I’ll share that dream! Here’s to hoping someday…

      • datiecher

        I guess a lot of us do share this dream!

  • htatc

    Awesome, now for my One X. AT&T, you listening?

    • BigCiX

      I’m sure they (at&t) are the reason for holding this update. Gotta love bloat ware!

  • DroidPower

    That’s great! Now, how about some love for the GSII?!

    • exilis

      What he said :)

      • reddragonman

        Root and be happy. Best thing I ever did to my Epic 4g Touch. Love those Jellybeans!

        • sbala

          I am loving that too

  • alexanderharri3

    Props to Sprint for a quick approval process! It’s great to see these devices see marginally quick updates.

  • redraider133

    Good to see more devices being updates to jellybean.

  • uknowme

    I’m stoked and waiting for developers to get the job done.

  • sunrise

    Some Sprint Evo 4G LTE customers must be very happy today :-)

  • Alec Waddelow

    Glad to see sprint and HTC with a swift update to jellybean. Wish more carriers took updates seriously.

  • Joel

    “We would not recommend downloading the update over Sprint’s 3G network.”

    lol I wouldnt recommend downloading ANYTHING on their 3G network.

    (I should know)
    -Sent from my Epic 4G Touch…..smh.

    • swazedahustla

      Downloading from sprints 3G network getting 1.5 mbps down, so I beg to differ.

      • Joel

        Thats good, and im happy for you. Now leave from inside the Sprint Store and try again.

  • dafi81

    step in the right direction :D

  • kabos

    downloading the update right now…

  • Steve Heinrich

    Good to see more people get Project Buttered up.

  • cutiyar neriman

    Does this phone has International Version?

  • Thomas Biard

    I’m jealous because of Google Now….I would love some Google Now. And project butter. Oh please update the Droid X to 4.1….from 2.3 ;)

  • 619MattyIce

    I got excited when I saw the words “HTC” and “update”. Thought my INC2 was getting ICS. Yeah right.

    • romy134

      Just give up man

    • Bpear96 This might be your only chance.. Team Venom to the rescue :D

      Cm9/10 dont seem to be stable but the above ICS sense rom does seem to be, its based on One V, VilleC2 FW, and Chinese Inc2 ICS kernel
      Everything seems to be working, if i was you I would flash it :D

  • aeronaut

    at last! took them long enough (btw: I’m still sad that I never got 4.0 on my HTC Desire HD, although i can understand why)

  • jonstle

    Go HTC! Way to keep supporting older devices. I know they cannot do that for all of them but at least a few devices are getting some love.

  • Nathan D.

    Go HTC, but I’m rooted with an sensation, yea I know it old but it still plenty fast, though I’m still waiting for a more stable build of jb but then again I haven’t check in a while

  • ArticulateFool

    This will help those that don’t know of XDA.

  • Jorge Eslava

    I’m glad for the people that will get to enjoy Jellybean now, but I’m sticking with Nexus phones.

  • Adryan maldonado

    cant wait to ask my friend tomorrow or at the least inform him

  • yash9099

    hey, i have sony xperia p…any idea when this handsets will get jelly bean updates???

  • thechad

    I’m excited for when this update hits the Sensation.

  • rogue5

    My friend would be happy that this has finally come to his phone. He was just about to give up on it.

  • digvijaya07

    Happy Seeing Jelly Bean for more n more devices ..!!

  • sasepatrupc

    Damn. I knew I should have waited.

  • Mustin

    Well, I got it installed yesterday and things are good for the most part. Livid when I saw the removal of the arrow keys. Why did they take out the arrow keys on the keyboard? This makes me so mad. It really helps for correcting errors quickly when typing instead of having to use your finger to fish through the tiny text and hit backspace in the perfect spot. Also a little peeved at the “Space Bar” being so huge. Moved the placement of the dictation mic and the Number Shift is in a different spot – bah, I hate when they do this. You spend most of your time texting and learn where everything is and then they switch it.

    Having said that, I do like the other changes. I like that it spells out the date and time on the notification bar – just having the numeric date didn’t let me know what day it was (and yes, sometimes I really just don’t know what day it is! lol). Google Now is gorgeous, the “Power” section is much nicer, and the updates to the stock browser are very welcome. Overall, the aesthetic details are pleasing. Can’t comment too much on the new Sense – I prefer the Apex Launcher with its small icons and tablet UI. And one last complaint – seems a little sluggish to get to the home page when pressing the home key. Seemed like it was a bit snappier before.

    But better battery bests the bummers, baby!!

    • lazyboi177

      You CAN bring back the arrow keys for the keyboard, its in the keyboard settings! I DID it and i brought it back, don’t worry, it wasn’t gone forever

      • Mustin

        My dear god. You are my hero. Thank you so much!!

    • Michelet C

      I did my update & onnotice all things you mentioned and I’ve creeped through one forum after another looking for SOMEONE else with arrows missing. Also my smileys are gone. I got the arrows back thanks. to the other poster. Also my everything looks SMALLER…and bright blue highlight almost blinding… I use T9 texting and always afraid it will be done away with… Def sluggish. And why make little changes to EVERYTHING…my dictionary all different…I feel like I’m practically learning a new phone. I want to go back to prior update, is that even possible????

      • Dan B


        I got this installed almost a month ago now. I JUST noticed that the Smiley option from the menu is gone. I notice that they’ve made it easier to create emoticons, but you actually have to know how to make them (ex. for some reason the “mad” face is :o, but I’ve always used that for surprise). The menu made life easier for the the casual emoticoner like myself.

        Can anyone help with this?

        • Dan B

          Forgot to mention I have an HTC One X.

  • Jorge Vieira

    Abd those with the verizon s3….

  • StEVO_M

    Yeah Buddie :) Downloading Now!!!

  • amysnice

    If you need help installing it go to he has a great video on it!

  • charlesspivak1

    Errors galore, horrible battery life. I can’t believe I was looking forward to this.

    • thel0nerang3r

      I haven’t gotten any errors, but battery life had been bad. I barely can get 9hrs before the phone shuts down.

  • rr2009

    I’m glad that they are pushing the updates for many devices.

  • acuda27

    Waiting for bugs report to figure out wether to root or update

  • glennw

    Updated was great. I was having issues with the Wifi after update–it would show me as connected, but I was not able to use anything that required a network connection.

    Turns out my update somehow enabled the “DLNA auto-IP” setting, which should never be enabled by default. As soon as I disabled it, I was able to connect to the internet like normal.

    This seemed to have happened to a number of people, though not the majority of users… Luckily, it’s an easy fix.

  • josha14025

    when will my AT&T one-x get jelly bean?

  • KingCrow02

    Glad to see HTC updating their phones

  • nipunmehta7

    yeah will get it soon

  • Ray Murphy

    ..glad to see it spreading, BUT im still waiting for One-x update :(

  • Ilyse Rose

    I really hope manufacturers get on the update train a little faster, but this is a good start.

    Hopefully they can get it together in the next update or two, though I’m sure that’s a pipe dream

  • lazyboi177

    JB works great on my HTC evo 4g lte, but the problem Sith is is that I have a few bugs with the keyboard when I’m typing because I’m a fast typed, and it is kind of delayed and bugs a little. Also when I go to the recent apps or task manager, when I open it up it kind of glitches a bot. I hope they release another update to get these bugs fixed soon :/

  • bgssilva

    The HTC is the best design for the devices. but runs out to Brazil

  • radaan


  • killrgummibear

    wish jelly bean was available for my one s already :-(

  • not another lame ass user name

    “what’s this song” crashes Google Now. Sent crash report. Anyone else?

  • nobile

    My precious :)

  • sofian.rabbani

    Atleast EVO 4G got an update. I wish HTC would hurry up and clear their position on their 2011 line up.. Will the Incredible S ever get a Jelly Bean update? Aaarrrghhh… the suspense is killing me.

  • dutrak

    Does project butter works at all on phones with a skin like sense or touchwiz?

  • Scott Swain

    I guess I should give up that I’ll get an official Jellybean update for my Tmobile Amaze?
    Looks like Cyanogen has put out a Jellybean ROM but it is not 100% functional yet.
    Yay for root (which I’ve had since just after purchase) and s-off (which I finally obtained via Juopunutbear’s utility. And hopefully the CM guys will get that ROM to 100% soon :-)

  • Brenda Bryant Rommel

    after upgrading the Task Manager application has lost the time field. I have lost all the times for all my appointments does anyone no how to get it back

  • mike krzton

    I was totally disappointed when upgrading to jelly bean. the notification bar on my htc evo stopped working

  • Chris

    this UpDate Is Nothing But POison
    Don’t Get It. Not With It At All