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NVIDIA Tegra 4 details leak out, 4-PLUS-1 Cortex-A15 CPUs, 6x faster 72-core GPU


NVIDIA first revealed their Tegra 3 (Project Kal-El) chip back in early 2011 and we expected to see Tegra 4 (Project Wayne) sometime in 2012, but their yearly cadence was pushed back for unknown reasons. Now it appears that NVIDIA is close to announcing Tegra 4 as a leaked slide for Project Wayne has surfaced on the Chinese blog ChipHell.

Leaked slide for Wayne, aka Tegra 4.

According to the leaked document, Tegra 4 will feature NVIDIA’s patented 4-PLUS-1 architecture, with four high performance Cortex-A15 CPU cores and a fifth battery saver core. Graphics will be improved with a 72-core GPU that is 20x faster than Tegra 2 and 6x faster than Tegra 3. The chip will use a 28nm HPL process (low-power high-K metal gate), so we expect it will manufactured by TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.).

Other details of Tegra 4 include dual channel memory, full 1440p video encode/decode, support for 2560×1600 (24b) displays, advanced hardware accelerated security, super speed imaging, and some kind of support for 4K video.

The last Tegra roadmap from NVIDIA.

The most recent roadmap from NVIDIA said Wayne would be introduced at the end of 2012, but now we think Tegra 4 will make its debut at the upcoming CES or MWC shows in early 2013. NVIDIA is also expected to announce a mainstream chip called Grey that features their integrated Icera modem.

If Tegra 4 is revealed in Q1 2013, we expect it would start appearing in mobile devices by Q3 2013 or possibly sooner. We have already seen mobile chips that feature dual-core Cortex-A15s (like the Exynos 5 in the Nexus 10), but Tegra 4 would be the first mobile chip with five Cortex-A15 cores (4-PLUS-1). This should make it the fastest mobile processor, but we will have to wait and see what parts Qualcomm and Samsung introduce next year.

Tegra 3 has already been eclipsed by faster chips, yet it still offers the best gaming experience on Android tablets. With it’s new 72-core GPU in Tegra 4, we would expect NVIDIA will maintain its leadership position in mobile gaming.

Hopefully we won’t have to wait much longer for the official details. CES 2013 is just a couple of weeks away and we have several guys who will be at NVIDIA’s press conference. Last year at CES, NVIDIA revealed the ASUS Memo 370t tablet, which became the Nexus 7, and we expect they will have some exciting announcements for 2013.

Several OEMs are already rumored to be working on Android devices powered by Tegra 4, but I don’t think we will see these products on sale for another six months. We only had one smartphone in the US powered by Tegra 3, the AT&T HTC One X+, but I expect next year will be a different story.

Which OEM would you like to see adopt Tegra 4 for an Android smartphone or tablet?

Source: Chip Hell

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  • jaxidian

    As George Takei would say, “Ooooh myyyy!!!”

    • Jeff Pan

      Hopefully we see this in the Nexus 7 II @ Google IO

      • Jorge Eslava

        Now that you mention it I’d be surprised if it wasn’t.

        • mr 1338

          i would once again be tempted to buy it but it’s time for me to get a new Laptop before my Tablet or Smartphone outpowers it by a million times!

          • amin888

            no… most people will not buy laptop anymore

          • JonJJon

            It will be interesting to see how the ARM vs x86 race goes from here on out, who will eventually be most powerful but more applicable at the same time to both the “desktop” and “mobile” niches.

            I personally would like to have laptops stay around without being merged into the tablet market, just not my thing or my needs.

          • ConfuciusTse

            I’m really interested in a dockable tablet to replace my laptop. Looking forward to the 2013 models as I think they will be reasonably future proof. For me, these tablets are like 85% content consumption and 15% creation, if I really need to do a lot of WORK then I’ll switch to my full fledged desktop. Mobility is key here.

      • jeffb34

        I hope that won’t be the name for it.

        • nvidia engineer

          tegra 3 was a huge flop

      • Federal Bureau of Fragmentation (FBF)

        Lots of new dreadful fragmentation incoming!
        I predict meandroid phones now even lock up 6x faster than before!!!!


        • dutrak

          Wow I never actually thought of a N7 II, interesting.

          • Froojr

            You haven’t?! I’ve been thinking about it since the Nexus 10 was released.

        • Sean the Electrofreak

          I like how my friend has to reboot his iPhone all the time, and I’ve never had to reboot my SGS 3.

          But hey, whatever helps you sleep at night.

        • domi1k

          just like PC is fragmentated and still ownz Apple.

          But hey, enjoy your overpriced crippled Fisherprice toys.

      • FranzVz

        They’ll have a longer time to produce it too. I wonder if the next Nexus 7 will push a 1080p screen on a 7″ form factor.

        • Froojr

          That’s what I’m hoping for! 1080p screen, 2 gig RAM, Tegra 4

          • scubabum

            Add 3D and you have it sold! :)

      • luckykrrish

        I guess, it will be Nexus 7.2

        • scubabum

          Yeah. I like “Nexus 7.2″ more than “Nexus 7 II”.

          • Samar

            How about..”Nexus Mini” for 7 incher & “The Nexus” for the 10 incher. .. Little inspiration from the rivals, U say !!

      • celo175

        That would be awesome!!!

    • epps720

      All I can say is WOW!! I love technology

      • erikiksaz

        Indeed. I am glad that nvidia is not resting on their laurels and really trying to push the platform forward.

        With this update hopefully android phones can finally start to crush iOS in terms of graphical dominance.

        • jhagerup

          This looks impressive and I believe that prediction will ring true.

    • Yash Jethmalani

      Project Wayne.. Even good enough for the Batman!!! :P

      • amin888

        this is good enough for Batman but not for Ironman :P

      • Sarge

        There’s a storm coming, Project Wayne…

    • sbala

      Its going to be a Tegra4 treat for 2013 Key Lime Pie devices.

    • emaciscool

      Does it come in black?

    • jamal adam

      Tegra 4 is going to be a graphics monster. 2013 looks to be an exciting year with these new processors, 1080p screens and you name it. I’m looking forward to it.

    • Dc99999969

      Within a couple of years we will all have super phones the way technology is going and I can’t wait!

  • RX-78-7

    Watch it under perform just like every other tegra.

    • swazedahustla

      sadly, I must agree.

      • Paul Salvatore

        Hopefully the Tegra 4 delivers, the Tegra 3 is no slouch just not as powerful as the new comers. When you’re first to the party you’re usually the first one to leave, if you know what I’m talking about, maybe you don’t. I’ve been there ^

        • arminla

          Keeping my fingers crossed

          • dutrak

            You can’t really compare an older gen SoC with a new one…but sadly that’s how the market does it

        • amin888

          agree… that’s classic for IT

        • janK

          Thats how our industry work…in nearly every way. ^^

          I’d be interested in getting hard numbers for Tegra3 sales, especially in the first few month after the Transformer Prime release. Also, because there were quite some problems with the first batches, return rates are of interest too.

    • Sith-Republican

      Apple’s new iPhone 5S will MAUL this Tegranny!!!!!!!

      • RX-78-7

        My post doesn’t have anything to do with the apple or any other company. I’m talking about what they’ve promised in years past.

        Tegra 1, 2 and 3 were supposed to be the “best” chips on the market, and it couldn’t even match what they promised, in performance it just didn’t live up to the hype. I honestly don’t see it changing this time.

        • phor11

          But you’re really just talking about benchmarks.

          Even though other chips ousted the Tegra3 in benchmarks, Nvidia has done a pretty good job of getting devs on board to optimize games for Tegra3.

          As long as they continue to improve their [Tegra Resources] tools and court more developers to optimize for Tegra, I think we can let the benchmark performance slide.

        • janK

          You have to realize, that Nvidia invests a lot of money in marketing to tell you about their latest and greatest products. It seems only natural that they can’t really live up to the hype, they themselves started and which was picked up willingly by the community.

    • hurracayne

      I was thinking the same thing

    • Sean the Electrofreak

      It’s a cortex A-15. We’re getting to the point in ARM where performance means less and less, and power efficiency means more and more.

  • ArticulateFool

    Hopefully this is in that HTC M7!

    • breckdroid

      Fingers crossed.

    • Nick Gray

      Doubtful. Both M7 stories we’ve run mention Qualcomm chips. The reason for this is because HTC wants to get the M7 to market in Q1 of 2013. That doesn’t mean we won’t see a flagship phone from HTC in the second half of 2013 that’s powered by a Tegra 4 chip.

      • tanman888

        Yes, if history serves as an accurate indicator HTC we will use whatever chips available on the market (akin to the release of the HTC One X and XL).

    • Balaram Vineeth Venugopal .P

      It would be too good to be true, this chip will drink power like a dry sponge in water not to mention the 72 core gpu. Will be happy to see it in a phone though (with a capable battery pack)

  • raovallab

    6 times faster ! Very cool

    • stenzor

      Time to download all my movies in 4K

  • nikhilverma

    You mean Perfect.

  • rbcameron1

    72 GPU cores….and not a single one is designed to handle WebGL…..arrrghhh! I need TRUE 3D objects on a tablet Nvidia!

    • rbcameron1

      that’s ok nvidia, we still love you and games will be taken to a whole new level. thanks for adding kepler performance into something that only uses a few watts. that’s pretty incredible!

  • jaxidian

    So this looks like an amazingly impressive CPU! But I continue having mixed feelings about nVidia and their Tegra processors: specifically their games that are exclusive to devices with their chips. If I’m going to go pay money for a premium game, I want to be able to play it on any Android device I have. And I don’t really care enough about the Tegra platform to make sure every device I buy will have it – sorry but that just ain’t going to happen. So the end result is that I won’t purchase Tegra-specific titles, which then means the platform loses it’s most powerful advantage resulting in me no longer really caring too much at all about the platform since I can’t/won’t be able to use it where it really focuses and excels.

    Is anybody else like me or am I a freak?

    • rbcameron1

      Its Nvidia’s way of solidifying their place in the market. Basically they also don’t want people running their high end graphic intensive games and then playing them on junk 2 year old qualcomms and TI’s then thinking its nvidia’s fault for poor performance.

      • nivekkev

        But couldn’t they just make it so that if the game is on a Terga device then the Tegra features are used and if not, then same game just no special graphics?

        • Chloiber

          Well emr…that’s what they’re doing now?! Beach Buggy Blitz as an example. More effects on T3 devices, but runs on other devices too. Shadowgun, Dead Trigger, you name it.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      I have no problem with NVIDIA encouraging developers to port their games to Tegra. Most of these “exclusives” are eventually released for non-Tegra devices, so it’s a win-win for Android gamers.

      • rbcameron1

        +1 Taylor

    • dino13

      Why would nvidia spend money for games that are not designed for tegra? That just isn’t something of interest for them.

    • dutrak

      It’s just a selling strategy to make the consumer interested in their products…

    • SharadP123

      I agree with you fully. It does not make sense that some titles are being made exclusive to Tegra processors.

  • ranwanimator

    And ASUS will pair it with slow performing storage so the whole system will be bottle-necked.

  • ndorrough

    …and now I am suddenly not happy with my One S… :)

  • prime_optimus

    power to android gaming !

  • eioous

    Awesome, the next gen of phones and tablets are gonna be AMAZING!!!

    • dutrak

      I know it might not end up being too important but I can’t wait to see the demos nvidia has to show us, just like the glowball one for the tegra 3..

  • triangle

    I want this in my next nexus 7.

    • auronblue

      Agreed. I want this in the N7 too.

    • smeghead68

      That would be sweet!

    • daveloft

      This in a new Nexus 8 with 1920 x 1200 display is my dream tablet.

      • CaptainDoug

        Can’t upvote enough.

      • WlfHart

        Slap a stylus on that to make it the ultimate device :D

      • arminla


  • Sanchez

    6 times as much graphic cores doesn’t mean that the graphics are 600% better compared to the tegra 3, it’s not a 1-to-1 ratio. But this could be a very nice soc for tablets but less usefull in a phone because of the power consumption.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      The 6x and 20x claims were talking about graphics performance, not number of cores.

      • Sanchez

        i can’t imagine that from one to another generation the performance could be 600% better. 50 to 100% for me seems to be the max. It could be true but i doubt it.

        • jaxidian

          I definitely can! High-performance graphics on a mobile platform is a VERY young and immature industry. Just like the difference in performance between the G1 and Nexus One was astounding, it’s now graphics chipsets’ turn to become leaps and bounds better. Graphics is a thing that can scale very well in parallel, so when you increase from 12 slower/weaker to 72 faster/more powerful cores, you can very quickly make huge leaps in performance!

          • Dags -

            Yes, but “cores” in this case is just NVIDIA marketing BS. Tegra 3 was said to have 12 cores but it was really only one with 8 pixel shaders and 4 vertex shaders.

        • CaptainDoug

          The adreno graphics GPU’s double and quadruple in performance but are released more often. With Tegra 3 there is a lot of room to grow. Tegra 4 will be a beast and it will have to be with those 1080P displays.

        • Chloiber

          Remember, T3 GPU isn’t really strong compared to todays GPUs we have in Exynos for example. So this merely means an increase of 2x to 3x of “todays” GPUs – which is still awesome of course.

      • tanman888

        It will have the 6x / 20x performance increase, but it will have to deal with increased resolutions of 1080p and more.

  • redraider133

    Either the follow up to the nexus 7 or maybe htc will change and go away from qualcomm to put this in their m7

    • dutrak

      I think the m7 will be released before this new SoC is available..

  • staryoshi

    I’m hoping that we’ll see an Asus-built 5.5-6″ Nexus phablet powered by Wayne. That’s what I want. I’d be able to retire my epic 4g touch and Nexus 7 simultaneously :)

  • linkinmark5

    My Transformer Tegra2…flies although todays extreme gaming has seen better days with that chip. It would be nice to have this engine under my tablets hood

    • dacatalyst41

      Nice to the see the OG still kickin!

  • Steve Heinrich

    That is extraordinarily fast! Can I somehow jam one of these into my G1?

    • dutrak

      I’m pretty sure you can run the G1 along side whatever device comes with this beast.

  • uknowme

    Oh sounds fancy

  • jeshep

    Mobile processors are getting to performance levels to run desktop applications adequately. I hope someone is able to successfully retry the phone/dock/desktop combination, e.g. Atrix. It would be nice to just need to carry my phone between work and home and still have most of the functionality of my laptop.

  • sandy105

    yup i hope that it will be powerful.

    and nvidia have patended the 5th low power core (4+1) architecture.
    and on my nexus 7 the standby time is pretty good .and the 5th low power really works to extend battery life as compared to people who complain of tegra 3 being a battery hog.
    the only problem is htc onex has a small battery ;its not tegra 3′s problem

  • dpleus

    While this sounds exciting, and will work out nicely for me when it’s time for my upgrade in Q4 next year. All the top line phones will be running this Tegra 4 chip or something comparable.

  • isa007

    If Nvidia was a German company they’d be better off not calling their project “Wayne”. “Wayne!” is a current german youth language expression and means that nobody is interested in that :-D

    • rbcameron1

      In Gotham, Wayne auto-refers to Batman…

      • isa007

        Haha, maybe. I’m no comic enthusiast, sorry. Believe it nor not, I even guessed by myself that Nvidia had something different in mind than “Nobody is interested in that” ;-)

        • rbcameron1

          Batman is interested in that.

          • dutrak


          • alexxx

            To quote Marge, THERE IS NO BATMAN!

    • dino13

      Just read a thound of comments like that on german sites and I got to tell you, they are getting really boring.

  • YMS123

    I wonder how it compares to the S4 Pro

    • CaptainDoug

      It will be noticeably faster. These will be A-15 cores which already is a step up and while the Tegra 3 GPU is slower than the adreno 320 and Mali 400mp4, with 6 times the performance it’ll be a graphical best. However the Mali-t604/t658 are out/coming out soon and then a comparison will be in order.

      • dacatalyst41

        Any idea about the efficiency of this chip versus the S4 Pro?

        • CaptainDoug

          I’m assuming it will be very similar. Probably a tad better. I don’t have any numbers but my impression is that Tegra 3 phones and S4 pro phones get very similar battery life. So with jumping from 40nm to 28nm, this should help battery life a lot. I’m betting that Tegra 4 will lead the market. At least until TI releases their 5430/5432 SOC’s. They’re quad cores but have 2 A15′s and 2 M4(low power) processors. They should be a pretty good mix of performance and efficiency.

  • dejay

    this is what dreams are made of lol … i cant wait for the next few years as we start seeing 100+ core GPU’s that will allow for true “ALL IN ONE” machines like the Asus Padfone

  • Himal Limbu

    soon my phone will be more powerful than my laptop.

    • Gordon Wheeler

      Soon you phone will replace your laptop…

      • WlfHart

        I sure hope so… need more multitasking capability still. Give me dual window mode with no restrictions on what is being dual windowed.

        • dacatalyst41

          Soon my phone will be powerful enough to take over the WOOOOORLD! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!……….too much?

        • Brook Marin

          already there…

          run a full fledged version of ubuntu(linux) on your phone. your phone is now your computer that you dock with a monitor and keyboard. with all of google’s cloud computing, you don’t really need a large on board storage device. I have used the CR-48 as my daily laptop for the past 2 years. I’ve gotten real used to using online storage and web apps for everything (including web page development and image manipulation). This just means your phone is basically an internet terminal. So as long as you have a good internet connection (wifi or cellular) your processor just needs to be powerful enough to drive a monitor and splash webpages up.

  • Adryan maldonado

    I look forward to this. I was a little disappointed by tegra but don’t get Me wrong its no slouch and great chip but it tends to over heat and its built on the older 40nm but thus new SOC sounds fantastic and i look forward to three innovations in the mobile gaming space as they are to dogs there already

  • cliffy223

    Whatever phone it is on it will be amazing

    • thechad


  • decker

    This is crazy!!! How much power is this going to require? How much power will it take to charge a device? Quad core 1.7 Ghz running on 5V 2amp?

    • decker

      Correction 4+1 core.

      I want to see every manufacturer build a tablet/phone with Tegra 4. Those specs are quite impressive considering the normal power requirements involved.

  • aholland1

    This can only improve gaming on Android, just hope battery life stays same or improves which it should if the slide is to be believed. I’ll take one on my next nexus!

  • tylerfoy

    Must have.

  • arminla

    can not wait for a nexus with this baby. :)

  • ndub21

    Tegra 4 sounds very powerful. I’m looking forward to seeing what they have in store for it. Hopefully the phone manufacturers will do some crazy stuff with it.

    • breckdroid

      Yeah I’m hoping folks take full advantage of its capabilities. 2013 should be a fun time for those buying smartphones. 4 plus 1 FTW

  • renn9420

    Oooh I like.

  • lilbyrdie

    Hopefully this can be paired with some sort of wireless display connection to the TV for large screen gaming fun!

  • Thomas Biard

    2012 was the year of Qualcomm Snapdragon/S4 Pro, this sounds like 2013 may be the year of Tegra.

    I love the leaps and bounds that mobile CPU’s are improving. Combine this with improving battery tech, and we have ourselves some G-Glasses.

    • alexanderharri3

      Tegra had its problems with LTE compatibility…as did Exynos – but next year all the international devices that had Tegra 3 but were forced into qualcomm for the US will be hitting us with Tegra.

  •!/profile.php?id=583695634&ref=profile Rahul Singh

    Nice! I like this… Technology is advancing so fast, I am loving it all..

  • Dorkstar

    I’m excited about next year, and what CES will reveal this year. It seems like everything coming out next year is going to blow what we have this year out of the water. So many emerging technologies to make our devices faster, have better resolution, and last longer.

  • bstewart11

    This will be great for gaming, which is nVidia’s wheelhouse, but I think for phone and power users it might be eclipsed by other processors. That being said, I think it would look nice in the next Nexus 7 that I buy. Love the 7 inch for gaming that requires more than flinging birds or planting pea shooters.

  • WatcherJohn

    Project Wayne turned into Dick. I’ll wait and see if more rumors come from some Joker.

  • renyo


  • zolikaaa666

    What can we put in a phone yet??…Next time it will make coffe for us and itt will take you to school! O.o

  • K_Benson

    I can’t wait to see whats available in 2014 when my Galaxy s3 contract is up:) Wow…

    • William

      Mali T678 and the insane amount of core, an Octo-Core S5, the HTC 3X and the T658 Mali enabled note 3 being replaced by the even more powerful Note 4. By 2014 what we once called phones will definitely be a dying or dead terminology. Simple fact, phones are getting bigger, the transformation into a flexible device or a tablet must surely be the way now for the high end super phone

      Mid Range Phones will be the equivalent of a high end phone mid-2012
      and the budget range phones will be the equivalent of a high end phone from2011

      High end ‘phone’ by 2014= hyper phablet/
      Mid Range Phone by 2014= SuperPhone
      Low Range Phone by 2014 = Smartphone

  • Auzo

    I can’t wait for anandtech to do a detailed rundown of this chip when its released. I love the nitty gritty details!

  • cherrytree

    Lets wait and see what will come up next year! The development in mobile computing is amazing at the moment!

  • stephen45003

    Just wondering how battery life in impacted by it..?

  • securifirm

    Hopefully we will see these more and more in phones

  • smisa27

    I’m definitely liking where this is going. A higher resolution screen with smoother graphics would make these phones absolutely crazy when playing games. Consoles will soon be a thing of the past. It’s already on it’s way out. Especially when MiraCast comes standard on phones and TV’s. Your phone will be your console.

  • inviolable

    Lol what’s with the superhero names

  • bgssilva


  • Shazam

    More speed please….

  • Marcus

    I’m really stoked to see this finally be released! Can’t wait to see how amazingly the Tegra 4 will handle games. The Tegra 3 is already epic!

    • Tommy

      The tegra 3 is not epic, but the a6 is.

  • murali.ram

    Motorola + NVIDIA Tegra 4 = Google NEXUS

    Need to wait and see. This will be awesome….

    • aBax

      A Nexus Razr/Nexus Razr Maxx/Nexus Razr Maxx HD would be incredible.

  • mickjen

    Any last minute Christmas tablet sales we should expect?

  • Paul Salvatore

    Hopefully the Tegra 4 delivers, the Tegra 3 is no slouch just not as powerful as the new comers. When you’re first to the party you’re usually the first one to leave, if you know what I’m talking about, maybe you don’t. I’ve been there ^

  • JC005

    One day the machines will take over :-)

  • dukenilnil

    So, when do we get the Tegra 4 giveways :-) Already dreaming!

  • mattplaybass

    I hate reading these articles…they make me not want to buy any of the phones currently available…even though I know it will be some time before this hits the market. All well, hope for the future =)

  • smnitro555

    this would fly like no other…


    looks really promising. Hopefully the chip will be power efficient as well as powerful.

  • jefflarkin

    Maybe we’ll see a Nexus7.2 at Google IO with a tegra4 and improved display? Pretty please!

    • Paul Salvatore

      Would like to see this, affordable tables with decent specs always welcomed

  • aBax

    I’m curious to see how it will stack up against Samsung’s Exynos 5 and Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon processor.

  • kenbr1960

    I think this is probably more powerful than my desktop!

  • gustavosuarez4

    Tegra 4… netbook CPU?

  • phor11

    Ouya2 anyone?


  • mcopeman23

    hey, what games or apps do you guys think best take advantage of the tegra 3 chip? hopefully not a FPS but something more platforming or something like that. thoughts? (yes, i’ve gone through the top 10 apps of the week series..but i don’t have experience with a lot of them)

  • mydnightsorrow

    So glad I have an update available every 4 months. Can’t wait to get my hands on something this powerful!

  • CrCross

    WOW suddenly my desktop seems dated and clunky…

  • V6ser

    Righ now I’m singing:


    • HumbertoH

      Not that anybody knew that already…

      At least, i did. I Dont remember where i read it, but it did!

  • Shawn Flanagan

    Sounds awesome! Hope it’s true!

  • fartyarty

    Point power up!

  • ITotem

    Tech specs aside and in the spirits of comics, why is “Wayne” more powerful than “Kal-El”?!!! I think NVIDIA got their naming schemes backwards :P

  • piyushb

    but the big questions is when i can see this chip in my phone?

  • Viequense


  • Co1e

    Would love to see this in multiple nexus devices next year. Especially tablets. With 1080p screens and this chip, gaming is gonna take a big step forward. Now someone perfect on-screen controls.

  • Yash Jethmalani

    Brace yourselves.. Laptop replacements are coming!! :P

    • nobara

      WTH is laptop? :)

      Seriously, that would be one hell of a monster.

    • tanman888

      The gap is definitely closing from a performance and also everyday usage point of view. It seems the tablet/smartphone solution is the growing trend these days. The more interest and sales in these devices, the more competition and development amongst competing companies for consumer $$$.

    • phaet2112

      They are already here ;) especially considering the cost of ownership for extras like the windows OS and office vs standalone apps and keyboard docks…

  • marcus1518

    6 times FASTER!!!!!……get it…

    • amin888

      we wish something like this happend also to battery technology… 6 times LONGER…

  • Snowman81

    Can you say BEAST!?!? Can’t wait to this it in action!!!

  • orangestrat

    I hope this one stands up better than the T3 did last year. I’d love for NVIDIA to say “well, since the new iPad hasn’t got a Tegra 4, it has definitely not got the best graphics in mobile.” Rather than some wishywashy lameness.

  • Jon Shiflett

    When am I going to stop caring about the spec race. I stopped caring about my laptop processor a while ago. However, I’m getting inertia when it comes to buying a tablet, because something “better” is just around the corner.

  • TheyCallMeZ

    Before you know it Smartphone technology will surpass Desktop Computing power

    • dutrak

      I’m not sure about surpassing but it might match…the source of power is the major drawback here…

      +1 for nuclear batteries lol

      • TheyCallMeZ

        To be fair about it, there are several devices which house a larger battery or don’t use one at all. You have Tablets which give you large real estate for a battery and you have devices like the MK802 which is a stick! Not to mention Google TV and other similar devices (Nexus Q)

  • melan26

    oh, la la.

  • Matthew

    OOOOO, Exciting, it would have been amazing if OUYA (A android based games console) were to get this! This will also be great for high res tablets and hopefully less lag.

  • Nathan D.

    This is awesome, I don’t care what device it is in as long as someone using it. I love android because of how fast processor development is, apple always going to play catch up.

  • buckeyedroid

    2013 is shaping up to be another great year for Android!

  • Jehu

    Damn… Superhero names are inadequate for these chips. They should be names of gods.

    • ╚►♪

      Yeah, they should name it Justin Bieber

  • Vitti

    If this is coming to phones that is a perfect time next year. I will be upgrading my phone around that time and look forward to potentially having a Tegra 4.

    • amin888

      yes… and you wish bigger battery for this Tegra 4 :P

  • jolysh52


    • hurracayne

      Samsung would never use it

    • Kal3idosc0pe

      If only

  • Marvles

    Hmm I’m pretty sure this was a Waynes world reference and not a batman.

    • ╚►♪

      Hmm I’m pretty sure thats why your user score is only 21

      • Marvles

        Haha, score my first reply on Androidandme! Don’t even mind its someone trying to make fun of my low score (which I have been losing some sleep over)

  • dutrak

    Me like

  • unwiredmedic

    Hopeful. With any luck, it will be as good as these specs predict. CPU isn’t too much of a factor for me, once we got to quad-core. Graphics (GPU and dedicated memory) is what interests me now.

  • mah817

    Very nice and maybe I missed it but does it do 4G-LTE?

  • jonstle

    Jaw drop… tear comes to my eye…

    With that much power it can power a lot more than power a phone. Wonder if it will find its way into things other than phones and tablets.

    • amin888

      anyhow… it’s only good for us the users :P

  • Vance

    Seriously? My laptop is already the most out of date piece of technology I own (thank you company wide 4-year IT recycle policy). This is intense and beautiful! HTC.. are you reading this?? :)

  • humanios


  • aryin

    next year will be a different story, true !

  • amin888

    wow…. this is way too fast to follow.

  • mario_1603

    woow :O this will be great

  • anikko

    Awesome! The arms race continues.

  • Monsunami

    Sweet. Love their graphic cards Geforce. It’s not just about speed, they know how to do gaming right.

  • Kaustubh_Adhav

    Why so serious Nvidia?

  • mulamo11

    The next Galaxy S4 and Nexus

  • mrcrusha

    LOL…. pretty soon there will be no need for a PC!!

  • KRS_Won

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  • c1liu

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  • poler166

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  • arpitgohil1995

    well it sounds like a beast is coming and will crush the A6,S4 pro,exynos 5,etc

  • Leo Young

    Wow. So much faster. I do like the idea of the small processor to run while the phone is idling.
    My goodness. What a video processor this thing has. I would be happy with good quality 1080p compressing but 1440?! I wonder if it can devote some of the excess to improving the quality of the 1080p compression?
    With the speed of this thing, it really begs the question of getting another desktop. But, the IO really is the stumbling block. I wonder if Android will be able to grow up into something that can be used in the place of a desktop OS. It is certainly not there yet and as attractive as a desktop dock seems, it is premature yet.
    Having said that, it sure would be a nice form factor.

  • Joshua Barta

    Any predictions on what codename they’ll use after “Grey” ?

  • KingCrow02

    Awesome Nvidia

  • donger

    exciting news.

  • intel8140

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  • Jschurter

    That thing is more powerful than my desktop!!!! I can’t wait to see the devices this goes into.

  • luckykrrish

    I’d like a nexus razr with tegra 4 :D

    • phaet2112

      I prefer the S4 pro because of nvidia’s shaky reputation with driver releases. I don’t get any impression it will improve much with Tegra 4, and if many manufacturers want LTE, you are going to have to go with the Grey version of the phone which packs LTE in it with their Icera modem- reason for only the One X+ being Tegra 3, while a bunch of tablets are Tegra 3. Wayne will be for international phones and tablets.

  • gavinb

    I really hope these chips are more efficient. I’d love to be able to spend more time playing games on my phone without it running out of battery or melting.

  • stringdidj

    Looking forward to the next nexus to have this, be it the nexus 5and 8 or whatever! 2013 is starting to sound very promising!

  • traicer

    sounds real nice but lets see how it performs in real life.

  • naypalm

    72 Cores! That’s awesome!!!

  • Trisha

    I already have the iphone 5 and i dont wwanna downgrade to this tegra 4 phone. Lets wait until tegra 6 and i will look into it, although i might have the next iphone 6 by now. Love and peace.

  • dbcher

    this would be nice in the next nexus tablet….not that I could afford it

  • datiecher

    A next Nexus with this thing would be really great. I love my current one but more powerful chips means higher quality graphics and AI in games, which in turn contribute to better AAA games on the platform.

  • Diabsoud

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  • ifightforuser312

    I hope they name the next Processor “Skywalker”

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  • ccn_cristi

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    I wonder where will they stop ?
    Why not include a full blown GTX 690 ? only 3000 more cores to add …

  • kenny1428

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  • cduran1983

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  • Andy_jr

    These processor advances are amazing. I just hope that there are several viable competitors, in order to keep things moving forward (and prices low).

  • mlynch01

    I would love to see Asus and HTC rock out with these processors again and maybe a Motorola phone or 2. I really like all the gaming support Nvidia has with developers because when you look at games optimized for there processors they look terrific and perform amazingly well.

  • TheVoodoo

    Hopefully, HTC can have a major comeback by taking this chip and putting it in an amazingly designed tablet.

  • techvudu

    Wayne?….I get it I do but Wayne is pretty boring. Maybe Qui-Gon Jinn or at least Ra’s Al Ghul…

  • TheStig

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  • TheStig

    Next nexus made with htc rocking this guy!!

  • Allan Tribe

    How future proof is this processor going to be? Am I going to be upset that I missed out on something even bigger just a few months after release?

  • doctoryim

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  • thr970

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  • dillonshepherd1991

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  • SanzaBlancoAkA2C

    I’d really love if Google released a Nexus Motorola Razr Maxx HD using the Tegra 4. With the larger battery and the added cores for battery management I can only imagine the type of battery life that device would get.

  • Ezy03

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  • BrotherBloat

    /reminisces about dreaming of a 486 8Mhz-> turbo 100MHz desktop XD

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    I’d like to see it used in the Samsung Galaxy S4…. that would be awesome.

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  • renyo

    Is it possible to make individual cores switch on and off instead of making an extra battery saver core?

  • mabooa

    Here’s hoping that there will be more US phones with the Tegra 4, considering back in May 2012 NVIDIA announced they had plans for 28 more Tegra 3 quad-core smartphones for the year 2012 and most of them such as the LG Optimus 4X HD is not available in the US.

  • Balaram Vineeth Venugopal .P

    Erm, whats with the batman shot?