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Rumor: HTC M7 to feature 4.7-inch 1080p display – headed to all four major US carriers


It’s been a little over a week since we last wrote about the rumored HTC M7, but we already have some new details about the handset that paint it in a very positive light. The new details from Unwired View match up nicely with what we reported last time and give us a closer look at what to expect from the HTC M7. According to the new report, the HTC M7 will feature an optically laminated 4.7-inch 1080p display (that’s a 468ppi count for those keeping track) with a quad-core 1.7GHz Qualcomm processor, 2GB of RAM and 32GB internal storage, 2,300 mAh battery a 13 megapixel camera and a 2 megapixel front-facing camera (both capable of recording video in 1080p) running on Jelly Bean with HTC Sense 5.

The basic specs don’t sound too outlandish, but HTC’s enhancements for its next flagship phone will include a Cinesensor imaging chip to improve the picture quality. HTC will also add super slow-motion and HDR video capabilities to the device. Like the Droid DNA and HTC 8X, the HTC M7 will feature a Beats-designed amplifier and a set of stereo speakers for the built-in speakerphone to improve audio quality.

There are no new details about the HTC M7′s launch date, but it looks like we should expect the phone’s availability to span multiple carriers. The report claims that Verizon and Sprint are already on board, but we could see the HTC M7 show up on AT&T and T-Mobile, as well.

Is a flagship Android phone on all four major US carriers with a 4.7-inch 1080p display, great camera and fairly large battery the right recipe to rebuild HTC into the powerhouse it once was?

Via: HTC Source

Source: Unwired View

Nick is a tech enthusiast who has a soft spot for HTC and its devices. Nick joined the Android and Me family in the summer of 2010.

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  • YMS123

    Definitely the right direction for HTC if they want to stay in the game

    • xtrimsky

      Agreed, I hope HTC will rise again :(

      • jaxidian

        It’s about damned time that they finally get a flagship product on all major carriers! I don’t know what their problem has been but this needed to happen a full year ago with the HTC One X!!

        • Rockstar323

          Took the words right out of my mouth. They need this bad to start increasing their market share and compete with Samsung.

          • mr 1338

            Yes :D HTC is on it’s rise again! Great Phones, awesome design and build quality. Let’s hope this works out :D

        • clocinnorcal

          Truly a nice sounding phone! I certainly hope that HTC can keep the brand recognition across all the major carriers. It has to be a tough thing to do in the U.S. market, otherwise I think they would all ready have it done.

        • imdiane

          I completely agree. They should make sure they’re present on all carriers. People have a harder time switching.. so if awesome phones such as this one could be available, I think HTC will do much better!

        • tragram

          And they could ship it to Europe as well…


          BE CAUTIOUS.

          • dcds

            Do anybody seriously believe that a “competitor” (quotes, I believe everyone there is friendly) news site would post anonymously and bother to include its own name?

            lol @ those lame trollers.

          • V6ser

            And then you woke up. #trollhating

          • r1ch

            Hi, I’m Nick who wrote this article. OMG you’re so totally right.

            I hate AndroidPolice.They’re liars. You can’t trust them at all. They lie.



      • sbala

        HTC & Sammy will be the new market leaders in Smartphone.

        • Jorge Eslava

          Isn’t Samsung already a market leader? and when it comes to design HTC is also a market leader.

          • clocinnorcal

            +1 for that!

          • dacatalyst41

            Make that +2…..well when you add my +1 cause you can’t +2…..You know what I meant!

        • ♫

          Apple is the leader

          • iamXiV92a

            Apple is the leader in suing everyone else…

          • surg3d

            Wha- how’d you get in here. Shoo! Get!

          • dacatalyst41

            Apple is the leader….in stale innovation. iOS might get widgets next year. Nah

          • dcds

            Troll harder. You may get it right next time.

          • V6ser

            It’s incredible how guest always has the worst comments…

      • FranzVz

        They are doing the right thing by putting it on all the carriers in the USA.

        That’s one of the biggest reasons why Samsung is making more money they both HTC and Motorola combined. They have one brand (Galaxy) and they shop it to all the carriers.

        • clocinnorcal

          If only there was confirmation that it was coming to all carriers.

    • Jeff Pan

      Looks like a smash hit on the cards

      • epps720

        I agree! Hope this holds true b/c this phone sounds amazing!

      • epps720

        Also hope they keep it to the 4.7″, I like this size a little better than the 5″ route they went with the DNA. Feels a little more comfortable in the hand.

    • jeshep

      If they nail the design, have sufficient battery life, and can use consistent branding across the carriers globally (no tweaks and different model names) HTC has a very good chance of making a comeback.

      • phaet2112

        Battery life seems to be a sticking point with a lot of HTC phones, and it would be really important if they are going 1080p display resolution.

        • aBax

          The DNA has a 1080p display (as you most lilkely know) and has a decent battery life, given that the screen is so large and high quality. It makes it through the day easily.

          • dacatalyst41

            I wonder how difficult it would have been to implement a larger battery to take the battery life from decent to good or great. I’m pulling for HTC. I just hope they pull out all the stops.

      • Ezy03

        +1 to that!

      • logrish

        Definitely looks promising..I dearly hope that it ain’t too little too late for the brand… the central bank has already recommended initiating bankruptcy procedures… keeping the fingers crossed…

    • Richard Yarrell

      Ok, This is kool Htc just needs to have 3000mAh battery or at least 2700. With an sdcard slot stop skimping from the devices. I wish them well.

      • DroidRocka

        Another vote down for the infamous Richard

      • snowbdr89

        Well douchebag looks like your precious note is a thing of the past!!

      • squiddy20

        1. It’s spelled “cool”. Shouldn’t the autocorrect on your “pimp slapping” Note 2 catch that glaring error? Or do you override it anyway because you think it make more “street”, when it really only makes you look more stupid?
        2. What if it doesn’t have the battery or sd card slot you’re “demanding”? Cry and bitch and moan some more? Yeah, cause that’s worked soooo well before with your “crappy” Galaxy Nexus.

        • Bklyn J

          My GSM Galaxy Nexus isn’t crappy. Good enough to skip over the Nexus 4.

          • squiddy20

            I wasn’t saying the Galaxy Nexus was crappy. Heck, I have one on Sprint and I love it. I was merely quoting what Richard has repeatedly stated in the past. Hence the quotes.

    • JonJJon

      Looking like an astounding phone yes. Wonder when they’ll run out of words to name their features. Imagesense -> Cinesense -> UltraHD4ksense?

    • ZRod

      I love how these specs are not “too outlandish” these days. Just a year ago this would be just a geek wet dream. Love it =)

      • imdiane

        I totally agree. The expectations of processors, batteries etc. are just going to keep going higher and higher.

    • Hom0ncruse

      final nail in the coffin for HTC

      • kazahani

        I thought you might show up and so I prepared this witty retort:

        More like “Final nail in the coffin for Apple”, don’t you think??

    • imdiane

      I think this is a great step for HTC to get back in the game and compete with Samsung again! Focusing on developing their device without spreading out too much, just improving and putting better hardware and software into their phones. Battery life and storage are extremely important nowadays and need to be able to sustain a good day’s use. With the quality of the screen a strong battery will be needed.

      4.7in screens are in my opinion the best size to have. Don’t get me wrong, 5in ones seem great but slightly too big although people are going for phones the size of the Galaxy Note II so who am I to say. I just don’t see myself calling someone or even texting someone with such a big phone but reading on it must be nice.

      I have the Nexus 7 for that so having a huge phone wouldn’t be necessary.

      It would be a great idea to be present on all carriers so as to have greater visibility. It would give customers the ability to get the phone without having to switch carriers.

    • Zach Stewart

      The DNA seems like a really solid offering and the m7 is looking to add on its features.

    • dacatalyst41

      A”nd the crowd rises to its feet as HTC finally gives the people what they want!”

    • breckdroid

      Yeah I’m hoping this slingshots them to the front of the competition. I had the HTC Droid Incredible and loved it. I have the Samsung Galaxy Nexus now, but I’ve held on to the Incredible in case the Nexus checked out early. I’m about ready to start using an HTC again when my contract expires. This could be the one to bring me back to HTC.

    • ConfuciusTse

      I’d like to know 1) whether it has a swappable battery, 2) what the GPU is as that could be major bottleneck with that high resolution screen, and 3) if it supports micro SD cards. Those are hugely important specs that are completely missing in the article.

    • intel8140

      It will be exciting to see what phones come out next year.

    • Bolt

      Why do we need phones with 1080p anyway? I’m fine with whatever my GS3 is, and from what I heard of the Droid DNA, 1080p sucks down battery!

  • Lafayette

    There you go HTC. THAT’S how you compete in this market place. Now you can advertise one device and anyone can go pick it up regardless of their carrier (well almost anyone). Well played move if this comes to fruition.

  • bb

    All 4 carriers? I hope so!!

  • revs

    smh at the 2300 mah batt

    but this will be my next phone

    better camera i cant imagine it getting any better than my one s its amazing

    • CaptainDoug

      Reviews for the DNA says it’s been getting 12-13 hours of battery life. Add 280mah, subtract .3″ of screen size. This thing may get 14-15 hours of battery life. How much do you need?

      • dutrak

        The more the merrier

        • CaptainDoug

          Can’t argue with that.

  • Mark

    Probably not, but it’s a step in the right direction. I for one have no problem seeing Samsung dethroned, just as long as it’s because the new king (HTC? LG? Sony? Motorola?) is making better devices.

  • raymer

    ..when they start giving a s**t about their other flagship device owners (sim free one-x still waiting on Jellybean 47 days on) then i MAY consider another HTC, but they have damaged my perception of them..

    • thel0nerang3r

      That’s odd. I thought the unlocked OneX devices got their updates already. I have the Sprint Evo LTE and update was done this week. Though, consider yourself lucky for not receiving the update. Since JB, the battery life has sucked for me. Now, I barely get 9hr before the phone powers off.

    • rics

      You do know that the carrier controls the software release?

  • Jschurter

    That will be some really nice output to tv quality!

    • amin888

      You bet you.

  • SeanPG1983

    I can’t wait to see the form factor on this thing. HTC constantly blows me away with not only their internal hardware but with their fantastic industrial design. Their devices are always super slick and this promises to be right on par.

    • CaptainDoug

      Gotta love HTC build quality. =)

  • Moises Rivera

    The more I hear about this, the more excited I get. This device looks like its gonna be serious.

  • Marvles

    That brushed aluminum would be awesome!

    • CaptainDoug

      I’m more of a soft touch fan like on the DNA or Incredible 2.

  • darkjuan

    I really hope this comes to light. My contract is done in a few months and I’m looking for a new phone.

  • sandy105

    well that will certainly be a good handset but 1080p on a even smaller screen.!!!!
    this is getting a bit unnerving.

  • Thomas Biard

    I was predicting this would be a GSM only phone because of the DNA on Verizon, but I’m glad to hear its on all 4 carriers. I’d love to get this seeing as it is .3″ smaller than the DNA and has the hardware to keepup/surpass the DNA.

    Now how do I get Sense off of it? ;)

    • CaptainDoug

      I hate when people complain about not getting updates when the answer is so simple. Your username is highly relevant. =D

    • clocinnorcal

      Always do, every time :)

  • pekosROB

    This sounds like an awesome phone worthy of upgrading from the S3. 32 GB is a good sign, especially if it doesn’t have an external microSD slot.

    • tanman888

      The S3 replacement will definitely have to come up trumps if they are going to continue as market leader.

  • nivekkev

    It will at least be very interesting to see how this device actually pans out with what they are saying is supposed to happen. If they can follow through, I think that will be a step in the right direction. I think a lot of people have been waiting for a HTC Flagship phone on their carrier only to be disappointed time and time again

  • _AjD

    If i really does have an HDR camera (that works well) I would buy it just for that

  • Steve Heinrich

    Those are some pretty bad ass specs! If HTC wants to compete on Samsung’s level they need to back this phone with some major advertising dollars like Samsung did with the GSIII. You can make an awesome phone that out does all others but the mainstream user isn’t going to understand the difference unless you tell them over and over how much better it is. If this phone is in fact released I hope they can make it a success.

  • mario_1603

    This phone wil be great.. I like HTC phones

  • Yash Jethmalani

    HTC just needs to put a bigger battery.. Something around 3000mAh..
    And this would’ve been the perfect phone for the year!!!

    • Adryan maldonado

      Well hopefully if the Droid dna is any example the 2300mah battery should suffice if that awesome snapdragon processor continues to be very efficient as it is.

  • Adryan maldonado

    This sounds awesome. Go htc making a very good decision. This can do nothing but help them for the better. The specs are giving me such phoner

  • remy7

    Hopefully HTC can keep making good phones and work their way up to a Nexus device. That I would totally go for.

    • Co1e

      I would too. Been wanting one since the Nexus One. HTC’s build quality is second to none imo.

  • mattcoz

    Hopefully they can keep the bezel to a minimum, these 4.7″ screen phones are just a bit too big for me to use comfortably.

  • Rix

    I hope this has a micro sd slot, I may have to hold fire on my upgrade if it does.

    I agree its a shame about the battery but it’s not the worst.

    • Yash Jethmalani

      Tell me about it… I can finish up my Galaxy Nexus’s battery in 5 hours with heavy use..

      • ConfuciusTse

        Yup, swappable batteries are a requirement for me.

  • lou2cool88

    Fingers crossed this ends up as good as it sounds!

    • dutrak

      Time will tell

  • Ilyse Rose

    I really hope this turns out to be as impressive in real life as it is on paper.
    I used to love HTC, my last 3 phones were HTC but I went with Samsung and the Galaxy S3 because HTC just didn’t have anything up to par when I was looking.

  • ArticulateFool

    I hope that quad core processor isn’t A-9 based. 2013 needs to be the year of the A-12.

    Other than that, the specs look great!

  • t_rich45

    This is definitely a step in the right direction for HTC if the rumor checks out.I’ll be keeping an eye out for it in the future.

  • BigCiX

    Hopefully they won’t release a M7+ 5 months after they release the original one.

  • sweet

    HTC always have good build quality but sometimes they miss when it comes to the hardware in a phone but this one looks like it’s going to be on point

  • jibin_raju

    Excellent device from HTC….4.7″ 1080p would be Awesome…Personally I don’t like 5″+ devices..They are too big to fit in to my hand. I hpoe there is a Micro SD Card slot also
    Fingers are crossed for a International version………………

  • hurric

    man..seems like HTC has some nice phones coming up this year..this, butterfly…also note 2 is what i’m thinking

    • dutrak

      I’ve been waiting for some months for a new phone and it seems that I will be waiting till next year for this HTC phone

    • squib

      I know!
      And how awesome would it be if htc makes the next nexus device too.

  • dwilson6

    I don’t know if it would turn them around, but I would buy it. A 4.7 inch screen is about as large as I would buy if given the option. I think those are solid specs. One thing that is good is that the growth of hardware specs seems to be slowing down so phones can manage to stay up to date longer (given the manufacturer). Also, it will depend on Sense 5.

  • redraider133

    Now bring this to all the carriers without making a bunch of different variants and you will have a real winner on your hands HTC. Hope this makes its way to verizon. Another great option for those who want top of the line specs but didn’t want a 5″ screen like on the DNA

    • clocinnorcal

      This is what I would like to know as well. I keep seeing a lot of comments from people already assuming they will be the same across all carriers.

  • Dr.Carpy

    A viable competitor makes Samsung have to innovate and fight to maintain their market share. Competition is how we’ll eventually get better batteries, storage, updates and antennas. It’s why the PPI on all these phones are so ridiculous now! HTC’s resurgence will be good for all consumers. Keep making awesome products Android Phone manufacturers!!

  • janK

    It’s weird to say, but I think marketing is something HTC has to invest in quite a bit. Comparing the One X and the S III many bloggers and tech people would prefer the HTC phone. S III sales however exceed those of the One X by a huge margin.

  • renyo

    OMG! 1080 in 4.7″!!! This just made my Christmas!
    Hope its a true rumor…

    • dutrak

      Too bad it will only be release way way after Christmas =/

  • Kern Clarke

    I think there on the right track, especially with a battery of that size. Lets hope there saving a device with even juicer specs to compete when Samsung drops the galaxy s4

  • mlynch01

    Nice HTC, this is how you can get back in the game………..hopefully that is! If they can get all the carriers to play ball like Samsung did then this might help them gain some mind share with the average consumer again. They don’t have the marketing budgets of a Samsung so making a stellar device visible on all carriers is absolutely key for them!

  • JayB95

    Wow I can’t wait for some renders to leak out. This phone sounds too good to be true.

  • inviolable

    Mmmm delicious PPi

  • DroidPower

    I think if HTC keeps the same phone for all carriers, then this is going to be huge! All the specs look nice. can’t wait to see what the hardware design will look like! 2013 seems like it’ll be an awesome year for all Android devices!!!!!

  • alexx

    I’m a huge HTC fan. This is only bacause they have proven themselves to me, to be the smartphone of choice for me since they’ve started.I had an HTC before anyone even heard of them in North America. People were blown away by the HTCP4350(Herald) when I imported it. Today, owning the OneX since launch, I’m still mezmorized by its design and INCREDIBLE durability and the fact that I’ve smashed it on cement about 10 times without any major damage at all. These days I am very upset because of their lack of support/misplaced focus, possibly because they are in a panic state and reshuffling priorities. I’d rather have them focus on existing customers and deliver on the Android updates, THEN focus on something like an M7 – a GS4 killer or whatever, which I’m super confided it will be without a doubt, htc will always have THE top designs since they are a pure bred smartphone maker, that’s it.I might be wrong about support, and their advisors(hopefully new ones, having fired old ones) are right and pumping out a besting device is the path to follow. As they surely cannot or don’t have the resources to focus on BOTH, and that pisses me off. There is no balance in their decision making. Device-wise, the design and specs, since start they were the absolute bleeding edge and I have full confidence in that. Guess ill wait up for the M7 if it really is 4.7″.5″ is a tablet.period. was going to upgrade to the 1X+, and still have the hots for it too…ladies and gentlemen, as expected, say hello to the most advanced portable computer yet again, from H*igh T*ech C*omputers, ironically a too quiet and too brilliant company.

    • alexx

      Hey man, grrreat comment, you’re such an htc wh***ore!…..righht….. I’d love to se a Tegra4 inside M7. Because nVidia is a marketing guru.

      • azswift

        First Tegra 4 device, Awesome!

  • RRR

    Hope Turns Crap – HTC.

    Read my lips HTC:


    One more time

    3000mAh 3000mAh 3000mAh 3000mAh 3000mAh 3000mAh 3000mAh 3000mAh 3000mAh 3000mAh 3000mAh 3000mAh 3000mAh

    Hear that? No?


  • sushimane

    this is gonna be a tough choose when i upgrade the m7 with spec it said sound crazy good htc was my top cellphone maker i would always choose, the galaxy note 2 just the fact u can do so sum draw when ur bored with that 5.5in screen or the nexus 4 get direct update from Google them self i hate lg but im turning my head just the fact its a nexus always wanted a nexus phone from the nexus 1 but its gonna be crazy when i could upgrade.

  • breckdroid

    Im looking forward to checking this one out. I miss my old HTC Droid Incredible. Solid phone, both in form and function. Switched to Galaxy Nexus and while its a great evice, signal issue dwarf all the positives. So in keeping with this topic, Im looking forward to HTC delivering another great device. As long as the specs are up there I have no doubt it will be a flagship device.

  • RRR

    what’s wrong with DNA?

  • Kaote

    I’m liking the idea of an across the board launch. Perhaps we might get lucky enough to see another HTC Nexus phone again.

  • rivera618

    the specs on this one are great and all, but i can’t stand sense and all the issues it brings with it

    • Co1e

      better than Touch Wiz, at least to me. And I think sense 5 will be even less intrusive than previous versions. Plus, theres always stock roms.

  • acuda27

    Sounds amazing……this might get me back on the HTC bandwagon!

  • jolysh52

    If the phone is as they say it is. The S4 better be pretty amazing to rock my pockets for the next 3 years

  • Droid Sam

    What issues do you speak of? I’ve been using sense 4 on my one s since April and don’t have any complaints.

  • romy134

    now your doing big things

  • sly

    The specs sounds great! I just hope HTC doesn’t decide to give it some debilitating “feature” like a bizarre dual-tone plastic back cover…

  • dutrak

    Can’t wait

  • Viequense

    HTC its great!!!!! I always like there devices

  • evo david

    This phone sound awsome . I have the evo 4g lte and 4.7 inch screen is perfect this phone could keep me with HTC .

  • jamal adam

    Hallelujah!! Been waiting for a long while hoping to see their flagship headed to all 4 major carriers.

  • Joshuab

    I’d like to see this come unlocked at a decent price.

  • Schmidty850

    Looks pretty nice, but I think HTC is trying to hard at this point

    • alexx

      They are ALWAYS trying too hard when it comes to design and features-that gives them that imbalance.

  • sudhank

    Looks good… Will be too good if they add a microsd card and a removable battery :-)

  • Himal Limbu

    HTC almost got right just to make it better…increase battery and on screen keys. thats al.

  • Ichigo

    That would be amazing, I’m a Samsung guy, but I will definitely give this a shot. Go HTC!

  • kenny1428


  • dillonshepherd1991

    Way to go HTC! Get into the fighting spirit! You’re going to need it to stay afloat! I’m sure the phone will be beautiful! Don’t let the carriers bully you! Stick to your guns!

  • Nicko01

    This sounds pretty great! I hope 1080p becomes the new standard for (high end) phone displays.

  • ndub21

    Oh man, this sounds awesome! In was thinking about getting the HTC One X+ but how can I do that with this superphone looming on the horizon. I’m literally drooling over the thought of the camera and video on this bad boy. I believe in you HTC!!!

  • Zak Lambert

    Wow, this is sounding pretty nice.

  • SnipesYan

    Oh, this is flagship.

  • HeadDoc

    Sounds pretty great, but is there going to be a micro sd card slot? Their current top of the line phone has 64 gb of built in storage. Cutting this in half to make it thinner or whatever seems an unnecessary step backwards in an otherwise kick-ass device.

  • Aaron

    Was going to get the DNA, but battery and memory stalled that choice and I am glad it did…Come on VZW don’t screw this up

  • humidity

    Very impressive!

  • KingCrow02

    Wow HTC is pushing the envelope.

  • Nathan D.

    Well it work for Samsung, why not HTC? Hopefully it will be one device throughout and not two or three different kinds of device which is more expensive and costing HTC lots of money.

  • Wunako

    sounds great, it would be awesome to have this on all 4 big players and honestly if they wanna make noise, its a must. none of this exclusive for x months and droid this, evo that.

    my biggest thing that im just hoping for is for sense 5 to be more stock and less… sense-ish. sense 4 isnt bad at all waaay better then before but it could be toned down a lot. the thing i miss from stock is the camera on One S if sense was toned down more i feel it would be perfect balance of features, design (no brainer they always design amazing phones), display, and a good compromise for ppl more android savvy

  • qandandroid

    This phone looks great, even if the 1080p resolution on a 4.7″ screen is a bit redundant…the processor is the biggest deal here. 1.7GHz quad core for anything other than the Tegra 3 is amazing. Even though the 2300mAh battery might not seem big enough given the CPU and screen, HTC had great power management on the DNA…I have faith in them.

  • thechad

    big HTC fan so I hope this keeps them in the game

  • damambt

    I hope it has a heavy duty battery because 1080p is gonna be a power hungry beast

  • spidremann

    I really hope they don’t mess this up! Btw, is it only me that really likes curved glass phones?? I wish there were more design risks.

  • Jorge Vieira

    This phone might be enough for me to put of the dna and wait for this instead.

  • techvudu

    finally. HTC has been playing catch up for the past 2 years or so. The DNA is sweet but this looks like a true competitor to the SGS3 and Nexus 4. HTC needs this, and releasing on all 4 carriers is a must. Still loving my HD2.

  • jonstle

    Go HTC! They need a winner. While the screen is impressive, I am getting to the point where battery life and user interface trump screen resolution.

  • WlfHart

    Woot! Make that all four carriers thing come true (specially T-Mo) and maybe throw in some expandable storage and I’d say they’ll have a hit! Curious about the battery life though…

  • RonWeez

    Great move by HTC . now they need to take another page out of Samsung’s book and refine and minimize Sense UI (MAKE it even less “bulky” than it is now) and they would have their selves an A-1 device

  • cjleines

    Really glad to see the size of the 1080p phones coming down. I think that phablets are too large, even for my extra-large hands (…ladies)

  • Granna

    The specs are awesome. I wonder how much would it cost? But, I guess still cheaper than an iPhone ;).

  • JarlSX

    traded my One X for a Razr MAXX HD (imported) because of the battery
    2300mah = epic fail

  • dino13

    Haven’t they said that they want to concentrate fully on their One line?

  • ccn_cristi

    The King is dead… Long live the King

  • surethom

    Nice to see a very high end phone with a screen smaller than the Massive 5″ screens. Cant wait to so the photo samples using the new camera sensor.

    Roll on CES & MWC.

    P.S Please HTC launch soon after announcement not 2 or 3 months later.

  • klcow92

    please come to the UK!!!!!

  • MagikalTrev

    I suppose I am happy I had to wait to buy a nexus 7. Might have a cheaper/easier option now. Plus HTC = Love

    • MagikalTrev

      Nexus 4* sorry

  • 67nd

    Nice try from this bankrupt company.

  • nobile

    HTC is the powerhouse!

  • Paul Atreides

    Sounds great on paper. Appears to be the formula to bring HTC back. They need to release it sooner than later, meaning before Samsung shows off the next Galaxy device.

  • uknowme

    This would be fantastic and I hope it’s true.

  • surg3d

    Looks like a winner to me.

  • Hollandia

    Yes finally, they might have made a phone that’s worth saying, QUITE BRILLIANT, for. Just hope they aint DOA, like my First HTC One X. And HTC make a exchance service, so we can get this phone, if we send our HTC One X, or X+ (XL included) and some money. Next step: GOOGLE NEXUS.

  • Alec Waddelow

    Hopefully this will spur even more innovation. Great article.

  • Snowman81

    4.7″, 1080p screen?! Can’t wait to see this bad boy!!!

  • amIT29

    Htc cranking the heat up probably ican this in ces event or surely in MWC

  • MisterLee

    I’ve always been an HTC fan… Glad to see they are making steps to stay relevant. The EVO was a great phone. I look forward to seeing this M7 on Sprint.

  • cliffordgreer

    I like the sound of this.

  • renn9420

    HTC will do it again. This is the next phone on my list unless they come out with another G series. Have the G1, G2 and now HTC One S.

  • aenean

    I’m actually a bit bummed HTC isn’t following through with its One series strategy.

    • CZFred

      How do you know they’re not? M7 is just the code name. Maybe it’ll be called the One Y or something?

      Looks like a great phone. Personally I prefer a solid phone than a removable battery.

      They should give it at least 64Gb storage though, or a side slot for an SD card, else the One X+ already has it beat thuis making that aspect a step backwards.

      Looking forward to seeing the design.

  • codya321

    Make the phone an extra milimeter thicker and put a bigger battery, thats what they need to do. I won’t complain about 1mm thickers with a ~3000mAh batter in there. And please don’t put the power button on top! Thats almost a deal breaker on the DNA…

    • dbcher

      agreed…i would also add pushing the screen to 5″…could even squeeze a little more battery into it that way

  • dejay

    it will certainly be exciting that is for sure… never been a huge fan of HTC but there design has been spot on lately and all there new devices are starting to look really sleek and sexy..

  • arminla

    Finally glad they are leaving the different phone different carrier model. Rooting for HTC

  • Auzo

    If those specs are real, this is one of the few phones I’ve seen that actually checks all the boxes.

  • lilbyrdie

    Rumor: Rumored HTC 1080p phone unlocked and rooted. CM 11 available for it.

  • ChrisM0678

    I can’t wait to see what Samsung has up its sleeves with the Galaxy S4 :-)

    HTC is down for the count. At least Touchwiz looks and feels decent unlike Sense.

  • bstewart11

    Been a huge fan of HTC since my touchpro days. My last HTC was the HTC One S – a homerun with the form factor, but not so much with the insides and UI. This seems to be the right track for them and if they can really carry out a true flagship product across all carriers they can bring themselves back to the forefront of relevancy.

  • mydnightsorrow

    I love HTC. Always have. Looking forward to this phone.

  • Dorkstar

    Sounds like a nice phone, we’ll have to see how the battery life is, especially when recording video considering the new technology. Also, is there no SD slot? It’s not exactly necessary, but always it’s always nice to be able to increase your storage when you need it.

  • cliffy223

    Finally HTC sees the value of one phone on all carriers like Samsung

  • securifirm

    Looks like a great phone on paper…hopefully HTC doesn’t mess it up too much with Sense. Would love to see the options from mobile phone makers to either use their “themed” android or a native experience…heres to wishful thinking :)

  • Shazam

    sounds good. Coming to Verizon too? How many months after it’s released on other carrier will Verizon sell, 2 months?

  • bgssilva

    1080p display… battery is too small for this

  • prime_optimus

    Sammy and HTC, the best !

  • af13

    If the Google and LG don’t get the Nexus 4 supply straightened out soon, I may just pass it up for this. I always loved my Nexus One. Not too thrilled with Sense, but it may be worth it for this device.

  • Paul Salvatore

    I wouldn’t mind if this looked similar to the one X design, can’t describe how good I think the design is of that phone without being censored :(

  • mattplaybass

    I hope all of this is true. This might give HTC the boost it needs. HTC used to be the best manufacturer (in my opinion). They definitely have fallen behind. Another HTC nexus would be great. Sense, like all Android skins, is outdated and not necessary anymore. Stock Android is the way to go.

  • loksv

    great phones….HTC might need to work on their customer support and service a bit more to be in the competition

  • jefflarkin

    Impressive device. Ought to give the SGS4 a run for its money.

  • grrrrlacher

    I think I found my new phone! I hope it gets here soon and also allows SD Card. Although 32GB should be enough. I’m currently on the HTC Vivid and love it. I’ve only tried one non HTC phone and was very disappointed. Its good to see HTC upping their hardware.

  • aBax

    I love HTC. If this is where they are headed, then they will be back in the game. I can’t wait.

  • lancaster09

    I’m not a big fan of the phablets, but HTC always impresses!!! Maybe they can convince to buy one… time to bring cargo pants back!

  • ITotem

    I love HTC’s build and design… but I want to know how their software is going to improve too! Hardware is not enough to compete against a marketing behemoth like Samsung.

    Hate it or not, I got my parents Samsung Galaxy S3 during Black Friday (I own an HTC EVO 3D) and I really like what Samsung has done with some of software tweaks in Android.

  • nebelriss

    I would really like to see that they throw away the sense thing and just use vanilla android ui. so they could even provide faster updates…

  • fartyarty

    Beam me up Scott!

  • romy134

    How about JB for the One X ATT?

  • thymeless

    All companies wax and wane. This looks like a pretty good competitor and will hopefully spur development for all companies in this marketplace so we get better and better phones.

  • brklynmind

    having just moved from my (3rd) HTC phone to a Samsung (Note 2), I am rooting for HTC. HTC makes the most durable phones with displays that crush the competition, and their memory management (utilizing the SD Card) is also far better (Samsung sucks in this dept) BUT
    they have to go back to a replaceable batteries or I will not purchase.

    I do not care how big the battery is (even though this one is small) Lion batteries performance significantly erode over time.

  • Omertron

    I like HTC a lot, but the sense overlay delaying the rollout of the new OSes is the reason why I won’t bother with them anymore.

  • elijahblake

    HTC has a chance with this phone, but chances are that it will have a locked bootloader.. Which totally kills any desire for me.

    I can’t stand sense.

    I only like AOSP based Roms.

    But everyone has their preference

  • Danny Calderon

    HTC is great, if it launches on all networks it should sport the same on all networks kinda like the galaxy line.

  • MrQuestion

    It’s good to see a high end phone with a screen smaller than 5″. Seems like all the newly announced phones are trying to one-up each other on size. A 4.7″ screen with a full hd screen means a load of ppi. Combine this with great internal hardware and we should have a great phone coming.

    Let’s hope this sells like hot cakes, HTC deserves it.

  • BellissiMatt

    Yes HTC :D

  • BellissiMatt

    you are best

  • BellissiMatt


  • Zachary

    Personally, nothing would make me more happy than for HTC to make a huge comeback and be Samsung’s main competitor. Their build quality imo is way better than samsung’s and i am hoping to see a nexus out of them again, hopefully in the next couple years.

  • amin888

    :( why only 2,300 mA ???

  • HTCEric31

    Off course I can’t wait for the M7. I hope this turns things around for them.

    • HTCEric31

      I post my first comment and I can’t even spell. OOps, a little anxious on the keyboard. Love the articles.

  • anikko

    I’m looking forward to some great hardware from HTC next year.

  • Kaustubh_Adhav

    Can we expect Sense 5?

  • mrcrusha

    How about we stop with the 32GB already… seriously… they gear these things towards entertainment but don’t leave you much room to carry your entertainment with you. I don’t want to have to sync everything back and forth and figure out what I might need on the phone.

  • richwright

    I wonder how much apple licensed features they will include in Sense UI

  • fingers26

    HTC is going the right path…. good for them..!!!!

  • tommydaniel

    It will be interesting to see if it comes to the carriers in form it was announced in and not like the EVO LTE.

  • intel8140

    1080p on a smartphone sounds good.

  • bleeew

    HTC is good. They just need better marketing. Look at Samsung. They spent $4Billion in marketing.

  • newmexican

    4.7inches, great compromise, I hate smartphones getting bigger and bigger. The Sammy Note2 felt like a brick to me

  • linkinmark5

    On the right track going to Major carriers. I hope its JB 4.2 or greater by then. They should also push to launch in advance of Samsung S4. Would have liked a larger battery. Alum body?

  • gavinb

    Should be awesome. HTC just need a few lessons in advertising. I’m still surprisde how anyone people aren’t aware of HTC or think they make cheap knockoffs.

  • kelltrash14

    Could be the one HTC….just don’t forget the other specs!

  • alexander betafan7

    I would love to see HTC hit one out of the park with this device. The One X(and Sprint Variant) came really close. Hopefully they strip down Sense significantly and let the hardware do the talking. Looking forward to it, not enough exciting rumors lately!

  • teamwoot

    My first smart phone was the Hero and my second was the Evo. Now I have a Samsung Nexus but I would love to see HTC produce a new amazing phone. I read they are working to streamline Sense. Let’s hope they make a big splash this year.

  • Bolt

    Listen…. can you guys just like my post so I can start entering these contests? K thanx

  • scubabum

    Good! More choices for the users. The 4.7 inch screen is about the right size, similar to the Samsung Galaxy S3. A larger screen would put it in the “phablet” category.

  • Adam Jones

    I’m going to have to wait and see how Sense 5.0 feels. Sense has been my least favorite of the OEM “android versions” (trying to dodge the word “skin”). but possibly an easy root process would clear all that up. the specs look great.

  • rr2009

    Looking pretty impressive. Now, if it comes to all US major providers as it is promising.

  • jazzman87

    HTC really strives for a comeback! We could even see a Nexus 5 device about a year from now with the HTC logo… ;-)

  • kenny1428

    HTC is here to play!

  • Andy_jr

    This sounds good. I really hope HTC are successful. We need good competition and variety, because dominant players become complacent.

  • Bryan

    Sounds like a beast! And the perfect size, to boot.

  • Silver

    Whenever I think of HTC, I feel very worried. Their phones look great and everything but the Inspire 4G was my very first android phone and also my very first HTC phone. A year later no more updates. Good thing the community is thriving so I was able to flash even a very stable JellyBean rom (CodeFireX and JellyTime) with performance that is just incredible.

    I would still love to give them another try but I’m still a bit nervous. But damn some of their phones just look great!

  • loksv

    Mobile Manufacturers need to work on alternate battery options which will last longer rather than just beefing up the old technology.
    Using RAM efficiently will be another improvement mobile manufacturers can consider instead of increasing it blindly.

  • CZFred

    This M7 seems to be getting closer to perfection…

    Perfection, to me, would be:

    Unibody design
    Dual SIM (as I go abroad a lot)
    3Gb Ram (i.e. the 32bit max)
    128Gb storage
    3000mAh battery with both kinetic and solar charging
    ‘Unbreakable’ 1080p screen
    Thin bezel, 3mm at most.
    No, or very light Sense skin.
    Fantastic materials and sleek design (i.e. HTC-like)

    What I don’t like is:

    Cheap-looking materials – like the Siii
    Battery compartments and so on that make the body weaken and rattle over time.
    Wide bezels.
    Not keen on the height of the DNA. One X is a tall as I want a phone to get.

    Blah blah.

  • haloreach647

    Hmmmm!!!! Agreed

  • Eric Wilborn

    Hope this is true! I love my DNA and can only imagine that HTC’s upcoming devices will be better yet.

  • Rashaan

    I would love to buy this phone. My concern is updates, battery life and micro sd card slot. I would like to see a 2500 battery or higher. Also after Google releases updates, it takes HTC @ leastt 2 or 3 months to update. Cad

  • Rashaan

    Can’t wait for this to come to Sprint. Definitely looking forward to this phone.