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Rumor: HTC preparing for 2013 comeback with mysterious HTC M7


HTC has produced a handful of incredible Android-powered smartphones in 2012, but competition from Samsung and Apple has taken its toll on the struggling manufacturer. While the company’s financial situation has been slipping over the past year, HTC has managed to remain profitable and is hoping to turn things around in the first half of next year.

According to Focus Taiwan, HTC is prepping for production for the HTC M7 — HTC’s next flagship phone. The source also claims that HTC is working with its semiconductor and casing suppliers to secure enough components to build 4 to 5 million HTC M7s in the first quarter of 2013.

Details about the HTC M7 are still a mystery at this point, but it’s safe to assume the device will outclass all of HTC’s phones from 2012 and feature the latest version of Android. We assume the most powerful Qualcomm processor will also be included, as well as the amazing 1080p Super LCD3 display that’s currently featured on the Droid DNA and HTC J Butterfly. The HTC M7 will most likely make its debut at Mobile World Congress in late February.

We know most of you are perfectly happy with Samsung leading the Android charge, but do any of you hope HTC can regain its past glory and keep the competition alive?

Source: Focus Taiwan

Nick is a tech enthusiast who has a soft spot for HTC and its devices. Nick joined the Android and Me family in the summer of 2010.

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  • redraider133

    How about a more beefed up( battery and internal storage) DNA like device for all carriers? Enough with the exclusive bs take a page from samsungs book and put it on all carriers at the same time or close to it and do not make 5 different versions.

    • jeshep

      Agreed. Withe the exception of a few handsets, HTC has proven that they can make great phones. However, they lack strong brand identity by limiting some phones to certain carriers or having different versions on different carriers. They will have a difficult time competing with Samsung and Apple until their premium (and other) devices are available on all carriers with consistent branding and advertising.

      • melloburger

        Well said

      • A.Woodbury

        I definitely agree. Their stance on focusing on quality but making less phones was the idea with the HTC One series, but creating different versions on the carriers hurt that idea. One phone, all carriers, this needs to happen

      • celo175


      • MJM128

        HTC needs to release devices in as many markets as possible at the same time and have the devices as similar as possible to build the brand for the phone.
        They need to not gimp on features (nfc, storage, battery, screen resolution) I’m looking at the HTC One S, the best HTC phone on T-Mobile that doesn’t have nfc, only a 540p screen, only 16GB of storage and other things that put it behind other phones on the carrier. HTC needs to step up.

      • Navdeep Mahajan

        Please read the 4th, 5th and 6th Paragraph of this review by Engadet.

        I am HTC customer since last 4-5 years, but i think Sansung have paved their way into US market.

    • paladaxar

      Yeah, I’ve had lots of friends mention that they like this or that HTC device, and my response is always “oh, man, yeah, they make great hardware…it’s just that their battery life sucks and, well, they have Sense”. Usually the battery life comment alone is enough to be a deal breaker (they don’t usually know what Sense is, but they’re concerned that I’m concerned about it for them :))

      • uzunoff

        I didn’t really realized the difference in HTC phones until I got GNex. The phone was stellar but I definitely noticed that HTC GPS and radio was superior. And I would also agree that even though Sense is not vanilla android it is one of the better UIs out there

        • CaptainDoug

          Agreed. I hate all overlays but if I had to be stuck with one, I’d pick sense. Best part of android though, not having to stuck with anything. Root!

        • tanman888

          Agree there too.
          I feel Sense is much more user friendly than Touchwiz too.

          • Samar

            Personally, I feel LG’s Optimus is a little more friendlier than Sense. Any LG users here !!

      • Scotter

        I always buy after-market batteries with a bit more mAh (milliamp hours). I’ll admit I’ve never been happy with battery life but I always assumed it corresponds to how much work my phone is doing with yes a slight variation for hardware & software efficiency. Personally: Battery life is the last thing I would judge a phone by. If I’m going to be out all day with no charge options, I carry a spare battery. Of course, with phones where you can not replace the battery, that is not possible and that IS a big deal to me but luckily, I haven’t chosen a phone yet that has a hardwired battery. I’m actually noticing there might be a trend toward this and I’m saddened by that.

    • Nwemo

      This guy knows!

    • ldouglas64

      I agree. I have seen see HTC phones I would have tried but they were not available on my carrier.

    • dcortright

      I agree. I wish it was the way it is in Europe. Where the carriers aren’t holding all the manufacturers on a leash. It would lead to so much more innovation instead of being stuck with VZ Navigator. Luckily I’m rooted but still. I miss my HTC Thunderbolt a lot. Rooted of course

    • Hom0ncruse

      final nail in the coffin for HTC

      • dcds

        Today I’ve seen 4 different uses of the (now infamous) “final nail in the coffin” expression.

        Needless to say, all 4 uses were ignorant use cases. It’s safe top say these days that whenever someone says that, they have a non argument and a non issue.

    • Joel

      A few more commercials wouldnt hurt – N not just skydiving camera shots either.

    • eioous

      I have had 3 HTC’s and the battery life has been pretty bad on all of them. Something with a 2000mAh battery would be awesome.

      • WlfHart

        While it didn’t come w/ Android, my HD2 has great battery life.

    • godnikeboy

      + for battery, make it big. But I don’t think internal storage is really that important. If you could see the nexus 4 sales, 8gb is outselling the 16gb. And 16gb iphone or s3 has the most sales.

      P.S. On screen buttons please.

      • scarshapedstar

        Those people are the devil… christ, I have apps that take up 2 gigs.

    • NasLAU

      Doesn’t matter to me unless they are chosen to build a Nexus phone. If it helps them get chosen then yeah.

    • spidremann

      In reference to a “beefed up battery”, something had to be done about battery tech in general. I’ve always dreamed about a kinetic charging unit in the phone, if nothing else!

  • stephen45003

    I’ve always thought HTC made great quality phones, I love their newer One series. I wish they could make the next nexus.

    • ndorrough

      The original Nexus One never caused me any troubles either. I loved that phone.

    • Jeff Pan

      Forget Nexus. They just need to do a few things

      1. Make the same version of the phone available on all 4 carriers
      2. Removable battery
      3. Micro SD Slot
      4. Tone down the sense a bit more. Give an options to the users to remove them if required
      5. Keep doing awesome work with Display and Design.

      If they follow this 5 point agenda, they are all set for a grand comeback.

      • rond


        • romy134

          #1 !!!!!!!!!!!! just do it

      • Scotter

        And HTC has had superior cameras. Wishing reviewers would pay attention to F-Stop, not just megapixels. I made a list of all current mid-to-high- end phone specs:

      • Alan

        I totally agree. I tried Samsung GS2 but after it died in a rainstorm I decided I wanted something a bit more robust so I went back to HTC.

        Personally I prefer HTC over Samsung and if they follow what JeffPan says I think they will do OK.

        Just make sure that they support the earlier phones with updates.. I don’t want a top end phone that I have to change (or root) just coz HTC won’t update the OS

        • calmness

          Agree. It’s fun to root (and root around in the guts of) your phone. But having a device the vendor quickly drops support for is what makes me look for the next better deal.

      • Rahul Verma

        The reasons I didnt buy or recommend the One X are mentioned by you.

    • Keith.Swiader

      Yes. Hopefully this phone will be enough of a success in Google’s eyes (be it hardware or software ideas) that they can be given the green light to make next year’s Nexus.

  • LukeT32

    Lose the non-removable battery too!

    • epps720

      I can deal with a non-removable battery, if the battery was at least 3,000 mAh

      • paladaxar

        Having a removable battery is awesome for traveling when you’re not sure when you’ll be near a charger next.

      • jfgen

        My One X+ has more than enough juice to go through the day. Yes it could be better if it had a S4 pro instead od Tegra3, but still surprised with the battery life. I think HTC needs to work on their marketing and get rid of the exclusivity on certain markets. As for Sense, yeah it kinda sucks, but every manufacturer skin sucks, and personally Sense is the one that sucks the least..

      • avijaunty


  • Pravas

    Bring it on. Not a major difference between HTC OneX and OneX+. Hope to see some drastic upgrades..

    • CaptainDoug

      The changes are big enough though to take the device from somewhat dated to back in the game. Especially with increased storage and a larger battery not to mention the master CPU AND GPU.

      • CaptainDoug

        faster not master.

  • MyMilan

    I really like the Droid DNA and their current phones much more than samsung phones. I hope the new M model works out. Looking forward to it.

  • mario_1603

    My brother has a HTC One, its a great phone, I have always wanted one, so waiting for more information about this

    • melloburger

      I was really set on getting a HTC One X…and then Google announced the Nexus 4

  • mlynch01

    I think HTC’s build quality is unrivaled and I love their designs. I want them to be a dominant force in the Android world again because we need it if Android is gonna continue to dominate. Plus I don’t want to see the first Android phone manufacturer go away, they paved the way with the G1 for the Samsung’s and the Motorola’s to come in and have success.

    • breckdroid

      I agree. HTC builds incredible phones. They just tend to be “dumbed” down a bit too much. Sense has its merits, but it would be nice to turn it off/remove it without a root. To be honest, I would love for my next Android to be an HTC.

    • paladaxar

      I wouldn’t say the quality is unrivaled…Moto is certainly up there for excellent build quality (in many of their phones).

      Now design? Yeah, moto could learn a thing or two from HTC. My OG Droid is a tank…but it’s an ugly tank :)

      • CaptainDoug

        A Moto, HTC, or Sony phone as the next Nexus would make me so happy.

      • Jimmy_Jo

        HTC build quality is great but their software is a joke. Sense is so bogged down and resource intensive that if your phone doesn’t have the most top-of-the-line specs then it will lag and the user experience will suffer. Since they have become firmly opposed to rooting and make the process more troublesome than need be most former HTC user (that’s me) have left them for Samsung.

        I know a large group of former EVO users who know own Galaxy S II, galaxy Nexus or Galaxy S III phones because we all gave up on HTC. Moto and LG (before the Nexus 4) don’t seem ready for prime-time.

  • Paul Salvatore

    My first smartphone was the HTC HD2, I love the designs of the ONE X. Samsung is leading the pack but I hope someone like HTC is able to keep things competitive and hopefully force samsung to use higher quality materials

  • Saif

    on screen keys please

    • paladaxar


    • jeshep

      Soft keys AND eliminate the excess bezel at the bottom of the front where the capacitive keys usually reside. I like the flexibility of soft keys, but for manufactures to completely take advantage of them, the display needs to be larger and extend further down. The same display real estate that is available for capacitive button phones should also available for soft key phones while the soft keys are displayed.

      • sunrise

        Just my personal opinion but I think soft keys are a major waste of screen real estate. The bezel chin is always going to be there, no matter how thin, so might as well use the space there for capacitive buttons. That lets the user enjoy and utilize the full screen size.

        • CaptainDoug

          But what if the chin wasn’t there or greatly minimized? To me a 16:9 screen is a little too tall to be used ideally. However they are great for media consumption like games and movies. It’s the perfect compromise. I see the Razr M as having 1 too many chins. Imagine if they removed it though…

        • scarshapedstar

          Not really? On my Nexus 7, when I put the device in landscape, the buttons rotate too – unless the software simply tucks them away.

          Why do I need buttons taking up space on the wrong side of the screen?

      • CaptainDoug

        Exactly. Otherwise there is no benefit. If the screen is further down on the device it increases one handed usability. I wouldn’t get a phone I had to use 2 hands to operate.

  • nebelriss

    I really would like to a vanilla android on it with fast updates. This could bring htc back.. But I think they will stay with their sense ui…

  • paladaxar

    battery, battery, battery. Focus on that and the rest will fall into place…including sales :)

    • CaptainDoug

      Battery and storage… If everyone is only offering 16GB, giving 32GB or having an SD slot is a good feature.

  • overclockthesun

    this certainly will be fun

  • zolikaaa666

    I own a HTC…and i would never change it to anything else…i LOVE IT!

  • Rockstar323

    HTC makes great phones. The OG Droid is what introduced me to Android but the Droid Incredible made me fall in love with it. A high end HTC that is the same across all carriers, like the GS3, is what they need. Carrier exclusives is what has hurt them. I have a Samsung (Galaxy Nexus) and used others in the past (Fascinate and Charge) but I’m not a fan and only have one now because it’s a nexus. In my opinion they don’t feel well built after using a Motorola and HTC and the signal and GPS seem to work when they want to.

    • CaptainDoug

      I had the dinc and now I’m using the Dinc2 with JB and loving it. HTC makes a solid phone.

    • scarshapedstar

      Agreed. When the Dinc came out, it was the best phone on the market, hands down.

      Obivously it’s harder to do that in this day and age, but the DNA is really damn close, except for the storage. Seriously… I will pay twice as much for a 64 gb DNA, shut up and take my money, it needs to happen.

    • breckdroid

      I couldn’t agree more. My Samsung Galaxy Nexus has the spottiest service I’ve ever had. I previously had the HTC Incredible and it had impeccable signal. If I wasnt locked in to a contract in wouldve dropped this Nexus based on signal alone. Now let me clarify, the Nexus is a great tool, but without a solid signal, IMO, its not worth it. Granted I’m in a small Rocky Mountain town, but this Samsung signal is bad.

  • teamwoot

    I have always been an HTC fan and I would love to see them produce a phone with the battery life and power to match Samsungs latest phone. I hope they either really improve their Sense UI or scrap it. I have never been a fan of that.

  • alexking124

    Had an HTC Inspire 4G, and currently own the ONE X. I’ve always loved the quality of HTC phones, but one thing I never understood is the protruding cameras. Why can’t they just shove the camera completely into the phone like everyone else?

  • linkinmark5

    HTC makes beautiful phones. I never would have sold my EVO if Sprint didnt bring LTE to my town. If they increased a non-removable battery to say 28-3000 I dont think too many of us would gripe about it. I have a sammy S3 now. But I miss the heftyness of the EVO. It just felt like it was built better. Good Luck to HTC!

  • marcus1518

    Yea they definitely need to beef up the battery….

  • linkinmark5

    Since were on the subject, the HTC one series was gorgeous, until they redesigned for Sprint….its ugly …..what the heck HTC..1 build style All Carriers, Simply Elegant!

    • CaptainDoug

      i like the idea of a kickstand but a very subtle kickstand… Like not fiery red.

  • JayB95

    Good size battery, at least 32gb of storage, and ON ALL CARRIERS!! We don’t want a One X+ here and DNA there. We want the best of both mashed together on all major carriers.

    Please HTC.

  • sunrise

    Dear HTC, please focus on battery life. Forget super thin, a slightly thicker phone with amazing battery life will be warmly accepted by the world. Making the battery removable and including a microSD slot won’t hurt either.

    • melloburger

      Dear Sunrise,


  • scaarg

    I use a Razr Maxx and I must say, this one should have a bigger battery.
    It’s such a nice feeling seeing your phone at midnight with more than 50% after heavy use.

    • CaptainDoug

      The only thing keeping me from motorola is the locked bootloader. Also, they had way too much pentile amoled crap going on. I’m glad they’ve moved to 720P though. I just wish they’d get rid of pentile.

  • Martjn2

    Theres always one thing that bothers you with a htc phone. Their are thing in other phones aswell but with the htc phone it makes you skip the phone. I bought the gs3. Hate plastics but it doesnt matter with sdslot bigger battery. But i really like the htc design. And by that i just mean htc one x.

  • Repinphilly247

    How about a pure vanilla phone (stock) with all those features that Nexus 4 lacks… microSD slot, removable battery, etc. Would sell like crazy. HTC hardware plus pure google software = win

    • rond


    • CaptainDoug

      My dream phone is HTC chassis, Google(cyanogenmod) software, Exynos processor(5250) and razr maxx battery. I guess that’s too much to ask.

  • Prince77

    As long as it’s a phone we all can enjoy that’s all I’m worried about, on every carrier. If we can get that then I will be happy.

  • mike

    I have been through Apple, Samsung and LGs products and since coming to HTC- I have never been happier. Amazing build quality, fantastic displays, great cameras. They feel premium in the hand and perform up their with the top guns. I will not be leaving HTC anytime soon.

  • Himal Limbu

    I love HTC phones but i am not buying them coz they arent easy to root.

    • CaptainDoug

      What do you speak of? I’ve never had problems with rooting HTC phones.

      • drcmda

        s-off. htc’s are the hardest devices to root i can imagine. its pure luck that you managed to root some. most of these things get rooted via fricking exploit root-kits.
        i once rooted my lil sisters htc wildfire, it took me at least half a day – and that with a decade behind me of hacking, cracking, disassembling and programming in general. i had to try hack-shit from dubious sites, sift through hundreds of xda posts with manuals that always said “maybe it will work, maybe not” — it never did of course. i found one exploit that could finally do it, the programmers feared making the source available because htc would close the security flaw in an instant.

        my gnex? about 10 seconds.

        my nex7? about 10 seconds.

        htc for me is not android. its bada capable of running apk’s. they can stuff hundreds of cores into these things, it comes dead on arrival if im chained to the manufacturer with that fricking thing.

      • Himal Limbu

        its not that u cant root but its not as simple as samsung devices.
        i have rooted some HTC devices too but they arent as simple as samsung devices.
        like it took me more than 2 hours to do simple wire trick on HTC amaze

  • Nicholas Rynjah

    I’m a big HTC fan. Their phones are sexy and of high quality compared to their competition ….but in order to regain their past glory I think they need to include the following in their phones
    1.Longer and removable battery
    2. Removable storage

  • Brickerhaus

    I really love HTC’s designs over that of Motorola and others but Samsung is eating everyone for lunch. Samsung has created innovative designs in the past year. They are innovating their skin overtop of Android. And they are updating their phones quickly. Um Samsung is knocking it out of the park. And now HTC is talking about a new tablet. How about this. Update my One S like you said you would back in July. Then I might think about buying an HTC tablet. Otherwise choke on it HTC. At this point, I would never buy an HTC product again. And I have not recommended anyone buy them. I recommend anything Nexus, Samsung, ASUS, Motorola, and then HTC for tablets. In that order. I have recommended tablets for 10 people in the past 2 months. Samsung got most of that.

  • Matthew Reynolds

    HTC, want to do well? hire a few more people on your updates team, or give the option to make any of your devices into a nexus via htc dev. and just watch your sales skyrocket :)

  • Doozins

    I currently have an HTC Incredible 2 and have been very happy with it. Love the styling. However, the lack of promised updates has not been the best experience.

    Can’t wait to upgrade to a flagship phone and am very interested in what HTC comes out with next.

    • CaptainDoug

      Check out Aeroevan. I’ve had JB on my phone since august.

      • Doozins

        Thanks I will do that. I had been hesitant to install CM due to the promise of an OTA ICS update.

  • juno23

    Always loved HTC’s, it’s just the battery life which needs to be improved!!

    • Nwemo

      What she said ^

    • Christopher Chavez

      Sup, girl. O_o

  • spintrex

    When it comes to looks HTC takes the cake. Plus the materials used with their devices actually make you feel that your phone is worth the premium you paid… unlike the cheap plastic feel in Samsung’s devices.

    I would really like to see HTC do well enough to continue making great phones and not disappear as Palm did back in the day.

    • Rahul Verma

      They need to be at par with the features offered. Many of the users still prefer having a cheap storage option like the microSD card slot in their phone. I can live without a removable battery.

      One X and Galxy S3 were actually pretty at par in performance.. but the reason S4 soared ahead was better marketing and few features which were better than the HTC phone.

  • uknowme

    I love my Evo LTE. I’ve only had HTC phones. I love how they feel so solid. I’ve had the misfortune of dropping all my Evo’s from at least 10 feet. Not a problem for any of them. Can’t say that about any other phone so far. My friend just dropped his GS3 of the couch and the screen and back cracked. Not to mention my girlfriend just dropped her Photon Q from waist height and the screen went. Give me HTC any day.

  • humidity

    HTC Mexus 7 anyone? Haha jk jk!

  • robaire

    HTC: Great build quality, the absolute best screens, poor battery life, Sense is vastly improved, os is stilljust a hair behind Samsung as far as smoothness. I hope they survive.

  • LwmHWK20

    Sound like a gun or plane

  • janK

    I think the build quality of their phones is nearly unrivaled. I would miss that, should they ever abandon the market and leave it to Samsung.

  • theinvisiblehand

    I personally hope they will change the sense ui. It’s too overbearing for my taste. It will be interesting to see what this device will pack. Considering the Droid DNA is ahead of the curve with its HD display, I wonder if we won’t see a beefed up camera in there or something like this.

  • Trevor Cameron

    I got to get my hands on an HTC phone at the bar the other night. The chic didn’t know which one it was and I didn’t get a of time with it, but it was so sharp looking and really responsive. Definitely left me with a good taste for HTC.

    More than ANYTHING I would love to see an HTC phone that is Nexus branded. That would push me over the top. If I’m not buying a Nexus, then I’m buying something unique like the Note II. If they come out with another 4.7ish, quadcore, 1080, etc but just make all the specs better, I’m really not interested.

  • raovallab

    Look forward to seeing this and how it stacks up against Samsung

  • jagz87

    all they have to do is keep this new one away from HTC Sense…..makes sense ?

  • bertberlic1

    I had the Droid Incredible back in the day, and it was great at the time. Battery life was not a strong point, but me and that phone went through a lot together. I still use it as my MP3 player for longer trips where I need to save battery on my Galaxy Nexus. That said, I would love for a HTC to release a solid phone on ALL CARRIERS, with battery life to boot

    • davehuze

      At the time I bought my Droid Incredible, Sense had a couple nice features and I thought it had a style that stock 2.1 was missing. As has stock improved, Sense has gone in the wrong direction and I would never buy another phone with it.

  • friendlyfire

    Battery, battery, battery

    • Rahul Verma

      microSD, microSD, microSD.

  • kookeetree

    O_O cool.

  • Nwemo

    I also think the design of the HTC Hero was a step forward,which they decided to backtrack on.A little dip at the bottom to avoid a cracked screen like my HTC One X is insulted by at the moment.

  • tylerfoy

    Certainly curious to see HTC turning it up with their android line. A lot of effort was put into their windows 8 flagship and it shows. Curious to see the product on this end!

  • orangestrat

    They had better give it an actual name and not just M7. The One X/S/V probably took a huge hit because HTC1X is not a name unless you’re a computer or work for nokia.

  • alexanderharri3

    The DNA itself is a phenomenal phone hardware wise….minus everyday needs like battery, sd card/more storage (and arguably volume rockers). They’ve done great minus a big drawback or two on their phones….and the biggest drawback of all – carriers running the show.

  • Bpear96

    I would love to see HTC make a Nexus Galaxy Note competitor with the SLCD3 1080p display.

    • orangestrat

      As long as they call it HTC Nexus Galaxy Note 4G LTE Touch, with Sense +.

  • killrgummibear

    does it really matter at all at this point? not to bash HTC but they made that whole speech about one line of phones, ONE series, to make it recognizable or whatever. then they go and release 6+ versions of the same ONE device. then as soon as the release this device they’ll completely abandon the ONE series and probably the new windows phones too.

  • clauprim

    Personally I find HTC Sense to be one of the nicest Android builds out there. They obviously put a great deal of thought on the overall looks and user experience. Hopefully they can improve on battery life with their next devices.

    • Bpear96

      And RAM usage, Sense is ok looking. But it really needs to go on a diet, its way to heavy, hogs up to much RAM and can get intrusive and laggy. Stock android is still the best in my book. I have a HTC One X running CM10

  • StEVO_M

    I have always liked HTC. I had an old PPC6700 windows phone back in the day. Then I got the Orginal EVO 4G, then the EVO 3D and now the EVO 4G LTE. I think they make great Hardware. Ohh and I personally love Sense. :)

  • darkgreen


  • MagikalTrev

    Much love for HTC, though I really don’t know if bringing in a new looking on par device is the key to victory. I suppose it keeps them in the game when people like me will buy it for love of HTC’s work and hopes for something special in the future.

  • yoaj

    I miss my thunderbolt! (not the battery life, though!) It was a seriously solid build, and I actually enjoyed its almost-too-heavy weight. I just didn’t like Sense UI and ugly icons, but that’s why it was rooted..

    I thought Android was moving in the direction of allowing users to turn off custom manufacturer UIs..? This should happen.

  • NR

    How about a phone they can keep on an update schedule for TWO years?

  • BigCiX

    I guess time will tell

  • stewarta13wsb

    NO I’m not happy with Samsung leading the field for Android! Why would anybody be…
    HTC are better designed, better built, amazing phones with a UI that actually adds to the overall smooth operation of the phone, and also adds REAL features.
    TouchWiz is the work of the Devil’s apprentice – it’s hideous!

    Just my 2p worth, but roll on February for the launch of my next phone….

    • tanman888

      Of recent, design (physically and software) is no longer the issue for HTC.

      Touchwiz is possibly the other reason why it takes Samsung so long to move phones over to new iOS.

  • doublin

    I love the name.

  • romy134

    Had HTC Incredible > Incredible 2 > Htc One X love it to death, they ust need to release it to all carriers and be done with it

  • Madel

    Do you realy believe that it will change the market situation? Apple and Samsung are too far away.

  • Orion78

    Here’s the deal. If HTC stop with the nonsense of weak non-removable batteries and start expanding storage, then just maybe they can make a comeback. I feel it’s too little too late. Samsung is so dominant right now that it won’t even matter.

  • bleh_zero

    One thing HTC will have to do is get better advertising. Samsung went all out with the Galaxy S3 ads tv, nfc posters with various content, directly comparing themselves to Apple, etc. HTC has to tell the consumer that they have the superior product something I never got from seeing any ads for the One series.

    • nsnsmj

      Yep. Marketing is definitely one of HTC’s weak points.

  • nsnsmj

    I hope they are able to turn things around, and no, I’m not fine with Samsung leading the pack. The only reason they gained traction is because they were straight up copying Apple in the beginning. A little less so these days. Hopefully HTC or some other Manufacturer steps up their game and gives Samsung a run for its money.

  • bdub

    No matter what general specs HTC and the others come out with, I hope 2013 is the year of the increased battery life or at least announcements for 2014 phones. The specs they are putting in these phones are insane when you consider how long it took personal computers to get to the same spot. Its too much power and not enough…. power ;)

  • Moises Rivera

    I hope this device is gonna be up to par with my standards, I’ve been thinking about switching over to HTC from Samsung, but i just want a device that is well balanced. From battery power to screen resolution to internal storage. I just want a device that will last me the two years on my contract. Not one that i will get frustrated with a year in and have to look for a replacement.

  • superflysnooker

    Maybe this is what I’m waiting for this might be the g3 lol waiting forever since tmobile copyright g1-g3 years ago

  • DroidSamurai

    The moment the Droid DNA came out, I laughed — after all the talks about building up their brand like Samsung does, they gave up. First, they picked a name that is difficult to use for a sequel (what’s the successor of “One”, “Two”?) Next, they did not make it available to all carriers in the US. Finally, they abandoned the name altogether (it’s not just in the US, remember the HTC J?) I am sorry, HTC, you are doomed. The One X is a great phone, but a great phone doesn’t make a best seller.

  • CaptainDoug

    I love HTC. They are the definition of build quality. That being said, they need larger batteries and more on screen keys.

  • fireant

    Didn’t HTC have a 2012 comeback attempt? How many comebacks can you claim to have? I hope they get it ironed out though, competition is ALWAYS good for the consumer.

  • Tangent

    I love HTC phones and have high hopes but there are two things they really need to do. First – like so many others have said – the battery needs to be better. I hugely prefer a replaceable battery so in a year and a half or so when the capacity starts to suffer I can simply replace it. I recently replaced my stock battery with a bigger one from Anker. If I had been stuck with a battery that was down to about 60% of it’s original capacity and not able to replace it I would not have been very happy.

    Second, and possibly even more important: Stop it with carrier exclusives! I was all set to upgrade from my Sensation to a One X but they made it for AT&T only. I think it’s no accident that Samsung is the leader in Android and all their flagship devices are available to all carriers. I just don’t get why you would limit your potential customer base like that. Apple could get away with that because they have such a rabid following for their devices that people would jump carriers to get it. All HTC managed to do was chase customers into Samsung’s waiting arms…

  • ChrisM0678

    I used to be an HTC fan 100% but their pathetic distribution plan for the One X, lack of developer support among other things made me buy a Samsung phone for the first time when the GS3 came out. Lets hope they dig deep and go back to their roots of making the best phones around.

  • jamontoast1291

    I’ve always been a fan of HTC and hope they return to their former glory. The HTC Incredible was my favorite Android phone, though I still have a soft spot for the OG Droid. Honestly if something like the One X+ with a better battery came out with VZW support I would have considered it. As a unrealistic hope, it would be nice if they ditched Sense for good, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon. As long as the bootloader remains unlocked though I don’t really care.

  • FranzVz

    I wonder if they will use the S4 Pro or with one of the newer processors being displayed @ CES 2013.

  • aranea

    I always have a soft spot for HTC since G1. Maybe they’ll also get to produce the next Nexus.

    • Rahul Verma

      Another nexus phone can definitely help the company turn around. Dunno ig Google will give them the opportunity as they are getting close to MS these days. Flagship Winmo8 phone.. you know.

  • emraan

    i wonder after 1080p displays and quad core processors what else could we expect in upcoming years??

  • Ryan Gails

    I would love to HTC make a comeback in the game. I think they make really aesthetically pleasing devices. It will really come down to those extra little features that HTC implements because damn near every “flagship phone” next year will have a 1080p display and some ridiculously fast processor. If someone can figure out how to get all of this amazingness working together and still have awesome battery life, they will top out. Pending Apple lawsuits that is

  • slimx30

    i hope htc gets to where it once was. they make good phones but they need to stop this carrier exclusive nonsense. It would be awesome if they made the next nexus phone. Htc build quality is one of the best

  • Greg.

    They should call it the HTC wehaveapatentlicensingdealwithApplenow

  • Luv_android

    Damn cant wait.. I plan to upgrade sometime in late Q1 2013 or early Q2 2013..Hopefully S IV is out by then :-)

  • sylvan

    I’ve been an HTC fan for a while now, since the original MyTouch 3G. Currently have a Sensation. I was against Sense until I used it, it’s actually pretty decent. When I go back to something unskinned, it seems dull and lifeless.

    Really hope HTC can turn around the sinking ship they’ve become.

  • flyingbambaataa

    HTC doesn’t excite me

  • Dorkstar

    HTC just typically releases medium quality phones. Consumers aren’t going cheap on mobile devices any longer, everyone wants the best.

  • LucenNox

    I hope they turn it around, especially if they can take advantage of their cross-licensing agreement with crapple to provide some immunity from lawsuits.

  • Euki

    HTC should try their hand at making a flagship device with Vanilla android (although I don’t see them ditching their beloved Sense UI with a flagship). Or at least make Sense optional. One big flaw I’ve always felt HTC has been consistently making is putting Sense on devices without enough RAM. Sense requires so much resource to run and they skimp on the ram! Although I loved my HTC Sensation, it’s hard not to notice. I never have more than 120 mb of RAM free and I can’t even multi task between more than 2 apps most of the time without one closing.

    Android has also been great from near it’s beginnings because of it’s ability to multitask. Since even Eclaire, I could listen to music while browsing the web, stopping to text occasionally and even taking a quick picture of something unexpected. I can’t even browse a web page for too long without pandora or google music closing on several HTC devices.

    I suppose the recent offerings fixed this problem though, although pretty late as their sales depict.

    • tanman888

      I used to experience the same memory problems with the HTC Desire. Never really thought it was Sense being the source of the problem.

      But with their recent offerings I’m sure boosting the RAM has resolved this issue?

      • phaet2112

        Flagship should be able to run Sense without any issue, so it wouldn’t matter whether these. It is more an issue with a non removable battery, LTE, and draw from the screen resolution that can kill buzz around the devices. If Motorola can get the MAXX to have such a massive battery,then HTC should be able to as well. That and their marketing department needs to be reworked.

        • Euki

          I agree, the non-removable battery route is disappointing :c

      • Euki

        well, although I’ve used other sense devices, the sensation was the only one I owned. Sense is considered a resource hog in the dev community. Sense the the sensation constantly crashes due to lack of ram if u run memory intensive apps.. even the web browser. And we’re talking a flagship device here lol.

        But i agree. Im sure the recently devices with more ram fixed the issue.
        sensation was plagued with other problems though, like crappy battery detecting and a camera that takes pink pictures when u use flash in low lighting.

        • tanman888

          True. Possibly the reason why the org Desire without sense (due to limited memory) was a refreshing experience. :D

        • tanman888

          Work colleague still has his sensation (still stock). Loves it to death. Armed with a spare battery and has the micro as chord connect when at his desk.

          • Euki

            :o Thats great! He must take really good care of his phone then. That thing is old lol. Google sent me my Nexus 4 awhile ago and I’ve been missing out on Stock JB goodness. *o*

  • malayaleeremo

    htc droid dna was hot. can’t wait to see what this is

    • Rahul Verma

      htc droid dna *is* hot.

  • SeanPG1983

    HTC really knows how to make great devices. It is too bad to see that they are doing so poorly in the financial department. I hope they are able to return to their former glory with this new phone.

  • gumbyshu

    I’ve always liked HTC for Sense and their build quality. Sense has been, for me, a quality skin, and better than the others. I’d rather have Sense than TouchWiz, but Samsung’s just been coming out with too much good stuff lately. I really hope that HTC can sort out its issues and come back in 2013 with some awesome stuff.

  • Rhett

    I always loved the build quality of HTC devices. Also, they really make Android aesthetically pleasing and were easy for me to sell to consumers.

    However, this battery life issue HAS GOT TO END.

    DNA is a quality device but is gimped by a small batter. HTC has been under delivering on battery life since the Thunderbolt.

    Adapt, and survive, or be pushed by the wayside.

  • filmjac

    We need a cloud based backup IMO along with new hardware

  • Kaote

    If HTC wants to make a comeback, they need to get updates to their phones quicker and start adding in at least SD slots on newer phones.

  • sawberry

    I would love for HTC to come back into the game…not that they are necessarily out of it, but I LOVED my G1 when I had it (bricked it), and I haven’t had a phone with that kind of build quality since!

  • ihatefanboys

    Yes beef up the battery, thats all that is needed. Anyone that has a problem with the internal storage is just being silly. I have the HTC ONE S and I thought it would be an issue but it really isnt , i have close to 100 apps and music and pictures and everything runs smooth, no issues. I personally am still waiting for the HTC G3 for Tmobile…

  • StevenZoz

    a nexus device should help them out

  • shyam299

    Great News…. But I really hope HTC Levels up their camera this time, Great camera with Amazing features….

  • CWinter

    I WANT a new HTC device, but their crappy UI is making it difficult. Hopefully the Nexus 4 will be enough of a success to get some other companies to follow that model, whether working directly with Google or not.

  • Beeve

    Is there a possibility that this could be a Windows phone?

    • dcds

      Putting a 7 on its name probably negates the possibility of a wp device I guess…

  • mm14

    I’ve previously owned two HTC devices, and I’m currently carrying around the One S. They are always top quality and good looking. I hope this comes unlocked and at a decent price point!

  • zacks2art

    HTC does make a clean device, but I dont think they know how to really hit the US Market. Aside from the DNA which is great they don’t seem to make much noise. They need to get a blockbuster all carrier beast out in the waters. They seem to have been making tight looking phones, and now they have put out a nice functioning phone(DNA) now they just need to tie it all together and get it out to all the carriers and make a bunch of noise. I have a Droid Incredible 4G for awhile and truly had not complaints. Almost went from that to the DNA but the allure of the Note 2 got me. Try again HTC and I will gladly come back… Unless I decided to drop this stupid (UnJailbroken) iPhone 5 and get an DNA for my secondary phone……………

  • Jorge Eslava

    If they could make phones with bigger batteries their sales would improve.

  • Josiah Fulton

    too many devices! their brand is all over the place. They should focus on fewer devices

  • martinpena650

    If the specs are amazing and battery life is above average then this phone might take off.

  • Oscar Ortega

    One for all or none for all

  • Ichigo

    I’m excited for the next htc flagship device. Sensation was garbage, One x was a step in the right direction and this M7 should be even better. 2013 is gonna be ridiculous!

  • Austin Tompkins

    1080p… that still blows my mind on a phone. Here’s to hoping they ditch sense…

    • scottm48

      Hopefully it will have at least a 5 inch screen too.

  • squib

    I used to prefer Samsung phones, but HTC are really making some awesome devices atm.

  • MC_Android

    HTC, it won’t take too much to win me back as a customer. I don’t even care so much if it has a non removable battery. Make it at least 3000 mAh, give it microsd slot, at least a12mpx camera and don’t cut corners with build quality. HTC has the sexiest designs but always plagued with carrier exclusivity. Stop releasing 100 phones a year and promise timely updates with a non-intrusive skin… It’ll be an instant buy if you scrapped Sense altogether. Lastly make reasonably priced unlocked. Set the bar for 2013 like the Nexus One did back in 2010

  • klcow92

    What’s with the different names, first the One X now M xxxx?

  • tanman888

    No news of a S-Pen type stylus?

    More and more I see a lot of people whipping out their S-Pen or even after market stylus with the ipad or iphone.

  • Charlong666

    Come on HTC, prove you can do it right. Show everyone that it’s not just Samsung in this market.

  • sundip

    this is def what htc need to come back and they will! i dont think there will be much between this and the s4 – and most likely better pricing!

  • How many phones does HTC have now?

  • Scotter

    I loved my HTC G1, HTC Nexus One, and HTC Amaze.
    I’m hoping LG and Samsung step it up in the camera department.
    Most often I notice reviewers not mentioning F-stop and merely mentioning megapixels :-(
    I might have bought the Nexus LG except that (a) it would be a step back for me in camera and (b) a step back in storage space. It actually pisses me off that both Samsung and LG have IMHO dropped the ball with Nexus by leaving out key features yet people gobble them up because of the stock OS. More than anyone, I blame Google for this because I assume Google picks the Nexus. I wonder if they have stepped away from it being state-of-the-art because they worry it will gut future sales so they take this incremental strategy?

  • melan26

    Crossing fingers for them.

  • TheStig

    I loved HTC back with the hero!! Now HTC sense lets them down!

    • Ezy03

      +1 on that!

  • Franklin

    I use to like htc….cos they make high end products….but for at least 2 years now, they are declining and its going to get worse if they don’t change their marketing strategy….first and foremost, they need to quit the exclusivity s**t with Verizon…look at the htc dna phone…that phone is perfect except for better battery life and expandable storage…if that phone was available on all 4 national carries and maybe a couple of the regional ones…that phone will have a huge success like the galaxy 3 and note 2….And to me, that was the smartest thing Samsung did….and we all know the results of that….even apple has stop exclusivity…..except for the iphone on tmobile USA, but the reason for that….is because tmobile gave birth to android with htc G1…..One company that also do the exclusivity thing I hate is Motorola….Because most customers won’t switch carries just to get a phone they like….I feel like if they make their phones available on most carries they will give mighty Samsung competition…till then…?

  • kozmo960

    All the manufacturers out there need to keep stepping up there product line and who benefits from it……….All of us….go HTC/Samsung and more!!

    • scottm48

      Agreed. We win and so do the carriers. More phones means more contract renewals..

  • drejohnson

    Dreaming big …..5 inch 1080p Super LCD3 screen, JB 4.2, 1.7-2ghz quad core s4 pro, 2gb ram, 3500 mAh battery, 32/64gb storage. Maybe the prototype for the next Nexus device.

  • spacyzuma

    Well, I hope the best phone of 2013 comes from another company other than Samsung or Apple.

  • renyo

    I believe one thing HTC should do is stick to a specific nomenclature… Look at Samsung… You have the Galaxy S – series… S1, S2, S3… You have the Apple Iphone… 4, 4S, 5… You have Nokia Lumia 920 etc… But with HTC you have Desire, Sensation, One series (which I think had real potential with the name), Droid DNA/J-Butterfly… They are very different… People do not relate to whether it is the flagship or what… I think HTC really has to look into it… I myself had the Desire HD n now use the Sensation… I am a big fan of their devices and really want them to make it big time…

  • scottm48

    Not gonna lie, I’d rather see some of the current phones be upgraded to JB first..

  • jolysh52

    I decided to skip the Nexus 4. So i’m hoping that i made a good choice.

  • acuda27

    Can there please be a world wide deployment this year with no variations like the Galaxy S3……. That whole Evo 4G LTE, One X’V’S’X+ did not really help you this year…….although I do love the Kick Stand, maybe HTC should make one phone fused with the best of all variations…….keep the kick stand, removable battery, SD card slot, awesome camera, and great new screens and I will gladly ditch my S3 :)

  • acidone

    Samsung release style. Motorola battery style.

  • jolysh52

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S Infuse with Gingerbread. i NEED THIS UPGRADE SOON!!

  • jolysh52

    The Thing i don’t understand is why manufacturers want to put skins over android instead of just providing the hardware and let google do the rest. We want pure android, and your putting more work into not giving us what we want. i dont get it

    • scarshapedstar

      Because it’s a marketing bullet point – “features: sense”.

      That’s literally all there is to it.

    • tanman888

      I think it’s possibly about product differentiation from a interaction level. Not only does physical interaction leave a lasting imprint but so does the application user experience.
      Google did leave this customisation open so corporations like HTC could design the “experience” to however way they wanted it. What the consumer actually thinks is another story…

  • lapak_zapak

    Make the name classy, M7 yuck.

  • Diabsoud

    Hmm crunch time for HTC… hope it’s a great phone…good enough to be in the Nexus Program!

  • Matthew

    I personally think they should concentrate on making their phones more international. It must be expensive to manufacture so many phone variants and its also confusing for potential customers; I don’t mean to be an idiot but are the Butterfly and DNA the same phone but different variants?

  • Nathan D.

    I only use htc phones so far. It would be great if they can get their past glory days.

  • Danny Calderon

    They need to put a bigger battery in the phone, and maybe do the smart thing and just stick with stock Android…. And bring out the same phone on all the networks

  • gp126904

    I am a die hard Motorola fan but HTC makes some really solid phones. My only beef with them is that Sense is such an outdated UI (even Sense 4+) it seems too bloated and buggy to me. If they came out with the Droid DNA with a better Sense look and feel or a closer to stock UI I would buy it in a heartbeat!

  • Stig03

    More battery life!!!

  • Rahul Verma

    Release of another Nexus phone can turn this company around. :)

  • Carlos icee0711

    I have been a big fan of HTC for a while however we all know they are making some crucial mistakes. One thing about them I enjoy is they don’t use the types of plastics that Samsung does. That’s not to diss Samsung because the gs3 feels amazing however I prefer the aluminum HTC uses. But the thing that drives me nuts about them is the carrier exclusivity crap they keep doing.

  • jnano91

    I agree

  • gavinb

    Do you think there is any chance of HTC being allowed to make a Nexus phone ever again? The latest models seem to be focussing on the price point. Is it possible that HTC’s build quality and associated costs are actually working against it here?

  • Redeye

    I hope HTC can get bag on track I love there phones, they just to get something different to give them the edge.

  • alistair908

    I agree with most, however, for the ever expansion of tech hungry consumers, one paramount concern for manufacturers to overcome has to be the limited battery capacity of devices. Only once they overcome power shortfalls with tech continue to grow in our demanding marketplaces

    • spidremann

      I’ve made that comment as well. Put the money into battery tech: built in kinetic charging, thermal(body heat, processor heat) charging…etc, rather than spend money on a UI.

      • Omertron

        There’s thousands of UI developers, there’s very few battery technicians….

  • fbrubbo

    Unfortunately HTC end up their activities here down in Brazil

  • donmarca

    I would definitely consider this phone, if I had not just ordered my Nexus 4

  • SnipesYan

    Makes me wonder what the limit of phone technology might be.

  • spidremann

    I would love to see HTC make a comeback. I’ve generally liked the quality of their phones, but I wish they would make the “Sense UI” an option when you buy the phone.

  • Agret

    I hope the rumor of this phone having a 5-inch 1080p screen is true, that would be amazing.

  • Omertron

    I’m not sure that I would get another HTC phone, they are so slow at getting updates out for it I find myself rooting the phone and slapping a custom ROM on there as soon as I can!

  • cullenmq

    for me, one of the most important things is a removable battery. unless htc starts doing this again, im going to switch to a samsung device

  • KRS_Won

    This is not your Grandma’s Thunderbolt.

  • jsalvidr

    I hope its good. I prefer the build quality of HTC phones

  • KingCrow02

    I still fondly remember the G1.

  • ozbreaker

    At last! I really really want my next phoen to be an HTC but they are makign it hard. Note: BATTERY PERFORMANCE IS ALL.

  • tokra

    My dream phone would be made by HTC, with good battery performance, all the latest stuff inside and STOCK android…but I guess they’re not going to drop Sense that fast…

  • jefflarkin

    The DNA looks like a good phone, I’m not sure why they’d announce something too soon after that came out and cannibalize sales.

  • cduran1983

    I would love to see some new products in HTC. Now I have owned 2 so far and I just love the HTC love they put in them, HTC Sense.

  • jaimevazquez

    waiting until the next htc event

  • Blancos

    Do you know the reason why HTC wil fail again? No doubt, it’s M7 smartphone will be stuffed with the best possible technology such as display and CPU. But that is not so important to common people, they need some software features. There are only two producers which do understand this. These are Samsung and Apple. Suffice into say that Samsung is the only one who provides multitasking features.

  • madsalad

    I loved my wife’s Nexus One and then I bought a Sensation when it came out. I immediately opened it and put a bigger Ankher battery in it though. Now my wife has the HTC ONE S on TMOB. I loved the Nexus One and Sensation for removable battery and SD slot (the HTC ONE has neither). I don’t like this trend to no battery access and no SD slot. It might be fine for some but I always like to be able to customize and/or expand. I don’t care if my phone is 1/8″ thicker than another phone if it gives me an extra 6+ hours of life and more storage.

    HTC shouldn’t try to be like competitors who are going toward the low-profile, no access trend. They should make their phones for those who like to not only unlock and update ROMs but also like to put after-market batteries in them for more life.

  • ndub21

    I’m considering getting a One X+ to upgrade my GNex, but I’m just not sure how I’ll do with non-stock Android. I pretty much live for the newest version of Android but LTE would be very sweet.

  • cutiyar neriman

    HTC You Own My Heart .

  • aeronaut

    I really, really never got warm with Samsung’s custom ROM, and prefer the much-outdated one on my HTC Desire HD to it. So… yes please!

  • nikhilverma

    This thing is gonna shake the Android world.

    • DroidPower

      here’s to crossing our fingers! would be great to see HTC come out on top again

  • klotz

    I’m showing my friend ( who owns a GS3) something on my HTC Evo LTE and he’s like ” Wow, thats a really nice screen.” Basically had to respectfully inform him that Samsung isn’t necessarily the best as yes my screen was better,as well as other aspects of the phone IMO. But I was reminded again of how Samsungs brand image has led them to selling countless more GS3 when Htc’s product is just as good if not better. I think most people,obviously no one that visits this site, but most people that walk into a phone store have done no research and just have Samsung in mind. I would think the product would speak for itself, but maybe Htc needs to start making ridiculous commercials like Apple and Samsung.

  • overclockthesun

    HTC really needs to improve their marketing strategy. They simply lock phones to carriers for apparently no reason. Its like hitting yourself in the foot with an axe.

  • TPelt17

    I’m sorry, but ever since I bought the Blunderbolt and was forced to use it for a year and a half, I will not buy another HTC phone. Only Nexii and Samsung from here on out

    • jaysun420

      I feel your pain!! I was able to get rid of mine after a few months and purchased the droid razr. The blunderbolt as you put caused me alot of gray hair and factory resets over the few months I had it!!

  • rbcameron1

    Can we all stop with 1080p resolution and focus on battery life. I don’t care if Apple or Samsung comes out with a 600ppi or higher resolution, at what point is it waayyy beyond what the human eye can detect on a cell phone? Standardize people!
    If I had to choose between a 1080p resolution and a 1440p res., but the 1080p phones battery lasted 90 minutes longer, i’m going with the battery life advantage.

  • mr 1338

    i love HTCs recent phones :D definitely my favorite android manufacturer again <3

  • Panzete

    I HTC better than Samsung…I hope HTC comes back to the top!!!

  • murali.ram

    I hope this will be a good competition to other brands….

  • Nicko01

    More 1080p! This time with a microSD hopefully…

  • balram

    HTC is the only one brand which can compete with samsung.

  • radaan

    Htc is the best brand for me!

  • TheStig

    Sense lets them down!

  • dutrak

    I read somewhere today that this phone *might* have a 4.7inch screen rather than a 5inch and I wouldn’t mind it, in fact, I would love that

  • Scott

    HTC’s phones are just as good if not better than Samsung and their UI Sense sets them at the top of the class. Their marketing strategy was odd making different phones for each carrier, but at the same time cool that I could distinguish my Evo brand. I’m excited about the M7, 5″ screen and 13mp camera w/ 2G of ram. Bring it!

    • Jp

      I prefer memory cards over large Internal storage. Its less traumatic when the phone is damaged or screen gets mashed. I find ‘sense’ intuitive and it fills in nicely what Vanilla lacks. There is little real world difference between Rooted, Sense and touchwhiz.