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Santa gets a little naughty with Samsung Galaxy S Beam



Source: YouTube

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  • querty

    S beam… useless

    • Jimmy_Jo

      S beam is very useful when ever you have to share a file/song/app whatever. There are some limitations but it’s really a nice feature.

      • cflo

        Sbean and Kies are most unless crap in world

        • Sean the Electrofreak

          Actually no… my girlfriend has a white SGS3, I have a blue. When we go out with our 4-year old (like when we took her to see Santa the other day), sometimes I take pictures, sometimes she takes pictures (we both did with Santa). But usually my girlfriend is the one to upload the photos to her laptop and our online storage and Facebook or whatever.

          So we use S Beam all the damn time. I’m constantly sending her photos I want her to upload.

          Sure, it’s useless if you don’t have anyone else with a Samsung phone with S Beam in the family, but if you do, it’s very useful. We also use it if one of us finds an article on the net we like and want the other to read, to exchange contact phone numbers, etc.

          Maybe I sound like a salesman here but personally I think it’s pretty handy.

        • sbala

          Both are are the best find outs of Sammy

      • LukeT32

        Same commercial with different characters….. dumb. Come on Samsung be a little more creative……

      • MC_Android

        What are the limitations to SBeam? Is it like the Zune where they put a limit to how many times you can play the file?

        • Sean the Electrofreak

          No. SBeam is simply a way for the NFC chips in the phones to establish an Ad-hoc Wifi connection with one another so that you don’t have to continue to hold the phones together for the file transfer. You touch them together, tap the image / file / website / contact / whatever you want to send, the two phones connect with one another via WiFi, and the file transfers as long as you stay within about 200 feet of one another until it completes. It’s a wireless N connection so it’ll do a Gigabyte in under a minute.

    • Laurie

      I agree, i own an iPhone 4S (upgrading to iPhone 5 soon) and i always thought of these galaxy phones are for seniors and old people. Im 23 and i rather have a stylish and modern phone, like the iPhone. All of my friends have it too.

      *kisses and hugs*

      • Max.Steel

        Laurie’s real name is actually Ben Johnson who lives in Georgia. He regularly trolls under different names.

        • Laurie

          What does this mean? Im at LSU and my real name is Laurie. What is wrong with you???

          *still hugs*

        • Laurie

          mh, i just googled for this Ben Johnson and the only guy that showed up was a former track & field sprint star. But hes from CANADA! He won a gold medal at olympics.

          Im confused

          Go Tigers!

          • olosnecaj

            I didn’t realize there was an LSU with a tiger mascot other than Louisiana State University since you obviously don’t go there…

            Geaux Tigers!

      • Bpear96

        I really hate people that think like you…

        • Bpear96

          hate is a strong word. Im going to say “dislike”

          • NegativeOne13

            I’ll be the bigger man…. Laurie I hate you, and your narrow minded trolling iOS none sense.

      • Paul

        Lol, my 64 year old realtor has an iPhone. My next door neighbor’s 13 year old girl has the iPhone. My Dad has an iPad. This the crowd you want to be mixed in with? All my tech friends, I’m a Linux admin so I work at a tech company and hang out with fellow geeks, we all use Android. Thanks but I like my crowd much more than the Apple crowd.

        • Jorge Eslava

          Most people use android, from little kids o senior citizens. Just like a lot of people use iphones. I’ll stick with pure android phones though (Nexus phones)

          • orangestrat

            We are do far past the point where hipsters have iPhone and geeks have Androids. Everybody has one or the other, seriously everybody.

      • SuperAndroidEvo

        You just sound materialistic & very immature. Would your friends say you are a senior if you had a Samsung Galaxy S III (which is a better phone, than the iPhone)?

        Also if all you friends has Honda Civics & you had a BMW would you not fit in?

        You are very superficial because you need to have an iPhone because all your friends have them too. You are just a 23 year old follower because if all your friends had a Samsung Galaxy S III’s you would have one too.

        *kisses and hugs*

        • Hollandia

          Thats the Mainculture :D

        • yjttjfnhnh

          Actually the iPhone is the BMW, and the Hondas and toyotas are androids. Theres too many because of the price. BMW are more expensive and feature less. Ill take the BMW.

      • kazahani

        I’m going to present some empirical evidence to refute your theory: My grandmother uses an iphone. She loves it. She can’t figure out my Samsung Android phone.

      • TheTruthSquad

        I have seen you and your friends on the Jay Leno show when he interviews people on the streets.

      • GiantAngryWasp

        I found the opposite, the simplistic interface of iOS is better for older people who are more technologically impaired, while the Android phones tend to appeal to people who are a bit more able, and can use android better. Like a friend of mine said, iOS is easier to use, but android is quicker and more functional once you get used to it. And she’s had both an iPhone and a Note 2. And we use s-beam a lot as well.

        I think in your case older people have androids is because
        A) They don’t get caught in the hype of “iPhones are awesome” spread by Apple fanboys.
        And B) Android is generally cheaper than iPhones. Even top of the range phones.

      • Yo

        Pues eso no es lo que me dijo anoche tu madre

    • querty

      The problem isn’t S beam. The problem is, how many people have got s beam? I think S beam is a good idea but difficult to use

      • dcortright

        Agreed. The few times I have used it it was so rad. I don’t even really bother asking people anymore because half of them have never even heard of it =/

      • Paul

        Proprietary features scare me to, but the Galaxy SII and SIII and Note and Note II have it and these are top selling phones. So it’s ok. I have the Note II and am glad I have it but it’s not a ‘must have’ feature, just something cool and extra to have. Seeing as how there’s a ton of S2′s and S3′s out there and soon Note2′s, have extra connectivity options with 50% of the Android crowd isn’t too bad. Like I said, nice to have, but not a deal breaker if I did or didn’t have it. If Sony launches an awesome phone next month or HTC finally stops being stupid and releases a killer phone, then I’d jump ship from Samsung. Just as the moment, Samsung is dominating and for a good reason, their phones are solid. Lots of community and dev support also, always a plus for me.

        • mr 1338

          haven’t you heard of the Droid DNA?

      • exilis

        Until there is a proper cross platform solution, everyone will just fall back to email, facebook, g+ etc.

        Not like the good ole days where sending stuff over bluetooth was pretty much standard practice.

    • justineats

      I just got my wife the S3 and this feature has been perfect for getting her all the apps she that I have that she wants on her new phone. Plus the video share is pretty awesome!!

    • bugwan

      It’s only useless if you hang out with iPhone owners ;-)

    • Rahul Verma

      Any feature which you don’t use will be effectively useless to you. Your statement paints the picture for the feature to be useless for all.

  • cheapskate88

    That’s hot.

  • dpleus

    This first time the did this it was funny. This time, I agree with Taylor…. Awkward. I don’t think they even changed the script.

    • af13

      They match shot for shot too and even the acting is the same. Watch it with the original in youtube doubler. It’s pretty amazing.

      • RocketDroid

        Thanks for the link, perfect use of youtube doubler.

  • Adryan maldonado

    gross. At least the other lady was hot.

  • kookeetree


  • MikeTop

    Hi Hi..
    Very Hot!! :)

  • raovallab

    Santa does not look too happy about having to watch the video :)

    • WlfHart

      Haha, I was thinking the same thing!

  • redraider133

    Ha this is funny. May not be the best ad but Samsung being different I like it

    • ArticulateFool

      I agree.

      Samsung has definitely made their ads stand out lately.

  • Bain

    I think Santa and Mrs. Claus are getting coal this year

  • ranwanimator

    Who else is on the sleigh that he can’t watch it there? It doesn’t even make any sense.

    • yoaj

      HE’S DRIVING! Using your phone while operating a vehicle is highly dangerous.

      • ranwanimator

        I will give you that. Though I always thought of the reindeer as a living navigation system. After several hundred years you’d think they’d know the route.

  • ConfuciusTse

    Still better than the Apple “genius” ad that tanked during the Superbowl!

    • yjttjfnhnh

      I thought that was the Olympics.

  • batom

    Santa was not that convincing :-)

  • fletchtb

    I thought it was a funny take on the original. Who cares if it doesn’t make sense?

  • jaysun420

    another gimmick that won’t last…

  • Pravas

    Haha…way to go Samsung with Christmas just around the corner..

  • taketheleap

    First commercial mother: yes, yes I would.
    Mrs. Claus: no, I would not.

  • yoaj

    Sooooo she wants him to watch the video in somebody’s house after he lands on the roof and climbs down the chimney?

  • Nicholas Rynjah

    Mrs Clause’s gift to Santa …..but I guess Santa was expecting something else.

  • paladaxar

    It’s also awkward because they spent the time to re-make the exact same commercial from a few months ago…but just with different people. It just felt kind of stupid :/

    But hey, at least they’re advertising features!

  • s2svetko

    Kinda awkward

  • DroidPower

    is the point supposed to be that you can share intimate vids and other files w/ significant others without having to go via the internet (ie email)? i’m probably just over thinking it…

  • Nicko01

    That was just weird

  • rr2009


  • Mix

    This one is much funnier than the last one and I bet she made the naughty list.

  • JAMman

    But why do Samsung’s Galaxy TV spots all look washed out? The fantastic “iDrones standing in line” series is extremely washed out. I guess this is Sammy’s way of standing out among all the clutter. (And I’m LOVING my Note II.)

  • nmoline
  • alexanderharri3

    If it ain’t broke (and got lots of attention) don’t fix it. Just don’t be sad when the video hasn’t finished transferring before the sleigh leaves.

  • avijaunty

    thats hot stuff………….

  • agentdiscount

    Ad Exec #1: Hey, I got an idea…let’s sexy up Santa Claus/Mrs. Claus for the holidays.

    Ad Exec #2: Slam Dunk!

    Ad Exec #1: Cocktail time!

  • rogue5

    Is this suppose to show older people can use it just as easily?

  • celo175


  • bertberlic1

    Or is the point that if you get your wife this phone…she will make you sexy videos? If that’s the case, I might should invest in one for mine

  • snownebula

    Little did everyone know that Santa is going to use this as blackmail material, but not in the way that most people would suspect. If any of the reindeer starts to misbehave, all he has to do is threaten to show the video that Mrs. Claus shared. Really, it’s the only thing that makes sense :-)

  • Max.Steel

    Still better than an icrap.

  • sknoslo

    This is real? Like, not a parody? The original is clever, but they could have done something a bit more tasteful with Santa.

  • Procyon

    The projector is an interesting idea, but seems like a battery killer.

  • Nathan D.

    I think the projector is pretty cool idea, I do so many papers and projects on my phone and tablet. It would be cool if I had a phone like that, but a pico projector I can carry that can easily be connect by the micro usb or hdmi would be a better choice for me though.

  • Nate B.

    Lmao love it

  • captainjman2


  • jcommaroto

    OK this is weak. As others have said, they did it already. This is almost the exact same commercial as the other “going away on a business trip” ad. Also, not to sound like a prude, but is it necessary to sexualize every childhood character and icon? This is very weak.

    • BoscoH

      I can’t wait until Ernie and Bert do a Samsung commercial!

  • heat361

    Just as awkward as the first commercial. In a side note nice to see you back Taylor.

  • A.Woodbury

    Most children didn’t even get to see Santa that night.. haha

  • crossbred900

    I wonder how many times they’ll make the same commercial.

  • Androidawg

    Bad Mrs. Santa’s Sister

  • honourbound68

    Newsflash… Firemen dispatched. A man claiming to be Santa was found stuck in chimney holding a Samsung SGS3 and screaming ” I married a HO! HO! HO!”

  • dillonshepherd1991

    Daaayyuumm. Mrs. Santa is kinky

  • MagikalTrev

    Hilarious, regardless of usefulness

  • humidity

    Looks like Mrs. Claus is on Santa’s naughty list!

    • cflo

      I think Mrs clause is on my naughty list she’s skanky

  • nicotinemind

    Santa’s going to beam the whole show to his red nosed friend Rudolf.

  • herbivore83

    It’s low hanging fruit so I’m sure I’m not the first to say it but… that Mrs. Claus is a ho ho HOE!

  • Jmburks42

    Hope you get coverage. Ho Ho Ho.

  • sunrise

    Funny commercial, but it’s just like their other one where the wife says something like “don’t watch it on the plane.”

  • Skis03

    Yeah this is basically the same commercial as the last they made but Christmas style and Mrs. Claus is the dirty bird! I want an SG3 so my wife can do that!

  • acuda27

    I’m guessing the elfs already saw it, that explains why they are so excited ;)

  • mario_1603

    lol I like the video :D

  • Lee Swanson

    I like how Samsung is showcasing bearded guys getting lucky in their ads! (says this guy with a beard).

  • smwinn7

    kind of a riot but it could lead to some awkward family conversations

  • StEVO_M

    Ho ho ho! :)


    this is hilarious

  • jhagerup

    Frisky old folks.

  • freddiefan

    Ho ho ho and a ha ha ha!!!!

  • staryoshi

    So they took the same commercial thy used earlier and slapped Santa in there… Seasonal but not very creative. I’ve come to expect quite a few “lolz” from Samsung commercials in recent years so I’m not too impressed by this one :P

  • SGB101

    S beam is just nfc in a different gise

    Before my note2 I had a one X, and i could still share Web pages. Pics etc between my x and the wife’s sgs3 with nfc.

    S beam is bluuuur to me. It’s there but doesn’t offer much over nfc share.

  • galaxynexus

    The S Beam can be useful. I guess Sammy loves the naughty people.

  • jefflarkin

    Love it!

  • kazahani

    OK this is the last straw! If that fat freak wiggles down my chimney this year I’M CALLING THE DAMN POLICE! YOU HEAR ME KRINGLE??? THE COPS WILL BE CALLED!

  • unwiredmedic

    Whatsamatter with alla you? Old people have nookie too! We just prefer not to think about it. Come to think of it, I prefer not to think about it. I can see the next news article now, Santa calls 911 to be extricated by the fire department… he was stuck trying to go back up a chimney with a bon–… nevermind.

  • jcbobea

    Cool video, rated R

  • dbuck


  • dbuck

    Next up, I saw Mommy Texting Santa Claus

  • cflo

    Santa doesn’t tip toe he glides

  • kaustubh10330

    lol :p

  • ndub21

    I’m debating about getting the Galaxy S III from AT&T with my upgrade or to go with the Nexus 4. Tough decision…

    But I think this commercial is funny. Awkward for sure, but funny.

    • kendartra

      I love Samsung and I want a Note. No one to use S beam with though.

  • spintrex

    LOL this isn’t the first time Samsung went for the naughty video transfer….they even got Santa!

  • aBax

    Kudos to Samsung for at least making their advertisements entertaining.

  • KingCrow02


  • jonstle

    Never used S-Beam. Seemed gimmicky to me. I always thought it was easier to attach thw file in an email or MMS.

  • Kern Clarke

    this is funny . . . but gross to think of

  • Granna

    it is kinda entertaining.

  • Utah, the white state

    Im sick of these asian trash phones. Buy american, buy Apple Inc.

    • iamXiV92a

      Asian trash phones, huh? That’s funny… Apple’s chips are made by Samsung (yeah, iPhone, iPad, Mac) and the screen by LG (if I’m not mistaken). There’s not a whole lot left that’s “American” about the iPhone, is there?

    • spintrex

      Troll is an obvious troll

  • Flapjack7


  • jenskristian

    I have one word, priceless.

  • luckykrrish

    Haven’t missed a day till now. Feeling lucky already. But who knows how the results will be.

  • Burzie

    ho ho ho dont show the reindeer this

  • kelltrash14

    For novelty value, I tried to nfc transfer something from my note ii to my old galaxy nexus. Of course, nothing happened. Maybe they should retry the commercial like that, with Ms. Claus trying to look seductive while their phones don’t actually work, would be more realistic =)

  • acidone

    Clever commercial.

  • Wayne Winkler

    Even Santa has to play on the Naughty list every once in a while, hey a man has needs.

  • njcoutinho

    Hey Santa your naughty no presents for you this year ! I dnt mind taking the S3 from you

  • nobile

    Ho ho ho and a ha ha ha!!!!

  • ben steel

    Wholesome when you consider where they could have gone and what other actresses could have been used as Mrs. C.
    Or just aimed at the older demographic…?

  • rejthy

    I want to see both videos :)

  • Shazam

    can’t bring myself to watch it….

  • shadlek

    I want one so bad!! Too bad I’m broke :)

  • Samar

    Advice for Santa – S Beam + samsung projector phone wud be better. ;)

  • cjleines

    I wish I could use sbeam. Unfortunately, my extended battery doesn’t have nfc capabilities :(

  • sly

    Does S Beam really transfer that fast?

  • zippyioa

    I like the sound of SBeam, but my wife doesnt want to upgrade her aging Galaxy Fit so I cant send her pics and things from my S3 :(

  • piyush159

    S Beam is really beneficial for those people which have this feature in two or more of their smartphones. So buy Galaxy S Beam only if somebody else you know also has the same feature in his phone. Samsung Rocks !!!

  • Jeopardy


  • sweet

    oh sammy

  • Rene Rendon

    Cute but it’s very similar to the husband going on a trip and the wife gives him a video also. I wasn’t sure I could see this at work and had to wait till I got home.

  • BrotherBloat

    heh, funny, if slightly rude XD

  • mightynaf

    I’m pretty sure Santa has a nexus

  • nipunmehta7

    sants got a nexus!!

  • Viequense

    Santa staying up with technology. Ha ha ha.

  • naypalm

    Ho Ho hO, I heart NFC :)

  • clauprim

    Go Santa!

  • Bill Sincavage

    Cute but I still like the one with the wife who sends her husband off with a video.

  • Ilyse Rose

    Honestly, I loved the SBeam commercials, I think they’re cleaver and they’re much better than the stupid Apple bashing ones, that’s for sure.

  • JonJJon

    Incredibly unlikely and just wishful dreaming BUT I would love to see an advert saying “Hey you see this, the Samsung Galaxy S3 / Note 2? Yeah it does everything you could want in a smartphone, it’s powerful, intuitive and has a great camera…..oh and it is PlayStation Mobile Certified!! You won’t get a better more feature filled Android experience elsewhere”

    Now that I would love to see, especially the last bit, but of course it will never happen. A guy can wish though, it is the festive season after all ;P

  • bgssilva

    Ho Ho Ho… i need a tegra device for me… please santa claus, please!

  • radaan

    Same idea but still funy

  • Stig03

    Samsungs ads keep getting naughtier!

  • Pravas

    Haha Bring it on Samsung.

  • Ezy03

    oh sammy

  • linkinmark5

    S Beams a good feature. I wish it was more NFC universal so it would really shine. As for the was good for a quick laugh…but now its weird. The original commercial is better. Now I just need to convice my GF to make me a video…..I know…gl with that!

  • Nicholas Fowler

    Um. Go Santa?

  • kendartra

    Looks like Mrs. Clause is the instigater!

  • kendartra

    I love Sansung!

    • dutrak

      I hate their adverts

  • logrish


  • Omertron

    I like the fact that the adverts are a little quirky

  • TheyCallMeZ

    I love this commercial! It’s also clear that this is why Santa doesn’t have an iPhone :P

  • Matthew

    What are we going to do about all these Troll’s…

  • melan26

    Santa getting tech savvy, woohoo!

  • mickjen

    X the text, Santa.

    And X the XXX too, this ad is LAME…!

  • BellissiMatt

    Stale niečo robým Yeah hi hi hi Very specil reklam.

  • BellissiMatt


  • gbarnard

    Coffee out of my nose when watching this one. :)

  • Luke Haviland

    This is the same commercial they already did, except with Santa and elves
    they rehashed an already bad commercial
    that’s disappointing

  • Stig03


  • fingers26

    S beam…. I used a lot, passing Videos and Pictures I have a Note 2 and mu wife the S3 and is excelente… to share instantly….

  • Eric Wilborn

    Oh my…