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Toyota reveals first car with Qi wireless charging, perfect companion for Nexus 4


This week Toyota announced their 2013 Avalon Limited will be the first vehicle available in the world that offers in-console Qi wireless charging for Qi-enabled mobile phones and devices. The frugal ones among us might go with a $10 wired charger in our cars, but the $45k Avalon Limited would be a pretty cool way to show off a Qi-enabled Android phone like the LG Nexus 4 or HTC Droid DNA.

We have been following wireless charging for the last couple of years, and it appears Qi is the most popular standard right now. Backed by over 130 member companies in the Wireless Power Consortium, Qi has established an ecosystem of compatible phones, chargers, audio docks, video docks, and other mobile phone peripherals.

Even though Qi is in the lead, that hasn’t stopped competitors from trying to introduce their own wireless charging standards. Qualcomm and Samsung have formed the Alliance for Wireless Power and AT&T, Starbucks, and Google are backing the Power Matters Alliance. Apple will likely introduce their own proprietary wireless charging standard at some time in the future.

As an owner of the Nexus 4, I’m obviously rooting for the Qi standard. The Nexus 4 could become the best selling smartphone with Qi wireless charging built in, but Samsung could really shake things up if they decide to introduce a different standard in their Galaxy S IV next year. I wish all these companies could just agree on one open standard and all wireless charging accessories become interoperable, but I’m not holding my breath.

Check out the 2013 Toyota Avalon Limited in the video below and let us know if you would like to see wireless charging as an option in your next vehicle.

Source: Toyota

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  • taz88ny

    The most expensive accessory for the Nexus 4.

    • jaxidian

      Will this fit with my case on?

    • r1ch

      From the looks of it, Qi is winning over Powermat. I’ve just got myself a Nexus 4 so that suits me just fine, but we really just need one standard and be done with it. Even Apple should realise they need to comply, but I won’t hold my breath on that…

      • cody

        It’s not Powermat vs Qi…Powermat is open standard and still part of he Bigger Group, A4WP which was formed by Samsung, Qualcomm and Powermat. Powermat along with AT&T, Google, Starbucks, General Motors, And Tons of other public companies are Focused on Public Charging spots which they already have at Madison Square Garden, Jay-Z, Delta, Westfield, Largest Mall Delevopers, Barclay’s center etc etc…GM installing in next years cars….These are already up and running. Qi on the other hand, has not one public spot, Japan has 10,000. LOL…
        A4WP/Powermat, Samsung and Qualcomm will have a WiFi like charging, meaning you can get charged while phone is in Pocket. Qualcomm bought the WiPower Company which is this better Inductive power…..

        Oh yeah, Chrysler has already used Wireless charging in their Dodges…Plus Samsung has the Biggest Majority of Phones out to Consumers that already have this Hardware in it, the Galaxy S III…just waiting on the battery cover…

        • PacoBell

          “A4WP/Powermat, Samsung and Qualcomm will have a WiFi like charging, meaning you can get charged while phone is in Pocket.”

          No, that’s not what it means. I don’t think you really understand what A4WP does. It can function through thick materials like wooden tables, but don’t expect “WiFi like charging”.

          And, FYI, Qi also has an inductive mode like A4WP, so that difference is moot.

    • Jorge Eslava

      For now.

    • logrish

      ;) looks like the tide is turning :)

    • sbala

      Say as most cheap accessory for the Toyota Aviation

      • raichleb

        Toyota Aviation? Darned auto-correct.

    • heynomi4u

      Lol exactly! Now all we need is a Giveaway from AndroidandMEwhere they can give away this accessory to 5 lucky commenters! :D

      • chralex

        Would that include the car? Just joking Android and Me is pretty generous with the giveaways lately so I must not be greedy

        • heynomi4u

          Yeah I meant they can giveaway the car. That would be a solid contest.

      • WlfHart

        Hahaha, now that would be a giveaway for sure! I doubt they’d be shipping it anywhere though :P

    • datiecher

      Man, oh, man. I want one! The Nexus 4, I mean. :)

    • MJM128

      Is it sad that this accessory came out before the Google Qi Charging dock? :(

    • ninjandroid

      I was about to post that exact comment…then I scrolled down and read this. Great minds think alike?

  • E-man

    I wonder how long until this technology is seen in European cars?

  • jeshep

    A wireless charging pad (at least on the console) doesn’t appeal to me much since I typically use my phone as a GPS unit when driving for long enough periods that charging the phone is worthwhile. I much prefer the phone to be mounted on the dash when used as a GPS so I don’t have to look away from the road too much.

    • jaxidian

      That’s illegal in many places

      • azswift

        I always listen to the voice directions.

        • chralex

          Me too but nice to see the map for upcoming turns from time to time and do not like to look away from road.

      • spidremann

        I found out the hard way during my first trip to California!

        • spidremann

          Great, no edit in the mobile site!
          I found out the hard way that GPS on the dashboard or window is illegal in California.

          • nevetsg

            Where are you supposed to put your GPS then? Lower down so you have to take your eyes off the road? or are the devices in general illegal to use whilst driving?

    • erikiksaz

      Maybe the charging mat might prop up the phone at an angle like in the orb charger. That would be useful , no?

    • jonstle

      That car comes with GPS navigation so using the phones would not be necessary. Unless you prefer the one on your phone more.

      • PacoBell

        I do prefer the one on the phone more. So many different apps for different occasions (i.e. the Ingress map for raids).

        • jonstle

          True… I would love it if you could somehow use the screen in the console screen as a second screen for the phone, especially if you could somehow get touch screen inputs on the console to control the phone.

    • Hipstr63

      This toyota has built in GPS NAVIGATION SYSTEM so no need for phone gps too.

  • Thomas Biard

    I think a wireless charging standard should be applied. It would be way easier to launch the “E-Vehicle” movement if every person doesn’t have to have a proprietary charging method making your car the only one that can wirelessly (sp?) charge in your drive way.
    Awesome application of technology getting popular in phones though. Now all we need is an electric car…erm, batteries…that aren’t worse for the environment than the gasoline cars already on the road.

  • Speedy

    Toyota? The cheap rice cars? Nobody purchases these trash cars. Buy real cars, folks.

    • Anthropic

      This is a tech site, and is in no way affiliated with the KKK.

      So go be racist somewhere else dick head.

    • cody

      Even tho I don’t own a Toyota, Toyota is and has always been the best selling, highest value, most reliable Vehicle. these are facts not opinions. I’m a Jeep Guy….

      I’m sure it’s gonna be said about recalls, but name one car that hasn’t been…Heck, Benz are being recalled for Fires…and the Great American Ford has a recall 2 times a week..

  • Co1e

    not sure I trust that pad enough to lay my phone on it in Dallas traffic.

  • RonWeez

    Perfect and I love the reliability of Toyota cars. Perfect combination.

  • jeshep

    Has anyone seen a recent statement from Google on which wireless protocol they plan to support long term? A recent article on the Verge stated:

    “Google itself recently announced its intention to support the competing Power Matters Alliance along with Verizon competitor AT&T. Perhaps more importantly, PMA nabbed the endorsement of Starbucks, a place where tens of thousands of people (this writer included) would love to be able to set their phone down for a few minutes for a quick charge.”

    The PMA also includes Duracell whose Powermat is not compatible with Qi devices.

    Is the Nexus 4 Qi compatible because of Google or LG? If it was only due to LG, what wireless standard will the next Nexus use?

    The PMA website does not list Google as a member, so maybe Google has changed alliances.

    • cody

      Guess who’s on he Board and the Chairman of Duracell powermat’s group? Vice President of Google…Energy Star, FCC, many others you might not believe..Proctor and Gamble own Duracell and they bought Powermat and it’s now Duracell

      Go check it out…

  • Oskar Wismierski

    Sounds good but when the hell will we be able to buy a standalone charger?

    • azswift

      I love to see these in a keyboard that I could set my phone beside.

  • mlynch01

    I hope this becomes standard for all cars in the future because this would be so convenient to use with my Nexus 4 right now.

    • Futureboy

      Agreed, but I’m not holding my breath for this to happen any time soon. For those of us outside of the “$45,000 car” income bracket, I’d be happy with a nice cigarette lighter adapter Qi charger, thank you very much.

  • fletchtb

    this is good news. hopefully this is the start of a trend that rolls out to even more affordable cars. I’d live to see this come to the prius line!


    Admittedly having never used it, I’m not sure I’m sold on Qi. What is the charging radius… I mean how far away can you be from the charging pad and have it still charge? At least on a USB I know I can still comfortably hold the phone and use it while it charges.

    • Co1e

      never used it either, but pretty sure it needs to be actually laying on the pad.

    • cody

      Yes is has to come in contact….

      But the other Guys are Focused on keeping it in your pocket and it will charge…You can have that now if get crazy like me and buy the demo kits they’ve had available for a while

      • Izi

        Have you considered radiation? The power to charge a smartphone needs to be around 4-5W (else you will be charging it too long). To be able to get this much power to 1 meter distance calculate how much power the transmitter must put out (the power drops by cubic in relation to distance)… For comparison: average WIFI router transmits at 200mW.
        I think in your case, should you be wearing it in pocket, you would “charge” a lot more than just your phone :-)

    • KRS_Won

      Well if you are driving, your phone should actually being on the pad charging.


        I understand of course you don’t use your phone while driving. I’m just commenting that in general I don’t see what the big deal is about wireless charging as it currently exists. Certainly not enough where putting it in a car makes that car any more appealing.

  • Derek

    Galaxy S VI???? LOL try 2 years…gotta get to the S IV and V first ;)


    sweet! can I put this in my 4Runner?

    (of course, I could fab an existing Qi charging mat to sit somewhere in my 4Runner)

  • mickjen

    Another thing for neighbors to hack….

    Who am I kidding? I’m happy to pay electric and internet each month. New tech toys are a dream…!

  • Anthropic

    I like to think of the wires as the little bit extra insurance that, in a crash, my phone wont penetrate into my brain cavity on its journey around the cabin.

    • cody

      Law requires them to me Attached, either a holder or magnets…the magnets are very strong holding power

  • Nathan D.

    That a nice car and even better features. Unless you can afford the car and or need a new car then there no point in getting it. But it a a nice car.

  • jefflarkin

    Ok, that is really cool!

  • fingers26

    Did not like it… so I dont know…. I rather charge by old method WIRE… jajaja

  • ndorrough

    If only they could figure out how to charge the phone through BTUs. Between that and hands-free in my car, I would never have to take it out of my pocket.

  • tanman888

    Qi have done well to publicize the potential of the technology (and convenience for end users) by collaborating with Toyota. I do wonder which standard will come out on top.

    I had always thought fully integrating a docking station for a tablet/smartphone into a car dashboard would hit the mainstream sooner rather than later. Having these technologies on both devices and the car itself brings it one step closer.

    • decker

      I want to see Toyota make this available to all models. For real traction they will have to pull an “OnStar” type marketing push. If there are enough models that just have it included the phone market will adapt. I can’t see this moving forward until a large enough section of car makers are on board with the same technology.

      • tanman888

        It will definitely be made available if customers request it. The more request for this option, the more likely manufacturers will integrate & consider the idea in future models and hopefully the upscaling of the technology begins.

  • humidity

    I really hope this catches on next year and more car companies use it too!

  • celo175

    That’s pretty awesome!!! Can’t wait for the day every car gets outfitted with this tech!!!

  • BrotherBloat

    Good morning, squire! Which car would you like to spend your annual salary on? Ah, that one – yes… it lets you charge your phone by placing it on a mat – AINT THAT SOME COOL SHIZ? XD

  • truth>androidBaisedGoats

    Funny. They use an iPhone to show it off.

    • 8

      Becaue iPhone is the best and a megaseller

  • ArticulateFool

    Then a sharp turn or bump comes along.

    • honourbound68

      yep.. it’d be nice if the pad had a magnet a la palm stone…. hmmm i wonder if the palm stone can be macguyver-ed to use in the car instead of waiting for the GN pogo charger

  • KingCrow02

    Wow didn’t know that the Avalon line still existed.

  • dillonshepherd1991

    Lol! I want!

  • KRS_Won

    FInally, car companies aren’t just putting *pple technology in cars!

  • Fiasko

    Dang, time to step your game up Ford. They were doing good for themselves with Sync but that wont last long it looks like

    • azswift

      You could buy two or three Ford’s with Sync for the price of the Avalon!

  • Shazam

    It’s nice that cars are starting to build in technology or at least support for technology. Of course, at $45K it should include a lot of features.

  • donger

    Cool. I want this feature in a different car.

  • masterpfa

    Does this come with the speckly back to match my Nexus 4

  • dbcher

    i an going to hold out unroll there is just one standard….I still remember the vhs/betamax fiasco of my youth.
    although my father gambled on vhs and it turned out to be right choice….my mother made sure to warn what would happen to him if he was wrong

  • NasLAU

    No. I for one don’t want it as an option. I want it as standard in all cars, especially rentals. ;-)

  • piyushb

    I have a Nexus 4, now i just need to buy this car !!

  • rafaelrossi

    the last guy is a terrible actor. great feature, though

  • Eben1277

    Oh what a feeling!

  • bellken

    I like it, and, since, it is part of the car, the warranty should cover it, too.

  • ibap

    If we had better batteries this wouldn’t be an issue.

  • chief113

    Avalon is an old person car. Those owners all probably have iPhones. Ha!

  • rond

    We need a contest to win this charger, of course it would have to include the car!

  • digvijaya07

    Awesome ..!! :D

  • Adam Jones

    being that this car has the navigation built in, this is a great feature. (at first glance i didn’t notice the navigation simply because the story was about the Qi wireless charging. and i use my pone up high for navigation.)

    i’m also thinking that since cars are building it in as features, Apple may add wireless charging to iPhone 7 (yes 7, not 6) and call it innovative and state of the art, or even go so far as to say “first phone to…”

  • John H

    Toyota sux

  • azswift

    I’m hoping to soon get a choice in wireless charging. Aftermarket options for the popular phones like the Galaxy SII should support batteries that can be selected to work the the charging system you own.

    Any reasons an aftermarket battery couldn’t work with TWO standards?

  • kelltrash14

    This would be amazing…Honda get on this!

  • jamal adam

    Quite the luxury charger. Innovation and tech in cars is always awesome, now if only it wasn’t so expensive.

  • chralex

    Big Toyota fan and love the tech stuff. Sadly just bought new Toyota Sienna less then a yr ago Won’t be upgrading for a while. The new one replaces a 12 year old Sienna (yes lvoe them that much) so only 11 yrs and 3 months to go! Thanks for the post

  • smeghead68

    I’m not completely sold on this wireless charging. The device has to be on the pad for charging but with the cable i can take the device and move it around and use it while it charges.

    • smeghead68

      Plus there are different standards and who is to say who is going to win (VHS / BETA all over again! )

  • Daniel Hakimi

    This is sweet, but let’s skip a step into the future.

    What about WiDi? What about having your car tether to your phone? Things can get sweeter than this.

  • Froojr

    This will be the norm soon.

  • raovallab

    very cool!

  • soohoonyu

    Would be a luxury but I don’t really charge my phone in my car anyways.. so..

  • FranzVz

    That’s still pretty cool though. Still waiting on the official Charging Orb.

  • malz1990

    I have seen this car. and i have to say it looks absolutely gorgeous. the back lights on this thing are beautiful…

  • SharadP123

    Hopefully QI becomes the standard and more cars start to do this.

  • CTown

    Why would Google not back the standard they have already chosen to use? Why did they chose Qi in the first place?

  • rr2009

    It’s exciting news!

  • aryin

    i hope it’ll get popular + well-spreaded soon

  • Monsunami

    Nice. Now just need to put the dock a bit higher up, so the phone can also be used (in car mode of course).

  • Wolf Blitzer

    Toyota is on a rapid decline, from top spot to no 3 and slipping. Their cars are lemons.

  • SageF

    It would be great if every Auto manufacturer had something like this. It would also be great if all Cell Phone manufacturers supported wireless charging without expensive accessories. I hate the wire that always seems to be in the way when I shift.

  • jenskristian

    If I had the money I’d be interested. Would have liked it in my Audi though ;-)

  • Ilyse Rose

    This is the future, folks! I for one love this

  • orangestrat

    As a fanboy for both Toyota and Nexus, this has me a little aroused.

  • Laurel laurel25

    This is a neat feature, but only if manufacturers can adopt a standard for wireless charging and stick to it.

  • luis maldonado

    I trully cant wait till every car manufacturer put out cars the sync perfectly with our cars! The future is soon!! Lol

  • GE918

    I’d settle for the car and phone.

  • Rahul Verma

    Is the nexus 4 an accessory for the car or is the car an accessory for the phone?

  • ndub21

    I think wireless charging is perfect for the car. In my mind it is way too inefficient for the home or office. POGO pins are ideal for those environments. I hope that Qi becomes a popular standard with car manufacturers.

  • dcortright

    Is it only when you’re braking?

    This is awesome though. They complain of people becoming more distracted by their phones while driving, yet add more and more fancy features for our phones!

  • Gordon Wheeler

    I would prefer to keep my power adapter than be one of the heard and own a beige Toyota… I’m sure the rest of them will soon adopt this technology.

  • Hipstr63

    For sure…my dream machine…Chrysler 300m 2012…and my dream phone…Samsung Galaxy S4 with wireless charging…ho, ho,ho…it’ a go, go, go… I wish!

  • Viequense

    Looks like Toyota is stepping up.

  • ihatefanboys

    hopefully this will become the standard, i just wish toyota would offer it on their lower end models and not this 30k monstrosity. The lower end toyotas are severely lacking in tech.

  • anish67

    Will this be offered in all markets

  • mrandy128

    It would be great to get in your car, put your phone down and drive away then pick it back up when ready to get out, having it charge along the way without plugging it in and taking the wire out. Neater and as much as it doesn’t take too much time to put in and take out a single wire it sure makes life that little bit cooler

  • Eric Wilborn

    I’m looking for a Qi charger for my DNA now. Why not just buy a car?

    • klcow92

      wait for to have a car giveaway!!!! hahaha just kidding. Happy holidays! :D

  • smwinn7

    Someone needs to figure out how to make pads for every car

  • Ezy03

    I dont have any of them :(

  • chralex

    Please tell me how someone giving -1 to every comment that speaks in a postive manner about this post and idea and a +1 to ever comment that doesn’t like this post or idea is encouraging a mature exchange of opinions and ideas. Maybe time to act like an adult and allow for interaction between people If you do not like this post of feature SAY NOTHING None of the comments are offensive or deserve a -1 You tink becasue it is annonomous that make it OK No just makes you a coward! Maybe I was wrong but I thought that this is the point of a forum or blog to share informations, and ideas This type of behaviour makes everyone that is a member look bad.

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  • zippyioa

    Mmm….. Blue neon lights and wireless charging :)

  • Mike

    Nice feature but doesn’t work with Iphone!! Paid all that money for this feature to find out it won’t work with my phone. Bought an Iphone charge case too, it works, BUT only in a certain spot and if phone moves while driving it turns off.

  • kuddus

    We’ve to change the car for wireless charging facilities?
    I brought a wireless car charger from
    It can use in any car.