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What does T-Mobile carrying the iPhone mean for Android? A whole lot of nothing.

android-vs-apple Image via: laihiu with Creative Commons

T-Mobile has made a huge announcement today that should have champions of choice jumping for joy. Starting in 2013, T-Mobile will officially begin to carry Apple products. Already, there have been a handful of stories all over the web questioning what it means for Android now that the four largest carriers in the US will sell the iPhone. So just what exactly does T-Mobile carrying the iPhone mean for Android?

Let’s keep this simple, and get it out of the way right off the bat. It means nothing. Thanks for reading.

OK, we can do a little better than that.

At every chance they get, certain analysts, fanboys and link-bait artists love to sing the demise of the little green guy, who isn’t so little any more. Years and a world-dominating piece of the market share pie later, every uptick in iPhone sales and web-usage graph is hailed as a sign of the end times for Android.

At this point, Android has solidified itself as a serious player in the market. Well cemented, Android is not going anywhere. Verizon, Sprint and a handful of regional carriers landing the iPhone in the US was not enough to put the brakes on Android’s growth; there’s no way the appearance of the iPhone on T-Mobile is going to turn the industry on its head.

There may be some interesting changes in how T-Mobile handles advertising from here on out. When you have more platforms to advertise, someone has to take a hit in the FaceTime (get it?). And Magenta will probably kick it into overdrive getting HSPA+ on the 1900MHz band. But that’s about it. Maybe once the iPhone 5S comes out working on T-Mobile LTE, we’ll revisit this conversation. For now, if you see yet another doom and gloom report for Android because T-Mobile has entered into an agreement with Apple to sell their products, feel free to turn the other way.

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  • Steve Heinrich

    I’m not worried. The affordability of Android is the reason it will stay ahead and not falter.

    • jaxidian

      I really hope T-Mobile didn’t make too many concessions to Apple. We don’t need Apple dragging T-Mobile down now that they have the ability to screw T-Mobile’s customers out of money…

      • uzunoff

        Now we should prepare for the iPhone hordes invading T-mo. As a budget carrier they have a leg up over AT&T and Verizon and slightly better network than Sprint. Although I don’t think that they will be selling it for 199$

        • NT_

          Surprisingly, before the 1900mHz refarm began, there were already well over 1.5 million iPhones on T-Mobile’s network. Surprising, because every one of them was getting data access via Edge!

          Yes, undoubtedly there will be a lot of interest from people looking to reduce their costs from AT&T, both through the Value plans and Prepaid. It won’t have any significant access on Android’s overall market share, but I can only see something that strengthens T-Mobile as something positive for Nexus users such as myself.

          I’d much rather see T-Mobile stick their thumb in AT&T’s eye than merge with them. ;)

        • kaw kaw

          lol slightly better than sprint? their network is heads a tails beyond sprint please.

          • Tony

            Except in overall coverage anyways.

      • professandobey

        Right?! Even though T-Mobile didn’t get assimilated into the Borg, they still have a huge uphill battle ahead of them. I’m not rooting for them and even switching to them once my Nexus 4 comes. They keep doing the right thing for consumers with reasonable policies and great prices on a fast 3g (I don’t consider it 4g, and I’m okay with that.) network that takes Sam cards.

      • Magnolia Man

        i honestly don’t see why these carriers are falling over themselves to get in bed with Apple. did Sprint’s deal with Apple really help their bottom line??
        Verizon is the #1 carrier in the U.S. right now for 2 reasons
        1 – Apple signed an exclusive deal with AT&T so Verizon responded by collaborating with Motorola & Google to produce the OG Droid
        2 – Verizon merged with Alltel, then devoted its time & resources improving its network.

        the rest is history

        so the question now is who’s foot steps does T-Mobile want to follow in.. Sprint or Verizon

    • Jon Garrett

      but t-mobile charges outrageous prices for their phones–way more than any other carrier. I wonder if they’ll do the same with the iPhone or will they have to adhere to apple’s pricing policies and whatnot.

      • phaet2112

        Those aren’t outrageous- they used to charge average prices for subsidized phones, and now they have unsubsidized phone plans with cheaper monthly plans. Subsidies are terrible.

      • Magnolia Man

        i read an article on another site that starting in 2013 T-Mobile with completely do away with subsidized pricing. now do they really think their customers are gonna pay full price for iPads & iPhones??

      • NickV

        Actually, T-Mobile surfing phone pricing is great. You pay for the phone separately, and when done, you don’t continue paying for it. Whereas the others subsidize the phone for as long as you pay the bill.

    • damambt

      Don’t really care about the affordability. It’s the quality and structure of the OS that’s keeping it thriving. Also, the hardware. Galaxy Note II is a muthaf***in beast, and that’s all folks!

    • Stephanie

      Fantastic news! I have an iPhone 4 and probably gonna switch to T-Mo. About time T-Mo to have the best phone.

      • kaw kaw

        lol best phone!?! ahahahahhaha

        ahhahaha ROFLCOPTER

        iPhones are one step up from blackberry….even windows 8 beats that crap.

    • kazahani

      Android is NOT more affordable than the iPhone and hasn’t been for about 6 months now. You can get an iPhone 4 for FREE, and the iPhone 4s just dropped down to $49 at my store on all 3 carriers.

      Android is becomming more popular than Android because there is a HUGE shift in the perception of it in the eyes of the general public. I talk to the general public about cell phones every day. People have been starting to realize that Android matches up very well against iOS, and they know tere are advantages to each system. This is a monumental shift from even just a year ago.

      Also, Apple took a step back when they released the iPhone 5. There was no new killer feature. The general public now realizes that an iPhone is an iPhone is an iPhone, and there isn’t much difference between the different models.

      Android is winning the war because of choice, not price.

      • TRUUU

        Wrong. I didn’t see the big difference from a GS3 to a GS2 besides improved screen, and a different design. They had to resort to the same camera the iP4S had.

  • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

    Nexus 4 for me then next nexus and etc. Apple for T-Mobile? Good for T-Mobile, but honestly doesn’t bother me.

    • Thomas Biard

      Because the iPhone has been so widely available until now, I don’t think it will impact TMo or Android in any significant way. It just means that the people that are loyal to them and have never left will now get one. its good news for TMo because now they’ll have a huge influx of iPhone purchases with data plans, but I can’t see it negatively effecting them.

  • herbivore83

    You mean it’s NOT the “final nail in the coffin for Android?”

    The States’ 4th largest network starts carrying the iPhone and people think this will bring down Android’s WORLD-DOMINATING market share? Pfffffffffft.

    • Hom0ncruse

      final nail in the coffin for t-mobile

      • iamXiV92a

        There he is! ha ha

    • Tony

      People are mainly concerned because of what has happened to networks/carriers’s service and policies post-iPhone.

      • TRUUU

        Att-Lived off of iPhone. It kept them afloat. It boggled their network, but it has a lot of customers because they didn’t offer androids at the time.
        Verizon-Has an excuse to blame iPhone for unlimited data, despite the fact that it barely made a dent at all. Its wasn’t on LTE at the time either. Now they are taking some AT&T customers
        Sprint-Had to make a deal, now their network has been slow even before the iPhone. It added almost 1 million new customers due to the iPhone. Won’t profit for a while until peoples 2-yrs are done.
        T-Mobile-Lost customers due to coverage and lack of phone, and customer service. Maybe iPhone will help them? Maybe not.

        Apple has made good things to. No bloat. You could download an app instead of usings att navigation service. Apps weren’t as cheap until the AppStore.

  • redraider133

    Hopefully they will still be able to keep their prices down and maybe bring in more customers and help expand their network. Would love for them to become a more viable option for many

    • professandobey

      Good point. I just hope their deal with Apple didn’t get cost them too much.

      • sbala

        I agree

        • luckykrrish

          I agree too :P

  • _AjD

    I completely agree with you, neither platform is going away at this point, now it’s really just an OS preference for people- but you haven’t addressed the following: Do I need a contingency plan to save Android from zombie Steve Jobs?

  • Bob

    Unrelated question, but are you guys gonna do your hot new games/apps of the week posts again?

  • acidone

    Android isn’t going anywhere.

    • Twister_69


  • SGB101

    iPhone has been on all networks in the UK for a good few years, and it hasn’t stopped Android rapid growth .

    Every where I look these days android is. Even the die hard apple fans are being converted by the s3 and the Note2.

    I’m amazed how everyone loves the note, first reaction is ;Wow that’s big, then once in their hand , you don’t see it for the next hour.

    Apple needs to innovate both it’s design and its os, as both are starting to look and feel very old.

    • WlfHart

      For some reason I think that’s what many apple fans like about their device… it’s nearly the same thing despite a “new” one every year. Apple holding back new features so they can slowly release them in the next model that everyone will want to buy hasn’t been the death of of them yet. Though it certainly is one thing I dislike about the company.
      I do hope phones like the Note and Nexus 4 do keep dazzling the Apple fans away from their tired fruit and into the greener Android ecosystem.

  • zolikaaa666

    Android kills iOS in 2013…if we dont die at December 21 :DD

    • jhagerup

      True dat!

  • Deeds

    This means absolutely nothing, Android has been larger than iOS for a while. This will make virtually no difference

  • Alan Reboli

    Fanboyism aside, good for T-Mo. My wife has them (work pays for my phone) and we love them. Excellent service and I would like them to stick around for a while.

    • Alan Reboli

      Wow, downvoted for liking T-Mo? Good job website. I’m a huge android fan BTW.

      (My wife has has a MT3G > MT4G > SGSIII and I have had a G1 > G2 > Evo 4G > Evo 3D > Rezound)

    • Tangent

      I’m less than thrilled with their data coverage… I’m lucky to hang on to a spotty and slow 4G signal at work and am often 2G while coworker’s AT&T and Verizon phones are zipping through big downloads like nothing. The reason I’m sticking it out with them and giving them a chance to improve is their customer service has always been second to none.

  • dutrak

    That must be US only because, if I’m not wrong, the UK had it since launch

  • thechad

    Tmobile selling Apple products will bring down Android is like saying Pepsi is going to come crashing to its knees because RC just came out with a new flavor similar to Pepsi 1. Not gunna to happen!

  • Rockstar323

    All the analysts that predict the demise of Android must not know anything about the wireless industry. The reason Nokia, RIM, and Microsoft are floundering is because they spent way to long refusing to change. They had massive market share so they figured the could just keep doing what they were doing and their faithful users would keep buying the same product year after year and it worked for a while. Then along came Apple and redefined what a smartphone was, a device for non business users focused on media. Google followed Apple’s lead and IMO improved on it and continues to do so. Look at iOS a few years ago vs now and it’s practically the same. Android on the other hand looks majorly different than it did a year and a half ago. Not only that but Android functionality has greatly improved and does so on every update. This is why Android won’t be going away anytime in the foreseeable future, Google will adapt to maintain market share. Honestly Apple is danger if they don’t stop litigating and start innovating again. This may not happen soon but it will happen if they just keep rehashing the same products. Look how many of the Blackberry faithful, myself included, flocked away from RIM when Android started to take off. I did it because I was tired of the same OS that I had for years and I’m sure many others did it for the same reason.

    tl;dr Google will adapt to stay dominate, Apple is in danger of pulling a RIM.

  • reddragonman

    Means more for the other carriers than for android, as it will give the consumer more choice. Definitely a win for T-Mobile, and will help them grow their market share even more.


    i think Tmo was smart… They waited and waited… Apple needs Tmo as much as Tmo needs Apple

  • tanman888

    From a T-Mobile point of view, maybe they are trying to rebuild their subscriber base?
    I recall they were apparently losing a lot of customers earlier this year as they were cutting the amount subsidies given to new/renewed contracts.

    Possibly Apple is also trying to increase their market share too?

  • KingCrow02

    Another step to keep T-Mobile alive in USA

  • arminla

    Exactly iPhone on T-mobile will do nothing to Android sales. Plus rumors that T-mobile will have the iPhone at full price without subsidizing them, might actually be good news for Nexus devices.

  • gp126904

    Android will keep crushing the fruity competition no matter what!!!! LONG LIVE ANDROID!!!!!!!

  • bstewart11

    I think it is a good move for T-Mobile to stop hemorrhaging subscribers, but someone has to pay for that contract, and I can’t imagine that it is in their plans to just pay for it and not pass any of it along to subscribers. T-Mobile has long been viewed as a value carrier adn this should propel it out of that role, but I think the pricing will start to reflect that. Am I going to leave T-Mobile? Probably not, unless there is a widespread price increase. Am I going to leave Android now that I can have an Iphone on my network? Probably not. Chances are that the roll out of the network won’t be complete for some time, so you’ll be stuck with subpar data speeds. Might not be a huge issue if you use wifi, but I don’t beleive the iphone has wifi calling. Now, if Apple builds a new iphone with support for T-Mobile’s current network, that might have a bigger impact. Probably won’t effect my decision still, but time will tell what is in store. We’ll probably have a couple of new Nexus devices by then that will make us all but forget about the iphone.

  • aarontam

    I have now decided to switch to T-Mobile next year, but don’t worry, it will be with a Nexus 4 :)

  • R.S

    As long as it doesn’t affect my coverage negatively (like the iPhone did with Sprint) T-Mobil getting the iPhone doesn’t really mean much to me.

  • ArticulateFool

    I think it’s fantastic that TMO customers will have more options.

    Many will be tempted to switch for the low monthly costs.

  • martinpena650

    Doesn’t really mean anything. Creates more competition for carriers and gives customers an edge to choose more devices. Although I think its too late for T-mobile. They should have had an official iPhone earlier than now.

  • golfpedaler

    I don’t it will mean much to Android and I hope T-Mo doesn’t shift all their advertising efforts to Apple. It appears to me that it’s Apple that is trying to increase a shrinking market share. It’s a good phone but it’s certainly not the only phone.

  • g

    Of course it means nothing. Their coverage will still blow, and they still won’t update their android phones in a timely manner/at all.

  • CTown

    Well, T-Mobile is everything for Android. Thus, Android is doomed, DOOOOOMED! Or not, T-Mo USA doesn’t exactly hold much of the US mobile subscribers, let alone the entire world’s!

  • almostfrench

    iPhone time is up!

  • jolysh52

    i cant see how this could possibly make a difference. i dont think that enough people on t mobile will switch to iphone to make iphone top android

  • DroidSamurai

    >> there’s no way the appearance of the iPhone on T-Mobile is going to turn the industry on its head.

    This is actually not true, domestically. Ever since Verizon makes the iPhone available, Apple has reversed the downward trend and increases its market share in the US while Android sees its share going down (again, in the US only.) So, having iPhone on T-mobile may accelerate that trend.

    Time will tell whether this will make a difference, but it’s too early to say that it won’t affect Android sales in the US.

    Of course, globally people are more educated and knows which platform is the best choice. The USA has always been a country with a lot of people who couldn’t operate a coffee maker if it has more than one buttons.

  • fireant

    At this point who cares? If someone wanted an iPhone, they’ve had plenty of opportunities and numerous providers to choose from. The one thing I’m worried about is T-Mobile eventually stopping it’s unlimited data that it just started back up. If that happens then iPhone can gtfo.

  • titanium man

    Android FTW! Android can hold its own even if Apple comes into their main carrier.

  • cj

    Good for t-mobile. I think that t-mobile is trying to get back to growing their subscriber base with the iPhone and they are building a LTE network. I think they are trying to set themselves apart. I have a feeling that the Nexus 4 or/and the iPhone is going to be the first LTE compatible devices and the non active chip in nexus 4 will be activated. I personally like prepaid service and it would have to be something major or better than a unlocked nexus device to get me on T-mobile.

  • jeshep

    With the large amount of money Sprint had to pay to get the iPhone (through guaranteed purchase volumes) and the supposedly large subsidizing of the iPhone prices by the other carriers, it would seem that T-mobile would of had to enter a similar deal. If so, either the plan rates will increase, T-mobile will sacrifice profits (not likely), or the iPhone will be offered on the value plans at a much higher price than the other phones. Just hope it isn’t a rate increase.

  • Kelly

    I think what it means, overall, is that now iPhone users will have an option if they want incredibly crappy service in rural areas.

  • inviolable

    It means hammering my F5 button into submission on November 13th was still worth it. I can only hope any new significant amount of new subscribers will help out the carrier. I will personally never own an iPhone though.

  • pjamies

    Just found this article from Nov 15th …. (72.4% Market share is not too shabby!)

    Gartner’s figures cover mobile device sales in the third quarter of this year. Android has gone into overdrive: unit sales more than doubled year-on-year to 122.5 million, and the platform has a market share of 72.4 percent, up from 52.5 percent a year before. That’s in mobile devices, not just smartphones.

    Apple’s iOS is in second place, with quarterly device sales up from 17.3 million to 23.5 million, but its market share down from 15 percent to 13.8 percent. Other mobile OSes are all in the single digits, from RIM’s 5.3 percent share down to Microsoft’s 2.4 percent

    And Google is not going to stop producing Android anytime soon, so it can only get better!!

  • jefflarkin

    Does T-mobile even make a significant portion of Android installs at this point? At one point T-mobile was the place to go in the US for Android, but not any more. Anyone who was going to leave T-mobile for an iPhone already has, so this isn’t going to prevent churn, and I don’t see that many people will switch to T-mobile just because they now have this. So basically, the whole thing is a wash and not newsworthy.

  • Ilyse Rose

    The only reason I care is because I don’t want what happened to AT&T, when their over-saturated network caused big cities to experience problems, to happen to TMobile.

    • c1liu

      Seriously. I hope this doesn’t end up being something that contributes to something else bad, like T-mobile customers being charged for going over the data cap. I like T-mobile.. except for the bad reception in my apartment, and the shotty wifi-calling because I own the sgs2. iPhone might not be a bad replacement for me since I already have a lot of Apple stuff, but I don’t think I could ever drop the android/google ecosystem for the iCloud stuff.

  • snowbdr89

    This means dick yarrell can finally come out of the closet an reveal his true idenity an itroll

  • Moises Rivera

    I’m not surprised, it probably would have happened sooner or later. Androids are much more innovative and just a superior device in general so it doesn’t really make a difference. Google is gonna take over the world lol.

  • greyrog

    Android will rule

  • calmness

    This only means something for T-mobile. Folks who pick apple over android and vise versa have their own reasons, and the carrier is a secondary factor. Who knows maybe T-mobile will charge higher rates for apple devices, like some online reservation sites show more expensive room choices when an apple device is used. JK!

  • NegativeOne13

    Apple thinks they will conquer the world… one patent at a time.

    Until Google goes all Rambo on their ass, and all hell breaks upon us.

    But even if some how Apple got their heads out of their arse…. and even went to StraightTalk or prepaid period. They would still lose to Android.

  • poler166

    IPhone on T-Mobile … old news … people have been doing for couple years now … the only thing now is they can get a contract with them … but who the hell wants a contract

  • rhoslug

    The iPhone has been out long enough that this probably is not going to be a game changer methinks. People who wanted iPhones all along already have them.

  • DroidPower

    I agree with most of the commenters that this won’t affect Android market share contributed by Tmo that much. The move for Tmo to go all value plan next year will probably increase the Android dominance, especially if Google keeps up the low unlocked pricing on the Nexus line.

    I think having the iPhone on Tmo will give Tmo a much needed boost for those who are looking for iPhones. The extra revenue will help Tmo stay competitive and offer low prices and stay pro Android. So… WIN!

  • Himal Limbu

    in my opinion…i think in one way or the other it will affect android. some tmobile customers get android phones coz tmobile dont have iphone but want to stick with tmo…so when tmo gets iphone they definitely want to join the isheep hype.

  • alexanderharri3

    Well, it suited the new Apple regime to do this…..keep the same iPhone and move it to T-Mobile after contract is up…..or buy a new one subsidized from carrier – well now people have an option that’s currently a rather non-saturated iPhone market in the US. Apple wanted this one.

  • logrish

    :) Maybe someday i will understand these apple fanboys/snobs… till then, i am happy ignoring their ignorance :)

  • lou2cool88

    Not worried about this so much as the lack of subsidized phones next year.

    • Fiasko

      No need for subsidized when you can get them out of contract as cheep as the Nexus 4. Maybe they are just ready for the future before everyone else. They will offer phone payment plans which should even out compared to subsidies.

  • Adryan maldonado

    Silly analyst. That is all

  • Rahul Verma

    Apple is not going to get the market share back from Android. All they can do is to to eat on Nokia, RIM, Winmopho-8′s market.

    • tony

      apple already got the us market share from android.

  • gul.nik.03

    first the price of apple device is sick and then the data plans makes you pull your hairs…

  • Fiasko

    Couldn’t agree more, it does nothing.

  • Blaatschaap

    Even if I was to get an Iphone for free I wouldn’t use it. Don’t think we have have this kind of issues though. All carriers support all phones in the Netherlands

  • acuda27

    The way android has been pushing new technology lately is turning everyone’s heads in the Smartphone industry. I love NFC and that new sphere mode in Jelly Bean is amazing.

    Android isn’t going anywhere and I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us at next years convention :)

    • TCP/IPhone

      Nobody uses NFC, everybody uses passbook instead.

  • Crandit

    Nothing wil change with T-mobile selling the iphone, it’s not like android wil get a huge drop. As if every apple user is waiting for T-mobile.

  • kristapsppp

    Iphone isn’t going anywhere with their +s phone production.

  • surethom

    I also dont think It will make a differences, apart from more iphone & less android ads for a few months.

  • billrodman

    Competition…. Good…

  • rr2009

    The competition toughens. Hopefully, android will have answer for it.

  • linkinmark5

    my youngest daughter has the 4S with Sprint and my boss has it with Att. Both have issues, att constant dropped calls. Sprint, slow 3G. Ive been a Sprint cust for too many years and was about to drop till LTE came to Chicago. It will be interesting to see how Tmob handles .I am glad though that these customers are Tmob and not VZ or Att.

  • Rene Rendon

    T-Mobile USA isn’t dead yet but Android isn’t going anywhere.

  • mm14

    I don’t really care about the iphone, but this coupled with the Nexus 4, Galaxy Note II, etc., and this is more a sign that T-mobile is finally getting serious about the U.S. market!

  • tony

    the iPhone has been walloping android in us share since becoming available on more carriers. recently, it surpassed android in us share. so to say this means nothing is a little fandroidish. no, android isnotgoing anywhere, bit it’s share will decrease further. let’s not be in denial, here…

  • ndub21

    It certainly means something. All other networks have changed to some degree when they got the iPhone. They didn’t push Android as hard as they had before. At this point though I think Android has enough market share that is pushes itself. People are aware of Android and seem to consider the phones more now whereas before so many people just ran straight to the iPhone. TMobile undoubtedly has helped Android immensely by how much they pushed it. I think they’ll still push it, maybe just not as much as before.

  • yurma415

    Is anyone so worried about the demise of Android that a piece debunking that idea has to be written?

  • smwinn7

    this will be good for android if anything on t-mobile it will get more people to think about what they are paying for at the other carriers, especially when t-mobile drops the subsides next year.

  • bdub

    Really hope T-Mo didn’t give too much to get the deal.

  • GE918

    Move along people. Nothing to see here!

  • Jorge Eslava

    If Verizon couldn’t do much for Apple, I’m sure T-mobile will do even less. Just because of their size difference.

  • Dorkstar

    What about when t-mobile releases their band 4 LTE. Wouldn’t this be an incentive for apple users to switch to t-mobile due to international capabilities? Not saying it would hurt android products, just that we might see a shift.

  • cbmg23

    This is great , more options for consumers , all tmobile really needs now is a complete refarm , and well offer BB10 because i would really like to have an option of all four OS’s when changing phones since i would really like to see what BB10 has to offer

  • masterpfa

    In the Europe and the UK especially T-Mobile have been stocking the iPhone for years, this has had no effect here primarily because iPhones are still charged at premium prices.

    I realise the demographics are completely different across the pond, but I still don’t imagine people abandoning Android in their droves to get their hands on an iPhone, some will be inquisitive for sure but jumping on to iOS in it’s current version is not as intuitive as people have always claimed.

    Android need not worry just yet.
    (PS this could be a ploy by Apple to reduce Android advertising airtime from T-Mobile)

  • Vance

    Will this new agreement boost iphone sales? Sure, some. Will it hurt Android sales? Hardly. In other words, I view this as another carrier option for people (robots?) who already love iphone, more so than another smart phone option for people who already love t-mobile. Besides the other big three aren’t just sitting around launching one new android device per year; they’re launching several options better than iphone and many more maybe not as good as iphone but much more budget friendly. Phones like the Droid DNA on Verizon and HTC One X+ on AT&T not to mention SG3 and Note2 everywhere, will more than offset any gains Apple may realize by marrying tmobile. So in reality, you can look at the move almost as desperation for Apple. Hedging their losses with the little carrier nobody wanted. I love you tmobile and will never forget the day my g1 came in the mail. I could barely open the damn box I was excited!

  • dbcher

    Well I would always rather pay an unsubsidized price for a phone then have a lower monthly fee or go prepaid.
    Since t-pain mobile has one of the cheapest prepaid plans and decent service area…I think them carrying the iPhone is good for customers but does nothing to hurt Android

  • humidity

    I hope Apple doesn’t screw with T-Mobile’s plans and make them more expensive.

  • scubabum

    More choices for the users. If you like the iPhone but don’t like ATT, Verizon, or Sprint, then now you can try T-mobile. Keep the competitions healthy and hopefully lower prices for the consumers.

  • Js

    Since I was an iPhone user once upon a time. I can honestly say, after I switched and started using an android based phone, there was no turning back. As far as I’m concerned may the android platform “Live long and prosper” It’s like carrying a hand held computer but easier to operate and manipulate! T-mobile is just offering it’s customers more choices, it’s called competition, smart if you ask me! Now, if they could just keep their system fixed for those of us already on it…………………….

  • cuteandrew21


  • cuteandrew21

    Nothing gonna happened

  • radaan

    apple is going down. LOL

  • troysyx

    I can see this just bringing in more money for T-Mobile to expand their network. Its a win for everyone.

  • melan26

    Kind of too late for the iPhone to hit T-Mobile now that we’ve got so many more options out there.

  • bleeew

    When I go to an Apple forum, they are unbiased and don’t care if iOS gets beaten by android. They aren’t going to make fun of you for having one either, and they don’t bully you. When I go to an android forum, all they do is call you a “sheep” or iWh0re”. They think people have no rights to choose. I swear some people have no life here.

  • Susan

    I was loyal to TM until they kept putting off selling iphone (much easier friendly than the useless MyTouch; Apple products are worth the money, reliable, long lasting.)
    then they dropped the unlimited roaming data…..I can use it now for only 1 or 2 days……

    So what will happen when they finally put out their iphone?
    Look for drop in data, increase in prices.

    I’m tired of waiting, not having coverage, poor phones……everyone who has an iphone that i know likes it…..

    Apple computers outlast the others by YEARS w/o viruses…..daughter has a new sansung and new iphone and the iphone is superior in every way except in widgets……the iphone is outlasting the Sansung….you get what you pay for! Apple is expensive but long lasting and not a superior product.

  • oneofme

    Ok, dh and I have been Apple fans for a couple of decades now in computers; had to use the cheap Windows computer knockoffs at work, can’t even recall the names of them now bc of budgets and admin. doesn’t know that cheap doesn’t mean anything if the computer doesn’t work. So we know Apple and Windows computers both; our Apples cost more but never get viruses and we can set up our own computer out of the box, so simple, don’t need a tech; don’t have to replace the computer every 2 years like our Windows people have to; no techs needed to “fix” things constantly…..
    I have been w TM for over a decade, first company here in the sticks, Verizon doesn’t work where i live; TM has been good to us (I do hate the limit on data roaming; not surprised, it’s all about the money.) But it’s soooo much cheaper than At&T that has so much added cost…..
    Don’t know if At&T works here but think Sprint does… considering the switch to Sprint if it works here (AT&T is a money sucker) bc I want an iphone that really works on a network and TM doesn’t really have it working yet, platform not supported right yet.

    Got burned w MyTouch, it doesn’t work, freezes up; don’t wanta pay for a Galaxy bc I want an iphone; everyone I know who has iphone loves how user friendly it is; I don’t need all the gadgets Android has anyway, just a good, reliable phone; if iphone is half as good as Apple computers, I want one…..

    No, I don’t knock Android, i just like Apple; why does Apple cost more? Because its products work and Apple stands behind them. (so they get a profit; at least their stuff works.)

    So….TM, will iphone work decently now w you? Will Sprint give me decent coverage here? Will see….