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Google releases official Chrome beta channel to the Play store


Want to stay at the very forefront of web-browsing technology? Don’t mind a few hiccups along the way? Google’s got your back. Just announced on the Chrome blog, Google has released an official Chrome for Android beta channel into the Play store, compatible with all Android 4.0+ devices.

According to the blog post detailing the release, Chrome beta will include early access to new features, and will be able to be installed right alongside stable Chrome releases. In the latest beta build, accessible only by clicking the link below (searing apparently won’t work), Google has improved the Octane performance benchmark on average by 25 to 30 percent. There are some HTML5 features for developers included, as well.

Even though Google was quick to mention Chrome beta builds may contain bugs, all of Google’s beta products have a reputation for being daily driver worthy. I’d expect the same out of Chrome beta for Android. Be sure to download the latest beta build and let us know what you think.


Source: Google Chrome Blog

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  • Techrocket9

    “Searing” hardly ever works for me when I want to acquire software : )

  • Aaron

    Oh my gosh, finally! It works so well. Chrome 25 > Chrome 18. Haha

    • 8====>


  • http://www.jaxidian.org/update/ jaxidian

    Been using it for a couple hours. It’s really good!

  • Stoxystocks

    I think It has improved it feel incredibly more fluid to use

  • Adryan maldonado

    Living on the edge!!!! Its quite speedy fo a beta

  • JD

    U.S. only by the looks of it. Can’t get at it up here

    • SGB101

      The link worked in the UK

  • Jorge Eslava

    Downloading it right now.

  • Sean Lumly

    Chrome beta for Android is *much* improved over the prior version. It loads far quicker and is generally much more responsive. This beta feels a lot more polished than the stable branch. I’m really looking forward to prompt and continuous updates over the next few months!

  • txbluesman

    Using it right now. Not to bad. I will know more in a few days I’m sure. Go Google!

  • Dave Kratter

    I was not able to get it to run on the LG Optimus G earlier today. I’m assuming it’s related to a Qualcomm GPU driver bug that they mentioned as a known issue:

    - Frequent freeze on devices with specific versions of Qualcomm GPU driver

  • R.S

    Downloaded it; so far haven’t noticed any difference.

  • donger

    Nice, gotta try this out.

  • jamal adam

    That took a while to download, stupid wifi. This is odd, so far, all I see is a white screen in front of me as i try to go to this site on my Nexus 7. Disappointing. I try it again after i restart it.

  • Nathan D.

    Alright, this will be fun to test out.

  • murali.ram

    Well this work on the ARM6 devices???

    • Graham Steffaniak

      chrome never has.

  • Thomas

    Just downloaded it on my nexus 4 in switzerland, just scan the qr code and you should be fine.

    Feels good, faster than the final build available on the store

  • timthedon

    Runs super fast on my atrix hd

  • RichySamui

    It’s way better, faster, smoother and a bigger link zoom box.

  • Esoth

    This is amazing. I never expected a Chrome beta on the Play store, but I’m stoked about it. If it’s anything like any of their other betas, like the article said, it’ll be amazing.

  • mdcykkk9

    Works great with my tablet, noticeable faster on my tablet. Xoom 2 me

  • iamXiV92a

    Sweet – going to try this now and send it to my brother!

    • http://www.facebook.com/mula951 Oscar Rivas

      My bad! I didn’t mean to down vote you. I was just browsing down the comments and my thumb landed in the wrong place. :-/

  • alexanderharri3

    Makes sense, as they’ve updated version numbering to match the Desktop version, a beta channel was the next logical step. No better way to test features than to set them on everyone interested.

  • raichleb

    Downloaded to Nexus 7. No problems with download or installation. Does seem faster, but not sure how much of that is my imagination or the quality of the wifi connection.

    • shadhussain

      i kinda feel the same way. i was initially excited. but then i get this is ‘bleeding edge’ and all, but what added value-added user experience and features does this beta actually provide that the average user can properly distinguish?

  • magic

    Good to know that chrome has come up with improved features. Stil, it only support HTML5 and not flash. It will takes ages for the websites to migrate to HTML5 until then sites using flash for online web streaming can not be viewed using chrome… Because of this downside I am reluctant to use chrome on my device.

  • renn9420

    Doesn’t want to open using Dark Jelly One S. But maybe because I’m rooted and have Chrome stable installed.

  • romy134

    The other one didnt seem to work that good on my HTC ONE X so I used the stock browser, but this version seems to have gotten rid of some of the bug at least I hope so.

  • jonstle

    I am a sucker for beta. I will have to go download this now.

  • moses muiruri kamau

    nadrotech adroidme updates ke

  • http://nickvettesephotography.com Nicholas Vettese

    I am so glad to see this. This is what I use on the desktop, and I think it is great to see that Google is looking to do the same on the mobile front. This will help build a better browser for Android. Until this, I was still using the Stock Browser on my Transformer Prime, because it was better.

  • E-man

    I’m excited to go try it out!

  • msgnyc

    I thought the Android Chrome app already was a beta app? Sure as hell seems like when using it.

    I still prefer the original Browser myself.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mula951 Oscar Rivas

    Downloaded it! Seems to load web pages faster! Very nice! I also noticed that when trying to view a video from YouTube that it begins to lag the video then it continues to tell me the “video can not be played”. I know it’s beta so I can’t really complain! Lol!

  • http://blog.artesea.co.uk artesea

    Would be nice if it imported all my cookies from Chrome “stable”. Too many sites to log back in to, and preferences to be changed to be bothered to use the beta.

  • moses muiruri kamau

    nadrotech adrotic

  • moses muiruri kamau