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Redbox Instant hitting Android devices in March


If there’s anyone that can take on the streaming giants like Hulu, Netflix and Amazon, it’s Redbox Instant by Verizon. Announced today, consumers will finally be able sign up for Redbox Instant and download the Android app this March.

Redbox’s answer to subscription based movie streaming has been in beta for several weeks now, with early impressions remaining positive. Once launched, Redbox Instant will run customers $8 a month, and will include unlimited streaming, along with four DVD rentals able to be redeemed at any of Redbox’s 42,600 kiosks located across the US.

As far as content goes, Redbox has an admirable 7,500 movies available to stream and rent from physical Redbox locations. Solid numbers on competitor’s libraries are hard to come by (numbers on Netflix range from 60,000 to 9,000, a big jump), but rest assured neither Redbox or Verizon would launch Redbox Instant if they didn’t think they could keep up.

Have you already received access to Redbox Instant? How do you like it? If not, will you be signing up in March? I know I will.

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  • http://www.jaxidian.org/update/ jaxidian

    I REALLY hope their streaming content is better than Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu!!

    • Jorge Eslava

      Does redbox have tv series like netflix? if so I might try them.

      • Melody

        The content is very limited but I am sure it will increase before release. There are no tv shows and very few family movies in the subscription catalog. I did not see anything of interest to me that is not available on Netflix. Streaming quality is okay but I have had some titles not load at all due to a network error on their end. There is nothing newer available with the subscription. If a title currently in kiosks is available to stream it is a rental of prices higher than or equal to those on other services such as Google Movies or VUDU. There are no subtitles at this point but that may be just on the platform I use (Android). If you want to use it on Android and have a rooted device you will need to temporarily unroot each time you want to launch the app or permanantly unroot. I am unsure if I will continue when my beta trial expires. At this point I am leaning towards no but will wait until it leaves beta status to make a final judgement.

  • GUI_Center

    If this is true, someone out there will fix it ;)

    • http://www.jaxidian.org/update/ jaxidian

      I forget what it’s called but there’s already an app out there that fixes this. BGill found it – some fairly standard app that hides root. I’ve never used it before.

  • xray49er

    i already pay an arm and a leg for fios this should be included free for all fios subscribers

  • Donald Williams

    I really hope this is not a Verizon Exclusive. Getting tired of some apps being locked down by a certain carrier. ex: NFL… Loved that app now I cant use it… I miss my team.

    Regardless sounds like a decent deal as long as there are current movies!

    • http://www.jaxidian.org/update/ jaxidian

      For any/all carriers – not just VZW.

      • Vance

        Good to know! That was my concern too. I already pay for Amazon prime, hulu plus, and netflix.. I’ll have to try this the trim down. If it weren’t for live events I’d just dump dish network….someday

        • ezpotato

          the selection is not there… i would wait and see what kinda licences they get, but foresee netflix being ahead of the curve, but competition will speed things up on either side though, and we win in that situation… kinda.

      • http://www.focuszonedevelopment.com Homncruse

        I thought it would be Verizon exclusive too since every time it’s mentioned, it’s “Redbox Instant **by Verizon**”. Kind of a misleading name.

  • KRS_Won

    I really want to know if I can HDMI out?

    • http://www.jaxidian.org/update/ jaxidian

      That’s been done before but I wouldn’t be surprised if they try to “fix” this…. :-/

    • ezpotato

      i was able to. quality was sub par. had that interlace effect.. does that make sense? i use the RAZR HD MAXX

    • Melody

      At this point yes. They could always make a deal with a content provider who insists it be disabled on certain platforms.

  • FeistyNoodle

    I got an invite yesterday and got an pretty good glimpse of the service.

    Long story short: the initial impression is pretty poor. I am definitely not jumping on once the free month is over.

    More details:

    1) The service has nothing to do with being a Verizon subscriber.
    2) Rooted devices are SOL. However, if you can disguise your ‘su’ binary, you should be ok (for how long? …).
    3) Streaming selection is quite poor and is nowhere near that of Netflix.
    4) Much content is not covered by the $8/mo streaming fee. That is: you will be paying more to rent or “Buy” (whatever the hell the latter means).
    5) The prices on rental streaming contents are the same (if not worse) than those on Google Play.

    I don’t see why this service is a winner. Perhaps their content library is scheduled to expand so rapidly, that my initial impression will become quickly outdated. My biggest disappointment is the service mix: if you have “pay-to-rent” content, do not mix it with the “watch-it-now” content! That alone would make me feel abused as paying customer.

    • ezpotato

      yeah i agree. i was so excited to see like bourne legacy, etc on there, and then found out i have to pay extra? they didnt really make that clear.

  • co.ag.2005

    If you’re using SuperSU to manage root, just go to the app settings and uncheck “Enable Superuser”

    Launch/use whatever app won’t let you have root access… it’ll work just fine.

    when you’re done, just go back to the SuperSU app and re-enable Superuser.

    I did this all the time on the DirecTV Sunday Ticket app for my Nexus 7. That app doesn’t work on a rooted device, so I just did the steps above, watched a game or two, then re-checked it. Worked every time.

  • ezpotato

    First of all, the app has like 1/5 star cause of no root access. how about a real review of the content for those NOT rooted? heres my quick review for the app and content (quick review).

    i dont care about root access, so i’ll write be the first to write a real review.
    1) Selection – terrible. It’s about 95% b-rated horror movies not even bad enough to make it into Netflix. I know (hope) this will get better as time goes on and they gain licences.
    2) Quality – awesome on mobile, decent on my computer on to my tv. No complaints, but havent really watched anything where 1080p is really needed, except transformers (which is the only good movie on there) I use a RAZR HD MAXX and when I did the HDMI out, it looked crappy on my 50″ plasma. Very “interlaced” if you catch my drift.
    3) App layout and interface – not bad. Simple, and pretty intuitive. Categories arent bad. It’ll get prettier over time.

    Overall, I am only keeping it because it comes with 4 DVD rentals from the kiosks, which is worth 8$/month to me, cause i usually end up keeping them for 2-3 days, and get a lotta movies there. It will get better, but right now, the 4 free kiosk movies are the only thing keeping me, cause that streaming movie selection is absolutely terrible.

    • ezpotato

      Oh, and yeah, most good movies are available, but are 4-5$ to rent for 24 hours… or something similar. basically, not worth it right now.

    • Melody

      If you go over the 24 hours they will charge your credit card for the additional nights. Only the first night is free. It is the same way when you use a promo code for free rentals.

  • donger

    Price is not bad.

  • alexanderharri3

    The rumored root problem could be pressing….but it’s not like they’re won’t be ways around.

    This is very close to BlockBuster’s offering of service (streaming or discs by mail)+ discs via store/kiosk. I very much like the idea of streaming access to a (hopefully) good variety of content plus the ability to pick up new releases!! (assuming this program doesn’t increase demand enough to run out of stock in the boxes)

    • Melody

      I have had no problems just temporarily disabling root from the settings in SuperSU or Superuser.

  • Wayne Winkler

    I’ll bite if the content is good.

  • Nathan D.

    About time!

  • JimmyMackey

    Android is a great format to have streaming on phones, or, for the smaller number of tablets running that platform, but iPads are not ubiquitous by any means. I have an iPad and use it all the time for watching TV, like when my DISH coworker and I stream movies and TV, using our DISH Blockbuster @Home service, when we’re on lunch or break. My DISH Blockbuster @Home service gives me that convenience along with over 100,000 choices by mail, streaming in my home or on the go with my iPad. That kind of convenience and choice helps me enjoy the media that makes me happy, more often. Not only do I watch more TV and movies that way, but I get more choices than I have time to watch, or ever could watch.

  • E-man

    I wonder if the kiosks will have a log in screen so you can get the 4 monthly rentals?