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Android continues to dominate globally, reaches 70 percent marketshare in 2012


If you had any doubts about Android’s dominate position in the marketplace over the last year, you can put them to bed now. According to a new report out of Strategy Analytics, 152.1 million Android phones were shipped in Q4 of 2012 alone last year, leaving Android with a whopping 70 percent global marketshare.

The race for domination in the US may be a bit more evenly split, but across the globe, Android is crushing the competition. Globally, in the fourth quarter of last year, Android managed to double the amount of devices shipped, to 152.1 million from 80.6 million in 2011. Meanwhile iOS saw modest gains, with 47.8 million units shipped up from 37.0, but failed to top out at even one third of Android’s marketshare. Every other platform barely registered. Symbian, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and Bada struggled to hit 7.9 percent marketshare.

This year doesn’t necessarily look to be easy for Android, but the groundwork is already being laid for another record smashing year. Google is working harder than ever to promote and improve upon not only the services and individual products that make up Android, but their own Nexus line of devices as well. Manufactures also remain committed to Android, with phones like the Galaxy S IV promising to smash records of its own.

Here’s to a great year, Android. Keep up the good work.

Source: TechCrunch

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  • Hinds2009

    The states is not an android stronghold and it has all the services! I hope Canada gets Google Music soon!

    • Rossi Kwan

      Using free VPN to register the Music, after that using normal Internet connection is fine.

  • Jesse Pinkman, Albuquerque

    70 percent market share and yet they got dwarfed by Apple. Android is a loss maker, Apple is a billionaires maker.

    • Lowry Brooks

      Short term. But when a user really enjoys googles services, they will not move to another platform for the fear of losing the extreme google integration and as more and more businesses use google docs, calendars ETC they will start using android as the default option. Google can definitely make MORE money than Apple does, If it can utilize data, services and ads. So yes, for now, Apple’s the cash cow. But just wait long term.

      • Ben

        If we are going to talk about ecosystems I think apple has the stronger ecosystem. Google only has mobile systems. The chrome book has nonexistent sales (mostly googles fault, why would you buy an under powered web only laptop when you can buy a nexus tablet for the same price)

        While apple has mobile (phones, tablets, MP3 players) and computers (and iTV sales although many more than google TV a drop in the bucket compared to mobile sales) that come pre-setup to access your purchases (iTunes and iCloud)

        Yes I know you can access your google play purchases through google on the web but the user needs to go out and set things up and it isn’t done for them. And with xxx million android users I guarantee most are not the typical android and me user. Most are your older generations who doesn’t easily setup things on their own.

        So as far as ecosystems go, apple has the obvious advantage for now. The success of apps should show that depending on web browser services alone isn’t what current buyers want (maybe that will change in the future) so until google is baked into pc sales with services similar to iTunes and iCloud, they can’t compete ecosystem wise.

    • YMS123

      It seems AAPL is the one getting dwarfed these days

      • Ben

        Describing a companies success based on shortterm valuation change without know the catalyst, recent earnings, and such isn’t much of a contribution to any conversation.

        • Ben

          Last time I checked apples cash along was growing faster than googles valuation as a company. 137b of apple cash vs 250b of google valuation.

          Even though apple says their game is not profit but to make the best device possible, looks like they are doing a pretty damn good job of makin money anyway.

    • pjamies

      Apple is 1 company, Android has many! do the math (if you can even add?..) TROLL

    • kazahani

      So is your point that since Apple makes more money from iOS than Google does from Android, that it is therefore the superior product? That makes NO SENSE.

      Hipster logic…

      • sncrmck


  • hurracayne

    in the US the mind share pendulum has changed with advertisers to reflect Android’s dominance.
    Advertisements now use Device by Samsung or LG to show off services or products where in the past it was iOS devices.

  • frmorrison

    The cheapest devices wins in the long run. This is why Apple’s stock is dropping.

  • GE918

    Long live Android!!!!

  • Basketcase

    This isn’t a surprise at all. In fact, I’m surprised the market share isn’t greater than 70% yet, but it will be by the end of 2013. When you look at the Android ecosystem at large, Android is firing on all cylinders. Consider, for example, what’s taking place beyond Android device sales. Look at the profitability of Android apps. The rate of Android app development and profitability is through the roof. Because Android is now seriously profitable, developers who previously focused on iOS will now become cross-platform developers, or focus entirely on Android. Where there’s money, there’s growth. Look at mobile advertising – another multibillion-doillar industry that Android is starting to dominate. The mobile ad network that grew the fastest and was regarded by many developers as the most effective last year was Airpush. Why is this significant? Airpush is exclusively an ad network for Android. With every passing quarter, Android becomes a bigger player/contributor to a wide range of industries within the overarching mobile landscape. Android has all the momentum in the world right now.

    • Ben

      You are right that the android ecosystem is becoming more attractive to developers. But I would disagree that it is rmthe most attractive. iOS ecosystem is still the higher profit generator and I expect well see two different strategies for each.

      Androids success is not based on quality but cheapness, many of you said it above. iOS is a premium product. This may already be in swing but I imagine that people who are purely concerned with price and not quality who buy android aren’t going to be the people who spend lots of money on apps and music. They want to spend the least possible remember. So android apps will most likely find success with ad based free apps (google makes half the money on mobile ads as they do web ads)

      iOS strategy will probably be ad based aps as well as apps that cost money because it is an ecosystem where someone paid extra for a premium product. So they are more likely to spend money on apps, music, movies etc….

      Know how that plays out will be quite interesting, I hope someone does the research to report it.

      • Ben

        Sorry for my typos, was moving quickly.

  • Nathan D.

    I highly doubt this will change any time soon

  • alexanderharri3

    Apples down pants and cracked facades are showing for the first time, strongly and publicly. Android is the best.

  • Vance

    Remember when we used to be the “little guys” geeking out with our G1s? We knew what android was then and could become, and, as was expected, Google has met and exceeded our wildest dreams and expectations. Cheers to you little green robot.. Long may you live!

  • donger

    Glad I stuck with Android.

  • naypalm

    Wow, I remember when Nokia was the top dog. I do miss the old communicator days.

    • da9el

      yea, good old nokia… i think they recovered finally. i was forced to use an old nokia device for a day since i had to wait for the micro-sim card for my nex4, and i only had the normal (older) sim, haha. android rules!

  • Tico4674

    I’d love to see what the numbers are in the US. With Verizon and AT&T selling so many more Iphones I’d guess apple has more market share here. I still see a lot more iphoners out there but the Galaxy S3 is definitely helping to close the gap.

    • SA

      Yes in de US Apple is the biggest, but in the rest of the world Apple is shrinking(with the phones) the las 4 years apple hasn’t inovated anynore, look at the samsung SIII its technical a better phone you can’t denied that.
      And with the redicules law suites Apple tried to whipe out the compatision, it has not do any good in the rest of the world!!