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ASUS Qube with Google TV features motion controls, custom rotating cube UI


Google hinted we would see some new Google TV devices at CES 2013, and today ASUS revealed the Qube. Device specs are limited, but ASUS is touting that the Qube will feature a remote with motion controls — a first for Google TV.

Rumors suggested that ASUS and Google might be working on a Nexus-like Google TV box, but the Qube is said to run a custom “Qube interface.” Their unique interface displays functions via a rotating cube shape that can be controlled with the advanced remote or an Android app from ASUS called Mobile Remote.¬†ASUS also announced they would include 50 GB of cloud storage space with every Qube with Google TV, similar to offerings on their other Android devices.

Pricing and availability were not revealed, but $99 has been the sweet spot for recent Google TV boxes. Customers might be willing to pay more for the exclusive motion controls, but we will have to wait and see what other features ASUS decides to pack in.

Update: Multiple sites are reporting the ASUS Qube will launch at the end of Q1 with a suggested retail price of $129.

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  • http://www.jaxidian.org/update/ jaxidian

    Dunno if this will have it (probably not) but I’ll be buying the first one that has a TV tuner and DVR functionality!!! Even if I have to provide my own USB 3 hard drive as the storage media, I’m fine with (and even would prefer) that!

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      There might be some cloud DVR with that storage. Will have to wait for more details. They only released a short blurb.

    • robhimself79

      I would jump at that. My DVR from time warner is terrible.

  • g1user

    Not bad at all. I might be interested in this one since ASUS is making it!

  • Rob Joyce

    Shut and take my money. My revue reached its end of life too soon.

  • fletchtb

    this report has me interested. I can’t wait to get all the details!

  • Frederik Rooms

    This won’t be a hit, but Google TV is going the right way! A shame it hasn’t the same looks as the Nexus Q…

  • gossipninja

    I hope this device doesn’t sit at an angle like the Boxee Box, that just bugged me to no end.

    I have discussed GTV’s many faults far too often to regurgitate it all here, but with any luck, this will be a “nexus” gtv device with instant updates from El Goog.

    Google needs to look more at ouya for inspiration than the apple tv / roku.

    People want more than netflix and pandora, they want a box that will evolve as the media landscape does . Add in [email protected] and hardware expandability (webcam, dvr, ota tuner, hdd, game pads, and more ) and you have a system people will invest in and just as importantly, develop for. Novel 3rd party apps will drive adoption.

  • dcortright

    How is this any different from all the other Google TV boxes out there? I see it has motion control but that doesn’t make it a game changer.

    The angled box is pretty cool though!

  • alexanderharri3

    Interesting, but alas, there are still crucial details not yet revealed. Basically, “It’s coming, but we can’t say what it is”

    • humanios

      Yeah. Details forthcoming it’s still rather interesting and even looks fairly slick. Hoping Google tv matures into something great.

    • golcarcol

      This is something that’s really bugging me lately. Companies announce a product, but they don’t tell you when it’s going to be available or for how much (and in this case how the software looks). I mean, what’s the point? It can’t be for hype because we know absolutely nothing about the device besides the name and how the device looks.

  • GRAW

    3 words: What the fack?

    I wonder what this thing is…I hope it’s cheap, I’d totally get one!

  • rda

    Would love to see DVR (using ext HDD) support with support of multi – media formats..

    other thing is that google should support gTV in the same way they support android.. it has v v v good potential… LG is putting this on their TVs but having standalone box is much better and versatile..

    • rda

      Also, it would be great if google start making / releasing googleTV as nexus like devices and support it..

  • http://www.focuszonedevelopment.com Homncruse

    Sounds intriguing, and if anyone can finally make Google TV a viable platform, it’s Asus, but if history’s taught me anything, it’s that this product will look great on paper but lack of support will kill it. Please, oh please, prove me wrong!

  • iamXiV92a

    I’m definitely interested in this! If only Google would make their OWN set top box, I’d get that over the competition…

    • amarcionek

      Right. I mean they do own MOTO.

  • Paul

    I can see D-Link and Boxee suing them, heh. But this is cooler than Boxee box so who cares.

  • Patrick

    Google should release a NDK for Google TV (or update GTV closer to Android) so we can get apps like XBMC for Google TV!

  • lokidokie

    I love the sound of Google TV, just need some real content available in Australia and I’m sold.

  • Anjie Cai

    what happened to the nexus q o_o

  • ollie

    Guys you can leave your comments and questions here https://www.facebook.com/Asus.Qube

  • donger

    Reminds me of the boxee.

  • logrish

    any news on the target market??

  • Nathan D.

    Can someone say awesome?

  • Jorge Vieira

    This is cool the only thing I don’t like it’s that interface. But I’ll reserve my final judgment until I try it. This CES it feels like all the companies are at home now with Android.

  • renn9420

    Will definitely have to play with it.

  • jonstle

    Nice piece of hardware! Got just enough information to make me want to know more. Consider me interested.

  • nobile

    How can I watch TV, do I need cableTV?

  • Vance

    I’m a huge ASUS fan but I believe Archos has the right idea with their TV Connect. A full, vanilla, Android experience on your TV with a “game pad” controller is pretty spot on (though Archos’ design is seriously lacking). We need the best of both worlds: the ability to stream your TV source through your GTV box with native or cloud DVR functionality AND still have a pure Android experience on our TVs…IMO