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AT&T’s Samsung Galaxy S III finally gets Android 4.1 OTA roll-out


Beginning today, AT&T will start pushing out the OTA (over the air) Android 4.1 update for the Samsung Galaxy S III. Samsung made the Jelly Bean update available back in December but required users to use its Kies computer software to download and install the update. AT&T and Samsung have not disclosed how many Galaxy S III owners have installed the update via Kies, but we have a feeling that the majority of handset owners are still running on Ice Cream Sandwich.

As usual, the OTA roll-out will go out in waves to ensure that there are no issues with the update. Apparently, AT&T is keeping a watchful eye on your data usage and is only allowing handset owners to download the update while connected to WiFi. It’s nice to see that AT&T cares about our data limits, but we have a feeling they chose this route to ensure that the company’s feeble network doesn’t crash as millions of handset owners jump at the opportunity to get a taste of Jelly Bean.

Source: Engadget

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  • jerrbomb

    Welcome to the world of Jelly Bean SG3.. may you never have nightmares about how you had to wait so long to get an OTA.. ;)

  • R.S

    Better late than never!

    Glad to hear that AT&T GS3 owners well finally get Jelly Bean.

    • Jon Garrett

      Im still waiting for JB for my AT&T Note and my WiFi only Tab 10.1

  • alexanderharri3

    It would seem ATT feel behind even Verizon in making the OTA push.

  • romy134

    Htc One X ….???

  • Pjamies

    And the Samsung Note 1, when will we see JB for them??
    If I am not mistaken, the Note 1 was out before the S III …

    I’m not feeling the love here guys ..

  • BigCiX

    The update has been out a few weeks already but inky through kies….. at&t is BS’sing around with my One X update!

  • Nathan D.

    Like in the title, finally

  • cjleines

    Greatest thing about following various tech sites like this one is getting the heads up for things like the Kies update. Have had Jellybean for a few weeks and love it.
    There are a few buggy things that weren’t there before though…
    Anyone else having an issue with Swiftkey 3 getting taken off default when you restart?

  • Federal Bureau of Fragmentation (FBF)

    Another round of android fragmentation?

  • Jmc07

    Finally… Hope this will also update my phone, even when my phone was manufactured for South Africa. Hoping I would get mine…

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