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Chrome one step closer to Google Now support


A couple months back, in the development notes for the Chromium project, it was mentioned that Google is working on a “skeleton” for Google Now in Chrome, that would be accessible through “Chrome Notifications.” Google commented saying that the company is always experimenting with their products, but they had nothing to announce at the time. Google is still keeping quiet about the project, but with a new addition to Chromium today, it looks like a Chrome-based Google Now is one step closer to an official reveal.

Spotted and detailed by François Beaufort, the latest Chromium build features a new Chrome Notification center. Chromium is an open source project, where Google tends to do a lot of heavy experimenting before pushing products into stable release channels. So there’s a very good chance that Chrome Notification Center will be making its way to the consumer facing version of Chrome.

As for what the new notifications look like, they’re very reminiscent of Google Now even without data rich cards plugged in. Google’s old notification system on Chrome was lacking to say the least. Chrome Notification Center will feature multiple notifications in a clean card-style popup, and will be accessible to third-party developers.

Google Now for Chrome is probably still a ways off, but this practically seals the deal that it is indeed on the way. I can’t even begin to imagine how useful Google Now would be on Chrome, or especially on Chrome OS. Chromebooks could come with a button that when pressed, would open a search card with voice functionality. I’ve been very closing to moving over to a Chromebook lately, this would definitely be the push I need.

Via: TNW

Source: François Beaufort

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  • nikhilverma

    oh nice.

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  • justgable

    A unified notifications center for Chrome is fantastic, Google Now would just be icing.

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  • sbala

    Good move

  • Nathan D.

    Awesomeness, can’t wait for it to be done

  • donger

    Google will probably reveal this at I/O.

  • gmaninvan

    And chrome trumps the competition yet again.

  • golcarcol

    Regarding the “…would open a search card with voice functionality”, you can already do this…sort of.

    Go to http://www.google.com and click on the microphone icon on the right hand side of the search. Speak and voila, voice search. Sure, it’s not as accessible or quick as the desired search card, but at least we know voice search on a browser is doable.

  • amIT29

    Looking forward to more insight on the same at google io 2013

  • Pax

    So, goo gel wants to know more about you?..huh..

  • rashad360

    Very nice!

  • Ste ven

    If chrome is Google’s browser, I don’t understand why it’s not the default browser on android especially nexus.

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    cool!its reallu interested. .im looking forward for us user.