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Google Time concept is simply gorgeous

Google time concept

Wearable computing is just starting to take the consumer technology market by storm, with watches already rising to the top as the go to device for experimenting with the trend. We know Google has an interest in wearable computing with Glass, but watches seem like a much more accessible product. So what would a Google watch look like? User interface designer Adrian Maciburko has hit the nail on the head with his Google Time concept.

By using a combination of Holo themes and other various Google related design elements, Maciburko has taken the best of Google’s latest look, feel and information, and created a watch concept that any Android owner would be proud to wear on their wrist. According to Maciburko’s concepts, Google Time would work by using a series of gestures to navigate the OS, displaying information like weather, Google+ notifications, details on places, and even allowing for voice search.

If Google’s smart, they hopefully already have something as beautiful and functional as Google Time in the works. If not, they should be offering Mr. Maciburko a job as soon as possible. For more on Google Time, check out Adrian Maciburko’s Dribbble page, and watch the short video below.

Via: DroidLife

Source: Dribbble

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  • impaler

    Amazing concept. I’m very psyched about the future of smartwatches. And awaiting my Pebble. :-)

    • Jeremy Sheehan

      Jealous! I want a Pebble. I’m going to have to pick one up when they release to the public.

    • heat361

      This is truly amazing I would be honored to wear this!

    • Lance Armstrong, criminal

      Breaking, 787 Dreamlemon BURNING again, emergency landing of JAL 787. Smoke, fire!!!!!!!! FLEET GROUNDED. BOEING STOCKS DIVING PITCH DOWN!!!!!!

      787 SCREaMLINER????

  • mustybooks

    Very very nice.

  • TheDave

    Doubt it happens, but cant say I wouldn’t be interested….Looks nice

  • http://tasomaniac.com Said Tahsin Dane

    Its home screen is not Android-ish. It’s more like an Apple product. But great consept though.

    • AlfredHitzkopf

      The homescreen is Google Glass-ish. Have a look at the promo video if you can spot any similarities

    • co.ag.2005

      It looks more like Google Now (and some elements of Gmail) than any other Android element IMO.

  • redraider133

    I can’t wait to see if they do try this and where they go with it.

  • alexanderharri3

    While a great concept, I’d imagine this would be even further off then Glass for consumers. Great to put the ideas out there for sometime somewhere someone.

    • epps720

      There are rumors that we’re supposed to have 5 new Nexus devices this year. We have 2.5 with the N4, N10 and a revamped N7 (the .5). I wonder if there is a chance this could be one of them.

      There were rumors that LG was coming out with another Nexus device “soon” I doubt it’s another phone and they have made a smartwatch before (see link) so maybe it’s the LG Nexus Watch. Or would it be called the LG NexTime


      • Wilson

        uhh, what are you talking about?

        there were 4 nexus devices in 2012.

        nexus 4, nexus 7 (both original and revamp came in 2012), nexus 10 and the nexus q (although not officially released, people who did pre order ended up getting them for free).

  • Heetskore

    My most wanted features: internet calling,lost phone locator, and a heart monitor. That last one is important.

  • Thomas Biard

    As many have said, this looks amazing. I’m down for the Pebble now and will be more than happy to upgrade in a couple years when smart watch technology advances and the design of the watch body becomes more appealing.

    After thinking a good deal about the setup of these devices, I much more prefer to have the watch tether to my phone so it can stay smaller and less comprehensive. The more features you add to a watch, the more buttons you have to click, menus you have to go through to use it. I like it staying fairly simple so that key functionality is there, but I don’t need it to search the web on its own, or have its own music player. Leave that to the phones, they’re usually close enough that Bluetooth connection is possible.

  • fletchtb

    looks great. I’m still not sure I need a smart watch when I can just pull my phone out of my pocket and take a look.

    with that said, the best looking smart watch / concept I have seen to date.

  • sandwich

    Am I the only one who’s a bit, I dunno… underwhelmed by this? It’s Google Now in a square. Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of a smartwatch… it’s just that this seems… bland, perhaps? Hard to put my finger on it.

  • zen

    is it just me who think this looks quite rubbish? look at the top of the home screen – it is quite obviously a phone ui shrunk down to be watch sized. that, to me, is not a good use of the space available. give me date and time first and foremost on my watch – they should be the largest elements. then adding other things i want, like battery life (no signal strength indicator ever!) and weather in smaller text – ala minimal clock for android. THAT should be my home screen. not this confusing mess of unlabelled icons.

    also, voice control should now be continuously running – i should not need to touch an icon ever, just simply address my phone. something like ‘android, search for all italian restaurants within 500m of my location, order by ratings on yelp’. settings/maps/calendar should be off to the side as swipable full screen apps.

  • gmaninvan

    Looks good. I really want to see a smart watch that looks like a nice time piece and not cheap plastic. It would be cool if a nice titanium looking watch had a home screen that mimicked the finish so until interacted with it didn’t even look like a screen.

  • jerrbomb

    This is great, I hope Google takes this on, I would happily follow this trend

  • dcortright

    Voice Activation: “Scotty, beam me up!”

  • justgable

    I can’t wait for something like this. Being able to control my music app, volume, etc without taking my phone out of my pocket would be amazing. I think a notification light would be great too.

  • Broseph Stalin

    I got a Sony SmartWatch recently (and I love it), but if this were to come out I’d buy it instantly. What an incredibly sexy and sleek look that thing has.

  • free2bejc

    The awkward moment when Apple R&D see this and patent the crap out of it.

  • 94wolfpack

    kickstarter(or something similar).. make it happen.
    Put in an activity monitor and shutupandtakemymoney

  • jonstle

    Love this idea! I think this coupled with flexible LED screens we will have some really sweet looking devices for our wrists in the near future.

  • aranea

    I’d like to see a watch with flexible e-ink screen. A watch doesn’t have to have a hi resolution screen, and doesn’t have to update the screen as often. Plus e-ink will provide a much longer battery life.

    • Eben1277

      And full visibility in sunlight

  • jamal adam

    I definitely would like to see this introduced by Google. It’s a simple and very elegant watch and UI. It fits perfectly with Android.

    • donger

      Me too.

  • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

    By all accounts the ACTV rewarded those that were patient by becoming a really excellent device with later software updates. If Google will go ahead and actually leverage that experience they should have a solid insight into what makes these things tick. (Yes, horrible pun is horrible.)

  • naypalm

    This has been done and it failed, HARD! Search for the old Swatch Paparazzi with the (defunct) MSN Direct service.

  • surethom

    What I would prefer is a watch i.e Tissot normal watch that has a eink strip (very low power) then has Bluetooth 4 that displays new email / text messages & phone number of who is calling me.

    I dont want a plastic watch, I want a proper stylish watch.

  • nsnsmj

    Wow, this really does look amazing.

  • renn9420

    Great concept.

  • Eben1277

    Sorry, but I can’t stop myself right now.

    Final nail in the coffin for Adrian Maciburko

    • Eben1277

      -2? Really? Doesn’t anyone understand sarcasm anymore?

  • raichleb

    I could be convinced to go the smartwatch route, but this hasn’t done it, yet. One thing missing, here, is some idea of the size of this device.

  • golcarcol

    I like the idea but only for Time, Weather and Calendar (maybe). The other features shown here (search, google+ and maps) need a little more screen state than a watch can provide – besides being battery consuming tasks.

  • ibap

    Granted that the actual artwork of the watch is not fleshed out, it looks like an iPod on a strap. Is there no one looking at the ergonomics of these things? If it’s thicker than a runner’s watch, and doesn’t curve around the wrist, forget it.

  • robd1893

    That looks great. Makes me excited to get my Peeble! I love kickstarter!

  • Hmmm

    I love the concept it would be great…

    downside is the voice activation doesn’t understand UK English.. its hard work as it is on a phone imho.

    • Stuart

      I think this would kill any battery squeezed into it right now. Pebble is showing the way to do it at the moment use low power components like e-ink, keep a compact rectangular form factor that feels like a watch on your wrist, extend the functionality of your phone. Look at the I’m watch it’s the example of what happens when you try to get a full colour screen, speakers, and flash storage into a watch. It has 24 hours of battery life according to the manufacturer. http://www.imsmart.com/en/

  • Puck69

    just wonderful

  • Nathan D.

    This is awesome I would like Google to introduce this to and probably link it to my phone if possible

  • kschauhan

    great….. Google is always surprising us

  • sachin_goral

    Nice concept but I’ll buy it only if it’s waterproof.
    And the screen glass should be toughened enough so that it doesn’t crack by scratching on door or something :-)

  • amIT29

    Love d design..hope dey have gps init whenever they finally make this thing. one more request would be to use flexible display like what youm ones showed In ces.wud be great to strap those on and go for a 10 Km sprint. …

  • John Baggans

    Shut up and take my money google. The only Apple product I have ever come close to buying is that stupid nano that people turned into a watch. I WILL HAPPILY FORK OVER MONEY FOR AN ANDROID WATCH that is not fail like the ones currently available.

  • tony mcdowell

    so, this is what happened to WIMM and the WIMM One concept watch….

  • Index this

    I would really value this. This about all the great things it could do. It would have sensors that report to Google my location, heart rate, my waking hours, sleeping hours, when I exercise, blood pressure, perspiration, when I am walking, blood glucose level, blood oxygen level. It will also likely record every word I say and what my friends say back to me and index it. All of this data is fed into my profile at Google HQ where they can auction off the data in real time to the highest bidder.

    I would really appreciate the special notification/reflex advertising feature that sends an electrical shock to my skin to get my attention to an ad being displayed. If I look at the watch Google makes money.

    Yea sure that sounds like a great idea…….not.

  • nikhilverma

    Day isn’t far when we have 2Ghz powered bracelets wrapped around our wrists.