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Great white Nexus 4 caught on camera [Update: new photos]


Back in October when the Nexus 4 was still more rumor than reality we had leaks from Carphone Warehouse that suggested the LG Nexus 4 would come in both black and white.

While the name of course proved to be correct we never actually saw that white model, until now. An anonymous tipster sent the image above to Phone Arena and while a clever photoshop job is always possible it certainly looks like the real deal with the now familiar glimmer showing towards the bottom of the image. The only noticeable difference (beyond being completely white of course) is the chrome ring around the camera lens replacing the black of the standard Nexus.

The last tidbit of information lending at least some additional credence to this image is that the EXIF data shows that it was taken by a Korean model LG Optimus G, a logical enough device for an LG insider to be wielding.

So now that everyone got their Nexus 4 order in this morning is anyone going to cancel their order to hold out for this shiny new color option or will you learn from Ahab’s mistakes and let this potential white whale go?

Update: Take a look at the abundance of new photos below courtesy of Android Police. While it still falls short of confirming a retail release the fact that this device exists is no longer in doubt. Do the new angles do anything for you?

Nexus-4-white-leaked-image nexus4-white-right nexus4-white-back nexus4-white-bottom nexus4-white-left

Via: The Verge

Source: Phone Arena

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  • uknowme

    I’m good. It doesn’t entice me unless it means it comes with 32 or 64g.

    • zerosix

      32 for $400, 64 for $450? A bit too expensive after only $300 for 8gb.
      But I must admit, that I don’t need too much space on my devices. I use an 8gb Nexus 7 and there are always 4gb free.

      • zerosix

        And forgot to say: white N4 looks 10 out of 10.

        • crunchybutternut

          I do agree that it looks great, but I was kind of hoping that the front would be white also..

          If it’s only the back, someone should sell backplates so those who already own the black one can swap if they want to. It’s only 2 screws :)

          • inviolable

            I was about to say that it’s best they did it that way, so they can keep the hidden screen in the bezel look, while still being considered a white version. I think the contrast makes it look better overall. If the front was white, it would look too much like another phone.

    • sbala


  • djfrantz

    Make it 64g and I’ll finally upgrade my Nexus One.

    • djfrantz

      you know, I’d also go for a screaming Bumble-bee yellow. GET ON IT GOOGLE!

    • inviolable

      You have a Nexus One, but 16 gigs isn’t an upgrade?

  • LukeT32

    If they had LTE I would BBW Al over it.

    • Max.Steel

      Why? So you can lock yourself to Verizon?

      • Jorge Vieira

        Heck yeah!

  • thel0nerang3r

    the words don’t quite line up, could just be my bad eyes. It look like the “X” is higher up then the “n”

  • Max.Steel

    Just got a Nexus 4 today so unless it comes with bigger storage, I’m not really interested. Looks nice though.

  • poler166

    I hope it is white in front and back, i don’t want it to look like the white version of the Gnex, white only on the back but not front.

    • rafaelrossi

      I think it’s very unlikely. The construction is very similar to the GNex

  • damambt

    All i gotta say is…..

  • Miguel

    I don’t think i’m going to like the white, at least what i see on the picture is ugly

    • Martin Tinder

      I heard only white people can buy this phone and the blacks have to purchase the black model! Is this true? I am white, of course.

  • Nathan D.


  • E-man

    Sort of like how it’s not sparkly like the black one.

    • Dylan

      Still sparkly. Look at the lower part of the picture.

  • donger

    I like it.

  • dVyper

    This is exactly what I wanted! I didn’t want a boring looking black one – it had to be white (like my beautiful One X).

    But it also has to be 32GB for me (I like to store a lot of music offline on Spotify so I need the space).

    Please Google! Make it 32GB also and I’ll buy one for sure!!!

  • http://www.freeismylife.com freeismylife

    The Nexus 4 is the first smartphone that I have owned where a case is necessary protection due the glass back. So since the phone is covered up most of the time, the color seems to not matter.

  • iamXiV92a

    Darth Vader or the Storm Trooper…

    Vader please ^_^

  • Ardrid

    Definitely a very nice looking phone. That said, I’m partial to my current Nexus 4. Once you go black…

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002275344855 luis maldonado

    I don’t know guys, to me it looks like they just replaced to back cover. I only say this due to the act that the power button and volume rocker are still black and usually they’re white on white variants. Maybe Google made prototypes and they leaked. Either way I WANT ONE NAO!!!!!!!

  • Jorge Vieira

    Really hope this is a LTE variant that is heading to verizon my dreams would come.true lol. Idc about laggy updates!

  • StevenZoz

    ugh… I wish Google made REAL white phones like the iPhone or even the galaxy s3 and not half white. I had the white galaxy nexus before my nexus 4 and like this white one, you cant tell the difference from the front of the phone

  • jamal adam

    The fabled unicorn is in sight. However, I still think that the black Nexus 4 looks nicer, especially with the sparkly stuff.