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Hands-on with Archos TV Connect – bring the full Android experience to any TV

archos-tv-connect (1)

CES is full of Android-related devices connected or built into televisions, but the new Archos TV Connect is the very first Google-certified device to deliver the full Android experience on a TV. While Google TV devices may have a version of the OS developed specifically for large screen displays, Archos has chosen to use a nearly stock version of Android 4.1 on the TV Connect. This leaves users with a traditional Android tablet UI and access to Google Play.

The device itself mounts on top of your TV and features a built-in webcam. To control the TV Connect, Archos has developed its own controller with a full QWERTY keyboard and gaming buttons. The dual analog sticks can be used for on-screen navigation and pinch-to-zoom gestures throughout the OS. The controller is also equipped with an accelerometer, so that it can be used in the same manner as LG’s Magic Remote.

The Archos TV Connect is scheduled to go on sale in February for $129.99. It may not have the specs to match NVIDIA’s Project Shield, but it’s definitely a good alternative for anyone looking to do a bit of Android gaming while connected to their TV.

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  • Vance

    I’m getting this…needed second unit a anyway…this is sweet!

  • SGB101

    Love the concept, hate the remote.

    Needs an app, to use a tablet or phone.

    Sure I said this two days ago for the same device!

    • epps720

      He mentions in the video that they have an app to use your phone or tablet

  • nikhilverma

    Now this is exciting.

  • mdcykkk9

    I like he idea , android open app ecosystem can replace almost all my typical non productive pc needs. if it has bluetooth and a full usb, i am all in. A mouse , with external usb hd or flash drive on it and xbmc can transform this to a great media center …


    Did anyone get to hold that controller? How did it feel?

    • alexanderharri3

      Yeah, can anyone comment as to how it’s possible to play games with such a vast array of buttons where your wrists normally go?

  • donger

    Controller design-wise not so great.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002275344855 luis maldonado

    Wow a blackberry/ps3 controller that can put android on my tv!? Cool concept, just wish the design was better

  • decker

    Idea –> AWESOME.
    Execution –> Ugh. Somebody get a UI Medic over here.

    • Dirge

      UI medic for stock Android?

  • masterpfa

    Not bad. Would prefer Google TV but this could be a good alternative

  • http://tasomaniac.com Said Tahsin Dane

    what I love about Google Tv is that it has an HDMI IN and you can actually get the live TV as an app in Google TV. Is it possible with Archos?

    • TheVoodoo

      That’s precisely my concern. Having another device to switch the TV input to, is not remotely as appealing as having it overlay the actual TV programming itself, just as Logitech Revue and other Google TV boxes do.

  • Froojr

    And to think I was excited about OUYA’s upcoming launch. This Archos device takes the cake. The only issue is that my Kinect is already on top of my TV. I can put them side-by-side, though,, and should be just fine.

  • AndroidSensei

    This will be so much more if they keep updating and developing this correctly. I believe the Gamepad was key to their strategy so back to the drawing board. http://goo.gl/n29xu

  • kinderdm

    I love the idea of this and cant wait to see how it hashes itself out. I always wanted one of those small little third party full android devices but never pulled the trigger as they always seemed lacking. This could be really cool though and would maybe warrant a spot on my big tv. Right now the revue is in the bedroom since I don’t have cable anyway.

  • http://jwtear.blogspot.com/ cutiyar neriman

    i will by this .

  • AndroidsChick

    Can’t wait to test it out!

  • Nathan D.

    Maybe next time

  • Skip

    I currently use a Logitech Revue but not very often. Reason being slow software and the keyboard. As first glance I though the keyboard would great being a full size QWERTY Problem is it is not very easy to use on your lap or just holding it. This controller I believe would actually be easier to use if it is responsive. Also like the idea of being pure android without skinned interface.

  • beconnect

    i have a Google TV, and i am very happy with it, i think the fact of having this kind of remote controls, is a big plus , especially for this kind of devices, we all have to think that not all of the companies provide this remote controls specially when you have to type a big URL in the browser

    let me tell you also that having android as an operating system also would let you the doors open for an infinite possibilities , in my tv i can do anything that you can imagine , like making phone calls, watching movies, text messaging, surf the web, install all the applications that Google play has to offer, and soo much more, even reading pdf books , so my advice at the time you get any of this kind of devices make sure that it comes with a keyboard like remote control, trust me it would save you lot of frustration at the time you would surf the web