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HTC M7 high-resolution render brings handset’s design into focus


We’ve heard all the rumors, seen blurry cam pictures, begrudgingly posted iffy looking renders, but it looks like we finally have an image which accurately depicts the HTC M7. A tip yesterday afternoon kicked off a frantic expedition which eventually led us to the image you see above.

While the render depicts the HTC M7 (a fact which we reconfirmed with not one, but two of our trusted sources), many of you may find the design of the phone looks strangely familiar. That’s because HTC has chosen to borrow a few of the accents from the HTC 8X for the design of the HTC M7. The placement of the HTC logo and speaker grill on the front of the device, match the blurry image we’ve already seen of the M7 while the icons match the “simple and clean” UI features which were spotted in a previous HTC Sense 5 leak.

It’s impossible to know when the HTC M7 will be officially announced, but we hope HTC’s global launch plans means we’ll be seeing the phone on all major U.S. and international carriers without any cosmetic or name changes.

Source: HTC Source

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  • renyo

    One thing I’ve always loved about HTC’s design is the centered camera…

    • J3R3MY_H

      I agree, I just wish it didn’t stick out so whenever you place the phone down it will rest right on the lens.

      • renyo

        Seems like this one won’t be sticking out too much… Just the edge I think…

      • heat361

        If this is the m7 then this is one sexy device.

    • zerosix

      One thing I’ve never understood: why they place buttons in a different way every year?

    • Diabsoud

      Totally Agree…

  • jaysun420

    Need some specs please… :-). Looks sleek and slim with no wasted space on the front.

    • Nate B.

      Have you not heard the rumored specs. Yea rumored, but you can assume certain specs in phones for this year. Easy to see what becomes a standard.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      S4 Pro Quad. 2GB of Ram. 32GB internal no sd. 1080p 4.7inch screen.

      • datiecher

        Yes, please! Where to I sign?

      • Pjamies

        OS version??
        Please say 4.1 or 4.2
        I hate when new phones come out and they are 2~3 version behind !!
        That is like buying a PC with XP or Vista installed (tho, you can easily upgrade if
        the drivers are available)

        • Melissa

          I have an iPhone 5 and i heard android is very behind. My version shows 6.0.2.
          I love my iphone so much its the best!

      • HTC FAN

        No SD is a real bummer. Even if I don’t need the storage it is still a fantastic way to transfer and share info.

    • uzunoff

      I think it’s about time for HTC to jump back on the Nexus bandwagon. Then I will be throwing my money at them.

  • thekaz

    Are the hardware buttons or on screen?

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Definitely capacitive buttons. No on screen here…. :-/

    • yungtris

      I think those are physical. Although I like onscreen buttons, they look much better than Sammy’s huge physical home button.

      • Nate B.

        Samsungs home button is not huge.

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          It’s annoying to press… Coming from on screen buttons or even capacitive buttons… That Damn button on the S3 is a pain in my as

          • Robaire

            I agree that physical home button is a pain to press compared to the sweet disappearing capacitive buttons, but anything is better than ugly view running space wasting onscreen buttons.

          • ionorov

            Well, I like the physical button. Its not like it gives you electrical shocks every time you press it or something.

            I like the solid, physical feel of pressing that Home button. Having to _really_ press it (instead of just tapping) makes it less likely you accidentally exit your app (when you wanted to actually use “Back” for instance). Its a good divider between the Back and Menu keys.

            It makes sense as “Home” is more disruptive to your flow… that is, it exits out of the current application, instead of just going back to the last screen or bringing up the menu. So, the user should be conditioned to make more effort when pressing it.

            But hey, what do I know eh? It has been decreed that on-screen buttons are “hip”. Those who want hardware + capacitive buttons are just dinosaurs to be left behind! :D

          • ionorov


            I agree somewhat… I remember playing with a Nexus 7 and was just struck by how huge that lower bar containing the UI on-screen buttons.

            Then you flip it to its side (landscape mode) and boom, that’s a sizable chunk of screen used for just 3 on-screen buttons. When you add the smaller notification bar up top, you pretty much just have a small slit with which to view you content.

            That was what made me not buy the N7… and go with at Tab 7.7 for the full tablet UI instead. Much more efficient use of screen space.

          • Dags -

            @ionorov, most custom ROMs have the option to change the size of the black bar or hide it if you so desire. I would have bought the N7 (although I already have a Transformer).

          • thekaz

            seems like we are arguing “wasted space” of on-screen buttons over physical buttons that take up space that could be used for the screen…

          • ionorov


            Not sure if I’d go through the trouble of ROMing my tablet and potentially bricking it, just to modify some UI elements. Not sure if your average joe would either. :)


            Not really, there are phones where screens are maxed out and yet have just enough space left for buttons. E.g., the S3 and Note 2

            These have full-sized gorgeous screens that don’t have space taken up for on-screen buttons… with hard/capacitive buttons below. I guess you could argue for screens that stretch all the way to the bottom… but then, which phone does?

            The bottom space on S3 and Note2 is pretty minimal anyways… just enough to put buttons in fact :)

          • bugwan

            It’s reportedly disappearing when the SGS IV comes out this/next month. I must admit I like the physical button between the two capacitive ones… Oh well.

    • Hom0ncruse

      final nail in the coffin for HTC

    • Robaire

      Capacitive thankfully

    • sncrmck

      I don’t know why every phone doesn’t come with on screen buttons. It’s just one more thing that can go out – I don’t know how many times this has happened to me.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Looks GREAT. Only windows phone that caught my eye was the 8X… This is exactly what I want SIMPLE and Sleek design. Comfortable soft touch back. This will be my next device.

    Looking forward to the changes in Sense UI. Hopefully the app drawer can be more like Stock… because right now I hate the Sense Drawer. Can’t wait to see more.

  • Miknitro

    Put the menu and home button back where they belong!

  • NexusNYC

    Yawns. Don’t really get where we are going with this design. I guess everyone will just make black squares now.

    • RX-78-7

      Rectangle. :P but I agree, why walk away from the beautiful design of the one series.

    • ionorov

      This is just one render… I’m sure they’ll be more colours, especially if they follow the 8X and 8S designs.

      If you’re referring to the shape… I think everyone has decided that rectangles are the way to go. Not sure there is a market for a triangle phone :)

      But yeah, we need more colours.

  • heat361

    why is the recent apps button and home button switched O.o

  • YMS123

    I’d say this is a believable picture, reminds me of the 8x

  • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

    Looks good to me, can’t wait to see if HTC designers figured out how make a power button that can be operated with human hands.

    • Nate B.

      Exactly. They always flush everything. They think it looks cool but its difficult to use.

  • Vance

    I agree with those who have pointed out that the home and open apps buttons must be swapped back to where they belong. I’m hopeful, though, that they’ll move the power button from the top to the side.

    • Burning 787 Dreadliner

      The perfect phone for hood rats imho!

  • Bartosz Dul
  • bellken

    I think it looks great, very clean

  • Nate B.

    Not 100% legit. Used the 8X as a mockup because they didn’t know what it looked like in person. They had to go with their imagination. So it was used as a base. The front is close though. Just wait & see.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Do you want to tell us something NATE B? Stop keeping secrets.

  • Andersen

    I just love My HTC! ;-)
    But? With a fixed batteri, that slowly dies over time? Cannot be charged to full anymore?
    16Gb fixed internal memory? Minus the bloatware at Best 11gb for the user? NO WAY! It’s a dead end!

    • redraider133

      Uum this has 32gb internal storage. Nice troll attempt..

      • RX-78-7

        To be fair, if you’re buying it from a carrier chances are that you’ll end up with 16GB, since they love going for the cheaper model.

        • ionorov

          Buy phones with mSD slots!

          Free yourself of the tyranny of evil carriers who charge you for cloud access! Free yourself from having to keep deleting stuff on your phone!


          • MC_Android

            Unfortunately, manufacturers aren’t heading in that direction because people buy into “sleek” phones that are marginally thinner but without a removable battery or expandable storage.

  • Brenda

    The solid black doesn’t bother me, as most of us put, our smartphones, in a case. One more month, and all will be revealed. I hope they don’t do exclusive to one carrier. I almost went with DNA, till I heard, of this. I’m a Verizon customer, and one flagship phone, wouldn’t make me jump ship. I just hope, if, HTC, wants to gain financial comeback, view should release, on all major carriers.

  • Jorge Vieira

    Im not a huge fan of this design I wonder if they will have some water proof factor like the Sony Z.

  • LuisEAP


    • Robaire

      Thankfully they are not.

      • LuisEAP

        Ohh hell no!!! HTC what are you doing??

  • romy134

    Hmmm any chance the ONE X will get Sense 5.0? NAH!!!

    • mattcoz

      Officially? Probably not. Unofficially? Of course.

  • Robaire

    I loved my (updated) Rezound EXCEPT for the battery life. Obviously technology has advanced, but with HTCs great screens, cameras and build quality, if they put in the proper processor and have a smooth and fluid iu with much better battery life,SD card and ample memory and storage then this will get serious consideration for my next phone.
    PS- God bless the designer who left off those stupid onscreen buttons.

    • ionorov

      On screen buttons aren’t stupid. They are just a way to make it easier for OS/phone designers to manage landscape-to-portrait modes, especially on tablets.

      But yes… when done badly, they do look ugly and take up unnecessary screen space. Otherwise, they’re just another way that Android is innovating from iOS and WP.

  • Paul Atreides

    Sleek device and Sense doesn’t look half bad but I’d hope those are on-screen keys like they appear to me. Not sure if this would be enough to knock the Galaxy S off the throne. I’m curious to see what HTC does this year as well as Motorola but of course Samsung also.

  • eViLSt3ve

    This looks like a really decent phone, looking forward to the release..

  • RX-78-7

    I prefer the design of the one x series. I just don’t like the rectangle look, too boxy for me.

  • Robaire

    Had the Rezound and loved it for the screen, the camera, and build quality. The battery life was atrocious.
    If HTC:
    - goes at least quad core
    - has at least 2GB internal memory (3 :-D)
    - has much better battery life (+removable)
    - 32 and/64 GB options
    - SD card
    - at least 12/2GB for the front /rear cameras
    - doesn’t use onscreen buttons
    Then this will get serious consideration.

    • Leozno1

      12/2GB cameras?

  • dVyper

    It looks nice enough.
    I wish they had taken the left and right curved sides from the One X though. It makes it so easy to press the edges of the screen and more comfortable because your finger isn’t being abruptly stopped by an edge.

  • jamal adam

    I liked the speaker grill design of the One X, it looked sexier, in my opinion. They need to stop with the capacitive buttons and go full on screen if not, the least they could do is get the button placement right.

  • Cod3rror

    Capacitive buttons again? HTC does not seem to learn.

    Learn from SONY, HTC, nice rectangle design and software buttons, like Google intended.

    SONY Xperia Z looks much better.

  • sdny8

    A battery less than 2500 mah and I could care less. 2800 or more if its internal.

  • marc

    kinda looks like the 8X

  • marc

    looks like the 8X. though this is kinda looking fake. notice the order of the buttons.

  • dtwhsieh

    I like the clean and simple design. If it comes to T-Mobile USA as the next generation One X, I am getting one.

  • BigCiX

    5 inch screen please.

  • dee

    unless it has a big battery pass…..

    especially with the upcoming lg optimus g pro coming with 3000m battery

  • wuwoze

    Samsung S4, HTC M7, and any new phone with NVIDIA’s newest Tegra 4 processor!! I might get a new phone this year!!

  • Sid

    What’s with the huge bezel?!

  • sushimane

    always love htc from the start from the g1 had no problem with that phone minus the battery but that can be replace software wise nothing not like lg. phone reboot,over hearting freeze and crash all the time i hate lg but htc is innovative with their phone good phone all around i would so get this phone i just need to wait for it to come out lol. 1080p screen

  • Nathan D.

    It cool to see that the device still look quite good. Can’t wait to see its official announcement from HTC.

  • jonstle

    Looks good! Can’t wait yo see more pics of this phone. Or in someones hand.

  • MC_Android

    HTC has always made the sexiest phone designs. It’s always something else that pushed me to Samsung…and I really do want to buy their phones. The Nexus One was probably the most sleek and solid phone I ever owned. Until HTC releases a phone that has specs that complements the breathtaking designs, their phone will always be a “what-if” phone. Give me a phone with 2013 specs, expandable storage and a battery that lasts over 10 hours, and I’ll buy it right away

  • donger

    simple and clean is the way I like it.

  • ibap

    I’ve had several HTC phones which worked well and were built like a tank. But haven’t we yet reached a point where another slab cannot be lauded with “design” kudos?

  • Techfiend86

    I really hope HTC listens to their fans and make sense lighter faster simpler more appealing to the expert and novice than give an option to turn it off to go to a pure android not to mention place a battery no less than 3100 mAH because LTE is a battery killer. It would be dream to have their standby technology transfer to their in use of phone. Definitely release this phone on all carriers with exclusive features and deals similar to what samsung did with the First Galaxy….but i fear they won’t do such things