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HTC M7, Sense 5 shown off in leaked images


With CES winding down, it feels appropriate to shift our focus back to a device that has yet to be unveiled – the HTC M7. Rumors of the HTC M7 have been floating around for months, but we now have the very first image of the phone and a handful of screenshots of the new HTC Sense 5 UI.

If you were hoping for a clear picture of the HTC M7, you’ll certainly be disappointed with the shot in the gallery below. The picture shows the front of a black device, but the only details we can make out are the front-facing camera (located on the top right) and speaker grill, which doesn’t resemble the micro-drilled design HTC introduced with the HTC One X.

Fortunately, the screenshots of the HTC M7 UI gives us a very good look at some of the aesthetic tweaks HTC has made to the software. At first glance, the new Sense 5 UI does look very HTC, but they have made a few subtle changes to remove at least some of the rounded corners and skeuomorphic design elements that have plagued HTC phones over the past few years. The images also confirm our source’s debunking of the on-screen system buttons rumor that popped up a few days before CES.

HTC_Sense_5_Leaked_Dialer-393x700 HTC_Sense_5_Leaked_Keyboard-393x700 htc-sense-5-keyboard More-HTC-Sense-5-Screenshots-Emerge-Online-2 More-HTC-Sense-5-Screenshots-Emerge-Online-3 More-HTC-Sense-5-Screenshots-Emerge-Online-4

If HTC is still planning to unveil and launch the M7 in Q1, we expect to see more leaked images of the phone and its user interface in the coming weeks. What are your thoughts on the design of HTC Sense 5?

Via: HTC Source

Source: Weibo

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  • Alan Reboli

    That’s looking more and more lean. I like that they’re taking visual cues from vanilla.

  • Adryan maldonado

    These pictures aren’t enough for me to say anything about how i feel. Although the green aesthetic in the dialer almost gives it a gingerbread feel to it

    • zerosix

      Blue “shift” gives an ICS feel, the Earth on the lockscreen gives an iPhone 2G feel.

  • redraider133

    I like the minimalist approach htc seems to be going with the new sense. Hope it is this way throughout and sense can really be a shining point for htc rather than a negative like previous versions.

    • Hom0ncruse

      final nail in the coffin for HTC

  • Martijn

    Is sense 5 going to bring bluetooth 4.0 support?

  • jamal adam

    These seem to be good improvements though it’s not enough to convince me yet, but it’s a good start.

  • epps720

    I just came across my wife’s old Droid Incredible…that old version of Sense was HORRIBLE. Reminds me how far our phones have come

  • mikestone

    No onscreen buttons = never buy in my life. Another phone from HTC with disgusting Sense and anther phone from HTC that won’t sell.

  • Dirge

    HTC should make Sense look as close to vanilla Android while maintaining Sense features. You know, like Motorola.

    • Tangent

      Considering the hot mess that MotoBlur was just a couple of years ago, this is something I never thought I’d hear. :-P

  • madsalad

    I think I’ll keep this one in the back of my mind and keep an eye on the horizon. Probably due for a new phone Q3. Currently rocking an unlocked Sensation.

  • BigCiX

    They need to release that on all 4 carried here in the U.S.

    • donger


  • Shelley

    I can’t wait to see the offial specs and vid of this phone. My HTC DNA will have to suffice til this phone comes out !

  • Shelley

    Official specs. Disregard my typo

  • RRR

    Eventually HTC will never fail…. to disappoint

  • CH

    HTC is blowing it by not releasing this phone as soon as it can.
    They need to get this out months before the S4, not weeks. They need to have plenty of time to saturate the market. More people might buy this now if they would have to wait months for the next big phone.
    Also, they have blown it again with not having an SD card slot, or removable or bigger battery.
    These are the things that would put them on top.

    • Jorge Vieira

      Yep cause all those potential cunstomers would probably purchase the s3 until the next comes out cause its still a very popular phone right now.

  • Nathan D.

    This phone specs are awesome! Can’t wait for it to be announce.

  • romy134

    Looks good, what are the chances that the one x will update to this?

    • vinod

      well, in most markets (that dont have dna/butterfly) the One X is still the flagship and the M7 so is the successor….so im sure the previous successor will get an upgrade, in fact i have been using htcs since 6 yrs, im sure one x will be upgraded.

  • Moises Rivera

    I don’t very much like HTC Sense, I’m more of a stock android guy. But it could be a good, hope HTC put a lot of time and effort into it. The pictures look like they did, lets hope it runs the same.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    This has been floating around on Pocket Now for a week now. . . Surprised AnM didn’t get this story earlier. I usually expect to get HTC rumors here first. . . . just saying. As for the leaked images. I’ll need to see a lot more… not sure how I feel about that lockscreen. Hopefully they can make the device look as good as the oneX line

  • HaX

    Sense UI has always been their down fall. Hopefully they have the option to switch it ON & OFF

  • HTC Critic

    I actually was insane enough to write a letter to HTC DEV. to tell them to make HTC Sense optional. It is a win-win

    1. Users get vanilla android from Google as soon as it is released, yet lose the ability to lose HTC sense skin for the time being.

    2. Once sense for the newest Android version is ready, HTC releases it as a patch and there you go.

    This would be quite a perk for a phone. They replied by “thank you we will forward your comments to our engineering team.”

  • humanios

    My second line of phone after the og Droid were the incredible and incredible 2.both great phones, but I must admit I’d be more willing to try another HTC phone if it came with vanilla android. Hope they gain traction though, they have some pretty slick designs.

  • Amorel79

    I just hope that’s not the actual device. Can you say BEZELTASTIC! ELG.

  • Nwemo

    Nothing to get excited about,but I am always impressed with HTC so that’s the main thing!

  • aykutb

    I’d rather not update my phone if there’re no other lockscreen options, not to mention trademark htc clock&weather widget