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LG clears up some Nexus 4 confusion, expects reliable inventory by mid-February


The blame game surrounding the limited availability of the Nexus 4 has reached ridiculous levels. Google originally blamed LG for component shortages, then LG fired back that production was continuing on as planned. They also debunked rumors that a new Nexus was in the works, or that production had been slowed to focus on future products. So what exactly is going on? LG Mobile France director Cathy Robin sat down with Challenges.fr to discuss the Nexus 4 among other products.

While Robin was quick to point out that Nexus 4 “supply problems are not solely related to LG,” she offered up a very reasonable explanation on why shortages have occurred. According to Robin, Google simply didn’t order nearly enough handsets, and it’s taking a while for LG to catch up. Google placed orders based on previous Nexus sales, but demand for the Nexus 4 has so far exceeded previous numbers.

For those of you still waiting to get your hands on a Nexus 4, hope is right around the corner. By mid-February, under a month from now, LG expects there to be “no more pressure” on the market. In other words, there will be ample stock available.

Other information shared on the Nexus 4 included a brief mention of sales numbers, profitability and Google’s relationship with LG. No specific sales numbers were brought up, but it was said that the estimated number of 375,000 units sold is “much lower” than actual sales. It was also said that Nexus 4s are not being sold at a loss. Google and LG have an agreement to sell the device at “very attractive price.” And as for Google’s relationship with LG, it’s still great.

Hopefully, this clears up a bit of the confusion surrounding the Nexus 4. Next time we talk about Nexus 4 availability, let’s hope it’s to let you know you can head to the Google Play store to buy one now.

Via: Android Central

Source: Challenges

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  • redraider133

    I hope everyone who wants a nexus 4 will finally be able to get one shortly and not be stuck waiting months like the current situation. Hope this is a wake up call for google for the next nexus they release.

    • DatNerdyKid

      Exactly! I’ve been saving up since last June to get a new phone, and the Nexus 4 was ideal! I was actually planning to get a Gnex but I ended up saving enough for a Nexus 4 in mid Decmeber. This would’ve been great IF I COULD BUY IT!!

      • Jorge Eslava

        I know what you mean, I wanted to get this for Christmas but I guess it will now be a birthday present next month.

        • kazahani

          File under “First World Problems”.

          • joeyjoejoejrshabidu

            Ha ha. So true.

    • sbala

      Expecting a Nexus Z from Sony next time.
      But Sony will never provide competitive price.

    • epps720

      Whether it be Google or LG but someone really f’d this up. I’m sure they lost tons of sales during the holiday season. People wanting to give the N4 as a gift but couldn’t get it so settled for another phone. I would also think that they may have lost customers who are now willing to wait for the tech announced at CES or to wait till late February to see what MWC has in store.

      Basically just a huge FAIL all around on what is an amazing phone.

      • Nathen

        Absolutely 100% correct you are Sir !

        I am one of those buyers that had 2 nexus 4 phones promised as GIFTS !
        Guess what ? I had to buy 2 Samsung S3 instead. WAY TO GO Google.
        Samsung thanked me though which was nice of them.
        My 2 nephews were disappointed at first then once they saw 2 Brand NEW shiny S3 boxes they got over pretty quickly.

        Shame that Google really is killing them selves with this major blunder!

    • bertberlic1

      The replenished supply should be in just in time for tax return season!!! Time to drop Big Red!

  • af13

    So it sounds like it’ll be two months between when it went to “Sold Out” in the play store back to available. That’s a very long time in the cellphone business and I can’t even fathom the size of the missed opportunity for both LG and google.

    • shadhussain

      no doubt a missed opportunity in racking up sales/audience for LG/Google for the value this phone packs.

      but in an odd way, i’m glad everyone i know isn’t carrying a nexus4 around me. it’s more exciting to me when an informed android fan gets one because he/she knows what a nexus is all about, rather than seeing folks who jump on the bandwagon just because it’s the cool thing to do.

      i see folks using a nexus4 who have no idea that it has gesture typing, that google now/voice search does wonderous things, that nfc \can transform your phone usage, that you can customize your home screens – under-use of technology frustrates me. some folks are just better off with simpler phones.

      understandably, i sound like a geeky snob … but that’s why i come to this forum.

      • Voliam

        Applying your logic, most people have no business owning a computer, smartphone, digital camera, or new vehicle that employs technology. Perhaps potential buyers should be required to prove they have an A&M account with a high grade before being approved for purchase.

  • DavidDesu

    Good news! I’m lucky I’m in a position to wait for my current contract to expire before I can make any other move. The Nexus 4, at the price that it is, is the only phone I could afford contract free (via selling my current iPhone 4S, then I can save heaps with a sim only contract). I’m kind of excited about getting into Android, having to wait is testing my patience, but I think it will be worth it.

    • bugwan

      I’m in the same boat, I can watch the trends with relative comfort for another couple of months – will it be a Nexus4 or a Galaxy S4 by April though?

      I think Google and LG have been lucky that no other major (competitive) brand has released a new model in this waiting period…it could have been a lot worse for them in that case.

      • shadhussain

        it might be well worth waiting to see what google/motorola have been cooking up with the so rumored x-phone. the potential (and hype) around this thing is immense and we can only hope that google i/o in may will be it’s birthing ground?

  • Chris

    I’m getting mine over the weekend.

  • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

    I have mine and its the best phone I’ve owned to date, hopefully you could all get one.

  • Thomas Biard

    I love that more Nexus 4′s will be available. This will open up development a whole lot more by users, which is better for everyone!

    Maybe I can get one in the next couple months….

  • http://www.sonicboomstick.com Bryan

    Even the white iPhone will be out by then!

    • Hom0ncruse

      final nail in the coffin for nexus brand

  • KennyL

    Sooner the better. My Contract is up next week. Was hoping to already have a Nexus in hand so I could leave Verizon for ST. I’ve waited this long, what’s another week or two?

  • Dags -

    I think that will be too late for myself but maybe many others as well. I wasn’t going to upgrade my Galaxy Nexus and then I saw the price and thought, why not? But as it creeps closer to at least the announcement of the Galaxy S4 – which will most likely have LTE – that “why not?” feeling doesn’t seem enough any more.

    • JR

      I know that the Nexus 4 has an LTE chip inside, even though it’s not compatible with any of the current US LTE networks. That said, I’ve heard that T-Mobile’s LTE network, which they’re rolling out in earnest in the next few months, will be compatible with the LTE chip inside the phone. I’ve also heard several people with the Nexus 4 say that they’re getting 20 Mbps down and 6 Mbps up with the HSPA+ network, which is a hell of a lot better than I’m getting with my Thunderbolt on Verizon’s LTE network (though I suspect that VZW tweaked their LTE network to provide worse QOS to phones with old LTE radios, as opposed to phones with newer radios, like the SGS3 and the iPhone 5).

  • Mozez

    Im willing to wait another week or two. I wont wait a month. Ill start looking at other options now.

  • Hershell Tidwell

    I’m willing to wait for it, if indeed it’s only waiting until mid February. Pure Android as my daily driver and snatching the Note 8 for the S- Pen functionality.

  • rashad360

    Well, that is understandable. Google is really showing their inexperience when it comes to physical retail! I’m sure they will learn from this mistake with the next Nexus

  • donger

    This better be true.

  • AmarAK

    When will this come to India ??? I now feel google is really ignoring India……Never had a nexus in India officially except for the nexus s for a short period of time …….

    • kinkate18nic

      you are absolutely correct.. am not sure why companies like Google and all are avoiding India from big launches…i dont think things are like old days..am sure here market will be as good as they get in other countries …last few years Indians are showing great interests in Gadgets irrespective of …hope they will understand ..India is not still the same old land of snake charmers…:)

  • Sameer

    I think LG does not deserve to be official android phone. Android is around 4 year old but LG did not able to make any notable smartphone. Samsung prove itself that it long race horse.

    Even-though, i do not know why Samsung back out. But if its Google decision then they commit a mistake by selecting LG

    • Tojen1981

      If the recent offerings by LG are any indication of what they have in store for the consumer, then they will be a big player in a few years. I just picked up the optimus g on att and I have no regrets. Excellent phone. Plus, it is relatively cheap @450 off contract.

  • Kim McMillion

    I just got mine! I stalked several TMobile stores til I got one of three shipped. Very happy with phone at an incredible price.. Good luck to all, try my system.

  • Nate B.

    Google needs help in marketing period. They have awesome ideas but fall a little short some how and its always the silliest mistakes.

    • Nukes for peace

      That happens when working withterrible asian companys. Look at the 787 Dreadliner, batteries are from japan (the pearl bombers) and now the whole lemon fleet has been grounded!

  • RRR

    Goog have done everything perfect even the shortage. It showed that it can end the competition at any time like it did with the searches but this is not their short term goal but slow strategy

  • Minh

    Google is simply learning from Apple. Limit quantity on your premium product drives up demand. Android sales isn’t hurting from lack of Nexus 4 supplies.

  • devolute

    I hope this Google – LG pissing contest doesn’t effect how Google supports the phone in, say, a years time.

  • Mil

    I don’t think there’s much fault at LG’s end (if at all). Most of the problems are at Google’s end.

    Mistake 1: They have really badly underestimated how many devices they need. This could have been solved by allowing people to pre-order the device months/weeks in advance. They would have realised that demand is higher than expected and could have had time to ramp up production in time to meet demand.

    Mistake 2: Their order system wasn’t capable of dealing with the massive rush for buying the device when they opened it up. This caused a really bad experience for some people. Multiple errors during check out. Some errors causing confusion as to whether their order went through or not.

    Mistake 3: Opening up the 2nd batch of devices was just smoke and mirrors. Clearly they still didn’t have enough stock which was evident by the fact that the time to ship kept increasing over time. Started off with 1 to 2 weeks but as it increased to 6 to 8 weeks, it was obvious that it turned into a pre-ordering system.

    Mistake 4: And this really is unforgivable, Google started to ship devices out of order. i.e. people who ordered from the 2nd wave started to receive their phones before everyone from the 1st wave. Devices should be shipped in a first ordered first delivered system.

    Mistake 5: Blaming LG for lack of units. Google request a certain number of units from LG, LG deliver said number of units but then Google request even more when they realise they underestimated the demand and thus ask LG for more units last minute which obviously LG cannot respond to in time. Google have no right to blame LG for not supplying enough units. There has to be enough notice given for requesting an amount of units.

    Mistake 6: This is not the first time Google has underestimated demand for a Nexus device. Same fiasco with Nexus 7 and Nexus 10. Between the N4, N7 and N10 (3 different manufacturers), same supply issue; do we really think each manufacturer is to blame or is it Google and how they handle their requests for the amount of devices needed?

    Google really need to wake up. I’m not saying estimating demand is easy but there are ways to get a heads up on demand (e.g. pre-ordering system).

    It’s a shame as the Nexus 4 when it was first released could have been a killer device. However, once supply catches up, it may have missed its window for being such a killer device. I was really keen to buy a N4 but now I’m not so sure. I tend to buy a device that I like which is also a hot seller. If it is a popular device then I know that the manufacturer is less likely to get away with skipping or delaying Android OS updates. I know being a Nexus 4 it will get timely updates but still there is comfort knowing that many people have the device. Especially when it comes to the modding community.

    • donald ostertag

      You seem to know a lot. Care to out your sources? Or are you just shooting off opinions?

      • lolo

        You obviously didn’t order a n4 on 11/13, because if you did you would know that every single one of Mil’s points are 100% spot on.

  • bender23

    But the consumers wants it NOW!.
    By mid february, in MWC, tons of new phones will be presented, and the demand for N4 will be lower

  • Paul Atreides

    If the release of the next version of the Nexus flops like all previous versions, I’ll have to believe the program is cursed and it’s time for Google to revamp the entire program and maybe just offer the experience through the play store for all high end phones to utilize. Actually, I think that would be a better way of handling it, simply make it a software package and leave the hardware optional.

    • yankeesusa

      Just because the phone can’t stay in stock doesn’t mean its a flop. The phone is still available through other means if your willing to pay. But I do see what you mean. If the gs3 had this problem people would probably just go out and get an htc phone or go with the note 2 or something. But your right, google does need to figure something out about the availability of their flagship phones.

    • ROB

      Or just by tmobile already. Doesnt the LTE radio only work on tmobile’s new spectrum?

  • yankeesusa

    Maybe its because its a nexus and people want to wait so they can have a true google experience but maybe its just me, but if youve been waiting this long to get the lg nexus why not wait till mobile world and see what awesome specs the possible gs4 will have or maybe the note 3 if its announced already. If youve been waiting this long just go out and pay for a samsung nexus to keep you going till then. They always resell at a good price.

    • apay

      If you’d see the phone that i have till i got my hands on a Nexus 4, u’ll understand it all ;)

  • @dtiriba

    I’m praying

  • mario_1603

    until February :( I have patience

  • nobile

    I want one … come on

  • aranea

    I’m surprised that google placed orders solely through numbers of previous sales without taking into account how many people clicked the inform me button and the hype going on. They should have judged it better and ordered more than they expected for the other phones. I hope they will do better with the next Nexus phone.

  • jamal adam

    Google and LG are truly testing the limits of our patience.

  • Fiasko

    Glad to hear everyone will get a chance at a Nexus 4 that wants one soon. It really is unacceptable that it has taken so long.

    Yea, they can use the excuse the Google gave them a sales forecast similar to their previous Nexus devices. Well they didn’t take into account the amazing pricing on an unlocked phone or how annoyed users are with the locked down over skinned competition!

  • ROB

    Funny, all of a sudden T-MO will have plenty in stock…not at all a coincidence…

  • Wmi

    Yeah, it was a terribly botched launch. I was … (I hate to say it…) fortunate because I was only delayed 2-3 weeks, and got mine in early December, and have since transitioned to Straight Talk from AT&T (as noted… http://addicted-to-it.blogspot.com/2013/01/save-1000-year-by-buying-nexus-4-and.html), and have been quite happy. Hopefully with the next batch, other folks will be able to save $1,000 a year too now!

  • Andy

    The launch was a complete botch, and google need to take this on the chin

    Twice I had the item in the basket, and twice I got errors, finally there was no stock and in good old google style I gets an email telling the items are now available after it’s sold out

    I gave up in the end and purchased another handset, although my diversion to another manufacturer is small consequence to google, if these delays continue further there will be many people deflecting also leaving a bad taste in they’re mouths

  • deusroam

    I was upset that I couldn’t get the nexus4 at the play store but I ended up finding it at a tmoble store just in time for Christmas .I ended up paying 500 instead of the 350 but I guess that’s what happens when I dont have patients. They seem to always have some kind of issue on there releases ,hopefully they won’t do this again with nexus 5

  • Stephen Victor

    As a new S3 owner (got it for free via competition), I may just sell the thing on eBay and get a Nexus 4. It’s soooooo nice; I got to hold it recently and it is too perfect for words.