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Motorola X Phone confirmed by job listing


Google has reiterated several times now, the most recent being their quarterly earnings call, that the world has yet to see the product of their merger with Motorola. Last year was dedicated to finishing what Motorola had started before Google took over, but that time is coming to an end. Google is looking to get serious about the products it’s working with Motorola on, starting by hiring an experienced product manager for the “X-Phone.”

That’s right, after months of speculation, Google and Motorola’s X Phone has just been confirmed by a job listing on the popular recruiting site LinkedIn. The listing, which has now been pulled, doesn’t offer any new information on the X Phone, but right now, we’ll take what we can get.

If everything goes according to plan, the X Phone will be the device that turns the tide for Motorola. Rumors on the X Phone from DroidLife include:

  • Motorola X Phone will be announced at Google I/O in May.
  • Current target for release is July 8 (definitely subject to change).
  • All carriers will sell the X Phone.
  • Verizon will sell it for $299 on contract.
  • All versions will also be sold through the Google Play store at similar off-contract price to Nexus line.
  • If you want to unlock the bootloader through Verizon, they will charge a $15/month fee.
  • If you buy it through Google Play, it comes unlocked with no fee.
  • Not a “Nexus” but will come running stock Android and with some bloatware.
  • Bloatware can apparently be removed once unlocked.

With Motorola still hiring product management for the X Phone, it’s hard to imagine a Google I/O reveal, and a July release. We’re still be holding out hope though. Google and Motorola’s first phone together can’t come soon enough.

Via: Phandroid

Source: LinkedIn (dead)

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  • sncrmck

    Oh hey there sexy.

    • KPeter0314

      “Oh hey there sexy.”

      Are you saying it might be bigger on the inside?

    • 787 Screamliner (currently burning in hangar)

      Does it reboot? Why is the bootloader locked?

  • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

    Unlocked bootloader costing $15/month is just about the most outrageous BS pulled by a carrier since yanking unlimited data!

    • Tangent

      That part blew my mind. It would be bad enough to charge a one-time fee, but that would be in line with all the other BS like “activation” fees and so on. But an on-going $15 a month? That’s absurd! O.o

    • jamal adam

      I find that part just outright hilarious. I swear, if someone even thinks about paying the $15/month, they should get smacked in the face.

    • Slith

      Well it is now technically illegal to unlock your phone… Unless you pay. Just like everything I guess.

      • Chris Lewis

        Whats ever crazier than the law its self is the fact that it was issues by the Library of Congress! Who the fuck gave them the authority to do that!!??

        • Prince77

          No it wasn’t the Library of Congress. It was an 83 y/o librarian

    • Aluzeros

      I agree, and why just Verizon, bring it to all carriers

      • NexDroid09

        It Says above all carriers will carry it, then it says Verizon will offer it for $299 on contract

    • redraider133

      luckily you can still buy it through the play store for same price verizon is selling with a contract and get it unlocked for free( hope that rumor holds true)

    • Dylan Friedman

      Absolutely ridiculous. Made me laugh out loud when I read that. What moron would EVER pay 15 dollars/month to unlock the bootloader

      • clocinnorcal

        The funny part is that Verizon used to preach how having unlocked bootloaders would screw up the users experience, but now it’s okay as long as you pay $15 a month :\

    • Jorge Eslava

      I knew Verizon was evil, but I can’t see people really paying $15 a month to get rid of bloatware and unlock their phones…

    • jamal adam

      What’s next, Verizon wants some organs to go along with that monthly fee.

  • nikhilverma

    Wishing all the luck.

  • Nate B.

    If I made phones or was Google, I wouldn’t allow Verizon to add these stupid equations to the deal. If they weren’t down, then they would miss out. One phone, no bloat, same price, & supported.

  • Diabsoud

    Never been a Motorola fan..Hope Google can change my mind…something about the design I never like on their phones. The first Razr design still felt lacking. As to the carrier… I can’t see why anyone would want to buy a phone from any carrier that charges an ongoing fee for something like that. I prefer to just get it from Google..
    Hope they learnt their lesson with the Nexus 4 sales and have a huge ready to sell.

    • masterpfa

      Same here, just never been able to get excited about Motorola

      Love the large battery, like the idea of the tough materials used and obviously love the idea that it is Android and likely to be as near as Vanilla.


      Doesn’t grab me like a HTC or Samsung do.

    • raichleb

      It’s been a while, but the original Droid phone was a Motorola and I was pretty pleased with it. And if you go back even further to the stone age of pre-smart phones, the first Motorola Razr was pretty well received. Sooooo, I’m kinda anxious to see what comes of this.

      Now as to Verizon’s monthly fee? I would switch carriers before I would do that. But since it will available unlocked directly from Google, I won’t have to.

      • Steve Barry

        I’m assuming you’re not with Verizon, but commenting from a standpoint as if you were, you would switch? I ask because the way I read it, if you’re on Verizon, you can’t buy it directly from Google Play unlocked. That would defeat the purpose. Or maybe you can and they’ll charge you $15/mo regardless?

        Either way, Verizon is nuts for this, but it’s not going to hurt them all that much considering most people don’t root their phones anyway.

        I like the idea of stock Android though, even with bloat since it can be removed. TouchWiz has some cool features, but I’d rather just run Android as it as meant to be. I’m sure there are plenty of apps out there which can duplicate most of the “extras” a skin like TW or Sense provides.

        I guess the next question would be can the bloat really be removed or can it just be disabled? If the capacity is limited (trying to force cloud usage) I hope they make it so you can just remove it and not freeze/disable the bloat to free up some extra room.

  • Jorge Vieira

    This will be my next!!! I have an upgrade in sept. I think this will line up with the release and on Verizon I would love it! Unless the Sony Z persuades me….and on Verizon…

    • Jorge Vieira

      Yeah I would NOT be paying for the unlock :x

  • darkjuan

    Our contract expires in June. Just in time for this phone to be released! I’m kind of drooling right now, and we don’t even know what the phone looks like yet!

  • Techfiend86

    Shame on you Verizon…Must you be so money hungry

    • sncrmck


    • honourbound68

      corporate greed. can’t quench it unfortunately.

  • AvatarZ

    I have verizon and I love their phone service – I get coverage where others don’t … but charging an extra $15mo is just plain fleecing conusmers and almost makes me want to switch to another carrier.

  • CaptainDoug

    I’m hoping this will be a jumbo version of the Razr M. Very slim bezel but with a 4.7″ (LCD)screen and the screen lowered like on the leaks for the Ascend P2. Throw in a 3300mah battery and I will but my first Motorola since my feature phone days.

  • Nathan D.

    What Kind of crazy non sense is this world coming to? $15 fee a month, that outrageous!

  • Morphuex

    Bad move on Verizon’s part or any carrier follows suit, this will just drive people to buy it directly from Google, which I would happily do.

    • gmaninvan

      amen brotha

  • donger

    Never had a Motorola phone but willing to see what this is gonna be like.

  • gmaninvan

    Moto makes great hardware. Quality designs wrapped in carbon fiber and metal. A device that can be unlocked from Moto would be awesome!!

    Finally we see the fruits of the aquisition come to light.

  • uknowme

    I’m just hoping it’s a alternative Nexus for those that want it. I know its supposed to run stock which is something I really want. I just want it to also have things the Nexus 4 can’t do. Such as MHL, USB OTG, and SD support. If no SD then at least 32g or dare I say a 64g option.

  • Prince77

    Verizon has lost their mind on this one. First you charging $100 than everyone else and then a monthly charge for unlocking the bootloader??? And it seems like Google/Motorola are okay with them doing it.

  • Maya

    Why not buy a Micromax phone to test the android features?


  • teecruz

    July 8th? that’s my birthday!

    please do.

  • amIT29

    verizon idea of charging 15 dollar a month defies any logic watsoever….
    given product development lifecycle of mobiles been 3 to 5 months …i can surely hope moto can launch it around note 3 launch..

  • breckdroid

    I cant wait to check this device out. I’m up for renewal in August and this has definitely peaked my interest. Once the official specs are released then its number crunching time. Between this and the M7 and SIV, lots of awesome choices this year.

  • Xme

    When we have phablets coming for as low as less than $200, then what will make Motorola’s X-Phone special?


  • Orion78

    Hopefully this device lives up to all expectations.

  • 66r

    Lulz, “blotware”. No it couldn’t be it is..MOTOBLUR 4.1!

  • rashad360

    I sure hope it comes in around $300 in the play store. But if that Verizon price is right, then we may not be so lucky :-(

  • Daniel

    Time to start saving over the months,so that I can afford an unlocked and “stupid carrier free” device. So, data plans with a 2yr agreement and now this retarded monthly fee.
    There is going to be an even bigger market for unlocked phones.

  • GGeek

    You guys! Doesn’t anyone know what the word RUMOR means?

    Before you castigate Motorola and Verizon, wait for the Announcement…. Geez, don’t know why I even read this garbage…

  • sirija

    Well it is now technically illegal to unlock your phone… Unless you pay. Just like everything I guess.

    Got a good response from the white house about legalizing cell phone unlocking. here is the source:


    The recent ruling that effectively bans third-party unlocking has ruffled more than a few feathers, and the people have spoken with their electronic signatures–14,322 of them , to be exact. Now the petition to the White House, which asks that DMCA protection of phone unlockers be reconsidered, has finally received an official response, and it appears that it’s for the positive.
    You can still get your phone unlocked from any third party vendors like http://www.prounlocking.com there is no issue