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Nexus 4 is back in stock in Google Play, hurry up and buy it


The widely loved and constantly sold out Nexus 4 is at last back in stock in the Google Play store. Both models are listed as shipping in the next 1-2 weeks, so perhaps not instant gratification, but at least you get to start the countdown until you have it in your hot little hands.

Regardless of the lack of LTE the Nexus 4 has to be hands down the best deal in mobile right now with the 8 GB model going for just $299 and the 16GB at $349 and of course without tying yourself to a contract.

If you’ve been waiting you should probably head over and snap one up now before it’s too late.

Nexus 4 8GB
Nexus 4 16GB

P.S. The bumper is back in stock too if you need to protect your precious investment.

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  • duffguy123

    I had a hunch it was back in stock so I checked and I finally got mine!!!

    See ya broken down HTC Evo OG…Make way for the Nexus 4… Feels good to say that…

    • duffguy123

      Just got the e-mail confirmation that my order has shipped earlier this morning…

      • Jorge Eslava

        Glad to hear that they are already shipping out, I can’t wait to get that e-mail too.

  • Deon Davis

    Yep I got two! That Nexus Notify app actually worked for notifying me it was in stock! I pulled over and bought a 16 GB for me and 8 GB for my mums! :)

    • Deon Davis

      I got my tracking this morning!

      • Deon Davis

        I got it and love I it!

  • Co1e

    Congrats to everyone who is getting one! Enjoy!

  • KennyL

    Just bought 2. My days with Verizon suddenly got a whole lot shorter.

  • Hershell Tidwell

    I grabbed an 8GB one. I usually have my Nexus 7 for music, videos and games. This will compliment the Galaxy Note 8 I will be buying once that drops. Pure Android on the phone and Touchwiz on the tablet.

    • Walkop

      NO! Not the Tab 8! Wait for the Nexus 7+

      HD display and (potentially) the Tegra 4.

  • af13

    Got my 16gb. My nexus checker app scared the crap out of me cause it buzzed for like 5 seconds straight. I thought my phone was broken.

    • Deon Davis

      Ha Ha me too, I thought it froze on a call coming in or something lol

  • Max.Steel

    Just got the 16GB. Should I get the bumper case as well? Seems pretty expensive for $20.

    • BeverageNinja

      I’ll tell you right now, the phone is slick in two ways. First, its design is slick and imo looks amazing. Second, the phone is literally slick. Without a bumper I’ve seen it slide on what I thought were level surfaces. Do you rest your phone on your pants leg? Don’t recommend this without a case of some kind. Mine felt like it wanted to leap off my leg and onto the floor just to scare the crap out of me. It’s like having an out of control toddler.

      • Max.Steel

        My phone is usually in my pocket or in the cup holder when I’m in my car. Also, occasionally, on my desk when in a class.

        • www.phonewbie.com

          You got a great deal on the phone, spend the $20 to protect your investment.

      • http://www.focuszonedevelopment.com Homncruse

        That has to be the funniest description I’ve read of the N4′s slipperiness.

    • Mix

      I picked this case up

      It’s not bad, very slim and sleek; however, flimsy feeling and not much protection to it which scared me.

      I picked this one up:

      And I love it. Much more protection and meat on it and I have already dropped my phone twice and there has been no damage to my phone!

      • Mix

        I forgot to add that the case from ebay has a bit of a lip to it so you can lay the phone down on it’s face on a table and the screen does not touch the table!

  • Rickson Exantus

    what carrier does the nexus 4 support?

    • Thomas Biard

      Per the specs section of the Nexus page:

      Unlocked GSM/UMTS/HSPA+
      GSM/EDGE/GPRS (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz)
      3G (850, 900, 1700, 1900, 2100 MHz)
      HSPA+ 42

    • BeverageNinja

      AT&T and T-Mobile are the two big carriers that the Nexus 4 can be used on. Any other small carriers that share their towers would also work, but I’m not as familiar with them. Places like Cricket and Solavie. Verizon and Sprint networks do not work with this phone and I don’t see that as a bad thing :P

      • walt

        …as do I. I’d like to purchase one on Sprint. I feel like that will be an option soon.

      • Richard Yarrell

        Let’s keep it real shall we. The Lg Nexus 4 was made and meant for usage on Tmobile period. Especially if you want that great unlimited data usage as well as that lovely 42mbps Hspa Plus network. On [email protected] you will get capped data plans and [email protected]’s 21mbps network. BIG Difference in my book.

        • squiddy20

          “The Lg Nexus 4 was made and meant for usage on Tmobile period.” …And yet it works perfectly fine on AT&T, or just about any GSM carrier overseas -_-
          Oh yeah, 21 mbps compared to 42 mbps is such a *huge* difference when you don’t even get 21 mbps on T-Mobile’s HSPA+ 42 network. So you can download Angry Birds Space in 3 seconds instead of 5, la dee fricken da…

          • elarella

            I’ve been getting 21 -22 mbps on my Nexus 4 consistently in Houston.

      • Steve

        If straight talk meets your needs, it works on T-Mobile or AT&T … can’t beat $45a month.. No contract.. no extra fees. Look online for a coupon code to give you a free sim too. If you use less than 2gb. This has HSPA+

    • Matt

      ATT and T Mobile in the states.

  • epps720

    Buying a Nexus = Biggest debacle EVER!!

    • Steve

      When is the next one scheduled to be announced? Still wasn’t better camera and volume levels. Nexus lasts longer cuz immediate Google updates mean phone feels refreshed. Don’t need to buy a new phone for KeyLimePie.. even my galaxy nexus will get it

      • epps720

        Unless you have the Verizon version then you’ll be waiting a LONG time for it. I initially didn’t want to bother with rooting my G-Nex but had to after waiting so long for Verizon’s updates.

        Totally agree with the phone feeling refreshed. Just got CM10 m1 last week and feel like I have a brand new phone again.

    • epps720

      This day in age a company as large as Google and with the resources that Google has, these issues should not be happening. I understand having issues but these are far beyond issues. When your product has been OOS longer than it has been available there’s big issues. I just hope they fix this for their next Nexus when I’ll be in the market again for a phone.

  • SGB101

    Think it’s US only, still temp out of stock in UK

    • muii

      Here in France it’s also still anavailable -sad –
      But I noticed that from yesterday the text under the price in the gplay has changed, it was “épuisé” (like sold out) before and yesterday it changed to “momentannément indisponible” (that means temporarly unavailable).
      So things are moving, but I still can’t buy this phone !

    • tanman888

      Also still out of stock in Australia. :(

      • tanman888

        It appears some one is listening (or coincidence).
        All Nexuses are back in stock! :D

  • Andy

    Hi, I’m smadger on XDA

    After the first batch of Nexus 4s went missing I created the “Where’s my Nexus 4 – Register your Complaint” site to get Google’s attention, we promised we would track their progress and now mkII of the site is up and running. It has nothing to do with Google, but should allow us to track the new orders, and provide a unified voice if there are problems.

    If you manage to place an order for a new Nexus 4 device, please think about signing up – http://www.axiopo.com/google-play-performance/


  • Bo Link

    I just picked up a 16GB version. I was almost getting ready to give up and make a local deal for a phone on Craigslist. I’m glad I had the “Page Monitor” extension loaded up in Chrome.

    @muii, I received notice that the text changed from “Sold Out” to “Temporarily Out of Stock” this morning when I arrived at work. Around Noon CST, the Page Monitor extension lit up again. Keep an eye on the store. They may be getting some soon in France.

  • t

    I have the bumper case, it works great. Actually it works too well. Since it is rubber, if you lay your phone down with the speaker down, you can’t hear anything and you can’t feel it vibrate……..!!!

  • renyo

    If I didn’t spend 2 days rooting my phone, I would’ve definitely gone for it…

    • Daniel Torres

      Go to xda,read,read and read and do it in 2 or 3 hrs.

      • renyo

        I read, read and read for 1 month! When Sense started acting up I decided to go for it… Unfortunately I the s-off thing crashed n screwed my SD card… Had to buy a new one… If u check for Juopunutbear s-off you’ll know what I’m talkin about…

  • zyo

    Got two hooray! Was going to wait for Xperia Z but nothing beats that 299 price tag.

  • hurric

    Just ordered one!!! but going to return the bumper case. too expensive :D yay

    • hurric

      and ordered from Canada google play!

  • vyns

    I’m surprised it’s not sold out yet

  • Ichigo

    This phone is mad overrated.

  • uknowme

    It’s very very tempting. I’m just crossing my fingers and praying a 32g version comes out in a reasonable amount of time. I have to pay to leave Sprint and I want it to be worth my money.

  • hurric

    apparently can’t return my bumper yet..i have to refuse delivery..oh well I may just keep it.

  • meazy

    Yeah I am hoping a 32gb comes out to unknown so I can laugh at everyone who pull the trigger to soon. Waited this long why not wait for another 1 or 2 weeks

  • mario_1603

    since today the nexus 4 is always in stock or not ?

    • donger


  • sbala

    Yes want a 32GB with white colour

    • nippi1111

      ur wish got granted

  • Nathan D.

    Hopefully, it stays in Stock longer then before

  • donger

    Yes the bumper is in stock.

  • Richard Yarrell

    No doubt the Lg Nexus 4 on tmobile definitely pisses all over the Verizon Galaxy Nexus all day long..

    • Richard Yarrell

      Lg Nexus 4 on tmobile pisses on that watered down 3g Sprint Galaxy Nexus. Where is that loser squiddy20 at. You already know he can’t afford a new Nexus 4 he never buys anything without mommy’s help. Had to say it

      • Mario

        Why things always seems so negative around you? Chill man. Embrace the nexus spirit, the playground is open.

        • squiddy20

          He tried. He had the Galaxy Nexus for a whole 8 months, 2 of which were spent “looking into” rooting it. He still couldn’t and now says how “plain and boring shitty stock is”

      • redraider133

        But I thought your note 2 pimp slapped every other device or did you change your mind again?

    • squiddy20

      A phone from late 2011/early 2012 being beat by a phone that came out a year later? IMAGINE THAT. What is this, State the Obvious day?

  • josegb2011

    Glad is finally available for you guys …i was lucky enough to get one the first time and with my 3 months with it now, i am happy owner by far the best android experience for me… p.s buy a case while you wait for your phone trust me..

  • Sanford

    What I love is that people were intimidated by the long lead times that were on the Google Play page.

    I ordered mine and less than two weeks, the phone was at my home. And at the time, I saw that lead times were first 5-6 weeks, and then 7-8 weeks long.

    Persistence works.

  • John

    I got one on the 13th November but after two months I decided the poor battery life warranted getting a new phone. So far the Note 2 is meeting my battery needs and I was able to install a few android 4.2 features I missed (keyboard and camera).

    • SGB101

      I done the exact same with the one X.

      I kept it holding out for the nexus 4 announcement, the day the news broke of a sealed, battery I got a note2.

      It’s all about the battery for me . No power makes the rest unless.

      • josegb2011

        well the nexus 4 battery life is pretty good for me at least from my previous phones aka galaxy nexus,droid 1 and 3 , lg ally etc.. i can get through a whole day with about 2 – 3 hours of screen time with texting, web, temple run 2 (love it), and some youtube but it depends on how you use it…also how good of a signal your phone can hold..

        • SGB101

          I was just burnt by the one X, need a charge by lunchtime each day.

          Once I needed it to last 7am to midnight plus, it done it, by 2% but only made calls, email and text, for essentials, no way to enjoy your device.

          So with needed in a device, and no reviews of the nexus (was still about a month away) i opted for the note2′s large battery, and not look back.

          Wouldn’t have a sub 5.5″ screen either.

  • Alec Waddelow

    Of course it comes back in stock right after I order and inferior phone off of Ebay. Oh well. Live and learn.

  • captainkirkw

    I got the e-mail confirmation that my order has shipped and is supposed to arrive by the end of the day tomorrow. Yay! Bye Bye iPhone 4.

  • cold

    i’ve tried to purchase it but ill i’ve gotten is that there has been a technical error……..

  • lipchak

    i had a question about the nexus 4 – when you have data and wifi ON – does it use wifi when wifi is available? is there a setting for this?

  • Alvin

    Just got shipment notification for my 8GB.

  • PM

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  • PM

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  • TheChez99

    £10 to go until I can afford it! :-) not long now :-)