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Nokia could eventually make an Android phone, but don’t hold your breath

nokia lumia Image via: Magnus Jonasson with Creative Commons

Despite how badly countless numbers of smartphone users want one, and how much sense it makes to produce one, Nokia has been firm on their commitment to Windows Phone, making it clear they have no interest in manufacturing an Android phone. We’ve been over this before here at Android and Me, but we’re bringing it up again today because Nokia CEO Stephen Elop looks to be finally softening his stance on alternative platforms.

In an interview with El Pais, Elop was quoted as saying that while Nokia is happy with Windows Phone at the moment, but left the door open by saying “anything is possible.”

In the current ecosystem wars we are using Windows Phone as our weapon. But we are always thinking about what’s coming next, what will be the role of HTML 5, Android… Today we are committed and satisfied with Microsoft, but anything is possible.Stephen ElopNokia

Of course this shouldn’t be taken as any sort of confirmation that Nokia is working on an Android powered Lumia behind closed doors, but it’s a far cry from the position Elop has taken on alternative platforms in the past. For those of us who crave Nokia’s industrial design and Android’s sleek, modern UI, there’s still hope yet.

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  • g1user

    Come on Nokia, we would love to have you join the Android Eco-system!

    • kazahani

      After seeing and holding various Lumia phones and activating a couple of them for customers, I can honestly say that I would never buy a Nokia smartphone. I’ve heard that some of their Symbian phones were sweet back in the day, but I think their Windows phones all look like bricks and I have no desire to try one. HTC 8x blows them all away imo.

      • kazahani

        Oh and another thing, I’ve had multiple Lumia units derp while trying to activate. One was defective, the other was just having issues connecting to the towers I guess, but still it seems odd that out of the few Windows phones I’ve sold, 2 have given me trouble.

  • SGB101

    Loved the camera on my N95, only mid 2012, did any Android device finally catch up to it.

    I went from the great point and shoot of that nokia, (it was as good as the stand alone p&s of the day) to the camera of the G1, that was not a great camera lol.

  • renyo

    Nokia has a really good mix of tech and design in their phones… If dig into some android, then Nokia will be saved!

  • Hinds

    Shoot I was gonna hold my breath! He could have said no comment! Let nokia stay in Microsoft!

  • CTown

    I think Nokia should do something to get on Microsoft’s bad side. What with all of the jokes one heard about how Microsoft “bought Nokia for 0 billion dollars”. Then, Nokia got rid of its own OS. The next thing you hear is that HTC is the one that gets to build the surface devices.

    Now, everyone is using Nokia’s efforts but Nokia as RIM, Canonical, and Jolla are now using the toolkit Nokia (of course Qt also has a huge community that contributes to it) poured so much resources and time into to make the next version of Blackberry, Ubuntu for Mobile, and Jailfish. It looks like Qt has a very strong future ahead of itself.

    So, why is Nokia so commited to Microsoft and Windows?

    • Jeremy Sheehan

      Elop was an ex-Microsoft executive and ms gave them $1 billion to stay exclusive to Windows Mobile. $1bn is a drop in the bucket to ms and they thought that nokia would have no problems selling phones. Normally it wouldn’t be a problem but Nokia hasn’t been a big seller of phones in the US as of late and who wants a Windows Phone anyway?

      • CTown

        “who wants a Windows Phone anyway?”

        Hey man, a whole 2.5% of the world’s smartphone users disagree with your opinion… oh wait, I guess you are right!

  • Nathan D.

    That would be the day, lol

  • Ardrid

    I don’t know about anyone else but I would kill for a Nokia manufactured device running stock Android. The attention to detail they’ve shown with the Lumia is incredible. Here’s hoping they have no choice with the way WinPho8 is going :)

  • http://www.focuszonedevelopment.com Homncruse

    I seriously wonder how many people would be willing to preorder an Android-powered Nokia smartphone. I know I’d be one of them. If there was some way we could deliver official numbers to Nokia, maybe they’d reconsider.

  • Jorge Eslava

    If Nokia doesn’t make windows phones who will? Windows has to keep making phone software in order to remind Google to keep inovating and improving Android. On an unrelated comment, who thinks Windows 8 is a total fail? I can’t stand it.

    • vegiisan

      HTC and Samsung make Windows phones too, companies are capable of making both, you’re not limited to one OS. Nokia can easily do both Android ad WP.

      • Jorge Eslava

        I agree, but the only manufacturer that advertises and actually makes a decent amount of windows phones is Nokia. I’m sure that if Nokia starts making Android phones they would end up ditching Windows phone like the other manufacturers.

  • Anjie Cai

    Sweet! They make great phones :D I’d like to see a super high speced Nokia android phone in the future. Either that or they’re screwed.

  • nikhilverma

    Nokia and Android could be a match made in heaven.

  • mario_1603

    I would like to see an android/nokia phone

  • Stoxystocks

    I think nokia should hurry up about doing it because the past few years haven’t been the best for nokia

  • romy134

    can take HTC spot I guess.

  • Mudassir Ali

    What a great combination it would be. Android on Nokia’s hardware. I would love to see a Nokia Android phone.

  • Jeremy Sheehan

    As bad as it sounds, if they do decide to make an android phone, it will be too late. They have already been pushed to obscurity by being windows exclusive. The lumia line us sexy, no doubt, but by the time an android phone is released, Elop will have wished he pissed his pants a loooooong time ago.

  • alexeiw123

    nokia nexus. That’s all I have to say about that.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002275344855 luis maldonado

    i would a nokia running stock android!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002275344855 luis maldonado


  • iamXiV92a

    I would love to see an Android powered phone, but the other part of me thinks it may be “too little, too late” unless Nokia comes with something stupid awesome. We’ve got the Nexus 4, Galaxy Note II and Droid DNA.. Sony has got some nice offerings coming up and we all know Samsung has the Galaxy S IV coming up as well – Nokia, if you’re planning something Android be SURE to make it supremely awesome

  • sbala

    Nokia we expect a Lumia Android phone from you.
    Are u listening…..

  • ihatefanboys

    Translation “we realize windows phone 8 is never really going to sell as well as we’d hoped so we will basically be like a leaf in the wind and float on whatever wind is popular at the moment. Windows is a sinking ship in mobile, Nokia should definitely get with Android, should have went there from the start.

  • donger

    I would buy not one but all nokia android phones. I loved their N series.

  • anish67

    anything is possible… if u wanna stay in the game get on the android else be doomed

  • da9el

    i know many people that love nokia and even more that love android. android software with nokia hardware would definitely match their taste!

  • logrish

    I TRULY MADLY DEEPLY hope that nokia join the android eco system…. They have devices with such good hardware, its a shame they are stuck with windows. :(

  • Rovex

    Nokias are just awesome, far and away the best out there, but I want Android. Nexus N ? Yes please, phone perfection.

  • Tobbe

    I agree, Nokia and Android would be perfect. I have the JellyBean release from Nitdroid installed on my Nokia N9 and it works really great for being an alpha release created by some happy hackers. If just nokia could help them to finalize the camera, gps and voicecalls…

  • Drone3

    All they need to do is make a Nokia Nexus and they will be on top again, it’s just to easy. It’s what we’re waiting for!

  • murali.ram

    was just waiting for them to get into DROID business :-P

  • CoolNickname

    Lumia 920 hardware + stock Android = instant buy

  • digvijaya07

    Nokia would be a perfect n 1st option if they’ll enter n go hit :D

  • William Paul

    Android Phones come in a variety of forms and flavors. Search the phone of your choice on mobileandfun.

  • cb2000a

    Be smart Elop and offer a nice Android Nokia. You just might save the company and be a hero.

  • Trevor

    If nokia starts making android phones..it will again get control of his annexed throne overtaken by other smartphone companies…lol..i guess ;D

  • Roger

    Elop is holding this up, and doing it at Microsoft’s behest. Fire his ass and let’s get on with it. My wallet awaits….

  • James

    I guess Nokia should do a qwerty keypad Android phone with a screen soft touch just like Samsung Galaxy M Pro and also do the one with ordinary screen touch like Samsung Galaxy s2 with greater features. I think Nokia will make there money thereby alongside with there window phones.

  • Queena

    Lumia is very cool and it has taken an increasing market percentage in the smartphone world. But no matter what mobile you are using, you may have an idea to change a different one. With MobileTrans, phone to phone transfer is no longer a problem.

  • Arnav Deep

    every buddy knws dat samsung is at the top of the market only & only bcz of its android os.
    Than why nokia wants to stick with windows phone…… Althought windows phone is gud my many peoples r not easly understanding its os….
    Whereas understanding of android is much easear…….

  • kashif

    what’s fuck
    nokia not make Android phones..?
    very bad action from nokia …
    nokia loverZz so sad…:(