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Nvidia to try their hand at smartphones and tablets in order to promote Tegra


Nvidia’s succes with their venture into mobile has been hit or miss. Tegra has become relatively well known, but its popularity still pales in comparison to the competition. Namely, Qualcomm. So what’s Nvidia to do about it? Instead of waiting for manufacturers to come to Nvidia for chips, Nvidia is going to start building their own smartphones and tablets, ensuring that Tegra is done right.

According to Mobile Review’s Eldar Murtazin, by mid-2013, Nvidia plans on partnering with various regional carriers to manufacture devices that put Tegra on display. This approach, using what is known as “white label” devices, is nothing new. In the past, companies like Huawei and Alcatel have manufactured reference devices, and let carriers like T-Mobile put their name on them.

If everything goes according to plan, Nvidia will partner with carriers to release reference devices, gain traction and build up profits, then use their new weight with both manufacturers and carriers to secure high-quality components to be sold at lower prices. Nvidia benefits by pumping up their mobile chip devision, and consumers benefit with access to affordable, high-quality hardware.

As far as what Nvidia does after they build marketshare and a reliable manufacturing chain is anyone’s guess. It might not be any time soon, but don’t be surprised if someday, Nvidia phones are competing with the best of them.

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Source: Mobile Review

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  • Co1e

    I’m excited to see what Tegra 4 can do, and I’m all for additional competition. Just hope they use vanilla android!

    • dave

      I hope they get someone like Cyanogen to make their android experiance even better.

      • Jorge Eslava

        I thought Cyanogen started working for Samsung.

  • SGB101

    I like this in principle, but US carriers will put loads of demands on them an ruin it. Hopefully there will be an international vanilla version.

    • sncrmck

      Hopefully new phone companies can start selling unlocked like the Nexus 4 and not have to worry about carrier demands. I can guarantee they’d have trouble keeping phones on the (digital) shelf.

    • amIT29

      Vanilla android as flavors ofJB?? like tropical ,strawberry , vanilla etcor is it some different android version all together?

  • titan13

    I’m a bit sceptical, what makes Nvidia think they can beat hardware manufacturers at their own game? I mean google doing what it’s doing with the nexus line makes some sense, high spec, low price, low profit hardware designed to gain android market share. Say Nvidia comes out with some killer device at a really low price, so they make only a little profit on each one, as soon as a better device comes out using a competitors chipset, everyone is going to jump ship and what will Nvidia have really achieved? Or they could make high quality, high priced hardware and try to beat samsung, sony, htc at their own game. I mean if they do the latter they can’t go in half heartedly and expect to be successful. Just IMO ofc.

    • nivekkev

      Seems to me that Nvidia is not some much trying to put out great phones and tablets but to showcase their chips so that other manufactures will see the power and consider using thier chip as opposed to some of the other chips out on the market that Nvidia keeps losing out on. Maybe they feel that those phones/tablets that current use thier chips are not optimized or used to it’s fullest potential and now they have decided to show off all of what thier chips can do and show why the manufactures should choose Nvidia chips.

    • romXXII

      didn’t you read the article? They’re not directly competing with manufacturers per se. They’re going to partner up with manufacturers, who will be building nVidia-branded devices. Think of it as the Nvidia version of the Nexus branding.

    • thel0nerang3r

      There are several manufacturers that build hardware for other vendors. Foxconn, Hawei, etc. Any company can go to them and contract to build a device to their specification. NViida is a fabless designer. They can just get a major ODM to build a device to their specs.

  • heat361

    Lower cost and high specs is what technology is about. Just like last year they helped release lower cost tegra 3 device like the n7.

  • Ardrid

    I like the idea of this but I question the viability in the US market. Carriers have a stranglehold on the market and can easily dictate which devices rise and fall. I think NVIDIA needs to take a page out of Google’s playbook (and Amazon’s for that matter) and develop these devices sans carrier input. In other words, unlocked out the gate at a competitive price.

    • donger


    • titan

      Sry, I meant to thumbs up your comment, not thumbs it down! I hate that carriers get exclusive phones, like razr m, razr maxx HD etc. Really annoying for consumers, especially when they are from other countries and want to buy that phone! Plus all the other demands they make. And I think I read that in the US unlocking phones, unless through carriers, is going to become illegal. I mean, why do politicians give a hoot if people unlock their phones? Obviously, it seems to me, it’s pressure from carriers for legislation to stop it. Androidcentral say it’s not a big deal, just like they said task killers are pointless. But if you have had an older android device then you probably know it helps when everything goes jerky in a game to kill everything else running. So w/e androidcentral. Tbh that site is written more like a personal blog than anything else. /rant. So anyway I agree, manufactures should just make there own stores and sell their phones unlocked to whoever and wherever IMO, assuming it’s financially viable.

  • Nate B.

    This could be good depending how they go about it. I just hope they don’t saturate the market and make a bunch of devices. Just top flight devices to target certain markets and then market it well. One super phone, one beast of a tablet and see what happens.

  • redraider133

    I think Nvidia should just stick to letting manufacturers put the Tegra chip in their products and make sure they get their chip in the nexus 7 v2 and that will be the publicity they need if they can deliver on a nexus device great performance that will really show how smooth the chip and android can be, if tegra 4 really is as good as advertised.

  • HeCareth

    This would be interesting because I’m sure these reference devices will run stock Android, based on how they were plugging stock Android left and right at their CES event.

  • sbala

    Note its coming to India first as a white board rebranded local device.

  • Lawrence

    This is good business. It goes to show that competition is heating up with companies making their own in house devices. Google X, Microsoft surface phone, and now Nvidia phones. But if Qualcomm steps in with a phone of their their own than we are in for a treat.Google