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Samsung Galaxy Note III rumored to launch with eight-core processor, 6.3-inch display


We’ve barely made it out of the holiday smartphone release season, and already, rumors on 2013′s most anticipated handsets are popping up online. Today, in a story about Samsung looking to China to build out their chip business, the Korea Times made mention of the Galaxy Note III, slipping in a couple key specs on the device.

According to the Korea Times, the Samsung Galaxy Note III will come with a 6.3-inch display, up from 5.5 on the Note II, and Samsung’s recently announced eight-core Exynos 5 Octa. It may seem a little early to start attaching numbers to a device that likely won’t launch until fall 2013, but from start to finish, smartphones take a very long time to produce. It’s certainly possible that early Note III prototype devices exist inside Samsung.

Of course, anything could happen in the next nine months here. But unless something crazy happens, we’ll be seeing a lot of the Exynos 5 Octa in the year to come. And as far as a bigger display on the Note III goes, Samsung has been known for outdoing themselves. I wouldn’t put a 6.3-inch smartphone past them. If Samsung were to up the ante and release a massive 6-inch phone, would you be interested? I think I’d have to sit that one out.

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Source: Korea Times

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    Korea Times.

    • Richard Yarrell

      No way will i pass up on a 6.3 inch 1080p full HD or flexible screen, talk about industry leading specs Exynos 5 Octa processor clocked at 2.0ghz with 4 Arm cortex A-15′s for optimum performance and 4 cortex A7′s for common task. Going this way should result in industry leading battery life and an heavenly smooth experience playing games and browsing the Internet. While i personally am torn between Samsung’s Mali T658 Gpu which is my hope they would use. It appears they might go with the PowerVR SGX 544Mp3 clocked at 544Mhz Gpu. 16meg camera, 3.0 front facing camera, 3gb of ram, 4200mAh battery, 64gb sd card with PowerVR of internal storage. With specs like this NO other device will ever matter period. I still would rather Samsung use the PowerVr on the Galaxy S4 and the in house Mali T658 Gpu on the Galaxy Note 3. Either way this will be mines on day one NO OTHER DEVICE will top this far as I am concerned.

      • squiddy20

        1. What part of “prototype” do you not understand in regards to Samsung’s newly unveiled curved display tech?
        2. Only idiots like yourself think a 16 “meg” camera is a good thing. What you fail to realize is, if you’ve got a poor quality camera sensor, you could have a 30 MP camera and the picture would still be crap.
        3. There are only 2 reasons for any manufacturer to include 3 GB of RAM: A) Their “optimizations”, bloatware, and added OS crap are so resource intensive, or B) to dupe idiots like you who think “MOAR IS BETTER!”. Even with a dozen open applications on my Galaxy Nexus with 1 GB of RAM, and even with an underclocked processor, there’s not much stuttering or reloading. You’ve been duped. Again.
        4. “64gb sd card with PowerVR of internal storage.” Proof that you have no idea what you’re talking about. Power VR is a company that develops hardware and software for 2D/3D rendering, not storage. You’d know this if you did a simple Google search: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=Power+VR Idiot.
        5. “With specs like this NO other device will ever matter period” …Except next years phones… So much for “never” -_-
        6. “4200mAh battery” Have fun carrying that brick around. A battery of that capacity alone weighs about 1 pound. Add in the weight of the phone and you’ve got something that weighs the same as most popular phones from 5 or 6 years ago. :rollseyes

        All of this is proof that you parroting off what other websites and people are saying, when no one knows for certain. I’m sure Samsung hasn’t even finalized the components going into the S4 at this point. To think you know is just absurdly hilarious. BTW, most websites are reporting no more than 2 GB of RAM and a 13 MP camera for the S4. Again, proof that you have no clue what you’re talking about.

        • Downvote resurrection

          Richard Yarrell wrote

          No way will i pass up on a 6.3 inch 1080p full HD or flexible screen, talk about industry leading specs Exynos 5 Octa processor clocked at 2.0ghz with 4 Arm cortex A-15′s for optimum performance and 4 cortex A7′s for common task. Going this way should result in industry leading battery life and an heavenly smooth experience playing games and browsing the Internet. While i personally am torn between Samsung’s Mali T658 Gpu which is my hope they would use. It appears they might go with the PowerVR SGX 544Mp3 clocked at 544Mhz Gpu. 16meg camera, 3.0 front facing camera, 3gb of ram, 4200mAh battery, 64gb sd card with PowerVR of internal storage. With specs like this NO other device will ever matter period. I still would rather Samsung use the PowerVr on the Galaxy S4 and the in house Mali T658 Gpu on the Galaxy Note 3. Either way this will be mines on day one NO OTHER DEVICE will top this far as I am concerned.

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        • Richard Yarrell

          Pretty sad we all know you can’t afford anything worth wild Mr squiddy20. This is a guy who had that crappy Samsung Moment device on Boost mobile good old prepaid carrier. Now he has graduated to Sprint with his crappy 3g Galaxy Nexus probably on his mother’s account. Dam my brother man up go out in the world go get a job and move out your mother’s dark basement you have become a pretty sad conclusion. Meanwhile i will be purchasing as i please like i always do. Don’t hate when others purchase what they want while your trolling all over the Internet leaving comments to everyone’s comments. Your the common androidandme troll. Go piss on yourself

          • squiddy20

            1. It’s spelled “worth while”. Try looking things up before insulting me about my supposed lack of intelligence when you can’t even spell phrases right, let alone use the correct form of your/you’re or they’re/there/their.
            2. You “know” I can’t afford anything worth while… how exactly? You don’t know my name, my profession, my financial status, let alone the rough geographical area I live in. You know nothing substantive about me. Under that horribly wrong logic, we might as well assume you’re “rolling in the dough” simply because you say you can “afford whatever you want whenever you want it”. Also, you’ve been saying I live in my “mothers dark basement” for well over two years now, when again, you know nothing substantive about me. Are you really going to just reuse the same lines over and over? What a pitiful joke.
            3. “Samsung Moment device on Boost mobile” Again, if you took even 30 seconds to do a Google search of “Samsung Moment”, you’d find it was never sold by any carrier other than Sprint. Now, if I recall correctly, there was a way to change the radio functions so it *worked* on Boost/Virgin, but it was never ever sold outright by Boost, Cricket, or even Simple Mobile – a GSM/HSPA+ carrier you at one time or another said that I had the Moment on, despite it being a CDMA only phone. You really need to learn to fact check your sorry self.

        • shawn

          A 4200 battery weighing 1 lbs? Wow u need to get to gym if u think that battery weights 1lb.

      • supremekizzle

        OMG! RICHARD YARRELL!!! I remember you when you used to post over at phandroid.com I thought you had died because you quit posting about your obsession with the EVO line and Sprint. You HAVE to be the most hated person in the Android community lmfao.

        • squiddy20

          He stopped posting because he got booted from the site… 4 times…

          • Orion78

            Yeah that website is smart. This site however continues to allow him to post. I just don’t get it.

          • ihatefanboys

            He never got booted from Phandroid, how would you know ??? his comments are harmless. He never berates anyone like you just did, and thank god he never made a giant paragraph like you just wrote. Thats a better reason to get booted from any site. Hes enthusiastic about Android ! Does he get a lot of facts wrong ? Sure, but who is an EXPERT anyways ? ITs all guesswork and just because YOU have a problem with him because hes saying silly shit doesnt make the fact that hes enthusiastic any less enthusiastic. Make sense ?

          • squiddy20

            He did indeed get booted from Phandroid because I watched it happen. Over the course of a month or so, he made 4 different Disqus accounts (mostly using variations of his name: yarrellray, richardyarrell, some other name-variation, and rockingmyevo3d) and stupidly came back each time saying “hey look guys! I’m Richard and I’m baaaack!”. The mods even said they were attempting to ban him, but short of an IP ban, they could do nothing but block his various Disqus accounts from accessing the site.
            “He never berates anyone like you just did” Try again: http://androidandme.com/2012/12/smartphones-2/android-4-0-update-for-htc-thunderbolt-will-be-here-soon/comment-page-1/#comment-466091
            Despite what you may think, I don’t think of myself as an expert. I’m just not stupid enough to go running around claiming the specs of the S4 concept-phones.com has listed are 100% true like he has. I mean, the URL even has the key word “concept” in it, meaning made up and completely false, a best guess. I’m just here pointing out his blindingly obvious errors. If he stopped and thought for just a few moments about the utter crap he’s saying, he probably wouldn’t get so much wrong. It doesn’t take a genius to fact-check yourself when we have Google and a myriad of other search tools…

          • http://www.ndroidgamers.com B2L

            I can agree with Squiddy20, he wasn’t the only person to see Richard banned from Phandroid. Nearly everyone was celebrating after he was gone.

          • Richard Yarrell

            This squiddy20 guy is the guy they choose to protect on phandroid and here on androidandme. They encourage him to troll people all the rime. Phandroid Site people are close friends with androidandme people so they all talk to one another daily. Squiddy20 trolls around the Internet answering all my comments all over various sites. He is a pitiful conclusion for a human being and banning me will mean he should get banned. Squiddy20 has always been a person who has been hostile toward people on Phandroid as well as here to. He trolls on androidcentral, , androidcommunity, , that he can use his squiddy20 sign in name. Places like engadget, bgr, , theVerge, , any place that uses legitimate sign in credentials you won’t see squiddy20 cause he hides in the real world. Piss on squiddy20 and his fake names. People can hate all they want but I am a major player in many ways in the android community always will be. I don’t have to hide and be a coward.ie squiddy20.

          • Richard Yarrell

            Never got booted you got booted why don’t you post at phandroid anymore squiddy20? ??? Anyway you are and always have been nothing more than a troll which has been that way for years. It’s pretty sad the person you have become. Your a Internet trolling coward a person who never man’s up show your real self you Internet coward. Stop signing in being a coward. Who is the real squiddy20 he don’t want nobody to know typical coward and loser

          • squiddy20

            1. You want proof that I never got booted from Phandroid Richard? Here’s your proof: http://phandroid.com/2013/01/18/o2-uk-charging-cables/#comment-772264137 and http://phandroid.com/2013/01/18/o2-uk-charging-cables/#comment-772231570 Both posted several hours before your moronic crap.
            2. “show your real self you Internet coward. Stop signing in being a coward.” Uhhh… well over half the people who do have A&M accounts don’t use their real names, idiot. Or do you think “BetterWithRoot”, “ihatefanboys”, and “orion78″ are their real names? I don’t see you making nearly as big a deal about their “cowardice”.
            3. “and banning me will mean he should get banned.” So, it’s an eye for an eye, eh? What a childish way of thinking. You were banned from Phandroid for a reason. Maybe you should reflect on it and better yourself instead of carrying on like an ignorant, unthinking dolt.
            4. ” Phandroid Site people are close friends with androidandme people so they all talk to one another daily” And your proof of this is…. what? I’ve only ever seen Chris Chavez from Phandroid comment here a few times, and several months ago at that. Hardly the “close friends” that you speak of.
            5. “Squiddy20 has always been a person who has been hostile toward people on Phandroid as well as here to.” I think the links in my first point blow this statement “out of the water”, to use one your terms. How funny the baseless, unfounded crap you come up with.
            6. “Places like engadget, bgr, , theVerge, , any place that uses legitimate sign in credentials you won’t see squiddy20″ Like I said in a previous point, even some of those people don’t use their “real names”. Why don’t you try opening your pudgy little eyes to reality before spewing your hilariously wrong BS?

          • squiddy20

            Richard, I’d also like to add (for lack of an “edit” button) that you were banned from Android Central’s forums about 10 weeks ago because of your outlandish, fanboy posts. Jerry Hildenbrand, one of the mods and writers at AC, even said so himself. Again, maybe you should reflect on what exactly you do/say that pisses so many people off.

        • jamal adam

          When you look at all the comments he has made, some 700+, and all the down votes he has received. It’s clear as day that that he must be the really hated. I mean, it seems to me like most, if not all, of his comments have been down voted to oblivion. Well, that was off topic but hey, it’s quite an impress feat to manage that.

          • ihatefanboys

            Honestly I dont know why hes hated. Im on Phandroid as well and the most he does is get a lot of facts wrong and speculates to death but hes never called anyone “idiot” like Squiddy called him, or anything else derogatory. I think its simply “Mob Mentality” He’s harmless, and so are his comments.

          • Orion78

            Exactly! Also, there are comments he made on this site alone that should have resulted in being banned. ihatefanboys, please do yourself a favor and know what’s really going on before you pass judgement. You have no clue. Thanks

          • squiddy20

            He once called me a “peckerwood” (which I had to look up because I’d never heard it before) simply because I provided proof that one of the things he stated was wrong. He was saying that the processor in the HTC Sensation was
            “crappier” than the one in his “legendary” Evo 3D. I, and a few others provided links proving they were basically the same (the only difference was in wireless connectivity: CDMA vs. GSM), but he went right along saying his ignorant crap.

            Yeah, he’s NEVER called anyone else anything remotely derogatory -_-

          • Richard Yarrell

            Can’t help but laugh at people who really think this means anything of any real importance. Get real guys people who sign in here on androidandme are usually phoney people anyway people using different names daily. I am well known always will be I have plenty of true followers real people who are about something in the android world. So don’t worry i am doing very well in android land helping many and dealing with many thing within android. Sites like this allow people to remain anonymous which isn’t kool in the real world.

          • squiddy20

            “Get real guys people who sign in here on androidandme are usually phoney people anyway” …You cite above Engadget as a place where users have to use “legitimate sign in credentials”, but on this article alone, http://www.engadget.com/2013/01/18/chrome-25-ssl-encrypted-search-everyone/ I count I count only 2 out of maybe 20-or-so unique usernames that could even *possibly* be someone’s real name. And you thought A&M was the only place where “real names” aren’t used. HA!

        • Victim Lance Armstrong

          squiddy20 is Richard Yarrell…and snowbdr is his brother

          • squiddy20

            That totally explains why my writing style (not to mention spelling/grammar) is completely different from his…

          • Richard Yarrell

            Both squiddy20 and that other prick snowbdr89 are both classic trolls here on androidandme. They are the basic losers this site loves. Piss on squiddy20 and snowbdr89 they are both asswipes.

          • squiddy20

            Yep, that totally explains why, for the most part, I’m upvoted and you are downvoted. That totally explains why you were banned from commenting on Phandroid AND Android Central’s forums. Seems you have the “loser” label a bit confused.

        • Richard Yarrell

          I am alive and well. Have gotten much bigger since those days. Phandroid was a launch pad for me even thou they were pretty corny. Now i have blown up in many ways but that could only be a plus to real people with real faces not fake people which exist here on androidandme.

      • ayocuz

        I don’t know why you’re so hated but you do make so valid points. I don’t blame you for jumping ship on HTC hell they felloff and let Samsung become that deal

        • Richard Yarrell

          Hated by trolls which means nothing in the real world. These people come here on androidandme make phoney accounts and sign in using all kinds of different names that’s not exceptable. Bottom line back in 2010 Htc had that Evo going real good but ever since they have declined and drastically. Samsung has looked out for it’s customers and android also. I roll with Samsung and proud to say it.

          • Eben1277

            It may not be exceptable but is it acceptable?

    • SnipesYan

      It better be on a bendable paper thin oled display.

    • Cathleen Morton

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  • redraider133

    I may be in the minority, but I wish they would have kept the 5.5 size and increased the resolution along with the newer processor and everything else they will add. Unless they are going to go completely bezel-less, they are getting close to tablet territory with over 6″ screen.

    • jamal adam

      I agree with you. 5.5 is the sweet spot for the Galaxy Note series but it would be a different story if they somehow managed to fit a 6.3″ screen in the body of the Galaxy Note 2

      • jamal adam

        I would say that Samsung has hit a gold mine if they could manage that.

    • DrFaust

      I agree. Even completely bezel-less I’d still prefer something in the 5.5 inch range.

  • clocinnorcal

    I love the new year speculations! Although like redraider said, I’m not really interested in a phone over 6 inches. But still, I love to hear what is in store for us in the year to come!

  • Alec Waddelow

    I think it will have a very small market to sell to if they make the display that large

  • triangle

    Agreed, it’s starting to get too big when go way past the Note 2 form factor. I am looking forward to the higher resolution and octa processor, but it’ll be a while before this comes out.

  • nikhilverma

    I loved the note 2 size , bu guess over 6 inches might be too large.

  • justgable

    I don’t think the size of the phone is going to be a “problem” for long, people seem to have adjusted to the 5.5″ screen pretty quickly. Many said the HTC Epic at 4.3″ was going to be too big to manage when it was announced, same with the 5″ phone Dell came out with.

  • MisterLee

    thats just obnoxiously big… cool? maybe but its still a phone.

  • Vance

    Um…it’s basically a 7″ tablet at that point…

  • Thomas Biard

    I think the point of these huge screens is that everyone will just have a headset (Bluetooth) that they use to talk on the phone instead of holding it up to their ear. I prefer to do that now anyways, and I have a 4.3in screen.

    I know many people still think its ridiculous to walk around with a Bluetooth in their ear, but its much better than walking down the street/driving while holding a phone up to your ear no matter how big or small it is. I don’t always have my bluetooth in my ear, but when my phone rings i’ll pull the earpiece out of my pocket and start talking.

    Eh, what’s it matter, just my opinion. Anyone else do something similar?

  • staryoshi

    I’ll be looking to replace my nexus 7 and sgii epic 4gt touch simultaneously with a 5.5-6″ phablet, but I’d prefer an Asus- built Nexus phone.

  • jeff moore

    I love my note2 and I will most likely get the 3 when it comes out. Im a fairly big guy (6′ 3″ 240lbs). But I think it will be an interesting subject when pictures are finally released, I can’t wait

  • golcarcol

    Does anyone else think 8 cores is a little too much? What could you possible do that requires that many processors?

    • golcarcol

      Thanks for the info.

      This sounds too much to what a Governor does – granted, a governor doesn’t switch between processors, it just increases/decreases the speed of the cores depending on the load required. But it sounds like one nonetheless.

      It also makes me wonder the cost (money wise) of having two quad cores will be.

  • romy134

    just seems to big if you ask me, I can see alot of people dropping this thing.

  • KennyL

    Too big. Rule of thumb (or palm), if the screen is wider than my palm when held vertically, it’s too big as a phone.

  • Nate B.

    I won’t bash anything until it is seen with our own eyes. I do know if it was to have a a screen that big they would have to master a really unique design and true edge to edge. We have a long time from now to know what’s concrete. I want to see what the S4 will hold.

  • DrFaust

    I wish samsung would just make the wacom features standard across all of their high end phones and just have varying sizes.

    i.e. Galaxy S 4.5, 5.5 and 6.5. Everyone fets what they want.

  • thymeless

    Not sure what I think of the size. Depends on bezel size too. I think it’s probably more than my size hands would be comfortable with.

    I like Dr. Faust’s idea though about offering the same “phone” in different size screens.

  • vitriolix

    Why not. My GN II is already too big to be really pocketable or one handable, might as well go a little bigger. I keep it in my jacket pocket mostly anyhow.

  • luis

    I think as a phablet increasing from 5.5 to 6.3 inches would be a cool idea as for I like to watch a lot of youtube and especially crackle and netflix the screen would be outrageous, and as for holding the phone that big I’d prefer using either a handeholder or fingerring to attach on the back of a case or cover, makes it easy to hold and handle on one armhand.

  • yoaj

    I CANNOT wait for this phone! I have yet to get a tablet be it 7 or 10 inch because I just cannot find the reason to. This solves all my problems of portability and connectivity.

  • don

    absolutely I would be the first in line to buy it,after buying the note 2 which so many people say its to big although its selling like gangbusters ,all the people that say its to big one question do they own one? I bet no but after you own one its awesome and not to big matter of fact after you use it for a month or so its like wish it was a little bigger ,reason your using it much much more than anything you own ,and bigger screen would be even better after all who has perfect vision ?and for those millions and millions of us that don’t have perfect vision a bigger screen is never to big .If your concerned about holding it to your face to talk that’s not a issue but if for some people it is a issue something called bluetooth will give you tons of options to having a ear piece or whatever to use the phone part.Try using the note 2 and then you will be saying gee I seem to be using this phone more than any phone I have ever had wish i would of used the phone before I judged it because i was really wrong about this phone and its so nice to see the screen!!!!!!! Think about your tv do you want a 32″ tv or a 60 inch why do you want the bigger screen because its so much more enjoyable same with a phone if you can see what you are doing you will use the phone more and it will be so much more enjoyable try it you will see I am right thus the bigger screen they are talking about and the size is oh so perfect It will be a welcome addition and yes it will sell like gang busters you heard it hear!, if I am wrong love to hear it!I want one now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • somegm2owner

      Look up the definition of punctuation please….


  • Burnd

    I suppose this phone seems noteworthy.

  • Raja

    Good lord so the note 2 will be old within one year of it’s release? Hope Samsung gives a take back note 2 and get discount on note 3 when it releases

  • John in Brisbane

    6.3″ is a little crazy. I predicted 5″ smart phones a decade ago (sorry, that was my one and only wise utterance) and the note 2 almost made it into my pocket over the gs3 but 6.3″ is almost nexus 7 territory. Hell, my old gs2 is ergonomically superior to my gs3. Until foldable holographic-type screens are invented, or people accept split screen phones, the practical limit of mainstream phones will be little more than 5″. OK, we’ll probably see edge-less units with algorithms to discriminate between handling and purposeful touching. And presumably, before long there will simply be a continuous spread of reasonably priced devices from 3 to 12 or more inches. For most people, assuming attitudes don’t change radically, 6.3″ won’t pass the pocket test.

  • nivekkev

    I am thinking since there could be a lot of time before this comes out, they will probably try to use their new flex screen technology, that looks super thin, if that is the case they may be able to up the screen size while making the phone thinner so it would be easier to handle. In any case, I will not rule anything out until I can actually hold it in my hand, that is the only way to tell for sure….

  • atmyside99

    I personally think that this is just outrageous, I would like a note at about 5.6″, in the same form factor. 6.3″ for me is too big. I would just prefer if they separate the Very Large from the Extremely Large, like make 2 SGN3′s? Like a standard fairly note sized model, and an XL model like this.

  • donger


  • sbala

    Will surely buy this

  • Orion78

    This phone will definitely be an option for my next device. Can’t wait to see what unfolds.

  • Nathan D.

    Is it me or didn’t the note 2 just cane out not to long ago and there already rumors about the next? This is way android is love and hated. Of course this wouldn’t come out until late this year’s but still.

  • ihatefanboys

    I agree that over 6 inches is too big when it comes to a phone. Im still planning on getting the Note 2 in a month or so.

  • Fahim

    I have the Note 2, its beeeg but awesome. 6.3 inch is pushing it a bit. No matter how awesome the Note 3 would be, I won’t go bigger than 5.5 inch. I’d rather get a tablet

  • squint0241

    I went from the Galaxy S3 to the Note 2 after about 2 months of using the S3. I absolutely loved the S3 and there’s nothing wrong with it. I just thought that the capabilities of the Note 2 with Stylus capabilities and at 5.5″ is a sweet spot before trodding into the tablet range. At 5.5″, it still fits in my pocket, albeit fills the whole pocket. If I can’t get the phone in my pocket it’s too big. I refuse to walk around with a phone in my hand unless I’m using it. The weight of the Note 2 is fairly substantial at it’s current size. If Samsung would keep the same size and just lighten it and increase the guts with new tech then that would be great. Just my personal pref, but like everyone else here, it would be cool to see what they come up with. Someone mentioned that if they could reduce the bezel at it’s current size and keep the same form factor with a larger screen…that would rock!

  • surethom

    5.5 inch is a bit big for a phone but 6.5 inch that is just bad.

  • Meterng

    6.3 inch too big!
    Samsung should focus on clearer display with 5.5 inches display, and business application., because it has pen that can manage business task. Second, it should focus on material.

  • RockinEvo

    Hmm lets keep this short and sweet……DAMN THAT A BIG A$$ PHONE!!!

  • hurric

    5″ is my limit and i believe a good sweet spot. anything larger and I just use a tablet.

  • cb2000a

    I can barely get the original Note to fit comfortably in my pocket. Unless they can keep the physical size the same I am not interested.

  • Jehu

    More “ablet” than “Ph.”

  • Matthew

    I would love it, probably as a tablet as my hands are too small

  • K_Benson

    Soon it will be a 10 inch Note 5 and you just fold it in half and stuff in your pocket…Flexible Screens…:)

  • drpluto

    8 cores wow .. I’m wondering about the heat

    • Bryan Stoner

      It’s a big.LITTLE architecture so only a max of 4 will be running at any given time.

  • digvijaya07

    Sounds Great :D

  • ihatecrappleproducts

    Lol i would like to ask what size pants do you people wear? Skinny jeans? I wear loose fitted jeans and my note fits perfectly fine with room to spare in my pocket,I originally thoight the first note was big untill i went into a store and played with it then i bought it and loved it over my old crapple 3gs glad i switch to an android… 6.3″ screen is to big lol never, i think bigger is better you can see moar…

  • jamontoast1291

    The Note series is too big to be my phone of choice, but interesting specs nonetheless.

  • Lisa Waller

    I am ready for an upgrade… Would love the Galaxy Note 3 :-D

  • shaon00

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  • Laksamana

    Yes I will :)

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