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Samsung rumored to release 5.8-inch “Fonblet”


At what point does a phone make the transition into a tablet with calling capabilities? 5-inches? 5.5, 5.8, 6.3? Apparently Samsung is keen on figuring this out, with recent rumors suggesting the company plans on releasing a 5.8-inch phone that will fit nicely between the 5.5-inch Note II, and rumored 6.3-inch Note III.

Despite having taken a more unified approach to flagship devices, Samsung is not done saturating the market yet. Samsung is already rumored to release the Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy Note III and Galaxy S IV in the coming month, and now we can add another device to the list. According to a rumor report out of SamMobile, Samsung is set to announce a 5.8-inch dual-SIM smartphone dubbed the Galaxy Fonblet. Yes, the Galaxy Fonblet. Hopefully the name will change.

Where exactly the Galaxy Fonblet fits into Samsung’s lineup is still a bit of a mystery. The device could turn out to be exclusive to Europe, and differentiate itself with lesser specs like the Galaxy Player 5.8, and a price to match. Even if that does turn out to be true, it still feels a bit unnecessary. With the Galaxy S IV rumored to launch with a 5-inch display, including the S III, Note II and Note III, Samsung would have phones at 4.8, 5, 5.5, 5.8 and 6.3-inches. And those are just the phones.

What do you think, is the 5.8-inch Fonblet overkill, or is Samsung smart to cover such a wide range of sizes? Stay tuned for more on Samsung’s entire 2013 lineup as MWC inches closer.

Source: SamMobile

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  • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

    Next is a TV/tablet :p

    • just my two cents

      exactly. well I can see the advantages of a big screen. But hey you gotta draw the line somewhere. And 5.8-inch is definitely too much for me.

      • hurracayne

        I up ranked you because apparently anytime some one says a device is too big for them, the bigger the better crowd votes them down.

        I agree it has to be a line when a device this size becomes non-practical.

        • R.S

          What’s practical to you may not be practical to someone else and vice versa.

          Unlike the fruit crowd, we Android users aren’t one size fits all. IMO, options, customization, and variety are some of the things that make Android great.

          By having several different sized phones, Samsung is giving each and every one of us a better chance of finding a phone that suits us perfectly.

          • hurracayne

            Yeah but everyone has a right to comment without being down ranked for voices there opinion. If I someone had told me back in 2008 before I bought that G1 that android fans would become like apple fans I would have called them a liar.

            There is nothing wrong with you wanted a large phone but In my personal and professional life it is not practical. I work out doors I can’t keep something like that on me without fear of breaking it and it seems like all the newer “great” phone are getting bigger and bigger. So the people who can’t or don’t want to carry a device that large supposed to do? Go to apple or Windows phone 8?

          • iamXiV92a

            You bring up a very good point, R.S.! I love the fact that Samsung is making all these different sized devices to find something for everyone, but how many of those devices will get timely updates is my next question — then the argument begins about “X device is left high and dry when it’s more than capable of handling the next update.”

      • mr johnson

        that’s what she said

    • Jorge Vieira

      Look up some of the windows 8 desktop/ huge touch scren portable computer made for your lap. Its crazy. Lol

    • Jon Garrett

      I wish they would revisit their Galaxy player devices and make one based on the Note/Note 2.

    • iamXiV92a

      The Samsung Galaxy Tavblet… :-/

  • Adryan maldonado

    Samsung i have 2 words of advice…. STTTOP ITT!!! That name “Fonblet” is atrocious by the way to. I would almost prefer phablet but really i hope both words die.

    • AC

      I would love it, but would rather it be called the Tablone than the Fonblet. And it should have an accent over the “o”!

      I pack my phones into a good case, so not worried about it breaking. And larger screens are so much easier for blind old fogies with big hands to use. For me, I’d probably had to draw the line at a phone bigger than the Nexus 7 :)

  • txbluesman

    There is a niche for it I am sure, but I have a 7″ tablet therefore I don’t have a need for a phone of that size. I prefer the 4.5″-5″ models. To each his own.

  • scubabum

    This is Samsung’s plan to have its products in all sizes to fight against all other competitors and not just the fruit company. More choices are available to the consumers. Smart move.

    • jamal adam

      I guess my question is, where do you draw the line between diluting the field and trying to fight against the competition. I feel that having a different phone every .2″-.3″ or so is just ridiculous and might make it harder for us consumers because we will be spending more time trying to decided if we should go for one that is 4.8″ or 5″ or 5.5″ or 5.8″. It seems like it’ll just cause more problems and headaches. However, since Samsung has the capacity and resources to do such things, we’ll just have to wait and see how it turns out.

      • scubabum

        I beg to differ. It looks like Samsung is trying to please everybody and creating gadgets in
        various sizes. This would make it easier for the consumers (ie whatever size you want, it’s
        there for you). We see this strategy in their tablets, and now in their phones.

        However, I hope that Samsung will provide timely upgrades to all these gadgets instead of
        trying to gain market shares and neglecting product support.

  • Prince77

    They are getting out of control. I think they are releasing it only in Europe cause they know majority of the people in the states aren’t going to be jumping for joy over it. But as I just typed that I think there are some people in Europe who will feel the same way. All they need to do is bring out the GS4 and the about to be ridiculously TOO DAMN BIG Note III and chill the hell out on big screens. They are putting their name out there a lot on different devices, sooner or later they will start to lose by wasting money, something I think they don’t care about until it happens.

  • Vance

    I think they should call it the Samsung Galaxy Giblet

    • kimmel

      or F*a*gblet

  • Nathan D.

    Those screens sizes are becoming a bit ridiculous.

    • cb2000a

      The day of fold out screens is not far off now.

  • Don

    Samsung is very smart in covering all sizes ,as they have proved with a shadow of a doubt aka note series there is market for bigger phones and thus far they have proved it (for those that dont’t think so and there many although they are being proved wrong DON’T buy one and suffer with your small hard to see and use screen)I love my note 2 but definitely want a bigger phone/screen to use and really enjoy

  • thel0nerang3r

    By not having “Note” in the name, looks like it will not have the S-Pen.

  • CTown

    Smart-phone, tablet, phablet, “Fonblet”, they are all the same exact thing on the inside. The real question is how can a guy can lug this around without a fanny pack or a man-purse!

    • WlfHart

      Even the Note II currently fits in the front pocket of my slacks with a case on it. As for anything slightly bigger… jacket interior breast pocket. I’ve fit the 7″ Galaxy Tab in my jacket’s interior breast pocket quite comfortably.

      • vegiisan

        Yeah precisely. I can fit my Nexus 7 in my work pants / dickies style shorts/pants quite comfortably. I do try to avoid lugging it around like that if I don’t need to though. :-)

        • R.S

          I don’t wear baggy pants but also don’t wear right pants and a 7 inch tablet fits in both my rear pocket as well as my front pocket. Surprisingly, it fit better in my front pocket.

          With that said, I look forward to a 5.8 inch phone and even more so, a 6.3 inch phone.

  • jeff moore

    I like the bigger phones. I have the note2 and once the N3 gets here ill get it. As far as carrying it around I dont have any problems…I own a lot of cargo shorts. The arrival of the N3 will give me the chance to get rid of my ipad2.

  • Nate B.

    I’ll just wait until we see it in action. It could have a unique form factor that utilizes the majority of the screen keeping the footprint down. Because we don’t have true edge to edge yet.

  • kschauhan

    Why cant they stuck to a screen size…why it needs to be changed all the time

  • Jorge Vieira

    I Think the 5.8 inch would be a better for for the note over the 6.3 and i think its a great thing to have all the screen sizes. Options! I dont think the will have these many devices as people are thinking. I think 6.3 would be more sutble for the note 4 IMO.

  • jamal adam

    I think this is getting out if hand, that’s a lot of phones to be working on and I feel it is unnecessary.what are they gonna call this 5.8″, the Note 2.5 or what.

  • heat361

    That’s Samsung for you always innovating :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002275344855 luis maldonado

    lol “Final nail in the coffin for Samsung”

  • Richard Yarrell

    5.8 is to small for me I prefer 8 inches

    • Squiddy20

      Jesus Richard you are so stupid. Again let me list all the ways you are wrong and again make myself look like a jackass….

  • theha9

    i hope Samsung’s marketing team comes up with another name before they announce it.

  • BigCiX

    5.8 won’t fit in my skinny jeans!

  • NegativeOne13

    One of the things that I foresee hurting Samsung is the users getting lost in their product line. Perfect instance is Verizon’s “Droid” line. When they roll out three devices at once, people are like what phone is this, and what makes this different than that. Differentiation is what Samsung needs to do I feel.

  • 56

    Android screen size fragmentation…no thanks

  • nivekkev

    Does Samsung ever do focus groups? Seems like they could easily have a focus group of current Note II and Galaxy S III owners, put a prototype in their hand and see what the results would be instead of building it and trying to sell it. This way they also avoid having too many models out like had happened before.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    This is a STUPID idea. IF the next Note is going to be 6.3…. why have a 5.8?. . . . . Samsung definitely has the Google Syndrome . . . OVER DO IT… until something sticks… and then keep throwing sh*t at the wall . . . JUST STOP. Develop and keep builing your brand with specific devices… they don’t need a “Another” NOTE device.

  • Raptor

    Samsung kid to Apple kid : “We are the first to leave the poop on this field. Sue me, sue me!”

  • Raptor

    I come here to observe a crowd of homo primitivuses. Neanderthals did not extinct, they live here. Childish dumb design and ranking with up and downvoting gathered here all the utter morons. Look, they even don’t want someone to produce something new to try. Remember how these unicellulars voted 2 years ago when i said about 1080p 5″ phones?

    • Pjamies

      You no speak’a english good!!! Idiot Troll …

      • Raptor

        Here crawles first left-brained single-chromosomal. Is your score a 100 here?

  • TruFactz

    Big hands……Check
    Big Pockets……Check
    Pocket Trial with Note II…….Check, all clear.
    ………………..*shruggs shoulders* as long as it fits in my pocket…..

    • TruFartz

      Big c0ck …..Check

  • surethom

    anything above 5.5″ is not a Fonblet its a “Tabphone” more a tablet than a phone, if Samsung is not too careful it will go to far, they STILL need to produce flagship phones between 4.5″ & 4.8″ for the Majority of us to use.

    Phablet’s & Tabphones are ok for some.

  • MunchBetter

    Would Samsung fanboys be called S-Sheep?

  • aryin

    this size will fill all the gaps

  • digvijaya07

    Egar to See Fonblet :)

  • Teka

    I actually tried to find a way that my android tablet could be turned into a phone. I don’t make alot of phones and mostly use wifi. I would be willing to pay for the same voice/data plan that my phone does on my tablet and be able to make/receive calls on my larger (Asus Transformer EEE) tablet.

  • cb2000a

    5.8″ is too big for pockets. My 5.3″ Note is already pushing the limits…I think a 5″ phone with stylus would be perfect.

  • Yuji

    Id give them credit for at least giving consumers many choices in terms of what sizes suit our needs.

    Apple wouldn’t… That’s why I didn’t upgrade my iPhone to the longer phone.. Why just length..?