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New Weather Channel app barely resembles terrible predecessor

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When it comes to checking the weather on your Android phone, the official Weather Channel app is one of the most popular ways. Search “weather” on Google Play; it’s the first app to come up, and it has the most reviews. Unfortunately, it’s never been the best at what it does. Despite its massive popularity, the Weather Channel app has been overshadowed by superior apps for some time now. That changes today.

The official Weather Channel app has been updated today with an entirely new UI, enhancements to almost every section available and a handful of new features. Gone is the clunky old Weather Channel app, and in is a much more enjoyable Holo-themed experience. The full list of improvements and new additions includes the new UI, a refresh button, a tablet-optimized layout, better video selection, maps, radars and forecasts, and an interesting new feature that tells you exactly when it’s going to start raining or snowing down to the minute.

Early reviews of the new Weather Channel app are mixed, with most negative reviews relating to missing the old UI or the invasive ads. The opening page of the new Weather Channel app is one giant ad, with a current weather graphic placed off to the side, and you’re constantly reminded while using the app to sign up for “mPoints” to start earning gift cards and prizes. Still, if you can look past those few faults, the overall experience has improved immensely.

I mainly use a combination of Google Now and Radar Now (no relation, it’s just a coincidence) to check the weather, but the new Weather Channel app may have found a spot on my phone. To download the new Weather Channel app for Android, use the widget below.


Via: Android Police

Source: Weather Channel on Google Play

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  • ranwanimator

    The interface is pretty great. The huge ads are a major turn off though. It’d be worth them making a paid version so you could slap your own photos in there instead of some Toyota I’ll never buy.

  • SGB101

    Installed this earlier, it’s very nice.

    Also installed ‘battery widget beta’ , fantastic widget that sits in the notification pull down, giving a whole lot of great info. It’s also holo themed and looks sweet.

    I dare you to try it ;o)

    I have no association to the app.

  • Tony

    I’m glad a lot of the main android apps are getting the new pretty 4.0 look and feel, app quality has definitely been getting better I’ve noticed lately. Only major holdout ironically is the facebook app, which marginally improved but still a ways to go.

    • Carolyn A

      I’ve removd this app & reinstalled the prior version so can’t double check, but as I recall – If you manage locations, there is an option for the temp to appear in the status bar and to get alerts. But you have to select a location first.

      • julia

        Carolyn – how did u manage to reinstall prior version? It was SO MUCH BETTER! please tell how can i do it, too. Thanks!

  • rantmo

    I admit that the look of the redesign is a huge step forward but man, there’s a lot to dislike about the update. The big two things that annoy me are the fact that the main page of the app is, as you say, 75% advertisement, with the option to actually get useful information with a click and the fact that it no longer displays the temperature in the status bar. Maybe there’s an option for it buried somewhere but the Settings only let me turn off the mPoints nonsense and to enable location-based weather. I chiefly used the app for the temperature box in my status bar and rarely, if ever, opened the app other than after powering up my phone. Once I get around to tossing Cyanogen onto my phone, the DashClock app will render this entire app obsolete for me. It’s a damn shame, frankly.

    • jakejardashian

      You can download DashClock via the market now. It’s only installable if you have 4.2 or up though. I’m on stock 4.2.2 on my Nexus 4, no root, and I use DashClock. It’s wonderful. I’d much rather use that than this ad ridden Weather Channel app any day.

      • rantmo

        Sadly, my LG G2x will forever be stuck at 2.3.3 until I mod the damned thing, so it’s not an option at the moment. I’ve got DashClock on my N7 and it’s an amazing thing.

    • David

      How could you have been in the settings menu to turn off mPoints but not have seen that you can enable temperature in the status bar? Weird.

      • rantmo

        The only options under Settings are Location-Based Services and Units of Measurements (and About) the only other thing that it lists are the mPoints. Maybe it’s the very old version of Android I’m presently stuck with, but that’s what I’m working with now.

  • redraider133

    Forget the app. Wish someone could make a phone like this. Minimal bezel and edge to edge display. But the app looks a lot nicer than the previous version.

  • alexanderharri3

    While it definitely looks a lot prettier, it makes many important aspects of the weather hard to get to or just missing,and the old app suffered from this too. The ads should take a back seat to the app…but twc/box/Comcast is so money hungry that don’t even do that…so pass from me.

  • Eben1277

    Final nail… Oh forget it

  • E-man

    That video sold me in.

  • golfpedaler

    App looks great, but it seems to drain my battery a little faster than other weather apps…

  • donger

    Don’t like it. Uninstalled.

  • Don

    I don’t like the new app at all, so far.

    Similar complaints as the others.
    1. Huge Toyota ad (and you can’t even read the weather channel informational text that is superimposed over the ad… white text against a white image… sigh).

    2. Much much much less info. Where is the nice summary that had the info on the five places I have configured? Lots more digging around to get the to info I want. It used to be easy to quickly check all the places (nice summary screen) and it was easy to get to the various forecasts (hourly, 10-day, 36-hour) for each place. It’s not obvious how to switch between places.

    Maybe I’ll get used to the new application.
    Maybe some of the options will fix my complaints.
    But out-of-the-box, this app is now annoying (to me anyway).
    My first inclination is that I should just write my own (assuming there’s an API or web services call to get the weather info).
    Or maybe look at some other apps… sigh.

    I’d much rather have “clunky and functional” rather than “pretty but not functional”. Ya know?
    And I didn’t really find the old version clunky.
    And I don’t think the new version is “pretty” either.

    • CD

      Agree completely. I just spend 10 min looking for alternatives; found the old AccuWeather isn’t that bad. It’s not as useful as the old “The Weather Channel”, but it is better for me than this new version.

  • Jorge Vieira

    I never could stomach the app before so I never used it. I use Now and 1weather are my apps a choice. I’ll download this and give it as shot still.

  • James Johnson

    I like the look but not the adds. To add to the notification bar you have to long press on a location and touch set as home when the pop-up menu appears.

    • rantmo

      That is an absolutely idiotic way to get notification bar information but it’s good to know it’s still possible.

      • ihatefanboys

        Was the same way in the old version. Not sure what the disconnect in logic is with people that CLAIM they used the original app. You added the notification bar icon the same , exact, way, in the previous version of the app.

  • Ed

    I’m glad they think this was a improvement. I for one think it stinks. I liked the older version. I guess I need to find another weather source. If they wanted to improve it they should have took some notes from the guys who wrote the IPad app.

  • Jim K.

    Hate the advertising but most of all hate that the current temperature is now gone from my home screen. Used to be able to glance at icon on homescreen and the temp without opening the program. This sucks!! Will be going to Weather Underground app.

    • ihatefanboys

      are you blind ? the temperature icon is still there, the widget itself shows the temperature without opening the app. If youre going to hate on something , at least be educated enough on the subject to not sound like a complete whiny moron.

  • ihatefanboys

    Ok first, the prior app was not “terrible” it did what it said it would, tell me the temp and the weather from a handy icon on the top of the screen. The new one is better, i dont care about ad’s, never have, never will. Do you idiots complaining of ad’s know what the ads do ? They continue to make sure that apps on android are FREE, and anything free sounds good to me. Ads are everywhere, you would think you losers would get that and not bitch about it at every, single, opportunity.

  • smeghead68

    How much weather info does one need? I use the dashclock widget and get everything i need in one glance.

  • Mike

    The new update is terrible. Was it designed by a bunch of preschoolers? I understand the need for ads, thats not my main complaint. The overall look of the app is ugly and not as streamlined as the previous version. After many years of using The Weather Channel app, I’ve uninstalled it. And judging by the comments in the Google Play Store several thousand other users have as well.

    Good job Weather Channel. I’ve never seen so many people jump ship on an app before.

    • mattzweck

      I agree looks an app for kids to use. I have accuweather app way better

  • roger easterling

    at the very LEAST, we could have a CHOICE so if we wnated the old app we c ould get it eh?
    Kind of arrogant to assume only the new is good! Yeah yeah so you asked users and blah blah blah, then why does every one want the old app back?
    Cant you all get a hint?

  • reza

    LOL they’re telling you the minute it rains? They copied dark sky and skymotion, guess they feelin the old age!!!

  • Woodie

    Hate it!
    Weather Channel app is (was) my most used app.
    The graphics & appearance are great.
    1. Can’t find the 10 day forecast–that is what I use the most.
    2. Often, my city does not have a forecast in it, have to choose a nearby city to find out what the forecast is. Never happened on old app.
    3. Current weather does not show what location. Is it the weather where I am right now, or where I want to look?
    Swing & a miss.
    Will see if I can go back to the previous app. If not, I’ll find something else.

  • Colleen

    I loved the old weather channel app much better than the new one. I love the social, video’s, allergy alerts, 36 hour weather, 10 day weather. Now they are all gone, probably forever. I cannot find a weather app I like now. I cannot stand the new interface of the redo weather app. The pictures are terrible! Nothing but ads now. Why would they change a good thing? I really miss the old version of The Weather Channel app. I am hoping if enough people complain, they will change it back to the old version. Let’s hope so!

  • Colleen

    Is there a way to go back to the old version of The Weather Channel?

  • Galane

    White text design stupidity strikes again. If you’re going to put text over an image, black is by far the best choice most of the time because most images are lighter.

    Ever since the release of Windows Vista there has been a spreading infestation of low contrast text and backgrounds in websites, apps and everything else on computers.

    Perhaps this is inspired by Vista’s nearly invisible, super light blue, non-highlight color in Explorer? For people with even the slightest amount of color blindness that’s pretty much invisible. MS made it very slightly darker in Win 7 but the color still cannot be changed.

    Go back to Quicktime 4.0 and review all the extremely stupid design elements in it. The new Weather Channel app and so much other software seems to be an homage to Qt4.0′s design dysfunction.

    Someone needs to start a new User Interface Hall of Shame site. First inductee shoud be the new Weather Chanel app.

  • Philip

    Where did mPoints go? Can’t find it anywhere…..had a few thousand points, too….only ap I used for them too.

    • nan

      I can’t find them either. A bunch of people keep saying it’s in settings but I don’t get that option at all. I had a bunch too so I’m also bummed.

  • Josh Andrews

    How do I get the last version back for Android.
    The last version was perfect. Used to daily. It was the perfect size for my Samsung note. The new version is way too big. Why change a great thing.
    Definitely uninstalling it. So frustrating. :-!
    Please, how do I get the old version back???

  • Colleen

    I am returning to make yet another comment. I wish there was a way to get the old version of The Weather channel to my Samsung Galaxy note 2. I do not like this new version at all. It seems so childish somehow. i love the social part of the weather channel. It was nice reading the tweets. I also loved the weather video’s. Please bring the old version back. I am sure many others would appreciate it as well.

  • Jer Nell

    I really hate this new version. Before, I could zoom the map out to see where the storms were and how they were moving so I could plan my day’s activities. Now the maps are useless. Am I missing something here? How can I zoom the maps out to see a larger area like I could before? Please…I would gladly pay to get the old version back.

  • mattzweck

    I think the redo sucks what happen to the social feed button. And the iwitness buttons gone looks like a kid develop this app I install intellcast app. Way better.

  • james braselton

    hi there weather channel ipad app version 3.8 has 3d interface

  • dutch

    The new interface is OK.. liked the old but to get the temp back in notification bar just go into manage locations.. long press your location to get to the sub menu.. the settings are hidden in the long press.. Smh.. took me weeks to figure that one out..

    • Frank Costanza

      Thanks, really stupid that they buried that feature. Almost as stupid as that it shows it’s sunny at 01:00AM

  • renee

    Liked the old version better. Do not care what has past, and the future is not here…. How about NOW!!!!!

  • Doug

    at 9:45 pm, wednesday, june 19, it’s dark outside. why when i check my fabulous new weather channel app (updated 20 minutes ago) it says it’s 75 degrees and SUNNY? also, why when i checked the forecast earlier this afternoon, the weather channel indicated no rain until next thursday, june 27. local news weather forecasts indicates, rain this friday, saturday and sunday?????
    this fabulous new weather channel app is consistently wrong. i believe i’m done with it.

  • Tony

    Incredibly complex UI – for such a simple app. Uninstalling shortly.

  • Clayton Weatherman

    . Despite its massive popularity, the Weather Channel app has been overshadowed by superior apps for some time now.

  • mike haskett

    The new app sucks. To my dismay, I opened up the app today and found that it had changes drastically. There is all this crape one has to wade through to find the weather. This was the last straw. I have found so much inaccuracies in the weather data any
    way that it seemed that some of it was total fiction. I just deleted the app.

  • David St. Hubbins

    For Android, the Weather Channel app is vastly inferior to Weather Bug. And, as far as I can tell, you can’t get rid of it either.

  • Frank Costanza

    The new version is crap. Sure it’s a little flashier looking but gone are key features such as displaying the current weather in the notification bar. Hello? WTH did they remove that? Also, the ads are much more intrusive.

  • michael huber

    the app is horrible compared to weatherbug. the website version is also a bunch of adds with weather as an after thought. i can’t stand using it. it used to be my weather forcast of choice, now I don’t even dare to use it unless i have to.

  • Karen Smidt

    I miss being able to look at pictures and videos so easily.

  • mattzweck

    Twc social button gone. it’s crappy looks like what a 5 year came up with.

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  • Anthony M. Gonzalez

    When.will the weather channel uunderstand that no one likes their new website? Are they dense or just not care that their website is highly disliked? Their new product SUCKS!