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With a denial for more user tokens, Falcon Pro for Twitter is dead in the water

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Today is a sad day for third-party developers, and users alike. If you never got the chance to buy and claim a limited user token granting you access to use Twitter through the beautiful and functional Falcon Pro for Android, you missed the boat.

Last year, Twitter made it clear that unless third-party developers provide some sort of unique feature or added level of service to Twitter apps, they would be cut off at a certain number of user tokens, restricting the amount of people that can access Twitter through their app. They also made it clear that in certain situations, more users tokens could be granted. Encouraging developers not be alarmed, but to make sure they added something to experience, not just mimic the official client. Despite being more functional, better looking and including features like a built-in browser for improved handling of media and links in tweets, Falcon Pro has been denied access to more user tokens, killing the app for new users.

News of Falcon Pro running out of user tokens was first reported several days ago. Developer Joaquim Vergès made it clear that the situation was being worked on, raising the price of Falcon Pro to ~$130USD, while including a message in the app description explaining what was going on, and providing a link to a petition thats has already reached nearly 6,000 signatures. This was all before Twitter denied Falcon Pro more tokens though. At this point, there’s not a whole lot Vergès can do.

If not for third-party apps and committed developers, Twitter wouldn’t be half the service it is today. It’s a terrible shame to see the development community being treated the way they are. We’ll update you with more information on Falcon Pro’s situation once more information comes in.

Via: Android Police

Source: Falcon Pro Twitter account

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  • oddball

    I’m not surprised. Twitter has made it clear that they are trying to find a way to cash in. The third party clients are stopping them from generating ad revenue supposedly. It seems like a poor business choice alienating the people who brought you popularity but it’s the way things will go until Twitter finds a way to successfully monetize their “service”

    • http://www.jaxidian.org/update/ jaxidian

      Totally agreed. And this is why I’m trying to ditch Twitter for any other alternative (don’t say Facebook! I’m ditching that too!). I’m giving App.Net a try. And since they just opened up the service to free accounts (invite only), they’re getting quite the boost of users right now. I’m sharing my invites on Twitter, so if you want some, watch me tweet about them each day there!

      • http://mihai.discuta-liber.com/ tmihai20

        They are not building up any good hype with this. Even if Falcon doesn’t offer more than the Twitter client (as Twitter claims), it’s a lot faster. I’ve never used the Twitter client on my phone or Android tablet, I’ve jumped directly to a third party app.

        • scH

          If you’ve never used the twitter client on your phone how do you make the claim that Falcon Pro is a lot faster?

          I’ve used a myriad of different twitter clients on various mobile devices and always just return back to the default app because of its simplicity. (Note: I do occasionally use buffer on my mobile device to schedule things or for tracking)

          As a developer I fully support open networks and cringe that twitter has clamped down on 3rd party clients, HOWEVER this is the downside of building your entire product reliant on SOMEONE ELSE’s service.

          Twitter has offered them a very easy way to get more tokens: build something compelling. If I was a dev (or the dev, I don’t know how big they are) at Falcon Pro I’d use this as an excuse to build that feature I’ve dreamed about but not yet implemented.

          • http://mihai.discuta-liber.com/ tmihai20

            I should have said I used it for a few minutes once, for me the official Twitter app doesn’t exist. I saw the client on iOS, I still prefer Tweetdeck or Plume for being really, really fast, full of features I can’t find on the official Twitter app and for allowing me to check Facebook feed as well. A friend of mine bought it and I rely on his testimony too. Twitter is just trying to make money, not to stimulate developers of third party apps to build better Twitter clients.

    • Hom0ncruse

      final nail in the coffin for Falcon Pro

  • PhaseBurn

    I’m going to start emailing twitter demanding THEY refund me the purchase price for Falcon Pro’s original listing, given that THEY are the direct cause I am unable to use this app.

    More people should follow suit – enough to make Twitter reconsider their position on this.

  • chris kari

    Why do people support this arrogant Twitter? Boycott Twitter. Use something else. They will soon change their tune or die.

  • lostsync

    This seems like a good opportunity for Identi.ca to try and get some users.

    • krikit

      I would love if that were true – I’m not really sure how many chances Identi.ca still has left ;/

    • JHS_NL

      I think this is a chance for Google+, but they have to expand the possibility’s of the API to do so….

  • alexanderharri3

    Twitter is acting even more like a closed service than Facebook…and considering they are just text products….well they best be careful not to fade away

  • Nathan D.

    Wow, I really hate when things like this happen.

  • damambt

    It’s a shame. Heard so many great things from this app, and I was finally going to take the plunge but I guess twitter is headed towards the FB route. Personally I’m an Echofone user since it was released on the Playstore. RIP FalconPro

  • Stella

    This really sucks for developers. Twitter should have been more upfront. They knew all along that they weren’t going to give out more tokens even if third party apps offered more functions their app.

    I’m happy I purchased the app the first week it was released in the Play Store.

  • donger

    Sucks to all of us whom purchased tokens.

  • J.R. Freeman Jr.

    If Twitter was serious about their own official app, I wouldn’t have to sign back in EVERY TIME I use it … better to fix that then stifle other superior apps…

    Or am I missing something?

    • scH

      Do you have it running on the SD card? I had that problem when I moved the app off main storage. Not that they shouldn’t fix that, however I’ve never had a problem with a default install of the official client.

  • Nate B.

    Twitter is only good for following mobile tech like Androidandme and other mobile tech. I follow like 3 people I actually know and two celebs because I love their music. Other than that I follow all mobile tech and tech relegated things in general. I also follow devs. I don’t need to follow mh friends when I can just talk to them. Twitter is the faster and easiest way for me to stay up to date on leaks and stuff.

  • Alvin B.

    So…. this has prompted me to finally delete my Twitter. I don’t even care about Falcon Pro, I never used Twitter enough to care about 3rd party apps. But I don’t want my user account being used to inflate their numbers they quote to advertisers when they treat 3rd party app users like this.

    Don’t want 3rd party apps? Fine. Ban them. Don’t toy with people.

  • Max.Steel

    Starting to reconsider my Twitter account.

  • Daniel

    According to Google Play, Falcon has only 10—50 thousand installs, which means at least 50% (and up to 90%) of tokens were used by pirates. Sad… :(

    • PhoenixPath

      No, it doesn’t.

      It means that not everyone who bought the app kept it.

      It means a lot of folks probably bought it, tried it, and refunded it.

      This happens a *lot* on the Play store…and has nothing to do with Piracy.

      What is sad is that people are playing right into the **AA’s hands when they make assumptions like this.

      • Daniel

        “It means that not everyone who bought the app kept it.”

        That’s the number of total installs, not active users.

        If you don’t think Falcon’s numbers are largely due to piracy, just ask Joaquim Vergès himself. He has the exact number of Play downloads, purchases AND active installs, so he should have a pretty good understanding of the causes before speaking publicly about Android piracy.

    • ranwanimator

      He also had the app in other markets and available for side load.

  • Teebor

    I think this is disgusting as it basically gives Twitter control over other companies products and potential business, why make APIs available to 3rd Parties and then not let people use them?

    Grow up Twitter and deal with this properly like a business and not a spoilt child taking its toys away when someone does something better

    • mmunson79

      Twitter should be able to make money by selling tokens for 20 for 100 bucks 50 for 200 bucks and 100 for 350 bucks and 200 for 500 bucks after the initial 100,000 tokens wear out. It could give them choice and money at the same time.

  • kazahani

    I use and LOVE Falon Pro. It’s perhaps the best $3 I’ve spent on Google Play. This is truly a sad day.

    I really wish some other service would take the lead from Twitter soon.

  • thebonvoyage

    Upgrade your phone or switch carriers with a new phone and now you can’t log into Twitter with Falcon Pro? Here’s what you do:

    1. Get your Falcon Pro ready to log in
    2. Go to twitter.com on your computer
    3. Go to settings from the gear in the top right
    4. Go to apps at the bottom of the left hand menu
    5. Find Falcon Pro in the list and revoke app access
    6. Sign in from the app before someone else in the world claims that token you just released.
    7. Enjoy being back in Falcon Pro

  • Anonymous

    It’s pretty comical how there is so much outrage over what Twitter should and shouldn’t do when no one who is commenting here has ever been charged to use the service.

    I’m sorry, does your free lunch not taste good?

  • GE918

    Bah humbug!

  • StarNoStar

    I really don’t understand all the whining…. do any of you honestly think that twitter cares if you complain or not?

    Twitters’ bottom line is money… If you want twitter to change the ONLY way to do that is to make an impact on their bottom line, and the only way to do that is to cease using the service.

  • ranwanimator
  • Jones

    As they say, hubris is never a good thing. Twitter just proved this saying once more.

  • Daniel

    This is hilarious. It’s been known that Twitter won’t release more tokens for 3rd party apps and people still complain when an app hits that limit. It’s also funny that devs still build these apps knowing that their app will be useless after 100k installs.

    It’s also hilarious to think Twitter cares about a few dozen people from an enthusiast website. I’m betting very few of you have clicked through on a promoted tweet.

  • LucenNox

    Ever since this whole developer fiasco started, I’ve been glad that I never really got into the twitter thing. That they would do something like that made it pretty obvious that things would only go downhill.

  • Aiden

    This is not true, in 2014 they are still accepting users. You just have to bypass using the “cheat code” method.