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$100 reasons to swap your old phone for the HTC One


If you like what you saw from HTC today and you are thinking about getting the One, then go pre-register for HTC’s $100 trade in offer. The limited promotion promises a pre-paid Visa card worth either $100 or the trade-in value of your old phone — whichever’s greater. All you have to do is send HTC an old phone with proof of One purchase and then wait to collect your reward.

Source: HTC One $100 Trade In Offer

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  • spintrex

    Phone looks great, hopefully they truly stick to it being their flagship device. HTC One X had the same hopes last year and I’m still here waiting for Jelly Bean update :/

    • alexanderharri3

      They are already launching on 4.1 jelly bean…good old HTC

    • Richard Yarrell

      Think of it if you own a crappy Galaxy Nexus on Sprint time to get rid of that dreadful device. 100 dollars great offer for that useless device.To bad Verizon Galaxy Nexus owners don’t have a offer to trade it’s crappy Nexus. Here comes that loser @squiddy20 the guy who is on his mom’s family plan trying to talk intelligent about some crappy rooting method. Piss on squiddy20 and Sprint and piss on the crappy Nexus.

      • clocinnorcal

        Rich, I sort of get your metaphor but you are a little bit off topic. We are not talking about the Gnex, we are talking about the new HTC One. Also, I understand you and squiddy have some history; however, you initiating an argument isn’t helping IMO.

      • squiddy20

        Think of it, maybe if you stated actual facts rather than opinions based on wildly inaccurate rumor that you then claim as fact, you wouldn’t have so many people against you. It doesn’t take much to “talk intelligent” when compared with the crap you spew on a constant basis. It also doesn’t help that you can barely use the correct form of your/you’re or too/to. You have only yourself to blame in this matter.

      • Orion78

        Ummm wow. Not too long ago you worshipped Sprint. After T-Mobile who are you going to worship next? Anyway, why is this mutant not banned yet?

        • Jake H

          God I hope he never gets banned. I find myself searching through the comments for his name just to see what ridiculousness he’s spewing forth. Every time I think he can’t get any worse he surprises me. Part of me believes he’s a character someone has made up as the ultimate troll.

          • clocinnorcal

            ^^ THIS!!

      • Jorge Eslava

        I usually find your nonesense funny, but let’s be clear about one thing. The Galaxy Nexus is not a “crappy” phone. It may be outdated with old hardware, but if having old hardware makes something “crappy”, then by your definition everything ever made is crappy…

      • snowbdr89

        This is one thing dick yarrell is good for, if you are ever feeling down on life or yourself just come on here an read a dick post an that there alone will make you feel better about yourself!!

  • roland

    Great phone I have the One X+ the International One so don’t know what I’ll do :-)

  • yan karob

    It will take 2-3 month and the phone will be outdated. If i could buy it now i would, but waiting for another month… than may be something else will come even better

    • Tangent

      And a month after that there will be something even better, and then a month after that something better will come out again, and then the following month….

    • Dave Kratter

      Hi. Welcome to technology. Glad to have you here.

    • Nate B.

      really phones aren’t outdated until the successor comes out. anything that comes out later down the line has pretty much the same specs to be honest. get off the outdated crying bandwagon. next month isn’t to far away.

      all phones will have 1080p screens, damn near the same when it comes to processors, and run jellybean. what is there to complain about? the only thing that will differ is there pic quality camera based off their personal tech, skins, and build. there is not much, basically little to nothing that another phone can simply come out with overnight in the couple of months it has in between each phone. any flagship phone you get now will have you set for the year, and maybe even two.

      • Paul

        Yeah I’m trying to think of “the next big thing”, I mean, right now it’s just better cameras, better graphics, faster processors. There’s not much in terms of HW sensors and features that differentiate these phones anymore. Gone are the days of the D-Pad and slide out keyboard. Even HTC’s windows phone with the slide out speakers and Sony’s phone with the slide out game controller showed some innovation. But seriously, what can the next flagship phones offer that’s new and exciting, looking for revolutionary not evolutionary. Built in Pico projectors? Detachable bluetooth earpiece? OLED screen that goes transparent when off with an eInk screen behind it? Fingerprint scanners? Slide out keyboard? Projected keyboard? 3D displays? Some of that is already in phones but none of it is main stream right now.

    • Paul

      Can’t always hold out for the ‘best’ phone as that changes every other month. What I can tell you is that there isn’t a game today that a high end smartphone from 6-8 months ago can’t play. Hell it’s probably closer to 8-12 months. I’d pick the best/highest end phone when I’m ready to purchase, and it’ll hold its own the longest, long enough for me to save up and buy a new top of the line phone. Anyways, the next big phone that could offer this phone any type of competition is the Galaxy S4 which is being announced next month. In a way, I hope it’s very comparable, if not subpart in some areas, to this HTC One. I like competition, we win as consumers, and Samsung has dethroned HTC by offering some really solid phones, so they’ve rightfully taken their place as king, but HTC is working hard to make amends and the One X, One X+ and now the One seems they’ve finally made a good device. I don’t want to see Samsung dethroned per se, more, I’d like to see them taken down a notch or two. Force them to keep up their track record of solid well priced great featured phones, don’t allow them any wiggle room to get lazy, lest they get taken down by HTC or even LG.

  • wasim s

    Alright let’s just relax, people went ape shi* like this last year over the one x too….give it time before a decision is made, the competitors are coming

    • uknowme

      That’s only a viable statement for people who want the option. A lot of people are brand loyal.

      • jb

        Brand loyalty is a great thing when the brand is loyal to is customers. That relationship needs to be a two way street.

  • Thomas Biard

    This is a great deal! Especially for those buying off contract for prepaid! More manufacturers should do exactly this!

  • Joel

    Well thats one way to put some pep in the step of those with a ‘wait and see’ attitude. Frankly thats the proper attitude to have in cases like this.

    So is to be understood that the trade in will promise AT LEAST $100? if you have a really old phone….and possibly $100+ if you have say a GN2 or DNA or N4?

    • Joel

      Possibly, I cant see this offer lasting past the end of march though. Still not bad i guess.

  • scubabum

    Oh no, more temptations to switch to this new phone. What to do, what to do?

  • JonJJon

    I’ve just got my Nexus 4 (and absolutely loving it) and the HTC brand has been soured for me by the customer service I received and the Sense UI got sluggish too quickly for me. However this looks like a great phone and I’m hoping lots of people get it so HTC don’t bow out from the Android smartphone world. Maybe this offer will get some people on board who end up on the fence.

  • K12
  • jamal adam

    This a nice incentive to get people to buy the One. Good think on HTC’s part.

  • Gerald

    All of these wonderful specs and STILL no micro-SD port!!! – That one fault will keep me from buying an HTC or any phone that doesn’t have this option. It’s not about storage capacity. It’s about freedom to manage my information the way I want to and to not continuously be coerced into cloud storage of my data. It’s bad enough there’s no removable battery. With all these Android apps requiring “Hardware Control” permissions where they have the ability to turn on your phone’s microphone and camera without notice to or confirmation by you, there’s just way too much control shifting away from me, the consumer. At least Samsung seems to get it – too bad their GUI is not up to par with HTC, or I would already own one of their phones.

    Call me an over-reactor or conspirator, but just think about the big picture first. :-)

  • Jorge Eslava

    I wonder how much I can get for a Galaxy Nexus.

  • nandy

    can it hold up against s4 and googrola x phone

  • Vance

    $100 sounds nice but since I’ll be swapping my One S for this beauty, eBay will fetch a healthier return in my case.

    • Vance

      Just checked the terms and conditions of the exchange on HTC’s website and it sounds like you can actually get more than $100. The offer page says “at LEAST $100″ and the terms say “To receive the $100 trade in value (or actual device trade in value, whichever is greater) in exchange for the Device you trade in, you must register valid email address on the HTC One® Upgrade site, you must purchase and activate a new HTC One by March 31, 2013 and mail in your used Device with a valid Proof of Purchase of your HTC One (copy of UPC or invoice/ receipt showing the IMEI) post marked by April 30, 2013″

  • donger

    Rather sell my phone on Craigslist.

  • frmorrison

    100 bucks for a smartphone can be low, but if you have a 3+ year old smartphone it is a good deal. Otherwise, you can get more on eBay/Craigslist. I understand the laziness factor.
    Note this deal likely only works with smartphones, not “feature” phones.

  • laren31

    I see a coupleof comments here on how quickly a phone becomes obsolete. My current definition of an obsolete phone is one that is incapable of running well optimized high end games because of outdated hardware.anybody that can come up with a better definition please chime in. I think that inin this case, the tegra 2 and snapdragon s3 are still good.

  • Matthew

    Any one think this trade in will also happen in Canada? Or worldwide? I really hope so, I’m not so happy with my Samsung N7000 Note.

  • Chris

    The $100 trade in offer sounded good UNTIL you read you don’t actually receive a $100 rebate check. Those pre-paid Visa cards are such a pain… and many times they have hidden fees… surcharges… monthly service fees after you initially use it for the first time to deliberately drain the balance down to zero…

  • petey pablo

    Awesome. They shall get my OG evo, for 100 and then I will sell my evo lte on the blackmarket. Unlocked phone is only going to cost me like 200 bucks.