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Google Now updated with movie ratings, real estate information and new widget


Google Now has fast become a flagship feature of Android, constantly evolving to provide users with a constant stream of automated relevant information. An update to Google Search for Android today has brought some increased functionality to Google Now, and the addition of a new homescreen widget.

Added to Google Now today, movie cards now feature ratings from the go-to movie rating service Rotten Tomatoes and movie tickets purchased through Fandango will auto-populate Now once you reach the movie┬átheater.┬áReal estate also received a big boost today. Zillow will help provide the date for real estate cards when you’re out looking for a house, offering more or less information based on exactly where you are. For example if you are in a house for a showing, Google Now will provide an in-depth look at everything the house has to offer.

The Google Now widget, also included in the update, offers a quick glance at the information Google Now has waiting for you. Weather, stock prices, sports scores and navigation options are just a few things the widget will update with. The way the widget operates is a bit clunky at the moment, resizing and the amount of information displayed needs work, but it works well for an initial release.

Now that Google Now has been available for almost a year, how does it fit into your life? I know I use it multiple times a day, every single day, and have found it to be extremely useful.


Source: Official Android Blog

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  • damambt

    I love widgets! Can’t wait to test this out.

    • koorsr

      Agreed. I enjoyed using it, but was always having to click on the notification to see everything. The widget will make it much easier to see everything at a glance.

  • mustybooks

    Good start for the widget. I’d like a scroll-able one in future so I can see all my cards without having to open up Google Now.

  • jamal adam

    Google Now is getting better and better with each update. I’ve been using it more and more as of late and I’m glad that they are showing the world what it can do and how cool it is with that nexus 4 ad.

  • donger

    Google Now is something I use throughout my day.

  • NasLAU

    I rooted my phone to get Google Now.

  • rodney baitwa

    I also think it added support for Google doodles. Today’s Google now image shows the Google doodle of the day. Valentines. Something at least I haven’t noticed before

    • Tiuri

      No google doodle for me :( Might be tricky to implement though, with some of gaming doodles

  • luke smith

    There is no doubt that Google is the fastest adapting company in the internet word . they are trendsetters and set an industry standard. this is us another good idea they have latched onto and elaborated on well done Google. 10 years ago who would of thought they would be as big as they are now.

  • uknowme

    Damn, I have widgets on all my screens already! Now I have to see what I can live without.

  • jenskristian

    I can honestly say that I’m using Google Now more and more. The one feature I use the most is the calendar notifications and the driving directions to these appointments. The flight information is also very handy, but it’s still lacking a bit in regards to which airlines are supported. I would also like to see the package tracking support for the shippers where I live.

    The only problem I have with the service itself is that the time when I need it the most, traveling out of the country, is also the time it costs me the most to use it. Obviously, this isn’t something Google can control, but it does decrease the value for me. Luckily the international roaming prices does seem to be on the decline, so at least I can afford to use Google Now a little bit when traveling.

    • shadhussain

      Absolutely agree. Calendar notifications are top in my list as well. Otherwise, Google Now’s biggest value for me would in less-known places popping up real time information, where I would have internet access issues.

      Not Google’s issue of course, and hopefully services like these can only improve mobile coverage and data costs for the end-user.

      Other areas far out ideas would be for Google Now to “somehow” figure out what I’m watching and pop up instant information regarding it without me inputting anything.

  • A.Woodbury

    Nexus 4 andGoogle Now.. A match made in heaven

  • Nathan D.

    Widgets are the best thing that ever happened

    • TottleBerry

      I know… Somebody should tell Apple. Haha.

      • pjamies

        They will, as they are falling farther and farther behind the curve!
        They copied panoramic picture mode and notifications just to name
        a few ..
        They really have to step it up to just keep up with Android/Google’s
        development cycle, or they will be in big trouble in no time (if they are
        not already…).
        GNow with the introduction of a widget is just another reason why they need
        to add a widget system to iPhones. Their system is becoming old and boring,
        and needs a good swift kick in the nuts. They are becoming obsolete, because
        they are too stupid to change their ideology of how a phone can evolve …
        They are heading down the road that Blackberry was on… and tho I hope BB turns itself around, Apple might need to hold on to all that cash it has stored away if they do not make needed changes down the road..

        • Chris

          Here in australia apple promoted the iphone 5 on tv showing its panorama mode and how exclusive it was, and my old 1st generation galaxy note has it! This marketing by apple is for the blind stupid people who buy products by name!

  • clocinnorcal

    The widget is meh, but I love Gnow! For the first week of use it seemed more like a novelty. After that Gnow was predicting my habits very precisely. My cards are usually very relevant and helpful!

  • Mr. Pond

    Gnow is very useful and helpful to the extent that it can help, however it appears that a number of its features are either US-only or are based on other services that are US-centric. I’m sure that more fratures will be enabled for those of us who live across the pond but it does limit it’s utility compared to what it ought to be able to do.

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