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Google Now updated with NCAA basketball support

ncaa basketball Image via: Murray State with Creative Commons

With March Madness right around the corner, excitement surrounding NCAA basketball is ramping up. Google is taking advantage of the timing, and has released as update to Google Now that enables users to manually add NCAA basketball teams to the sports card.

Before the update, the appearance of select NCAA teams was sporadic at best. Now, fans will be auto-updated with information on how their team is doing as the action is going down. Right now, only mens Division I basketball is supported, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see that expanded as time goes on.

To add your favorite team, simply open Google Now, head to the settings, tap sports, and search for your favorite team. Let us know who you added in the comments below. I’m eagerly awaiting a card to pop up saying Michigan State University is dominating the court. Go green!

Source: Android Police

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  • Tico4674

    it’s all about the U!


    Great news! Not only because I’ll actually use it, but good to see Google continually adding new content no Google Now.

  • Deeds

    Wolverines will take Sparty down tomorrow

  • Chad

    Hail to Pitt! Good stuff Google right in time for March Madness.

  • Stephen

    As a MSU alum myself….Go Green.

  • donger

    Yes, less productive at work.

  • jamal adam

    This is perfect, just what I need. Go Gophers, though they haven’t been playing well. Gotta finish strong, though.

  • mattcoz

    Finally! I-L-L!

  • fletchtb

    UVM Catamounts! Go Cats Go!

    Google Now keeps getting better and better.

  • epps720

    It’s about time, don’t understand why it takes these apps to include college sports for updates. Score Mobile (now theScore) didn’t allow for this until recently either.

  • nandy

    still waiting for a cricket card, which is what all indians want

  • guyb99

    Go KSU Owls! (Kennesaw State)

  • guyb99

    @Nandy – us Brits too – got an Ashes series coming up!