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Google releases Nexus 4 store locator


Some people like to understandably play around with a new phone before committing the money it, but that hasn’t exactly been easy with the Nexus 4. Thankfully, Google has released a tool that gets rid of the guess work in trying to see what retailers near you have the Nexus 4 in stock.

Powered by Google Maps, the Nexus 4 store locater couldn’t be easier to use. All you have to do is enter your address, or zip code to speed things up even more, and a map will display retail locations with the Nexus 4 available for purchase within the distance guidelines you select.

Near me, the only location with the Nexus 4 in stock is a T-Mobile store. I bought my Nexus on the Google Play store, where it’s available unlocked and off contract for much less than T-Mobile, but I still could have gone to T-Mobile for a quick hands on.

To use the Nexus 4 store locator, click here.

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Source: Google

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  • Nate B.

    The current Locator says, “Currently OUT OF STOCK at all nearby locations.” Ha-ha. Joking, joking. I really can’t wait to see what that X phone is all about.

  • aranea

    There are several T-Mo stored with Nexus 4s. Is it sold in any other store such as bestbuy?

  • 787 Screamliner (currently burning in hangar)

    Google gotta be kidding

  • JonJJon

    I couldn’t last any longer I went and bought the Nexus 4 while still on my contract. I’m going to sell my GS3 to my networks recycle scheme to cover most of the cost of it. Stock android goodness here I come haha. I’ve enjoyed the GS3 a lot but I always liked the Nexus 4 more when I played with my mates one. Lucky for me the 1-2 week wait for shipping here in the UK is a lie and it dispatched within 24 hours :-)

  • Nathan D.

    Nice, let see what I get.

  • donger

    Good for people still looking for a Nexus 4.

  • Jleagle

    Several stores seem to be missing for me…

  • achoice

    Any store selling without carrier contract?

  • txbluesman

    For the money T-Mobile wants off contract for the phone, it is only worth going to physically touch and play with the phone before ordering from the Play Store for the much better price. It is a good tool to have for locating.

  • sly

    Google should set up those mobile kiosks in malls to sell the Nexus devices. Especially for the Nexus 4, can you imagine how many they’d sell?

  • amit kumar

    Wow the device brilliant, frankly I have belief in your review. It’s have a excessive features. I got its full specification on this site as well. http://www.gadtecho.com/

  • A.T.

    T-Mo are the only stores for nex 4. To buy unlocked and off contract one has to google play it. What rubbish. This is bad marketing.

  • kushi

    I have purchased nexus4 before 4 days, & i want to resell it, anyone want to purchase?