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Google still not wowed by Motorola’s upcoming products, X Phone could be a ways off


Don’t expect too much out of next products to come out of Motorola. Google CFO Patrick Pichette has gone on the record at the Morgan Stanley Technology Conference saying that the next Motorola products being readied for release are not, “wow by Google standards.”

As Android entusiasts everywhere are waiting on pins and needles for Motorola’s first true Google phone, this comes as a sobering blow. The Motorola X Phone, rumored to provide an experience only Google and Motorola can, originally pegged with an I/O release date, must still be months away. Pichette reiterated what other Google executives have said in the past several months, that Google still has an established product pipeline to work through at Motorola, and that it may be awhile until Google developed hardware is being pushed out. It was originally thought that perhaps the Razr HD, Maxx and M were the last major handsets designed without Google influence, but that doesn’t appear to be true.

Unless the X Phone isn’t the Google phone we’ve all been waiting for, don’t expect an I/O unveiling and July release as originally rumored. Hopefully, Google will continue to get Motorola in order, and we’ll finally see the fruits of their labor later this year. Until then, don’t hold your breath.

Source: The Verge

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  • sandwich

    Bummer! My venerable Nexus S chose last month to die on me, so I picked up a cheap Samsung Galaxy Pocket to hold me over until the X Phone… *sigh*

    • Ben

      Is it just me or do I keep seeing more and more of this relatively new phone Dieing? I still see plenty of people running around on iPhone 3g and 3GS 4 and 5 years later (including my own). I’m not trying to start an apple is better type of troll thing. Just sharing what I am seeing related specifically to the nexus phones. The reason i find it interesting is they are all made by different manufactures.

      • vforvortex

        It is probably just you. :)

      • Raptor

        hahaha don’t mention word Apple. This site lives on Apple hatred.

        • Ben

          I know. Plus the Mac site I read hates android. It’s fun to pop back and forth between both.

        • joe nasr


    • epps720

      boooo….Contract is up in July and was hoping the X would be taking my money

    • Richard Yarrell

      And to think this is what Google brought to ward off Samsung?????The entire android platform has suffered for over three years with one crappy device after another from Motorola. Yes the Razr Maxx or Maxx Hd are pretty good but that’s it for over three years. Bottom line here if it wasn’t for Samsung the entire android platform would suck royal monkey balls. Google better up that 10% ad revenue to much more. As I said before and will continue to say Samsung is android plain and simple.

      • squiddy20

        1. Google didn’t buy Motorola to “ward off Samsung”. It was purely a defensive move to hopefully prevent Apple from doing more of it’s stupid patent trolling, as all the articles that were written all over the blogosphere stated.
        2. The word you are looking for is “bought”, not “brought”. Try spelling simple words correctly before ever thinking about insulting me about my supposed lack of intelligence.
        3. “Yes the Razr Maxx or Maxx Hd are pretty good but that’s it for over three years.” You’re forgetting the OG Droid, the phone that arguably launched Android into fame. Also, you say those 2 are the only good phones in “over 3 years”, but that could mean as far back as 10 years ago, in which case, you’re also forgetting the original Razr from way back in 2004.

      • Orion78

        So you’re saying Android would ”suck” without Samsung? So those obsessions for HTC and the EVO line were all false? Stock Android didn’t ”pimpslap” the world like you said? Do you even realize how stupid you look right now? Why did I even bother asking?

      • Richard rolls in scat while applauding real hard and can’t help but laugh

        Obvious troll is obvious. Even your mentally handicapped self knows better. Well, you got your interaction with others in, anyway. Shit-eating,piss-drinking, fucktard.

    • Jared

      Ah man I wish I had known! I would’ve sold you mine, rooted and all.

  • YMS123

    If the X Phone is the next Nexus, it won’t be released for at least 9 months. There still is hope!

  • Hinds2009

    Well you gotta think they need a great device that helps the company make some profit to continue on! Motorola loosing money is not good! Big battery plus Sony sensor and close to stock and im sold cause they make good hardware.

  • donger

    New Nexus please.

    • MC_Android

      Not a new Nexus please. I’ll go on record now and say that I’ve never been a fan of the Nexus line with the exception to the Nexus One (going to space!). “Wow by Google’s standards” means no expandable storage, modest battery – definitely not removable. I want the X phone to be one that gets the untainted Android and continued support but with the traditional microsd and a Maxx battery)

      • MC_Android

        On a side note, the Nexus line has never excelled much in the camera aspect either. My 2010 s2 takes photos of the same caliber and quality as my ex-Nexus 4

        • Jimmy_Jo

          “ex-Nexus 4″ what made you give up on it?

          • MC_Android

            I was enjoying all the available roms for the s2 and I had the liberty of switching out a battery whenever I needed which came in handy in the oddest but more important times; Murphy’s law :-)
            I mainly bought it for my girlfriend who just came from a blackberry pearl (yeah I know…) she took the phone because it has a “pretty back” lol

      • nexuskawkaw

        A motorola nexus will NEVER have a microsd!

        Google has gone on record rather recently with the Nexus 4 saying they will no longer have microsd.

        So look elsewhere if you care so much about a microsd card. I rather have a huge internal memory like 64gb and up.

  • Sameer

    I know Motorola will come back soon. I have no doubt that they can make good device, but they have to prove it again. Their UI seems lacking somewhere

  • madsalad

    Unfortunate news. I’m in the market for a new phone in the next six months and I thought then X Phone might be it. Not terribly impressed by the HTC One. Heck, I might switch from HTC to Samsung if the IV turns out to be as monster as the III. I guess we’ll see.

  • Dr.Carpy

    I’ll probably take a hit for this. Google has got to get it’s act together where Motorola is concerned. This is no way to run a business. They’ve had Motorola under their controls for sometime and have trickled out a few devices. There are employees at Motorola that are counting on Google to create revenue through innovative devices to feed and care for their families. At some point these workers should be rewarded for their patience. C’mon Google! Don’t let Samsung, HTC, and others show you how to make phones. Get a monster device out through your own hardware manufacturer!

    • Jimmy_Jo

      I understand why you may feel that way but it would be a waste of money for Google to scrap everything Motorola has been working on to appease us. By allowing Motorola to put out the devices that they have been owrking on since before Google’s acquisition it allows Google the proper time for R&D on their device as well as giving htem a chance to see how Motorola handles their business.

      Think about it: If Google wiped the slate clean and started from scratch on a new Motorola device how long would it take for that device to be released? And where would Motorola’s revenue stream come from as they await this device’s release with no other new phones to profit off of?

    • raichleb

      A lot of what you said makes sense Dr. C. I’m mostly curious, though, about the marketing strategy of telling the buying public that the next couple of products off your assembly line aren’t going to be anything special.

  • Chris .

    This is just pathetic. Nice going big mouthed Google exec’s. Way to torpedo the next Motorola product releases before they even announced. Can you imagine Apple exec’s telling the press that the next iPhone is going to be shit?
    More and more I’m seeing confirmation that the entire executive team needs to be fired, a new team with commercial experience brought in a clear major strategy enunciated.

    • MC_Android

      We don’t need the Apple execs to tell us the the iPhone 5s/6 is going to be shit; release the iPhone 4 again… But now in magenta! “It’s the best thing to happen since the iPhone”

  • Paul Atreides

    This is funny coming from a Google employee.

  • SGB101

    I think this is all part of the ‘phones are for girls, Google glass is for boys’ plan, Sergey stationed this week.

    They seem to of started the marketing of the glass, and that will be the next ‘wow factor’ according to Google at least.

  • Joel T.

    C’mon motorola and google! bring the beast x phone. I’m tired of plastics samsung , poor battery like htc’s , designs with no personality like apple and unusable phones just like blackberry. C’mon Moto it’s your time!

    • Raptor

      Buy Sony Xperia Z then instead of hype of unknown anything inflated by Goog hidden army of pumpers.

  • jonstle

    Glad to see they are willing to push Motorola to a new place in terms of design and “wow” factor. I think one thing that has hurt many android phones in the past was the idea of just getting it to market instead of getting it right.

  • triangle

    I seem to remember Sanjay Jha saying that when they introduced the Bionic, it was “the end of waiting”. Yet, I’ve been waiting for a really great product from Motorola for more than 2 years.

    I would have thought that a Company that can redesign and re-engineer a phone midway through the product cycle would have been able to develop a great new phone by now. Hopefully, the X phone be a great device, though maybe not a “wow” device by google standards.

  • vforvortex

    According to the article I read, there are about 6 months left in the product pipeline before Motorola products starts being more in line to Google’s vision and aesthetic. So i think its safe to say, that they already have begun working on the Google era of phones and tablets etc. Did i interpret that wrong?

  • JJB_88

    We have yet to see a true successor to the OG Droid. Shame on Verizon, Moto and Google… Shame on you all

  • Raptor Raptor

    i like learning English on talking heads. so what he said?

  • KC

    Don’t e surprised if this Motorola X turns out to be an overhyped DUD..

  • mikelward

    The article is talking about Patrick Pichette. But the photo is of Dennis Woodside.

  • pjamies

    What a complete disappointment!
    1st the news/rumors of a I/O release (informational/introduction) of the
    new X phone, stated to be a ‘game changer’, and now a step in the opposite
    I guess I bought into the rumor, and am to blame for reading too much into it ..
    but hell it looked promising and I was hopeful, that after almost 2yrs of Google
    owned dominance that Motorola might just be turning it’s fortunes around and releasing
    a game changer product.
    I guess, the pain staking wait continues!!
    With this news tho, I am going to get a (unlocked) Nexus 4, as I am fedup with buying phones that (almost never) get upgraded!
    I want a phone that has the latest OS version for once, and that within reason will continue to
    be upgraded.
    My son has (can I dare say it??) an iPhone4s, and constantly bugs me about the fact that all iPhone 4 series phones get the lastest OS upgrades were my Samsung Note, is still 2+ versions behind, with no more upgrades in site!
    I’m sorry if I’m a little pissed, but hearing about all the fantastic new features Android keeps adding to the latest version(s) of their OS’s is disheartening for me.
    I want a phone that can keep up with the times!! And I want it to be a Android Phone!!!
    I just hope that that is not too much to ask!! ??
    (Sorry, if I have some spelling errrors …)

    • pjamies

      Yes, I could Flash my ROM and get updates to 4.2.. etc., but would rather not go that
      direction. So Yes, it could be done, I just think it should come from the manufactures/carriers who
      might just add some of their own updates to their UI’s at the same time.