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HTC teases a new camera experience as HTC M7 Ultrapixels rumor emerges


With two weeks to go before the big unveiling of the HTC M7, we thought all the secrets surrounding the device had already been uncovered. The latest rumor indicates that the HTC M7 may not actually have a 13 megapixel imaging sensor as previously thought. If the new details are to be believed  the HTC M7 will be equipped with a new Ultrapixels imaging chip which will use three 4.3 megapixel sensors layered on top of each other.

The Ultrapixels imaging chip in the M7 is said to intelligently combine all the data from the three separate sensors into a single image which should produce a clearer image with more accurate color reproduction. The HTC Ultrapixels technology may be new to mobile devices, but companies like Sigma have been using it in their digital cameras for over a decade. It’s impossible to know if layering three 4.3 megapixel sensors is better than using a single 13 megapixel sensor, but the Ultrapixels image chip is still just a rumor… or it is?

Just hours after the Ultrapixels rumors hit the web, HTC published a fancy infographic on the history of camera on its blog. While the story depicted in the infographic covers the evolution of the smartphone over the years, HTC took the opportunity to poke a little run at Apple and Nokia towards the end and finished things off a little tease:

“HTC kicks off a new sound and camera experience in 2013″

HTC Camera Infographic

It may be a coincidence that the HTC M7 Ultrapixels imaging chip rumor showed up on the same day as HTC’s camera infographic, but it certainly does give the rumor a bit more credence. For HTC’s sake, let’s hope their new Ultrapixels imaging chip translates into a greatly improved camera experience and help set the HTC M7 apart from its competitors.

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Source: Pocket Lint

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  • romy134

    I wonder why the showed the HTC ONE X pic in the screencaps. it will never be on it…

  • Thomas Biard

    I like that manufacturers are getting down to the quality of the pixels now, rather than just sheer quantity. I don’t care if my next phone has 5 or 8 megapixels instead of 13…I just want it to have better low light capabilities with more definition even when zoomed in.

    Seems as though HTC is on the right track. Good on them.

    • Da sticky bun come soon

      Dont be no cloud on a sunny day!

    • wyatt

      i have been fighting with my friends for years of the quality vs quantity of mp. i hope this can end soon.

    • Burnd

      My point exactly. People are like “ye, my camera has 13 mp blabla”. Meanwhile I think to myself “Yes, your camera has many ugly pixels. Good on you.”

  • surethom

    Let hope it take clearer photos that the One X & hopefully better Low light photos.

    Hopefully will get closer or better than the Nokia 808 (without xenon flash I doubt it though) but as long as it is better than every other Android & windows phone.


  • Vance

    this is an area where HTC has always taken a lot of pride. Their camera technology and beats audio integration are tangible, marketable features. I hope they have some genius marketing campaign to accompany this new tech..

  • renyo

    New Sound and Camera experience… U think they will change the audio too? Maybe surround sound recording? How does multi-sensor systems compare to single sensor systems?

    • Hom0ncruse

      final nail in the coffin for HTC

  • A111
  • SnipesYan

    If its got a good shutter speed, might convince not to go to samsung

  • cb2000a

    Good move. Will produce better pictures in low light (if they keep chip size decent) and better video. No need for super megapixels in phones.

  • seanleroy

    We (myself included) should all learn to take proper pictures, before we really get all worked up about (ultra)(mega)pixels.

  • honourbound68

    It would be awesome if the layered sensors were some new technology that could allow for changing point of view a la Lytro cameras (even on a smaller scale) after a shot was taken. I can’t tell you how many shots I’ve taken on my phone in which it focused on something other than my subjec.

  • Mike

    So this phone will take ultra crappy pics?
    Camera phones have so much to improve on and mega/ultra pixels are not them

  • nandy

    man, would love if one of these made its way into the giveaways

  • donger

    Can’t wait. This phone needs to come with stock Android and no Sense.

  • Raptor

    Sounds like it’s Sigma Foveon sensor, awesome, breathtaking, literally the best image quality ever.

    By the way, i have these Foveon images as my PC backgrounds


    • Bill Sincavage

      Ditto, I had a Sigma SD14 and the colors were pretty sick. Still some of the best shots I’ve ever taken.

  • http://mihai.discuta-liber.com/ tmihai20

    My Evo 3D is there :D Maybe HTC will remember this when considering upgrades to newer Android versions. Anyway, I want to see what HTC has to present to us. It would better not be just a show off, but truly a better camera.

  • Nathan D.

    Awesomenes, Can’t wait to see the whole thing

  • first pearl harbor, then 787 and now this

    nice try from this bankrupt company

  • revs

    i dont understand
    camera was the only place they arent lacking
    my one s is still the best camera phone to this day

    how about battery
    storage and updates???????????????