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Nexus 4 free on contract for one weekend only


This weekend only, until Sunday, February 24th, the Google LG Nexus 4 is free on contract with T-Mobile after a $50 mail-in rebate card. The Nexus 4 is still one of the best Android phones available right now, and is without a doubt the best route to take if you want to experience Android exactly as Google wants. The free on contract Nexus comes with 16GB of on-board memory, as well as the usual quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM, 8 megapixel camera and 4.7-inch 1280 x 769 display.

While it seems a portion of the American market is finally beginning the transition from the post-paid two year contract phone model over to no-commitment prepaid offerings (just look at this T-Mobile growth), there are still millions of contract subscribers out there. If you happen to be one of those people who have been eyeing the Nexus 4, and you’re looking to sign on with T-Mobile, then you couldn’t have picked a better time.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • http://www.jaxidian.org/update/ jaxidian

    This is the first reasonable deal that T-Mobile has had with the Nexus 4. If buying the Nexus 4 out-of-pocket is scary but you really want one and you’re a 2-year deal kind of guy (or gal), then jump on this! I’ve had a Nexus 4 since the beginning and I still love it! I’m not gonna be swayed by the HTC One – it’s just not enough for me. (and I’m a Droid X -> Thunderbolt -> Galaxy Nexus -> Galaxy S III -> Nexus 4 guy – I jump from phone to phone fairly often)

    • vforvortex

      I would buy it, but if the X Phone is a game changer like its rumored, i dont want to be stuck in the previous game era.

      @ jaxidian: What do you find the HTC One is lacking in?

  • Richard Yarrell

    Tmobile sales for the Nexus 4 has been NONSTOP since day one. I’m pretty sure tmobile sold more Lg Nexus 4′s than Verizon did with it’s crap filled Galaxy Nexus. I can imagine with the Htc One arriving soon and the Galaxy S4 and expected Motorola X phone to arrive soon t-mo wants to get those sales in of the Nexus 4. It’s definitely going to be a BIG spring/summer on t-mobile that’s for sure……

    • Scott Bailey

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      One of these days, you’re going to get yourself, and probably innocent people killed because of your internet antics. We live in a world where people go on killing sprees for no particular reason. You’re stupid enough (not man enough, ballsy enough, or brave enough – don’t be mistaken) to proudly display your real name and picture, then proceed to insult anyone and everyone. That’s beyond mindless. ANYONE with two spare minutes can find out where you live, where you work, where your family lives and works. Seriously, do you think your _phone_ is going to make you bullet-proof? What if some unbalanced person comes into your little soup kitchen and kills 20 people to get you? This is the real world Richard, with very real consequences. Spewing out bullshit bravado like “I’d like to see someone try.”, or “They wouldn’t stand a chance.” is mindless drivel. People who do things like that don’t care if they get shot, Richard. You’re probably too stupid to comprehend any of this, and will start talking about pissing and shitting in dark basements, but if it’s possible for you to actually think about anything, I would try to actually think before you speak (or type).

    • Max.Steel

      Dick, you got a GNex on Verizon so I guess that makes you CRAP FILLED too, you dope.

  • Adryan maldonado

    soooooo check this idea out. Get new contract with tmobile and get free nexus. Immediately break contract and 200 ETF. Sell on ebay for 100$ profit!!! Rinse and repeat as needed

    • donger

      Great idea.

    • Tangent

      And this is why they want to make unlocking phones illegal…

  • Oscar P, disabled murderer and blade gunner

    this phone is obsolete

    *pew pew*

  • Nathan D.

    I have an upgrade, and my contract ends on may, can I still take advantage of this? Or no?

    • darkjuan

      “This weekend ONLY” May would be beyond this weekend wouldn’t it…

      • Nathan D.

        Yea, I check it only for a new line :-(

  • IRIS 502
  • chopprrrrreid

    What do u mean the phone is obsolete. Its new and a great phone. What planet are u on. Only phone better is optimus g and that is only different by having lte and bigger memory storage. Wtf!!!!

  • E-man

    My buddy recently purchased this phone directly from the google store.

  • Snoopy
  • Fishtankky

    The headline is DEFINITELY misleading! Check out T-Mobiles website and read the fine print. True, you get the phone for no money down, but it is not free. You are then paying for the phone at $18/mth for 24 months. This makes the phone $432.00 over the two year period, not FREE! This is $83 more that the $349 that I can get the same phone for from Google Play.

    Not the great deal that they want you to believe.