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Nexus 4 Wireless Charger now available on Google Play for $59.99


After months of waiting, the Nexus 4 Wireless Charger is now on Google Play. According to the product page, the Nexus 4 Wireless Charger weighs 130g and measures 76pi x 53.05(T) (mm). While Qi inductive chargers are technically compatible with Qi certified devices like the Droid DNA or the Nokia 920, the angled surface and unique design pretty much grantee that the Nexus 4 is the only device which will be able to use the charger.

If you have $59.99 to spare or simply don’t want to hassle with charging cables any more, we suggest you hit the source link below and order your Nexus 4 Wireless Charger. You never know, this thing could be sold out before the end of the day.

Source: Google Play

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  • jeshep

    I love the looks and likely convenience of the orb, but I couldn’t pull the trigger after seeing a total price of over $70 (taxes and shipping to Ohio) in my shopping cart. Hopefully it will go on sale soon.

  • AvatarZ

    Pretty but $70+ is a lot to shell out on a charger that’s good for only one device (especially when the charging platform is in part supposed to eliminate that issue)

    • heat361

      Yeah $70 for a charger, if I had the money I would buy it, but its still a lot for a charger because my wired charger works just fine.

  • KennyL

    Nifty, but too much for something that, while handy, is still a gimmick in the end.

  • honourbound68

    I’m glad this came out sooner rather than way later for Nexus 4 owners… us Gnex users waited a loonngg time for pogo pin chargers :(

    • LukeT32

      Trying finding a never made VZW pogo charger….

      I ended up buying a GSM one and modifing to fit my VZW Gnex.

  • GUI_Center

    Just like everyone else has stated, can’t justify purchase for that price tag. Neat though.

  • shadhussain

    no debating the “cool tech” factor this orb brings. i’d like one but it has little to no added value:

    - it’s not really “wireless”, the orb needs charging itself. and ur phone remains stationary at one point, unless you move the orb around the house. so the only convenience is that u don’t need to “plug in” your phone;
    - traditional charging docks off ebay can do the job pretty easily;
    - $60. 1/6th the cost of a N4;
    - the concept might work better in cars. i think i’ll wait for that.

    • Pardus79

      Here’s a wireless charger for the car: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2029734

    • http://www.healthytiger.com Healthy

      It always seems like people are offended by the ‘wireless charging’ term.

      i see it like this;

      wired charging means that the phone battery is connected the entire way to the outlet by a wire (pair of wires really),

      wireless means that part of the circuit is not through a wire (in this case through induction coils.)

      personally i’ve ordered this device for the same reason i got a dock for my galaxy nexus and the nexus one before that. being able to pick and and replace my phone with one hand without having to worry about manipulating a plug is well worth the cost of the device. i was fine with pogo pins, but really, getting rid of those and allowing you to place the device in any orientation makes this one better.

      the wireless term isn’t so crazy either. once people are building these into table tops then people won’t even be thinking about the wires involved.

      • shadhussain

        i think it’s mostly got to do with what it’s offering at the price point. no doubt that this charging orb is more convenient. if you sold charging pads @ $10 ea we’d all be getting 3-4 of them to convert our table tops, night stands, side tables etc.

        i’m always excited by new tech and i’m sure within the next year or so, we’ll be seeing some real cool affordable Qi-chargers out there.

        as for the ‘wireless’ terminology, it is not really offensive, just a slightly misleading marketting hype at first read (quite unlike google). most people i speak to, think that it somehow works like charging through a wifi router. :P

  • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

    While I don’t own a Nexus 4, I’m grab to finally see that this is out. Wireless charging may seem like a gimmick, but it’s actually quite convenient. While I had the Droid DNA for a few weeks, my Verizon rep gave me one of Nokia’s wireless chargers to test it with.

    Rather than taking the Qi charger home and plugging it in next to my night stand, I left it at work on my desk. While I have two regular chargers at my desk, I typically would only plug my phone in if my battery on my phone was getting low. Having the wireless charger changed that. I would simply place the DNA on the charger without even thinking about it. In the end, a wireless charger at my desk at work meant I had a phone with a nearly-full charge all the time.

    If you have not user wireless charging yet, give it a try. I promise you’ll enjoy it.

    • R.S

      Did you use any type of case on the DNA? I’m guessing that if it did work with a case, it would have to be a very thin one.

      I could see how having one on an office desk would lead to you placing it on the charger more often. Before I got a smart phone, I had a desktop charger for my regular phone. Without the desktop charger, I’d rarely plug my phone it at work. After getting the desktop charger, I’d place it on the desktop charger as I was sitting down.

      I’d get a Fatboy Pillow (provided it was compatible) for home and a Google charging Orb for work.

      • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

        I’m not a case kinda guy, but I do have a friend who uses a wireless charger with his DNA and he’s got a medium sized case on hit phone. With the DNA, I could get the device to start charging even if the phone was 1/4 above the charger.

  • uknowme

    Seems cool but I’m still waiting to see if they release a Nexus with 32g or more. Also waiting to see what the Moto X is all about.

  • Mike

    Waste of money
    save your 60 and just plug your phone in charger

  • Mike

    Also lol your phone will take 4 hours to charge on this POS
    It only takes hour/less threw plug charger

  • alexanderharri3

    It’s cool, but a pity it’s so expensive compared to some Qi chargers….

  • Ardrid

    About damn time! I wish it was a bit cheaper but I’m still grabbing one!

  • Jorge Eslava

    Really cool, but too expensive. Since it only works with one phone, it’s too much for a charger that will get about a year of use.

  • http://www.freeismylife.com freeismylife

    I have the Energizer Qi charger and I like that I can charge the Nexus 4 without taking it out of the case. The official orb wireless charger is very stylish but it does not look like I can leave the phone in the case to charge it.

  • aranea

    First the phone and bumpers came back in stock. Now the charger is released. This gives me hope that a keyboard case for nexus 10 maybe released soon too.

  • donger

    Tempting to buy.

  • Max.Steel

    Too expensive.

  • Jens

    “not available in your country”

    what the hell? One point more on the “hate” side of my relationship with google :(

  • dVyper

    If more phones were wirelessly chargable then this would be alright cod the my friends could use it. As is stands, using wires for charging at the moment isn’t inconvenient enough for me to warrant spending this amount of money for something that works just for 1 device.

  • Phred99

    Agreed, too expensive. The Energizer Qi charger can charge two phones at once AND has a good old fashioned USB plug, and depending on where you buy can be a few $ cheaper (but doesn’t look as cool).

    One question – if you use a thin case (like the Nillkin or Ringke) will the N4 slide off?

  • tgraupmann

    Will this work on the Nexus 10?

    I’ve been waiting on the Nexus 10 inductive charger.

  • Nathan D.


  • GrendelJapan

    I just got mine a few minutes ago. It definitely is overpriced, but I really like it and don’t regret having paid a premium. It looks really nice, is obviously quite convenient, and handily kicks off daydream.

    • halo0

      Only kicks off daydream if you have it set to launch when charging… this is not recognized as a dock.

  • E-man

    I’m sure later model phones will carry this as a standard.

  • halo0

    I’m a bit perturbed at the faults of this dock at the $70 price point. It’s not heavy enough to not move when you lift the phone from it so you need to use 2 hands if you don’t want the dock to come with it and/or fall onto your desk. They could have easily solved this problem with some sticky material on the bottom like Palm uses on theirs. Also, there are either no magnets for alignment or they are so weak they do nothing. It’s very hard to get the phone to sit straight on the dock.

  • inspin

    i’ve had mi for 2 days and I love how it looks but it seems a few are flawed. even with a just-wiped clean ring, my bare N4 slides slowly down until it can no longer charge.

    I picked up an ugly body glove case from t-mobile and with the case it sits reliably as long as needed. So I took it to work. Not sure whether I will send it back or simply use it with case on, which makes it easy. Having nightmares of the N1 dock which stopped working properly fairly quickly and became just a pricey stand.

  • kuddus

    I appreciate Google invent very much. But I brought a Qi Wireless Charger Charging Pad for my Nexus 4 from Choetech only for $35.