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Qualcomm hints at exciting news in fast charging technology


Have you recently noticed that your new Android phone chargers faster than your last one? Chances are your new phone is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chip — as the company just revealed over 70 devices already feature a rapid charging technology called Quick Charge 1.0.

The supported devices (including the Galaxy S III, Nexus 4, Droid DNA, and many others) are able to charge 40% faster thanks to optimizations that are integrated in new Snapdragon chips. Qualcomm says that a phone without Quick Charge 1.0 takes four hours to charge, but a phone with Quick Charge 1.0 could charge in three hours or less.

Qualcomm also hints that an even faster technology is already in the works. A company blog post says, “come back next week for exciting news on the newest advancement in fast charging technology.” We already know that Qualcomm will introduce their new Snapdragon 600 processor in Q2, so be on the lookout for new Android devices with rapid charging technology.

Check out the source link for a full list of supported devices, and let us know if you have experienced faster charging times if you have one of the phones.

Source: Qualcomm Blog

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  • wyatt

    i don’t care about charging technology as much as I care about Battery technology. I’m all for this, but more emphasis on battery life over battery charging speed.

    • Thomas Biard

      I agree. I’m in places frequent enough to where I can keep my phone at a decent level of charge.

      What I prefer is not having to charge every day. The higher the capacity (mAh), the longer each cycle will last, therefore reducing the number of cycles you put your battery through, which in turn will allow your battery to keep its original capacity for longer. *run-on sentence*

      • LukeT32

        Quick charge wouldn’t be needed if the damn batterys held a charge for more then 4 hours….

  • amit

    Yes I have experienced this on my Galaxy note 2… it charges way faster than my earlier s2..In 2 hours it goes to 80% from 5%.. wondering what qualcomm has in store

    • Justin

      … The Note 2 doesn’t have any Qualcomm parts inside; it had Samsung’s Exynos SOC, so this technology is not in it.

  • Nate B.

    Phones don’t really charge that slow to me unless your damn near dead. What we need is new battery technology. Something that will last a week at the least off a single charge.

  • www.phonewbie.com

    i appreciate improving technology.

  • jacobsloan

    I have definitely noticed my Galaxy S III charges much faster. Like others have stated here, it’d be great if it also ran down at a slower rate, but I have to shoulder some of that blame for running so many Twitter apps at once. I just keep a charger handy at all times.

  • danish

    Go home Qualcomm, your drunk.
    my Xperia P charges 0 to 100 with in 45 mins.

  • jamal adam

    Though this is a nice feature, I would like to see new and improved battery technology that brings longer lasting battery life to smartphones. I feel like this is one area that hasn’t progressed as much when compared to the likes of processors, screens, and other hardware that are inside smartphones.

  • Nathan D.

    Sweet! Less time spending time next to a plug

  • donger

    Less time plugged in and more time on the phone.

  • tojen

    I have the lg optimus g and does seem to fill up faster when comparing it to my og Atrix. 40% seems a little optimistic though.

  • txbluesman

    Well, with the lack of battery life on most devices, this is a good thing to have. At least they are taking action to try to help users. When the batteries get better, the fast charging will still be there. Nice move Qualcomm!