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Registration for Google I/O 2013 to open March 13


If you were planning on attending Google I/O 2013 (scheduled from May 15th to the 17th), you will want to mark March 13th on your calendar. According to the official Google I/O 2013 event page, registration for the developer conference will commence at 7AM PDT on Wednesday, March 13th.

It’s impossible to know how many attendees Google will allow at I/O this year, but we have a feeling that the event will sell out just as fast as it did last year (a little less than 30 minutes). The price of the conference was raised to $900 last year, but developers were able to recuperate most of that cost with the free hardware that Google handed out during the event.

Besides Android’s Key Lime Pie update, the Motorola X phone and the upcoming replacement for the Nexus 7, what else are you hoping Google will unveil at during I/O 2013?

Source: Google I/O

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  • vforvortex

    My main interest is learning about The X Phone. I would like to see more presentations and functionalites of Google Glass too. I like all types of tech, so i would even enjoy more updates on the Google Car status, google’s wireless network, and their plans for Tv/Cable.

  • Maxorq

    I know I’m going to get bashed for that, but I’m waiting for something a la Game Center.
    There, I said it. The two other main mobile platforms have their own gaming services, why can’t we? Rumors about Google making one are going on from over an year now, maybe they will finally show something? I really enjoy gaming on my phone, but with lack of unified leaderboards/achievements system, I don’t feel Android games unveil their full potential.
    We had OpenFeint, replaced by crappy GREE, Scoreloop, that’s just plain weird, Heyzap, which isn’t really made for score tracking stuff, and various other platforms that just don’t want to work properly (I’m looking at you, PlayPhone).
    Those are my poorly written 2 cents.

    • http://www.typhonrt.org/ Mike Leahy

      Check out Swarm Connect? I haven’t used it, but hear good things:

    • Chad

      I completely agree Maxorq. With companies taking a plunge on Android gaming such as Ouya and GameStick and I’m sure there are/will be others, it’s now time for Google to get just as serious about the gaming potential that Android carries. Mobile wise, I’ve always been an Android guy since the G1 however I do most of my computing with Apple so I do have access to their Game Center. It’s structured pretty well and I think Google can do something just as good, probably even better. Google needs to seriously consider the possibilities and find a way to get all devs, from start-ups to household favorites, serious/interested about Android gaming so we can bring some legit and big name titles to the Android platform. I could be wrong, but it seems as they’re sleeping on something that can be great for Android and that’s what upsets me.

  • http://www.typhonrt.org/ Mike Leahy

    Bastards! ;P SF rent due on the 5th and no paycheck to the 15th… Why not March 16 opening!! Gonna be close…. Looking forward to it again if anything beers w/ devs from out of town and evening shenanigans.. :)

  • donger

    Excited, but no money to go.

  • aranea

    Besides those I’m expecting more on the “glass”.

  • Nathan D.

    Ooo, I can’t wait for it to come :-)

  • mattcoz

    I wasn’t able to get in last year, hopefully I’ll have more luck this year.

  • Colin MacDonald

    Hope the X-Phone lives up to all the rumors I’ve heard so far… Can’t wait for the I/O

  • Colin MacDonald

    Hopefully there’s some truth to all the X-Phone rumors I’ve heard so far. Very excited for the I/O