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Rumor: Motorola X Phone will be a ‘game changer’


The Motorola X Phone is one hard device to pin down. We’ve been hearing rumors on Motorola and Google’s mystery project for several months now, the most concrete evidence of its existence being a job listing from Motorola for an X Phone project manager. Today, more rumors on the device have surfaced, this time coming from a trusted source of SmartHouse’s, who claims to have received information from high-level Telstra employees.

According to SmartHouse, Telstra CTO Hugh Bradlow has been quoted as saying the Motorola X Phone is a “real breakthrough, a game changer that will put pressure on Samsung and Apple.” We’ve been over the specs X Phone is rumored to include in previous posts, the low price point it’s rumored to sit at, and it’s wide availability options, but it seems Google’s real first device will have an even bigger advantage against the competition.

The Motorola X Phone will provide a Google service experience like no other device before it. Combined with Android Key Lime Pie, this is the first device Google has ever had complete total control over. And it’s going to show. Exactly what this means, we aren’t quite sure yet. But there’s a good chance there’s going to be a big difference between a Nexus device, intended to showcase the latest version of Android, and the X Phone, intended to showcase just what Google can do.

A Google I/O unveiling and a July release have started to become standard information attached to rumors. If the X Phone really is announced just a couple months from now, we should start seeing some legitimate leaks on the device any day now.

Via: DroidLife

Source: SmartHouse

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  • Eddie

    I only have one question, not being a Nexus, will it be available on the Play Store for the competitive pricing like that of the Nexus 4?

    • Nate B.

      Rumor Mill says it will, but we will have to wait and see. That leads to the question if it will receive timely updates as well. Will it be considered a Nexus device? The excitement is nice, but I guess we will have to wait and see.

      I just hope Google doesn’t cut any corners. I hope it has a beast of a camera on the front and back. We can expect an awesome display and maybe a beefy batt. I hope it has a unique design but not the same shape as the Razor.

      This time of year is always the most exciting for me. But if it’s not a Nexus device, then what would the next Nexus device consist of? I think Google should always have control over what their phone has. Will this set a trend for the future of Nexus devices? So many questions :)

      • Dirge

        Maybe this is what last year’s rumors of multiple Nexus devices meant? :p

        • herbivore83

          The rumor said there would be 5 different Nexus devices in 2012, and there was. I would count the Wi-Fi Nexus 7, GSM Nexus 7, Nexus 4, Nexus 10, and Nexus Q.

      • epps720

        I really hope they sell a GSM version on the play store for a reasonable price. That way I don’t have to worry about breaking my Verizon contract while still getting a phone (w/o dropping $600 +)

        • mike

          Unfortunately you can’t buy a device from the play store and activate it on Verizon. Play store phones are gsm and Verizon uses cdma.

          If you buy from the play store you either get at&t or T-Mobile.

          Reports have said this phone will be available on Verizon but like the galaxy nexus I’m positive big red will do their trademark “halt updates and kill expectations”. Google control or not big red will find a way to halt updates and fill in some bloat.

          • epps720

            You’re right I meant to say CDMA. Which will most likely not be sold as you said but a man can hope. Reason I prefer not to get one through Verizon is due to the HORRIBLE updates (or lack there of).

      • eazi25

        Of course the updates will be timely, look at how they have handled the new updates on the new RAZR line which I must say the RAZR HD is a superior device and smart actions which was introduce in 2011 is one if the most useful apps on an droid/Android device.

    • nancy1990

      Too late, i already bought the other game changer (iPhone 5). Its the best phone, i love it.

      • Subs

        Good for you to have the balls to post that in here. I mean that as an illustrative expression of course, as you bane is Nancy.

      • alexeiw123

        The iphone 5 may be considered great by many, but I fail to see how it’s a game changer.

      • Cam

        HAHA. You’re an idiot.

        1) for posting something like that here
        2) for thinking the iPhone 5 is any sort of a game changer… the only game it changed is setting a record for how bad battery life can be with LTE turned on.

  • Ardrid

    Going to be very interesting to see how they position this device relative to the Nexus, particularly as it relates to updates and pricing. If it truly is a game changer, and offers all of the benefits of a Nexus device, I could be convinced to sell my Nexus 4…

    • vforvortex

      “According to the report, Google has been working on the software side of the X Phone for quite a while, and when the handset launches it will feature an entirely new software experience with features never seen on a smartphone.”
      Let me start saving up now.

  • Dirge

    Wow, I’m starting to really look forward to this X phone. I thought Google already had total control over their Nexus devices.

    • herbivore83

      They have total control of the device once it’s been sold, but for building the phone the OEM usually has a good amount of input. I mean, the Nexus 4 is essentially an Optimus G in a different chassis. I think what Dustin is saying is that Google has OEM control now in the case of the X Phone.

      • Monk

        Exactly, the nexus 7 is also a slightly modified Asus memo 7 tablet. Until now Google choose the features, the looks and then control the logistic channel. Now they will have full oem control

    • Motoguzzi Rolator

      Game changer means a locked boot loader and $50 for unlock….

      Motorola X-lock your device!

  • sandwich

    Seriously, the performance, screen size, design, etc of phones have been done to death. There’s something for anyone for those categories. Where things have been sorely lacking have been in the battery life, which this phone is rumored to excel in. I’ve been harping on the pathetic battery life of Android devices for years. Suffice it to say, I’m extremely interested in the X Phone…

    • Motoguzzi Rolator

      Maybe it ships with X-Ray radiation and infects all apple users

    • Daniel

      With how great the Razr Maxx Battery life was, I am excited to see what motorola can do in a slim phone that is powerful.

  • R.S

    If the Motorola X does end up being a “game changer” and lives up to the hype (or comes close to it), I may end up owning a Motorola phone for the first time ever.

    However, if it doesn’t, and just ends up being pretty much like other top end phones, I’ll probably stick with Samsung and get the GS IV.

    • vforvortex

      Will be my first motorola smartphone…I cant really count my Motorola Startak phone can i?
      Last year Motorola said Edge to Edge screen and got my hopes up with Motorola M. So hopefully it follows the rule of “better to under sell and over achieve, rather than over sell and under achieve”

  • pjamies

    Oops, .. I just peed myself!!

  • tN0

    The thing is that Motorola isn’t such a well known and trusted brand outside of the USA. The Nexus devices were always advertised as Google devices and that was one of their biggest advantages from a marketing perspective.

    Will the X Phone be marketed as a Google or a Motorola product?

    • Icarus1911

      I think it could be both. (in a way)
      Moto is now owned by Google. They were struggling for quite a while and almost went under.

      Google saw a chance and took it. Up until now Google was just a dev/supplier and had their Nexus line as a way to show what they can do. But they never really “owned” a phone manufacturer. Just cut deals with companies like HTC, Samsung, Asus etc etc to use their products as a showcase.

      Now they have their own company. To which they can release phones as Google under the manufacture of Motorola. Some think it’s a bad idea because of Moto’s poor choices as of recent. But I think it’s brilliant. Google even stated themselves after the buy that they will be working with Moto to make a device to compete with other Android flagship makers like Samsung.

      So I think it will be mostly a true Google phone with homage to the company that allowed them to get their foot in the door. So you should see Motorola on the phone as well. Marketed as a phone designed inside and out by Google and manufactured by Motorola.

      I love Motorola phones. I’ve owned many old dumb and new smart phones made by them. Fav will always be the Milestone (Droid 1) with it’s unlocked bootloader and straight design. Their build quality is pretty damn good. Their phones always felt solid, and had weight to them. Unlike most of your plastic lightweights like Samsung that always felt cheap.

      I am VERY excited to see the unveil and full specs. I love my Droid Razr but I think I’ll have this new Moto device by end summer. =]

  • redraider133

    I really hope it is, especially with moto being one of the few manufacturers that sticks a huge battery in their phones while keeping them pretty thin. Plus motorola always had great hardware it was the software holding it back. That and the cameras.

  • Dr.Carpy

    I have the Razr HD LTE, and I love it. The only thing that could be improved to me is the camera and it’s software. However if this proposed X phone can be similar, sign me up. Hopefully the logistics side of things will be fortified by then,so that if we can order straight from Google orders can flow more smoothly.

  • Willy Morgan

    I currently have a Galaxy Note II and I’m completely and totally satisfied with my phone experience. That being said this is what I’m curious about:

    1. Processor speed: If it doesn’t come with an octo-core processor then it’s almost pointless to call it a game changer

    2. Battery life: This is the first phone I’ve owned and haven’t had to root for battery life issues. I’m running stock Touchwiz and my battery lasts me a day and a half easy.

    3. On-board storage: The only thing that’s made me envious of iPhone owners is the amount of storage space that comes built into the phone. It’d be nice for a phone to come with the 32 or 64 GB and an expandable storage slot as the only options. Unless you’re with Sprint, or have a grandfathered account with unlimited data, you really aren’t able to fully take advantage of cloud based services if you’re a power user of a smart phone. You will ultimately have to store some items locally or be subject to unnecessary overage charges for exceeding the data cap on your plan.

    4. Aesthetics: I’ll be honest is saying that there aren’t many phones that turn my eye in terms of their appearance. I love my Galaxy Note II but I went gaga over the display size, specs and features more than I did the way the phone looked. There are only two phones that made me say ‘Damn that’s a good looking phone.’ The Nexus One and the HTC One S. The Nexus One just because it was a complete departure from what i was seeing at the time combined with it’s simple and clean lines. The HTC One S is just a sleek piece of machinery.

    5. Wireless Charging: This was a last-minute addition. I need less cords in my life.

    Just my two cents.

    • herbivore83

      In regards to #3, T-Mobile also offers unlimited 4G (and it is better than Sprint unless you are lucky enough to be in a Sprint LTE coverage area). As for #5, we got wireless charging with the Nexus 4 so I don’t think we have to worry about that going away.

    • Daniel

      Cores and Speed are not directly related. They only really matter in multicore applications. You can have a quad core with the same ghz but it is way faster… (Just look at the performance boosts from the different generations of intel processors.

  • nikhilverma

    If it challenges samsung and apple, it can only be good for the customers and market as whole.

  • uknowme

    Hmm I wonder what this means?

  • bear831

    I’m hoping for a really high quality screen without any of that pen tile crap (1080p) at around 4-4.3 inches in size.

    • inviolable

      It doesn’t have to be a 5 inch screen, but I don’t think there’s any reason to think they would shrink back down to a tiny 4 inch screen either.

  • RonWeez

    This phone is interesting to me because if it comes out with completely stock android with holo ui then there really won’t be any difference between this and a nexus. But if they make Motorola build a brand using a unique ui with stock android updates then this phone could be special

  • Orion78

    At this current time the Note 3 and the GS4 are the top options for me. But if this X Phone lives up to the hype and looks completely different from the Droid Razr series, I will definitely add it to my list.

  • jamal adam

    This is quite an exciting rumor and I hope it is a game changer. Man, 2013 is looking to be amazing year for android, I can’t wait for all these flagship devices to be released.

  • donger

    You can do it Motorola!

  • MM

    India’s cheapest quad-core phone sold out within 15 minutes of launch!


    • vforvortex

      5inch screen, quad-core and 720 hd screen for $250 (rupees to $)…thats a good price point.

      • MM

        Yes it is, there is another one which has beaten this phone too in terms of specs. The Zen Ultrafone, look on the same website for it below.


  • jenskristian

    I can absolutely see this phone dictating the way forward in the Android marketplace. Will be exciting to see what Google does with Motorola and how it affects the Nexus program.

  • breckdroid

    I know these are only rumors, but throwing around the term “Game Changer” has definitely piqued my curiosity….Well that’s a lie:) I have already been super excited to get the actual specks on this phone. Its funny how much the hype can dictate people perceptions. Its almost as if the hype becomes the first impressions. Either way, i must say this is the phone I’m most excited to see on paper.

  • inviolable

    Won’t make much of a difference if it’s another Verizon droid. Hopefully that’s what they’re referring to about the wide availability.

  • vforvortex

    I hope they just call it “The X Phone” from Google, and leave out motorola label

  • Nathan D.

    Wow a hands changer you say, I might actually wait to see what it might really be, no promises.

  • fade

    I’ll be interested to see what google do on the software side. I’d quite like to see greater google now integration. After playing around with the new homescreen widget I think it could be pretty interesting to have now as a main interface on the homescreen, displaying things like recent texts, calls and emails in line with contextual information alongside them (like directions to where a friend asked to meet you in a text), and maybe allowing the user pin certain widgets within that interface. Adding that extra level of integration would really emphasise the whole idea of now knowing what you want to search before you do.

  • txbluesman

    Wow! I was ready to finally order a Nexus 4, but this will likely make me hold out until July. Oh well, if it is as good as it is starting to sound, it will be worth the wait.

  • ashwin

    im a nexus lover and for the good of all mobiles and google , this MUST KILL THE NEXUS 4.

  • Jeffrey

    I’m up for a phone upgrade in July, must be faith!