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Video: Google and Nexus 4 help you live in the Now

google now french

If you were watching the Grammys last night and paying attention to the commercials, you may have noticed a spot from Google showing off the Nexus 4, and the power of Google Now. Now available for viewing on the official Google Nexus YouTube account, the latest advertisement for Google Now is easily the best to date. Google puts you in the shoes of people all over the world, and shows you just how useful the constant stream of Google Now’s location aware data is.

Once considered terrible at marketing, Google has found its sweet spot in the last year when it comes to advertising. If I didn’t already have a Nexus 4 with Google Now, I’d be jonesing for one after seeing it action.

Check out the full uncut version of Google’s “Live in the Now” video below.

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  • jamal adam

    This is a wonderful ad. I like the part where the ladies ask if it’s a fruit or vegetable and he responds that it’s a fish lol. Perfect

    • dVyper

      I recognise the girl on the right on that part. But I can’t remember where argh!

  • aranea

    I saw one on TV yesterday and was pleasantly surprised. Well done google!

  • honourbound68

    hmm where’s the translate card? not finding it in settings

    • Glenbot3000

      It only appears when you’re in a foreign country, as with the “time back home” card and perhaps some others by now.

      • Mix

        I wonder if it comes with a warning?

        Every single word you translate will use, roughly, $18 of your carries over the top roaming data.

      • honourbound68

        darn it. can i trick my phone into thinking it’s in puerto rico?

    • aranea

      Not only translate but also currency conversion appears automatically too.

  • Andy

    And what is that video chat app?

    • Glenbot3000

      It’s the Google+ app, inside a hangout. Perhaps one of the must undervalued features of the social platform, in all honesty.

      • Andy

        I see, thank you, Is that a cross platform chat? I’m looking for something I can use to video call my wife who unfortunately has an iphone.

        • geiko

          Yes it’s cross platform.

        • Max.Steel

          LOOOOL!! “unfortunately has an iphone”. I just love those words.

  • sncrmck

    Google now is one of the slickest features out there! You’re playing your cards right Google.

    • Tangent

      I see what you did there. :-P

  • donger

    I like the ease of getting to Google Now.

  • cwjones4

    wow – what an amazing ad. showcases the unparalleled functionality of google now. this should be on during some big events to get to get the word out – would have much preferred this to samsung’s strange superbowl ad which hardly showcased their products.

    • Max.Steel

      Samsung is trying to “drive” interest into their products and just generally associate a “cool” factor to it.

  • Ninja
  • damambt

    This just makes me even more impatient. My Nexus 4 is due to arrive of Friday! So long One X!

  • E-man

    Doesn’t the galaxy nexus also have the same features?